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Princess Leena of Volterra

Orphan!Twilight. Esther Coleman never died in the pond, she survived, and she's irritated. Now, she joins the Volturi as a princess. Could this be her chance for the perfect life?


1. Meeting Aro and Pals

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Esther's POV

I felt my neck crick back into place and winced from the pain of it. Not broken, but my shoulder was definetly dislocated. I could feel myself sinking from the weight of the cold icy water, and I knew I had to act fast if I was to survive this ordeal. Quickly, I pulled myself up and out of the freezing water. As soon as my hands hit the ice, I winced. So cold. I wasn't expecting that. It stung ten times worse because of the water I had just been in. I struggled to get to my feet, and almost overbalanced twice. But I've always been sturdy, even as a toddler, so I got to my feet easily. I was thankful that the runners I was wearing were thick-soled, which minimised slipping as I made my way across the ice. I reached the snowy hill and looked in the direction of the Coleman home.

'FUCK!' I swore mentally in Estonian, when I realized that all my prostethics, gauze and dresses, everything I needed to become "Esther" again were still back at the Coleman home. I mentally cursed myself for forgetting them. I would have to go all the way back there now to get them. That would put a dent in my journey. It then hit me that Kate would probably have taken Max to the hospital to get her checked out, and, with the police wanting to talk to them about "naughty Leena Klammer", I would be alone in the house for at least three to three-and-a-half hours. That would give me plenty of time to get my clothes and stuff ready. I took out the key to the house that I still had wrapped around my neck. I remember John giving it to me. "In case you ever need it, Esther" he'd said as he'd slipped the chain around my neck, taking care not to upset my ribbons, and I'd smiled up at him and said, "Merci, Daddy," (we'd been learning French in school that week- the language of love)

'Ah John', I thought to myself as I made my way back to the home I was so positive we would share together. He was the one. At least, I thought he was. I say this about every potential husband/father I have ever had, but John was different. I truly believed we had a chance. But I guess he just didn't love me back. No matter, I finished with him... permanently.

I ran all the way back to the Coleman's house, (not home anymore) and silently slipped in the front door. Nobody around, just the way I liked it. I made to go up the stairs and tripped over on of Max's stuffed teddy's on my way. I smiled to myself as I bent down to pick the brown bear up. I held it to my chest and breathed in her appley scent.

'Oh, Maxxie,' I thought forlornly. 'I didn't mean to hurt you, baby-girl. A motta* would never hurt her baby. Oh, Maxxie.' I kept the bear in my arms as I walked upstairs to my old bedroom. I was a little disappointed to note that all my paintings had been torn down by John. I thought he'd liked the art I'd done for him. I shook the thoughts from my head and concentrated on the task at hand. I put on my gauze in the bathroom, stressing it to completly hide the Acups I had been cursed with. Then, I squeezed my tiny curves into my "shaper" underwear, and then I struggled into a light pink dress that was the same style as the one I had worn my, or should I say "Esther's" first day of school. After that, it was time for me to put on my make-up. I was sort of upset that I had broken my mirror now. It would be easier to apply my powders and such without the cracks. Still, I managed. When I had the make-up applied, I put on my wrist and neck ribbons and smiled a false-toothed grin at the little girl in the mirror. Sometimes I could even fool myself into believing that Esther was a real person. The cuts on my face from the greenhouse stung when I smiled, so I stopped quickly. It was time to find a new family. Another unsuspecting couple.

Just as I was walking out into the hallway, I heard footsteps downstears. 'FUCK, THEY'RE BACK THEY CAN'T BE BACK ALREADY' I swore to myself. I peeked out into the landing. If nothing else I would get to kill Kate. And Maxxie would be mine. But when I looked out at the intruders, she was not among them, and neither was Maxxie. Instead, there were three men. If you could call them men, for they were exquisitely more beautiful, their pale skin emitting a faint diamonte glow. They all seemed to stare at me as I made my way down the stairs.

"Hello," I greeted them politely, stopping half-way and bobbing them a polite curtsy. "My name is Esther."

I saw them exchange glances with one another. The blonde one, who seemed to be scowling at me, which I didn't like, said, "Should we drain her now, Aro? I'm getting rather peckish."

"What do you mean 'drain me'?" I asked. I made my way down the stairs and came towards them. They all looked at me like I was a prize to be one, and I could practically see the drool coming from their mouths. I marveled again at how pretty they were. The one who had asked to drain me sniffed the air and his face broke into a wide smile, showing his perfected white teeth. "She smells good." "Now, now, Marcus," the black-haired one spoke calmly. "You're too old to play with food." That got on my nerves. I would not stand there and be ridiculed. "I am NOT food!" I spat angrily. "I seriously suggest you FREAKS leave before I fuck you up so much you forget your own name. We clear?" I fixed them my "glare"

The black haired one laughed, and that pissed me off even more. "She's feisty," he said. "Come here, Esther, sweetling, give me your hand. I won't hurt you."

Very slowly, I made my way over to him, and he took my hand. I felt incredibly hazy for a moment, and then it was gone. "Interesting" he spoke after he had released my hand. "Such an interesting young woman." I froze. WOMAN? How did he know? I didn't look like a woman. I was supposed to be nine years old. 'Maybe he's just being endearing' my mind soothed me. Yes, that was it, there was no way this man could know who I really was. But he did, and his next words confirmed it. "You are fascinating, Leena Klammer."

"Leena?" The third blond asked. "I thought her name was Esther?" "A little lie this woman has thought up, Caius." Aro said and smiled at him. I felt anger surge in me once more. I could feel my body shaking. "Peace, little Leena." Aro patted my shoulder. "I mean you no harm, and nor do my friends." "We don't?" Caius asked. I saw Marcus sigh and place his head in his hands. "NO" he moaned. "Don't tell me you want to keep her." "She has potential." "Potential for what?" I asked. "Sweetpops," Aro crooned. "You could make a fascinating immortal. You could have power noone has ever dreamed of." "Immortal?" I mused. "Vampire?" "Clever girl." "Aro," Caius snapped. "You seriously are not thinking of making her a member of the Volturi guard?" "You have only to read her thoughts to see the potential this pretty thing has. But no, not the guard. I know already she will be too special for that. No, she will rule at our side." I wrapped my arms around myself. "Rule?" I asked. "I'm sorry, sweetie," Aro apologized. I made up my mind, I liked him the best. He would be my new daddy. "I shouldn't be discussing your future with you right there. Leena, pet," he patted my shoulder. "We want you to undergo the transformation to vampirization. (AN:- like a rhyme lol) and to rule at our side in Volterra, Italy."

"I like Italy," I said childishly. "I accept your request, on one condition." "Name it, Leena," Aro told me. I stared him straight in his red eyes and said, "I want to call you Daddy." He smiled and gently kissed my cheek. "That would be lovely, Leena, sweetpops. Now, we need to take you to Italy to begin the transformation." I looked around at the house that had ruined me. "Just one thing, Daddy," I said. "I want the house to burn to the ground." My mouth curved in a wicked smile, and Aro and the other vampires laughed. "A fair request, little one." Aro said. "Very well."

After I had poured petrol on the house and set it alight, we watched it burn from outside. I clung tight to Aro's hand as the house burned. "My new family," I said, and my eyes seemed to light up like the blaze.