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And Baby Makes Three

Bella has a "normal" pregnancy.


1. Reaction

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Oh God, please....

The egg timer goes off. I look down at the stick in my hand. A big blue plus sign greets me. Same as the other two. Oh my God. I'm...

My cell phone rings. I don't need to look at the screen to know who it is. It's Alice. Of course she had seen.

“Is it true?” She asks before I can even say hello.

“Alice...” I try to say.

“It's true! I knew it!” She squeals.

“Alice!” I hiss growing more frightened and frustrated by the moment. “Listen to me!Alice you CAN NOT tell ANYONE! Seriously. If Edward finds out that every knows before him it would break his heart!”

“Oh give me some credit!” She sighs and I can almost hear her eyes roll. “I'm hiding in the bathroom as we speak. I haven't made any mention of anything to anyone and you KNOW I'm an expert at dodging Edward's prying. It'll be hard to hide my excitement from Jasper though.”

“Find a way.” I order. “I need to do this right.”

“Yes ma'am” She titters. I swear I can hear her bouncing.

I hang up the phone without saying goodbye. My brain is too confused and clouded to worry about silly things like manners. Or breathing. I only realize I'm holding my breath when I become light headed. Somewhere along the line I inherited Edward's habit of “freezing” when stressed. I used to tease him that he looked like a deer in headlights. I don't tease him anymore.

I let out a long shaky breath and sink to the floor instinctively pulling my legs to my chest and rocking slowly back and forth. It had been such a long night. I was suddenly exhausted but too wired to even consider sleep. There was still so much to do. So much to say.

I honestly don't know know why I'm surprised. I've suspected this for days. Ever since I spontaneously had to throw up out the window of my truck while driving home. I barely had time to pull over never mind get out of the car. Then there was the fact that I was late. But I had been late before. The doctor always told me it was normal and not to worry about it.

It wasn't much in the way of evidence but it was enough to get me to sneak off my families property and head for the nearest drug store. I didn't even tell them I was leaving. I just left the little cottage I share with my husband, crossed the footbridge and strolled right passed the main house without even an acknowledgment.

I reached Rite Aid in record time. I went straight to the personal products isle without stopping to look at anything else. If I hesitated I was afraid I would lose focus and chicken out. I found a package with three tests in it and bought it without even saying hello to the cashier. The ride home was just as quick as the ride there. When I pulled in the garage I noticed Carlisle standing in the picture window eying me curiously. I gave him a courtesy nod and followed the same path I had taken to my car in reverse.

And now here I am. Curled on my bathroom floor, crying softly. Pregnant. In my mind I'm rehearsing what I'm going to say to my husband. I'm ever so thankful for Emmett's idea of a night hunt now. Usually night time is Edward and my personal time away from the rest of the family, but tonight I'm thankful for the distance. He would be home soon though. He's always home to sing me to sleep.

A new thought comes to mind and I smile to myself at the image of Edward singing our baby to sleep. I wonder if he'll write him or her songs the way he does for me. Another thought comes to mind and I frown. What if he's not happy?

“He better be happy.” I grumble to myself. “I'll kill him.” Then I realize something. I wanthim to be happy, because I'm happy. Actually I'm thrilled. I'm terrified but I'm thrilled at the same time.

I sit up and pull myself off the floor. It's time to be a big girl and take the bull by it's horns. What am I going to say to Edward? How do I tell my husband that he's going to be a daddy?


“Hello, beautiful.” Edward leans over and kisses me sweetly as I sit on the couch. I put down the catalog I'm thumbing through and try to hide the fact that I'm looking at baby furniture.

“Hey baby,” I greet and I laugh to myself at the double meaning. “did you miss me?” As if I have to ask.

“Only every second.” He bends down further and kisses me passionately on the lips. To my surprise he doesn't stop at my lips but kisses down my jaw to the nape of my neck, along the hem of my low cut blouse and stops at the spot where my breasts come together. “Now,” he breaths in a husky whisper, “would you like to remove your clothes or can I do the honors.” I giggle softly but am otherwise light-headed. It's amazing to think that just a few months ago our most intimate contact consisted of me sleeping on his chest with my clothes on. In the months since or honeymoon on Isle Esme my little gentlemen had really spread his wings and become my personal stud muffin.

“Edward...” I breathe, but it's pointless. He's already removing my socks. With his teeth.

An hour later we're in bed. The sheer ecstasy of sex with my husband has totally saturated my brain. I've almost forgotten about the baby except... Except I'm going to throw up.

I run to the bathroom and reach the toilet just in time. I retch and I'm only vaguely aware that Edward is holding my hair back for me. I hate throwing up and as I retch a second time I'm crying. Edward is shushing me and saying sweet things that would otherwise make me smile.

“It's okay, love.” He murmurs in my ear, “you're fine.”

Fine? I beg to differ.

After the third time I'm finished. I flush the toilet and turn to look at my husband. His eyes are a piercing mixture of fear and sympathy. I smile to show that it's passed. He smiles back weakly.

“Edward,” I start, “we need to talk.” He nods but he's uneasy. I rinse my mouth out with mouthwash and head out to the bedroom. I start go over to the dresser and begin to pull on my pajamas. For some reason it feels disrespectful to do this naked. Edward follows suite but his eyes are on me the whole time. I can feel him analyzing my every move. I sit down on the bed and he sits closely next to me, his hands rubbing my back.

“How bad is it?” He finally asks. “How sick are you? It's not terminal is it?” I let out an abrupt laugh then suddenly I'm in tears. “Oh God!” He moans.

“I'm not sick.” I sob. “I'm pregnant.” He stops rubbing.

“What?” It was so soft I could barely hear him.

I look him dead in the eye as my tears dissipate. “I'm pregnant Edward. We're having a baby.”

“That's not possible.” He states.

“What?” It's my question this time.

“It's not possible, Bella. There must be another explanation.” He gets off the bed and runs his hands through his hair. A sure sign he's stressed.

“I took three tests, Edward.” I hiss.

“They're wrong.”

I'm livid. I imagined it so many ways and this was the one I feared the most. I know where this is going. It's knew, it's foreign, and it concerns me, therefore Edward interprets it as danger. He's going into full blown over-protective shut down mode.

He's pacing now and I'm trying to fight back more tears. “I'm a vampire, Bella.” He states as if I'm unaware. “You're human. We're not compatible.”

“The tests...” I whisper.

“They're tainted. Or broken somehow. This isn't real. This isn't happening.” He's babbling now. I have no choice but to ride it out. “The tests aren't made for our situation. They're not designed for Vampire-human interaction.”

I can't take it anymore. The tears come forcefully. He stops pacing and embraces me as I sob uncontrollably. “Shhh..” he murmurs, “We'll fix this.”

“I don't want to fix it!” I shout. “I want you to be happy! I want you to want our baby!”

“I do.” He sighs. “I'm sorry, love. I'm so sorry. I've been totally insensitive. I'm just scared.” I don't say anything. I just squeeze him tighter and try to calm my breathing. I remember hearing somewhere that babies feel their mothers emotions and my mind flashes to Jasper. What if our baby is like him? What if he can feel the tension in the air and is just as scared as we are? What if he's like Edward? What if he can hear our thoughts and thinks that we don't love him? I start to cry all over again.