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Lost and Found in Him

When Renesmee learns the truth about Jacob, she doesn't know how to handle it. She runs away, and goes all around the world, trying to find out who she is. She has always felt like she never fit in anywhere, and never really knew who she truely was. Will Jacob be able to convince her to come home and be with him? Or will she stay away forever?


5. Chapter 5

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I watched as he slid a ring on my finger. It had one small diamond set on the middle of a gold circle. It was simple. It was perfect. I couldnt even talk. I looked down to Jacobs eyes to find them smiling up at me. I got lost in his deep brown eyes and my heart froze.

"I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise. I promise." Once i could finally get the words out i couldnt stop saying them. Jacob jumped up, taking my face into his hands and kissed me. I never wanted to forget this moment, and of course i wouldnt. How could i?

He pulled away and leaned his forehead against mine and stared down into my eyes. "I love you, so much. I love you." I said, still fighting the urge to say it again and again and again.

"I love you, too. I always will." He said as he kissed me again and picked me up to spin me around. I threw my hands up and shouted, "I love you, Jacob Black!"

We went to lay down on the blanket and after an hour of talking about all the things we were going to do, like go to Paris, and what i wanted to name my babies, who many i wanted, What job i wanted, where i wanted to live. Jacob said he would do anything, have anything, live anywhere, be anything he had to be as long as it made me happy. After talking for what seemed like forever, i fell asleep. When i woke up i was in my bed and i could smell bacon and eggs.

I was still in the dress and heels, so i went to my closet and put on a pair of white shorts and my paramore tee with my black flats, putting the dress on my hamper, knowing that Aunt Alice would find it. I put a brush through my hair and put it in a pony tail, leaving my bangs out. I then looked down at my hand, seeing the ring still in place. It was the only thing that convinced me that last night wasnt a dream. I was unsure of what everyone's reaction would be, but i knew i had to face the music sooner or later, and walked downstairs to find Jacob on the couch.

"Goodmorning, beautiful." He greeted me with a smile as i set beside him. Before i could even open my mouth to return the greeting, a squealling pixie and fair-haired beauty and over happy mom came running up and grabbing at my hand.

"Its so pretty! You have to set a date and theme. Oh, and guest list, so many people will be there! Oh my god your getting married!" Aunt Alice squealled, jumping up and down clapping.

"Geez, Jacob, think it's small enough?" Aunt Rose joked as she admired it.

Mom pushed her out of the way to pull me into a hug. "Im so happy for you!"

"Thank you, mom." I said, and then Uncle Em, Uncle Jaz, and dad came in.

"Hey Ness, heard you got a rock. Way to land it, Jacob!" Uncle Emmett joked.

"Congrats, Ness." Uncle Jasper said, but my father remained silent. I waited for him to say something, but he just stood there, leaning against the door way staring at me. I looked at him confused. "Daddie?" I asked as i started walking to him. I hugged him and he whispered in my ear, "Come on, Renesmee."

He walked outside, and i followed. Out of all of my family members, my dad's opinion on me and Jacob for some reason mattered to me the most. He was the only one so far who hadnt said anything.

He looked over at me and begin talking, "Renesmee, I love you more then anything in the world. I knew this day would come, I just hoped it would be later then sooner, but i know now is the best time for it. I see how happy he makes you, and i realize there is no one in the world better for you then him. I just wish you wouldnt rush into it. Dont feel like now that he's proposed you have to get married right away. Maybe try living with him, to make sure you will be able to stand him in the same house as you. I know i cant make you do anything, but please, could you do something for your good ol' dad and wait to have sex until after your married to him. I want to be a grandpa just not before your married. And it would mean a lot to me if you would go to college as well. There's so much life has to offer for you."

"Daddie, of course I'll wait. And go to college. Jake and i already talked about that. He said he wants to wait awhile before kids, and he insists upon me going to college of course. But daddie, even if he hadnt suggested those things, and it was him to do so, I wouldve asked him about it. Im ready to grow up, but not that fast. Daddie, do you approve of Jacob?" I asked.

"I do. I think he is great for you." He said. "He's the best guy for you, but i just wish you would take things slow. Remember, just because he proposed now, doesnt mean you have to get married in a month. You still have time. I just want the best for you." He said as he walked up and hugged me and kissed the top of my head.

"I know daddie, and doing this is the best for me. Jacob is the best thing in my life, and he's my best friend. I love him very much, but he will always be the second best man in my life, you being the first. I'll always be your little girl, just older and more wise." I said as i looked up at him.



"And of course we will have to have a ton of food since the pack will be there. Gosh! There's just so much to do!" Alice screeched.

"Aunt Alice, we havent even decided on a date yet, its ok. You still have plenty of time." Nessie said.

"I know this, little missy, but it doesnt mean i cant start planning right now!" Alice screamed as she ran out the room and up the stairs. Bella, Nessie, Edward, Esme and i joined each other in a laugh.

"That pixie just never stops does she?" I asked.

"She sure doesnt." Nessie said with a laugh that made my heart skip a beat. I felt like i was the luckest man alive. And with Nessie never aging, as long as i continued to phase, which i would with being around her, i would never age either. That meaning we would have forever and ever and ever to be together. It was still hard to believe that i was engaged to the most amazing girl in the world, even harder to believe that i would soon be related to vampires. I wondered what everyone's view on this was, but mostly what bella and edward thought.

I had of course asked them if i could have Renesmee's hand in marriage, and they seemed estatic about it, but they never said anything but good things. I was really shocked that Edward hadnt ripped my head off, or that Bella hadnt jumped down my throat, and it meant a lot to me. I could finally see that even they knew i was suppose to be apart of there family.

I looked at Nessie as she smiled bigger then she had in months, and i knew she was happy, and her happyness meant more to me then anything in the world. She herself meant more to me then anything. To believe i had her all to myself for many years to come, made me happier then ever. And nothing or no one would ever take that away from me... or so i thought.


Jane's POV

"She's marrying him soon, Aro. If we are going to do this, we need to do it soon. I dont understand why you are putting it off for so long." I spat out at him.

"Jane, my dear dear Jane, we do not want to scare her, just simply let her know she has other options, and that her life can go back to normal." Aro stated very quickly.

"Yes, i understand that, but Aro, we need to go soon, and very soon. Once she marries that dog, she wont want to come with us, and we will lose another good power. We've already lost Jasper, Carlisle, Alice, Edward and Bella. You dont want to lose a power as good as hers, do you?" I asked.

"Very well. Tell the others that we leave in three days. And tell them to feed before we leave, we will not hunt once we are in forks so that if she does choose to stay with her family, we will not pose as a threat to them." Aro said as he left the room.

I would finally not be the only girl in the volturi. I couldnt wait until she joined us, and maybe the others would come around to joining us as well. All i can say, is she will fit in perfectly hear, and if she does refuse to come, well lets just say little miss princess has another thing coming.


Alice's POV

I couldnt believe this!! They're going to ruin everything! Ugh! This so is not fair! It took me awhile to stop ranting and raving to myself before i could hear all of the worried voiced yelling at me.

"Alice, what did you see? Is it bad?" Rosalie asked.

"Aunt Alice, tell us what you saw. Who was it about?" Nessie asked.

About three other voices kept pestering me about my vision, so i raised my hand to Nessie's cheek, letting her into my head to see what i had just seen. As i showed her my vision through her power, he eyes widened. She stepped back and kept saying, "No, thats impossible. I wont do it, i wont!" She screamed as she ran out the room. I couldnt process everything. Three days? Why were they doing this!? They knew good and well we would all say no, even Nessie. Ugh! This did not make any sense!! I dont get it.. why does the volturi feel that Nessie could be of use to them?

"Because she can replay everything they need her too for them in cases that it would be nessasary to have evidence rather then just them saying something did or didnt happen." Edward said.

"Yes, but they know good and well she will say no, and they have been told no by the rest of us many many times." I said.

"They figure it wont hurt to try." he said.

"But what did Jane mean by, 'if she says no, little miss princess will have another thing coming.' " I asked.

"I fear that it will turn into a fight. We will do everything to keep her with us." Carlisle said.

"The pack will be ready as well." Jacob said, and then he left to go check on Nessie. I wouldnt let them take her. It was not an option, unless of course she wanted to go, which i didnt see happening. I hoped and prayed she would stay.


I found her in the meadow crying her eyes out. I couldnt stand to see her like this. It broke my heart. I walked up to her and sat beside her. I wrapped my arms around her as she leaned into me. I soothed her hair and started humming the lyllybe her father had wrote for her. It seemed to calm her tears and sobs a bit.

She looked up at me with tears running down her face and i wiped them away before she spoke. "I dont want to go with them, Jake. Im happy here, and i know i wont be there. What are we going to do?"

"Ness, we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are safe. They will not win and you know that. I will always protect you." I said as i looked at her.

"What do you think will happen?" she asked with worry in her voice.

"I'll tell you what will happen. They will come, ask you to join them, they will leave, and we will go on with our lives. They wont take you away. I promise." I said. Her eyes smiled at me and my heart skipped a beat.

"I love you, my Jacob." she said as she reached up and kissed me. She put so much into the kiss. Love, passion, and trust. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and she did the same. She deepened the kiss, and threw her all into it. I did the same, and gently pushed her to the ground to where i was sitting beside her hovering over her, proping myself up with my arm, laying my hand on her cheek and the other on her side. She moved her hands to my hair and gently pulled, knowing it drove me crazy when she did that.

She then leaned up and placed one leg on both sides of my body. I playfully rolled us over to where i was on top now and she pulled on my hair again. I moaned lightly into her mouth. I moved one hand to her hair to show her how her teasing felt. She in return moaned and her hips bucked up, hitting my boner, which she seemed to like. I grabbed at her side to pull her closer to me.

She then wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled herself closer. I moaned once again and pulled on her hair. I pulled on her side to bring her closer to me, and i could feel her on me. I pulled away from her lips and planted kisses down her cheek and made my way to her ear where i nibbled lightly, only to go to her neck to kiss softly, causing more moans to escape from her. I could tell that i was too excited and that if we didnt stop soon i didnt know if i would be able to, so i pulled her legs off of me and rolled off of her.

I was afraid that she would get mad, but she seemed to understand what i was doing, because i layed down with my arm around her and she put her arm around my waist and layed her head down on my chest. I kissed the top of her head and she pulled my shirt up a bit and began to delicately trace over my abs with her index finger, which she did all the time.

"Do you think it will be safe for us to have babies? With me being half vampire and human, and then you being a werewolf?" she asked.

"Carlisle has done some research on it, and he hasnt found anything that would stop us from it. We will just have to consider the fact that our baby will be half human, which it will get from both of us, it will be half vampire, and half wolf. It will be its own enemy. He just isnt for sure if it will be able to phase or have a special power." I said. I had thought a lot about it, and i still wanted to have kids, but if Nessie wasnt up for it, i would gladly pass up that idea.

"Well, we of course have to wait until ive gone to college to make such a hybrid." she said with a smile and leaned up to kiss me.

The idea of being married to her excited me and i wanted to talk about the wedding with her, but i didnt know when the best time for that would be. I guess she read my mind because she started talking about it first.

"Well, for the wedding, Alice is right, we do need to set a date and theme and all." she said.

"Do you have any dates in mind?" I asked.

"I was thinking, maybe we could get married next month. On my mom and i's birthday. Have a big party for all three occassions." She said with a smile.

"It's a perfect date.. and have you thought of a location?" I asked as i kissed her hand.

"Ive been thinking about it a lot. I cant decide. Its between two places, so i figured i'd ask which one you like best."

"And what might these places be?" I asked as i started kissing up her arm.

"I was thinking, either our meadow, where we spend most of our time when we are in Forks, or the beach, exactly where you proposed, where i told you i loved you for the first time, where we shared our first kiss, and where you told me about how you imprinted and how you felt about it. Im leaning more towards that one.. Both places are very special to me, but that one seems more perfect for it." She said as i had reached her neck. I continued kissing my way to her lips and i kissed them once before saying, "I think its perfect."

We stayed out in the meadow until we both fell asleep. We counted the stars, talked about the wedding, where she wanted to live, my house or hers, where we were going to go to college, and we of course settled on Alaska state so her family could go with us. Before i knew it, we were talking about old times and the knew ones we would have.

But through all of our conversations, in the back of my mind, i was making up plans so that if by some strange miracle the volturi won or some of us died, i would find a way to run with Nessie and keep her safe. I'd always keep her safe, no matter what, but i kept having this feeling that something very bad was about to happen that could make us or break us. I didnt know what it was, but i knew i would try my hardest and do anything and everything i had too to be with her and keep her safe.



Jacob and i had spent the last few weeks together every moment we were both awake and when he wasnt on patrol. When he was on patrol i was with my mom, Aunts, and grandma making plans for the wedding. Since Jacob had a day shift today, they decided to take me dress shopping. I tried on at least twenty before we finally decided on one for me, and then of course they would all need bridesmaids dresses, which took no time to find. Aunt Alice had all the measures for the groomsmen, who would be, of course, Seth, Sam, Billy, Quil, Embry and my father.

While we were in Seatle, we stopped at a tuxedo shop and got all the tux's, but of course i wasnt allowed to see them. The wedding was in Six days, Seventeen hours, and thirty two minutes. I couldnt wait. I kept looking at the clock to see how much closer it was, getting more and more excited each time.

We had decided that the wedding would be on the beach, and then the reception would be held in the meadow, that away both of our special places would be included into the wedding. Jacob still wouldnt stop asking Alice if she saw any chance of the volturi coming to the wedding, because when they came for their visit to ask me to join, we had felt very bad that my father ripped Felix to shreads and that grandma Esme took off one of Jane's arms. Emmett felt bad that Dad wouldnt let him help with Felix, but was glad he got a few hits in. Jasper, of course took on Aro, both never making contact with the other. Jane finally surrendered and they left, promising to return to check on my process of growth, even though Carlisle tried to tell them i hadnt grown in over a year.

The pack had chased Riley for miles, until he finally told them why he had came. He just simply wanted to talk to me and my family. He wanted to see what it was like to live the way we do. My father told us he had completely changed, and was deeply sorry about everything that had happened years ago with Victoria. Of course the family welcomed him with open arms, and he has been with us ever since and hasnt fed on a human since the day he came to us.

I like Riley, he was really nice, and he seemed to like Jacob, they talked a lot. It was nice to see them get along. It meant a lot to me that the two of them did. With Riley being a Cullen now, and Jacob being one soon, they needed to be able to be friends. And of course, Jacob would do anything for me, even if it meant befriending someone he didnt like very much.

Once we were finally home again, I was relieved to go to the meadow with Jake for some alone time before he would have to go on patrol again.

"I finally found the perfect dress after Aunt Alice made me try on twenty different ones." I said.

"You wouldve looked good in any of them. You look good in everything you wear." He said as he kissed the top of my head.

"I know, but it had to be perfect in every single way, and they picked up your tux and the groomsmen's tux's, but as your not to see the dress, i cant see the tux, i just know that it will be a perfect fit." I said. I reached up and kissed him. I layed down on the blanket we had layed out and i began counting the stars.

"You know what's a shame?" Jacob asked.

Remembering the last star i counted, i looked at him and asked what.

"That the stars cant be as bright and warm as your eyes." He said with a smile.

"I love you, my Jacob." I said as i looked up at him. "I will, forever and ever and ever."

"I'll always love you, as long as the sun still shines, and the moon still shows, ill love you." He said and my heart collasped. He gently leaned down to kiss me and it was one of the greatest kisses ever.