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And Baby Makes Three

Bella has a "normal" pregnancy.


3. Announcement

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Bella slept soundly that night for perhaps the first time since I met her. She didn't talk or cry out. A few times I actually checked to see if she was still breathing. She must have been exhausted. Poor thing. And I should by all rights be ashamed of myself. The way I first acted when I found out she was expecting was cruel. I admit that. If it takes all of eternity I will make it up to her.

This morning I stand at the stove making ham and eggs for my love and thinking about what is to come. It's still hard for me to wrap my mind around it. I'm a father. True, my child is not born but I already bare all the responsibilities of a having a child. Now, instead of having one squishy human to take care of I have two. Or possibly two. Who's to say that our child will be human? Perhaps the venom in my genes is stronger then all of Bella's DNA put together. Perhaps this child will be born a Vampire. I have so many questions, but I'm trying to just relax and take things as they come. To just enjoy this crazy journey that we're on.

Besides, what has my life with Bella been if not crazy?

The phone rings. It's Carlisle. The ultrasound machine has arrived and I assure him that we will be over as soon as Bella gets a bit of food in her.

I hear Bella stirring a few moments later. The phone must have woke her up.

“Morning, love.” I call to her. The only reply I get in return is the sound of her retching in the bathroom. Suddenly I'm not too sure about breakfast. I open a window in the kitchen and try to waft the scent out but it's too late.

“Ugg, none for me.” She mumbles from the archway that separates the kitchen from the hall.

I go to her and hug her softly, careful not to rock her and bring about more sickness. “Shall I pack it for later?”


“Carlisle called. The machine just arrived.” She freezes and I let out a soothing breath. “It's going to be fine.”

“I know.” She says. “So why am I suddenly so worried?”

“Because you're a mommy, and that's what mommies do.” She smiles a bright beautiful smile.

“I'm so glad that you're okay with this.”

It's my turn to smile. “I'm more then okay. I'm thrilled.”

“But...” Ah! She knows me too well.

“But, I have many questions.” I answer honestly.

“So do I.” She goes to get dressed, still talking because she knows I can hear. “I just want to take it as it comes though. I mean, there are no manuals written about this kind of thing. I doubt 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' has a supplement for Vampires.”

I snort and call out “I was just thinking the same thing. Take it slow. Enjoy the ride.”

“Enjoy the ride. I like that.” She's back in the kitchen and takes my hand. “Ready?”

I take a deep breath. “Ready.”

We walk hand in hand into the main house. Jasper and Emmett are engaged in a game of chess. Rosalie and Esme are watching a daytime talk show. Alice is trying to seem too excited but her unusual calm is just fueling everyone's curiosity.

We go into the office and are greeted with a medical bed and machine with a computer monitor attached. Carlisle is sitting at his desk.

“Bella, Edward, are we ready?” He asks with a smile. We exchange a glance and simultaneously take a deep breath. Carlisle laughs. “You'll be fine.” He assures us. We nod and soon my wife is up on the medical bed. Her belly is bare and Carlisle is pouring some jelly onto it. He massages it gently into her skin. She shivers from the coolness. If it was any other man I may have been jealous of the intimacy of the moment. But it's my father who I am forever grateful for. Carlisle pulls out a wand and flips on the monitor. I take Bella's hand again as Carlisle puts the wand to her stomach.

Then it happens. In the midst of gray and black clouds comes a shape. It's no bigger then a peanut but it's definitely baby shaped.

“My God.” I whisper. Four things happen in that one second. First, I loose all sense of time and place. Second, I lose all sense of self. Third, I fall even deeper in love with my wife then I was before. Fourth, I fall in love with that beautiful little bean on the computer screen. I can hear Bella softly crying and I want to comfort her but I'm too mesmerized to do anything. Before I realize it I'm on my feet and reaching for the monitor. I instinctively rub the shape on the screen tenderly. If it were at all possible for me to produce tears I would. Instead I sniffle and let out a ragged breath.

“Would you like to hear the heartbeat?”

“It has a heartbeat?” Bella asks, her eyes wide. “So soon?”

“I'm guessing your about eight or nine weeks now. The babies heart is pumping it's own blood.” Carlisle pulls out his stethoscope and begins to listen into Bella's abdomen. After a few moments he smiles brightly. “Found it.” I'm dying to hear, but I know my ears are better then Bella's so I motion for Carlisle to give her the earpiece first. He does.

It only takes a few seconds for Bella's eyes to widen, her own heartbeat to speed up and soon she's sobbing. “It's beautiful. Like music.” She passes the earpiece to me. I can hear without putting them in my ears but I do anyway. Because I want the full experience. I want to do all the normal things that human fathers do. Again if I could cry I would have. Instead I still there and gaze into my wife's hopeful brown eyes and listen to the thrump-thrump of my tiny child's heart.

“Like music.” I agree.

We finish the exam and make plans for follow up appointments. “This is very exciting.” Carlisle says, “but it's also quite new to me. I have to be honest with the both of you and tell you that I don't really know what to expect of this. I can't promise that this pregnancy will progress like an average human one.” He's careful not to say it, but I know what he's trying to say. He doesn't know if our baby will be normal or not. We catch eyes and he nods softly.

Bella seems unfazed. She has her chin held high and a huge smile on her face. “Nobody's asking you to be a miracle worker, Carlisle. We're grateful for any help we can get.”

“Yes.” I agree. Nodding to my father. “We're entirely grateful.”

It's with smiles on our faces and a funny floaty feeling in our hearts that the three of us descend the stairs into the crowded living room. Our family instantly turns to study us, hard. Except Alice who's beaming at us and desperately suppressing the urge to bounce. Jasper keeps looking from me to her and back again obviously confused about the bubble of excitement.

'Are you going to tell us now, or do I have to beat it out of you?' from Emmett. I laugh and Jasper finally cracks.

“Will someone please tell me what's going on?” He begs.

Bella and I exchange a glance and Esme knows instantly what's coming next.

“Well,” Bella says simply, “I'm pregnant.”

'YES' Esme's inner voice screams. Alice is bouncing. Jasper looks relieved. Emmett comes to me and claps me on a shoulder.

“Congrats you guys.” He says giving Bella a soft hug.

“Thanks.” I say.

“Oh Edward,” Esme comes and hugs me then Bella. My eyes rest on Rosalie. She seems torn between extreme happiness and sadness. My heart goes out to her. I know this is her dream come true. She doesn't say anything just hangs her head slightly and leaves the room. Bella and I exchange another glance and Emmett sighs.

“Don't worry about it.” He says. “You guys deserve your happiness.”

“I feel so bad. Maybe I should talk to her.” Bella suggests.

“Nah, give her a few days. She'll cool out.” Emmett replies.



I don't get it! I just don't get it! How is it fair? First she get's my man...

Well no, scratch that. The phrase 'my man' implies that I wanted him in the first place. Which I didn't. But still, he was meant for me and I by all rights should have had the choice. Did I? Did I ever get the chance to reject him? Nope. Because for some reason I'm not good enough for him. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he doesn't care for me. I love my Emmett, I do. I'm just saying I should have had the choice.

She got that choice instead. She was able to choose him because for once in his nerdy existence he wanted to be chosen.

Then she got the choice to learn the truth. She didn't have to go digging. She didn't have to ask questions. She choose too, and he let her. Another choice I never had.

Now she's pregnant. Sure, she might not have chosen this. But it's an option that I will never have. My body is incapable. It's frozen. And soon, she will have that choice as well. The choice to stop her heart and freeze her body in time. A choice that none of our kind ever has.

So why her? What's so great about Bella that the universe blesses her with all these options? She's not really all that pretty, and she's not that interesting. Yet everyone loves her. She has my family wrapped around her little finger, Emmett included.

There has to be something I'm missing. I just don't get it.

I'm so busy obsessing I don't hear Emmett come into the garage.


“I'm fine.” I lie.


“I don't want to talk about it.”

“I know this is hard for you.”

“You don't know anything, Emmett!” I snap. “Why her? Why does she get the perfect life?”

“Her life's not perfect. Nobodies is.”

“Wrong. Her life is exactly the way she wants it.”

“And yours isn't.” It's not a question. It's a statement. We lock eyes and I can see his pain. I know if he could change things for me he would.

“Honey,” I say as sweetly as I can given my current mood, “You know there are things I love about my life. And you know that there are some things I wish were different.”

“We can't have a baby.” He states. “But we can have a niece or a nephew to love. I wish you could set your feelings for Bella aside and just enjoy it.”

“So do I.” I say, and am surprised to find that I mean it.