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Lost and Found in Him

When Renesmee learns the truth about Jacob, she doesn't know how to handle it. She runs away, and goes all around the world, trying to find out who she is. She has always felt like she never fit in anywhere, and never really knew who she truely was. Will Jacob be able to convince her to come home and be with him? Or will she stay away forever?


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 2: A New Begining


Nessie and I hunted for about an hour before we went back to her house. I asked Bella if I could take her to La Push since she hadnt been there in awhile. Bella said she wouldnt mind, and to leave before Edward got home from Seatle.

When we were in the rabbit, Nessie reached over to hold my hand. Her skin was so light compared to mine. It only glittered on really sunny days when there wasnt a cloud in the sky. She was so beautiful and intelligent. I loved her eyes most of all. She had Bella's eyes, of course they looked beautiful. I felt like i could see everything in them.

She turned the radio on and started singing with it. That was just one of her many talents. She had been singing since she was able to talk. She learned to play guitar from Paul on her sixth birtday. She took to it very quickly, and Edward had taught her to play piano. She had so much time to learn so much, and she had grown up so fast. I never thought she would want to be more then friends. But when she said she did, I finally felt complete in every way.

"Jacob, do you think that we could go to Emily and Sam's? I miss them." She said as she smoothed my hand with her thumb.

"Of course, my dear. Today is Nessie day. What ever you want, you will get." I replied as I headed towards Sam's.

When we arrived, Sam seemed distant, Like something was wrong. Emily met us at the door, happy to see Renesmee as always. Sam remained on the couch staring at the phone sitting infront of him.

Emily gave me a look to go talk to him and she started talking to Nessie. When I felt that Nessie was ok, I went outside knowing Sam would follow. We went out to the woods a little from the house before Sam started talking.

"Nessie is going to stay here tonight, you and Paul are going back to her house and pick up her bags, and then Emmett, Jasper, Rose and Bella are following you back here. Carlisle is taking his two month vacation now, and Esme is picking him up, giving Emmett money. They will buy plan tickets for you, Emmett, Jasper, Rose, Bella, Emily, Paul, you, Me and Nessie and we are going to the island they own." He said.

"What for?" I questioned, not liking his tone of voice or facial expression.

"Alice saw the volturi. They are coming because they have found out about Nessie's ability to show things. They will stop at nothing for Nessie to join them. They also want Carlisle back, they want Emmett for his strength to use as a body gaurd, they want Rosalie for a distraction for their prey, Alice and Edward of course, Bella and Jasper for their ability, and Esme for a desk person or some and Nessie hurt emotionally but she doesnt know why. They are taking Ness and running with her."

I started to get really mad. How can they just decide they want Nessie, they've known about her ability for years, and now they decide to take her. They cant do this!! They cant! I wont let them take her.

"Jacob. Calm down. Go get Paul, go the Cullens, get back her. We only have until Sunday, thats when the volturi are coming. Go!" Sam said before running back to the house. I knew Sam and Emily would keep Nessie safe, so i did as Sam said.


I was so nervous. Where were they? They shouldve been back by now. What was taking so long?

Emily and Sam tried to get me to sit down and stop pasing in front of the door several times but i wouldnt. I was so worried. I walked up to Emily putting my hand to her cheek showing her my thoughts. I was worried something had happened and i demanded her to let me call my mom.

Emily sighed and handed me her cell phone. I went to the kitchen and sat down before dailing my mom's number. I didnt even have time to hit the call button before a call showed up on the screen from Alice. Of course she would see me worring and knew i would call.

"Aunt Alice. Whats going on?" I asked as I answered.

"We just crossed the line. We will be there in five minutes. Here's Bella." She handed the phone to my mom.

"Renesmee, sweetie. We tried to stop this from happening. Im so sorry sweetie. We wont let them take you." Her voice sounded like if she had the ability to cry she would.

"I know, mom." i said, trying to fight back the tears.

"We will be there in two minutes, dear.

ya tebya lyublyu(translation= I love you in russian)." She said, hoping to soothe me.