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Gravity Won't Let Go

When the Cullens left Forks after the incident on Bella's birthday, she turned to Jacob, but a few months after that, Jacob also pushed away from her after imprinting on her. Due to Bella's nightmares coming back more and more, Charlie sent Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville. Because of the imprint, Jacob would check on her to make sure she was safe. It's been two years since anyone's seen Bella. What happens when Jacob and Bella reunite?


6. You are what matters in the world to me.

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I looked at her when she looked at me. "Nothing, Bells."

"So, what did you want to do today, Jacob?"

I smirked at her. "Honestly… the only thing that I really want to do is to kiss you, Bella."


I couldn't wipe the silly smile from my face as I looked at Leah as we walked down the path where she kept on looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Never did I ever think that we would ever get this chance. Even though we were boyfriend and girlfriend in the past, I was not going to let her slip from my fingers this time around. She was the one woman that I wanted to keep. After all, we were each other's imprints, which made me proud.

It really didn't help that she looked even more beautiful due to her cousin helping her get dressed. Leah was wearing a white dress with blue flowers on them, and of course, she wasn't wearing shoes. I was just wearing jeans and a tee that hugged my abs like no other.

"Sam, where are we going?"

I could hear the annoying tone because I knew she was tired of walking, but she wouldn't tell me that. As we walked through the forest, while I held the basket, my other hand was holding her free hand that was in between the two of us. I gripped it gently in my grasp, giving her a smile, and earning one back.

"I told you that I am not telling you yet," I told her with a wink as she scowled, shaking her head. "Oh, come on, Leah. I am just trying to make this special."

"Special?" Leah scoffed. "Do you even know the meaning of that?"


I gulped when I snapped those words out of my mouth, and when I turned my gaze to Sam, he let my hand drop and he then stopped walking. Oh fuck. He was pissed off. I saw how dilated his eyes looked right now, especially when he stared at me with a cold stare.


"No," he breathed in the air around us, setting the basket down, and he looked at me. "I can see it now. You only agreed to go on this date just to make me happy, didn't you?"

"Sam, it's not like that," I sighed as I looked at him with a frown. "It's just-"

"You felt sorry for me, didn't you? You really don't want to be with me, do you? To me, this means everything to me. I've been a werewolf for years and alone. It's just some amusement to you, isn't it?" he scowled as he glared at me with anger in his eyes. "I wanted our first date to be so wonderful, Lee-Lee."

Was Sam breaking up with me? The way he looked at me – it was something that I hadn't even expected to even receive from him or anyone for that matter. He was glaring at me and I felt so small at that very moment. Oh God, I hadn't felt this way since Sam broke up with me many years ago.

"It can still be perfect, Sam," I started as I moved towards him, but I felt him take a step back where I could feel my heart beating painfully against my chest.

"No, it really can't. It's like… you think I intentionally imprinted on you to make your life hell," he sighed as he stared at me when he leaned against the tree, sliding a hand up into his dark hair. "I never stopped loving you even when I stayed away from you as far as possible."

"Sam –"

"No, Leah, maybe I was wrong. Maybe we thought we imprinted. I really don't think that I could stand being with someone that's sick and tired of being with me," he sighed as he then looked at me before he took off, his clothes dropping to the floor when he phased into a wolf, running off, away from me.

Oh fuck, what have I done?

Before I knew it, I couldn't see Sam anymore, and the pain in my chest was unbearable, making me drop to my knees. It was like a burning feeling where I clutched the grass in between my fingers, an agonized cry of pain leaving my lips as I shifted into that form of a wolf where I ran.

I was going to find Sam if it was the last thing I did.


I shouldn't have left. God, I shouldn't have left, but I couldn't stand to look at her when all she would do would scowl at me or even make jokes. Geez, I thought that she would eventually turn to me, but I just felt like she wouldn't want me in the long run.

The feeling in my chest wasn't helping and my face whitened to the thought of Leah getting hurt because of me. I had been so pissed that I hadn't even thought about what I was doing. I just felt like she didn't even want me from the way she had been acting lately.


I turned my head just as I had shifted from my wolf form into that of a human when I saw Seth, Leah's baby brother, and I sighed after I put on my jeans that he threw to my feet.

"Oh, Seth. Did Leah really send you to find me?"

Shaking his head, he raised an eyebrow. "Nah, it is definitely nothing like that. I just thought that you could use someone to talk to. Did you two have another fight again?"

If Leah and I didn't have that fight, I probably would have laughed, but the pain in my chest was getting to me, and I shrugged my shoulders when I looked at Seth.

"I guess so, but I need to get going. If you see Leah, don't tell her you ran into me, all right?"

"Sam, what the hell is going on?"

I looked past Seth to look at Emily and I gave her a sigh that left my lips. I was so torn and it was because of this imprint. It was killing me. My heart felt like it was about to be ripped out of my chest and I didn't like that feeling whatsoever. I needed her, but I wasn't sure if the imprint was even something that Leah even wanted.

Our breakup had been bad last time.

No, it had been more than bad. It had been awful. When I had seen those tears cascade down Leah's cheeks, I had wanted to do anything to make them go away. I had known something was happening, but I didn't want to dare risk hurting her. Although, I hadn't even known that I was a werewolf.

"Where is Leah? Is she around here?" Emily asked as she stepped in to stand next to Seth and she raised an eyebrow at me. "Oh God, you two had another fight, didn't you?"

"She said one thing and I flipped. Emily, I fucked up. I don't think she will forgive me," I sighed as I raked a hand through my dark hair, closing my eyes, and I rubbed my chest, taking a step back. "I hurt her. If she isn't pushing the imprint away, it's me. I want this so bad. I don't even know what real love is. My mother didn't have it, so I don't know what it's-"

"Sam, Sam, Sam!" Emily snapped her fingers in front of my face to stop me from talking. "Take a deep breath."

I sighed as I leaned against the tree and I groaned. Leah had me so worked up and I hated this feeling. I inhaled a deep breath before letting it leave my lips. I felt so drained right now.

"Sam, what you need to do is to find Leah. The two of you are going to drive yourselves crazy," Emily said with a shake of her head as she placed her hands on her hips and she raised an eyebrow. "You two are so perfect for each other and yet… I don't know how you cannot even see that. Isn't she the one thing that matters to you?"

I was like a little boy being scolded by his mother and I nodded my head. "She is and more, Emily. She has no idea what it is that she does to me."

"If that's the case, show her," Emily told me with a wiggle of her eyebrows as she pushed Seth in the other direction.

Before Seth and Emily had a chance to say anything, I moved away from them, and I ran. When I was sure Emily couldn't see me, I ran even faster, letting my legs take me where I had left a stricken Leah Clearwater.


So, here I sat, on the ground in a pile of leaves, the dress clinging to my small body, droplets of rain beginning to fall down on top of my body, along my skin. I hated that he left me where I blinked the tears away because I promised myself that I was not going to cry right now.

No, I had promised myself a long time ago that I was not going to cry, especially not over some man. Sam had hurt me way too many times but I blamed myself. If I hadn't said that smart comment, I wouldn't be sitting here in the rain. It would be perfect if Sam was here.

When we were dating, we would kiss in the rain because it was my favorite thing to do.

"Don't you want to go inside? It's going to start raining and then you'll get upset," Sam said with a smile on his face as he gripped my wrists in his hands while we stood outside my family's house. "I don't want my Lee-Lee to get sick where you could get pneumonia."

"You're so sweet, Sam, but I like the rain. I can't really explain it," I said with a beaming smile on my face as I slipped my hands onto his shoulders where the lightest droplets began to fall from the sky onto the two of us. "Do you want to know what I have always wanted to do in the rain?"

"No… what's that?"

"This," I told him before my lips came crashing down against his.

I sighed at the memory and I bit my lip where a few tears fell down from my eyes onto my pale cheeks. I knew I looked horrible and it didn't help the throbbing pain I felt in my chest. All of a sudden, the pain in my heart stopped, and I looked up when I saw that tall form above me. Sam stood there with the jeans hugging his hips, droplets of water hitting his chest, and I bit my tongue to hold in the moan from the sight of him looking so good. Sam was my personal eye candy at the moment.

"Leah," Sam breathed as he dropped down to his knees all of a sudden, his hands coming to my cheeks after he wiped his tears away from my cheeks, and he looked into my eyes, tears coating his eyes. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

I sighed as I looked at him and I bit my lip. I hated it when I was so vulnerable. Sam was the only one that really saw me when I was vulnerable. Honestly, I would rather keep it that way too. I definitely didn't need Paul or Embry making me live it down.

"I don't want to hurt, Sam," I admitted as a sob broke free from my lips and I inhaled a deep breath. "I… I don't want you to leave me again."

The water came down harder and he pressed his forehead against mine. "Lee-Lee, I love you. I love you so fuckin' much. You're my imprint and I'm yours. We'll make it. Even with us being stubborn, we'll be there for each other no matter what."

Before I had a chance to react, I then felt the softest of lips touching mine.