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Gravity Won't Let Go

When the Cullens left Forks after the incident on Bella's birthday, she turned to Jacob, but a few months after that, Jacob also pushed away from her after imprinting on her. Due to Bella's nightmares coming back more and more, Charlie sent Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville. Because of the imprint, Jacob would check on her to make sure she was safe. It's been two years since anyone's seen Bella. What happens when Jacob and Bella reunite?


4. It's a connection that we can't lose.

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"Leah, please," Sam sighed as he looked at me and he took a step back, the pain written across both our faces from the closeness. "I love you so much, and it's going to kill me if I don't get this chance. You're my world. Leah Clearwater, please give me this chance to make it up to you…"

I grumbled as I looked at Sam and I inhaled a deep breath. Sam was so serious about the two of us going on a date, but I wasn't so sure if this was a good idea. Then again, it was just one date.

"Fine… one date, Sam, and that's all," I stated with a firm nod of my head. "If you mess up, that's it, Sam. I am not joking, either…"

When I saw the huge smile on his face, his face literally glowed, and I felt myself blushing from how happy he looked that I agreed to go on a date with him. I just hoped that this was not a bad idea. Hopefully, going on a date with Sam was not a total mistake, either.


The only thing on my mind was to see Jacob's Volkswagen Rabbit. I remember the last time that he hadn't even been half way done, but it had been a bit since I had last seen him. I was totally impressed as I looked at Jacob's car. It was no longer red, but jet black. It looked brand new, like it had just come straight from the dealership. He was definitely the best mechanic that I knew of besides Rosalie. Although, Jacob was much better the more I thought about it.

"Jake, it looks good," I breathed as I ran my fingertips along the hood of the car and I turned to look at him. "Are you sure none of your friends helped you?"

"No, Bells, it was all me," he said with a huge smile on his face, moving to stand next to me, his arm brushing against my own. "You know I don't really like the guys touching my things."

"Actually, I wouldn't know that, Jake," I said with a shrug of my shoulders, pulling my hand away from the car, and I bit down on my lower lip.

I knew my words hurt him when I saw the distraught look written across his face, but it was the truth. We couldn't hide behind glass walls or anything like that from the past. Jacob had made it so clear to me two years ago that we shouldn't even be friends. And yet, here I was, outside with him. This was a really bad idea.

Leah had been telling me for weeks that I should just talk to him. It was the way that she said it that I knew something was up. I didn't know what that was about, but then again, it was probably nothing. Leah had different looks and there were times when I was just being paranoid as well. It still shocked me that both Leah and Jacob even knew each other.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make that sound so rude, Jacob," I sighed reluctantly as I looked over at him, seeing the hurt look on his face, and I hated that I was the cause of it.

Jacob nodded his head as he looked over at me and I felt nervous as hell. What the hell was even wrong with me? I just hated that he could get me so flustered without even touching me. I did know that that he fixed the pain that I would feel in my chest and I didn't understand what that was about.

I was not the type of girl to ever want to hurt anyone, especially Jacob. Even though we had that huge argument two years ago, he was the one person that I would never ever want to intentionally hurt. No, he was my best friend, even though we hadn't been so close the last couple of years.

"I… I want to talk about what happened, Bells."

"Why? Did you want to make it final that you really don't want to be my friend?" I asked him as tears filled my eyes and I took a deep breath. "Do I really mean that little to you?"


Oh my God! She really thought that? Geez, what the hell had I done to her? Then again, I remembered how angry and hostile I was to her that day when I basically told her to never come back. That was a time that I wished I could turn back because she had left me. Well, she didn't really leave me. From what I had heard, she had received those nightmares all over again, and Charlie being Charlie, sent Bella to live with her mother.

"Bella, you mean the world to me, and –"

"If I meant the world to you, then why the hell did you say such mean things to me? I mean, I know I was involved with a vampire, but you were so awful, Jacob."

I knew it had been pretty bad, but hearing her say it made me sad that it had happened. I just hated that she had been put in those leeches' lives, especially that fast leech. I wanted to protect her from vampires because the thought of anything hurting her made my blood boil.

"I know that, but I just didn't like the thought of you being around leeches, Bells," I sighed as I looked down at her and I ran a hand through my hair. "Take a walk with me? I'll explain why I was such an ass. You deserve to know, Bells. It's your right."

La Push Reservation

We had been walking for about twenty minutes when we got to La Push. Of course, Bella wanted to go for a ride in the Rabbit, and I had smiled at that. So, after parking in the parking lot at Second Beach, I raked a hand through my messy hair. I had rolled my jeans up because Bella wanted to feel the water in between her toes. She was holding her sandals as she had rolled up her pants legs.

Bella looked gorgeous, though. She was wearing a pair of tan pants and a light blue flowing top. Because it was a little chilly out, I had placed my leather jacket around her shoulders. I was a werewolf, so it's not like I would really need it.

"I am really glad that you are home, Bella," I began as I flashed her a warm smile, sliding my hand into her free hand, and I was relieved when she didn't pull away. "I missed you."

"I wish you came to visit me…"

Could I really tell Bella that I had visited her? No, not yet – I had to tell her about what I was, the imprint, and then, I would tell her about how I was there to watch her. Geez, I was so scared of how she was going to react, but she had been involved with a damn bloodsucker. Maybe – just maybe, she would take it well, right?

"Bella, do you remember that legend I told you about when we walked across the beach three years ago?"

"Yeah, the one about the cold ones?"

Of course that's the only part she remembers. I don't even know why it bothered me so much, but it did. She would not remember the part where I had told her about my tribe being able to shift into the form of a wolf. Those damn Cullens were the reason I wasn't human anymore, but I guess I had to thank them. If I wasn't a werewolf, I wouldn't have known about being bound to Bella. It was because of me being a werewolf that I had the capacity of even imprinting on her.

"Yeah," I said as I bit my lip to hold my tongue from saying anything else. "Is that all that you remember, Bells?"

Bella looked over at me as we walked down the beach, the sand digging into our toes, and she shook her head.

"No, you mentioned something about your tribe turning into wolves, right?"

I was so relieved that she remembered me telling her about the wolves. Maybe, this would be so much easier, and I raked a hand through my hair. God, I couldn't believe how nervous I was right now, but this was something that was so hard. It gave me hope because she had known that Cullen was a vampire, and yet, she had stayed with him for quite some time.

"Well, there's something that you need to know."

Bella looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Just spit it out, Jake. You looked worried as hell."

"I'm sorry," I mumbled as I looked down, pushing a shell out of my way, and I sighed. "Well, the wolves… um, do you remember the part of how my tribe was able to shift into wolves?"

Bella shook her head and she actually looked interested. "No… what's going on?"

It was now or ever. At least, that's how I saw it.

"When vampires are around anyone that carries the wolf gene, they turn into a wolf," I began as I cleared my throat and I stopped walking where I looked into her eyes, dropping my hands to my sides. "I need to stop beating around the bush. What I've been meaning to tell you is I'm part of the tribe – the ones that are wolves…"


Oh, that's something that I never ever expected. Jacob was a werewolf? Surely, I had heard him wrong, but when I saw the look in his eyes, I knew without a doubt that I hadn't. My best friend was a werewolf and my ex was a vampire? Did I scream paranormal or something?

"A… A wolf, Jake?" I squeaked, my voice barely audible as I looked to his face. "How long?"

"Do you remember when I told you that we couldn't be friends and to leave?" he reminded me and I simply nodded my head. "Well, yeah…"

"When did you… um, change?"

Jacob looked down at the sand and he frowned. "The night when your friend and the two of us went to the movies, Bella… do you remember when I was so mad?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, anger is what definitely triggers the wolf in us to come out," he explained to me. "Vampires and werewolves do not get along, which is why vampires are the cause of us changing."

I nodded my head. What else could I do? This was something that I never knew, but it all made sense in a way. It explained why he looked way different. I figured that werewolves were just like Jacob – tall, muscular, strong, and I was sure there were other qualities that I didn't know about. I had thought he was on steroids when I saw him.

The pain that I had felt the last two years had went away when Jacob came in contact. What was that about? It had felt like my heart wanted to rip out of my chest and it was the most god awful feeling in the world. Although, I just wasn't sure how to ask Jacob about that, though, and it honestly scared me to what the answer would be when I eventually found out.

"Was it… Edward and his family that caused you to shift into a werewolf, Jacob?"


The last thing that I ever wanted to do was to hurt her, but I couldn't lie to her. I was so much better than that and I was going to show her that. I began to walk and I was thankful that she began to walk alongside with me at the same time.

"Yes, they were the cause. From what I've learned, they were the only vampires in town that triggered my transformation, Bells," I explained to her, offering her a sheepish smile to let her know it was all right.

"What was it like? I mean – your transformation?" Bella stumbled over her words and she bit her lip, looking down at the ground. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

I chuckled. Since when was Bella shy?

"No, it's okay. I don't mind," I told Bella as I motioned to a broken tree trunk, helping her sit down, and I sat down beside her. "It's nothing like you see in the movies. It was excruciating painful. When I left after Mike accused me of getting him sick, I went home. Sam was already there. I was shaking and sweaty, Bells. And then, my bones retracted into my body, and I became a wolf. You actually saw me that day when that male vampire approached you."

"Laurent," she commented. "Wait… you were the brown wolf looking at me?"

I grinned. "Guilty."

Then, I watched as Bella's eyes widened in shock at her realization of me really being able to shift into that form of a werewolf. "Jake, you're huge!"

I laughed again, but I became more serious. "Yeah, we all are. The only one that isn't as big as us is… Leah."

"Leah's a werewolf?"

"Yeah, she's my beta…"

"Your beta?" Bella asked with confusion shining inside of her eyes. "What does that mean?"

"Sam and I are Alpha, Bella. He runs one pack as do I."

"An Alpha?" she asked in complete shock as she looked over at me. "I never ever would have thought. Then again, I never imagined you'd be a werewolf, either. Is there anything else that you haven't told me?"

I sighed and I nodded my head at her. Oh, geez, I had to tell here. There was no reason for me not to.

"Yeah, when you were with your mother, I was there…"

Bella's eyes widened. "Wait, what?"

"Bella, when Leah wasn't around, I was there, but the reason I didn't make myself known was because of the imprint."