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Gravity Won't Let Go

When the Cullens left Forks after the incident on Bella's birthday, she turned to Jacob, but a few months after that, Jacob also pushed away from her after imprinting on her. Due to Bella's nightmares coming back more and more, Charlie sent Bella to live with her mother in Jacksonville. Because of the imprint, Jacob would check on her to make sure she was safe. It's been two years since anyone's seen Bella. What happens when Jacob and Bella reunite?


9. And so, you're the reason I exist.

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I laughed as I shook my head. It was definitely going to be interesting and I stared over at her like she was absolutely crazy.

"Are you serious? I mean…Leah, you are beautiful in more ways than one."

When I saw the light pink of her cheeks, I grinned, and I pulled her close to me, dipping my head down for another kiss. After a few moments of my tongue teasing hers and nibbling at her bottom lip, I finally pulled away.

"So, can I eat now? I'm starving, Leah…"


Emily had left about twenty minutes ago after I got a call from Bella that she was on her way. While Emily had cooked with me assisting and tasting everything, we talked, and that's when I had learned what happened. She was totally infatuated with Embry Call, one of my best friends, and she didn't know why. Everyone knew that Emily liked older men, and well… Embry was younger than her. Embry was eighteen and Emily was twenty-five years old.

"It's crazy, right? He's so serious with you guys and so playful with me," she grinned with the brightest smile on her face and she looked over at me as she simmered the pot of black beans. "I should be talking to Bella or Leah about this, Jake, but –"

"You can't help it," I grinned as I looked at her and I watched her nod her head. "So, tell me what's going through your head. Does he notice you?"

Emily gave me a sheepish smile as she looked at me. "I think so. I made some cookies and muffins the other day. He was barefoot and knocking on my door."

When I heard her dreamy sigh, I just laughed when I looked at her. "Wow, you really do like him, Em!"

"Jake!" she pouted adorably, placing the chicken from the pan into the large bowl with the napkin inside, and I watched her add more chicken to the pan, hearing the oil sizzle. "I've never felt this way. It's frustrating as hell!"

"Oh, is that so?" I inquired as I raised an eyebrow when I looked over at her with a chuckle. "Please… do enlighten me, Emily."

"You're such a girl!" Emily laughed as I took a cookie from a small bowl that she had brought over for me. "But he was looking at me weird and –"

"Looking at you weird?"

"It was a couple days ago, actually. It was like he spaced out," Emily shrugged her shoulders as she looked back at me. "Ever since then, I… I don't like being away from him. Is that weird?"

Holy fuck! Embry had imprinted… and on Emily.

"No, it's not weird… not at all, Emily. I mean, has he talked to you about anything or something?"

Had Embry told Emily about werewolves and vampires? Had he told her about the whole imprint prospect too? I wanted to know. Sometimes I wanted to talk to someone about being able to change into a werewolf. Sure, there was Sam, but he was Alpha. Leah and Seth were great just like Embry and Quil. Bella – I just couldn't. I still felt awkward that she knew what I was. With Emily, she was like an older sister. Rachel and Rebecca were never here as Rebecca was in Hawaii and Rachel was with Paul half the time, so yeah… Emily was the next bet.

"You're weird, Jake. What would we talk about?"

I shrugged my shoulders. Damn you, Embry. "I don't know, Emily. I was just curious."

"Ah, well, okay. I think I might want to ask him out. Do you think he'll say no? I… I don't want to make a fool of myself around him when I ask him out," Emily frowned, stirring the beams, and she looked at him. "I'm such a mess. I'm sorry, Jake. I was supposed to be asking you questions about Bella and I haven't even done that."

I chuckled as I shook my head. "It's okay."

Emily's smile faltered as she looked at me. "What's wrong?"

I laughed softly. "You know me really, really well, but it's just that lee-uh, I mean, Edward. Do you remember her ex-boyfriend – the one that literally shattered her heart?"

"Yeah, Bella was such a wreck then."

"It's just so hard. Forks reminds her so much of him, you know?"

"Ah, I see where this is going," Emily said as she turned to him, placing a hand against my cheek, and she smiled at me with a sigh. "It's going to be hard, Jacob. He really hurt her, but you really care for her, don't you?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, I do. I think I may… love her."

"Aw, that's so cute!" Emily exclaimed. "All you have to show her what type of guy you are. Romance her, Jacob. I know you have it in you. I mean, she's eighteen and you look like you're in your mid-twenties, so I am sure you could take her clubbin'. Show her off, Jake. What you need to do is make her feel like any nineteen year old girl. Her birthday's coming up too, Jake."

I nodded and then my phone when off, signaling that I had a text message from Bella.

Leaving the store, see you in twenty.

- Bella Swan.

I chuckled as I watched Emily put the chicken in the bowl. "She's comin', I know. I can see that big ass grin. Let me wash this up and then you can impress Bella with this surprised dinner."

I nodded, smiling at her. "Thank you, Emily."

Bella had been in the house for two minutes and she was surely impressed by everything. She turned to me as she looked at the counter, seeing the bowl of chicken, the Cuban rice, the mixed vegetables, biscuits, and even brownies. I really couldn't cook for shit, so I was in debt to Emily even if she didn't think so.

"Jake," she gasped as she turned to look at me with wide eyes. "I didn't know you were planning something."

Neither did I, Bella… neither did I.

"Do you… uh, like it? I thought that our first date could be a home cooked meal," I said with a sheepish smile as I looked at her. "But I am going to have to be honest. I can't cook for shit. Emily kind of helped me with all of this and well… uh, yeah."

Emily had told me to tell her that. I couldn't cook anything. Once I put a hot pocket in the microwave, and the damn thing exploded in pieces inside the microwave. With me being a wolf, I was hungry a lot, and Bella had noticed it too. I couldn't have her cook for me all the time. Yeah, things were a bit tricky.

"Oh, Jake, that's so sweet!" she gushed as she dropped the shopping bags from her hands and she wrapped her arms around my neck. "No one's ever cooked for me before."

I snickered. Good. I was glad. I was going to have to get some more cooking lessons from Emily because one day I wanted to cook for Bella. It would be a special birthday for her, which was coming up in a few weeks.

"Well, I tried. I know you haven't been back for long but well… I wanted to do something special," I whispered as I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, brushing my lips behind her ear, feeling her shudder, and I pulled back where I looked at the bags. "How much shopping did you do?"

"Enough," she grumbled as she sighed heavily. "Your sister and Angela kept on buying me things… didn't really give me a choice."

"Hm, what kind of things did you get?" I asked with a grin, waggling my eyebrows. "Are you going to model any of them for me, Bells?"

I looked at her with a grin when she stepped back. That's when I saw the top she was wearing when she pushed her sweater off of her shoulders. What was that? Was that a corset top? The way her breasts pushed together in the light brown top that tied behind her, I growled, and I looked at her breasts. Oh fuck it. This was really crucial right now and it was killing me.

"W-What's that?" I groaned as I pointed to the top, my eyes wide with desire as I stared at her, and I licked my lips.

Bella was blushing when she responded the word "corset" and I seriously thought I was going to lose my mind. "It is too much, isn't it? I knew Angela was wrong. It just doesn't look good –"

"No, no, Bella," I said softly as I moved over to her, sliding my fingers into the loops of her jeans, pulling her close to my body. "I think that you look really beautiful and sexy. Angela definitely knew what she was doing."

"Really, Jacob?" she asked as she lifted her eyes to look into my eyes. "I've never worn anything like this before."

"Wear erotic clothing like that for me. I'll definitely die a happy man," I grinned happily as I leaned down, pressing my lips against hers.

The kiss was soft and sweet. At first it was going to be a soft kiss on the lips, but when Bella pressed her body against mine where I was pretty sure she could feel my arousal, I moaned against her lips. I fused my lips against hers, sliding my tongue across her lower lip, teasing her with such hunger that I had for her. She moaned against my lips where her tongue slid into my mouth and I swore I died and went to heaven.

Abruptly, she pulled away, and she looked up at me where I frowned. "What's wrong?"

"Jake, I… I haven't dated anyone since…"

I nodded my head as I stared into her eyes. "I know. Leah has a pretty big mouth, but I told you I'm not rushing you into anything. We can go as slow or as fast as you want to go."

"Oh, Jacob…"

I saw her eyes fill with tears and I immediately got worried. "Oh… did I do something wrong? Bells, oh… Damnit, I am such an asshole. Please, I'll –"

"No, no, Jake, you're fine," she whispered as she stared into my eyes and she smiled at me. "I… It's just that you are being pretty great with me. Even with you being a werewolf, is it possible for me to want a normal relationship with you by any chance?"

"It's possible. I mean, if you can handle my huge appetite, that is?" I teased as I slid my hand up her arm, pulling her back in my arms, and I stared into her eyes. "I would like to date you like a normal guy if we're being honest. Just because I am a werewolf doesn't mean it's not possible. Look at Paul and Rachel…"

"He's completely smitten with her, isn't he?" she asked as she raised an eyebrow. "Is that how I'll be?"

"I really hope not," I grumbled as I walked around her, grabbing her bags, and handed them to her. "You should put these away. I'm hungry."

When she walked away, I got out plates and utensils. When she came back, she helped me get everything warmed up. As I looked at her, I couldn't but wonder if this was how it was going to be. It was nice to feel her presence and I sighed out of pure happiness.

"You okay?"

"Yeah," I laughed, becoming embarrassed as I stared over at her. "I'm just thinking how nice this is."

"What is – oh, this," Bella blushed, her cheeks all pink and rosy, which I found adorable. "I think this is nice too. I like spending time with you."

I nodded my head as we set everything at the table. I was thankful that my dad was with Charlie for a few hours and that Rachel was spending another night with Bella. It gave me a few hours alone with my girlfriend. Yes, Bella was my girlfriend, and that made me smile even more. We then started to eat.

"I know I haven't been so open with you but –"

"Jake, it's fine."

"I don't like keeping things from you," I sighed as I took a bite of the chicken, licking my lips, and I looked at her. "I want to be an open book so you won't have to worry. I am going to be very, very protective of you, especially when vampires are around. You have to understand that… I might seem obsessively crazy, but I couldn't bear it if anything happened to you."

Bella nodded her head with a curious look on her face. "Okay, I promise."

I knew exactly what she was thinking. "Don't worry. I won't hurt Edward or his family. It's against the treaty that we made."

Before she had a chance, I explained to her about the treaty that the leech's family and the pack had made a long time ago. She seemed relieved and I hated that she was still so worried about them.

"Jake," she sighed as she looked at me with a serious look on her face. "I'm sorry."

I was confused. "Why are you even apologizing, Bells?"

After she swallowed the beans, she looked over at me. "Alice – she's Edward's sister. She was the tiny and annoying one. I… Well, she was my best friend. It's hard sometimes. I understand now why Edward left me, but Alice – she was my best friend. I thought she would at least come back to see me at least one time."

I wanted to yell that she was talking about these damn leeches but I could see the look on her face. I knew that Alice and Bella were close, but I didn't really understand it until now…

"Oh, Bella," I sighed as I reached to her face, wiping the tear that had fallen down her cheek.

"I'm sorry, Jacob. You did this really nice dinner and I'm ruining it," Bella frowned as she looked down at the ground and she pouted. "I really didn't mean to do this but –"

"Don't apologize, Bella. I never knew you two were close until now…"

"We really were," Bella said softly as she looked down at her plate, taking another bite of her rice and beans. "I really hate shopping as you know but with Alice, it was really adventurous. She would drag me store to store, buying me everything, and I would try to leave sometimes."

I had to admit, that seemed entertaining imagining Bella trying to run from that pixie's outings. "I'm sorry."

"Angela and your sister are pretty great, but I miss her, Jake. It's not fair! Edward fucked me over big time, and I'll never ever forgive him for taking her away from me. He made them all leave me. He could have left… but no, they left too."

Talking about vampires was something that I never wanted to talk about, but I had known she was close with them, especially that huge one that treated her like a little sister.

"I'm sorry. Let's talk about something else," Bella said with a smile as she looked at me and she grinned. "Everything tastes wonderful."

I nodded my head even though I was distracted by her words. That damn leech had shattered Bella. I couldn't help but wonder if there was a way of finding Alice and that big guy. Maybe… just maybe I could talk to Sam about this.

"So, can you spend the night tonight?" I asked her once we had finished eating as I held both of her hands in mine where I kissed her knuckles softly, smiling over at her. "I even have a bigger bed due to Emily giving me her old bed."

"She really taken care of you, hasn't she?"

I grinned like a little boy and nodded. "Yes, she has, and I think she's found some happiness too."

"Really now… with who?" Bella asked with a curious look on her face. "Is it one of the werewolves?"

"Yeah, it sure is, but she doesn't know about the wolves yet because Embry hasn't told her shit," I grumbled as I shook my head and I sighed. "I can't wait until she knows, Bella. Who am I going to talk to when you're away at college?"

When I heard her laugh, she grinned back at me. "You sound like such a girl, Jacob Black. What has your sister done to you?"

I laughed softly as I leaned forward and I kissed her lips softly. "I guess she's made me a romantic at heart. Does it bother you?"

Bella quickly shook her head. "Hell no… it definitely does not bother me. If anything, it's a huge turn on for sure."

I grinned at her. "Good… and this is just our very first date, Bella Swan."

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