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In The Blood

Set after Breaking Dawn, and a teenage Renesmee has started going to school with the rest of the Cullens. She starts to make new friends, and experiences feelings she never knew were possible ...


1. Chapter 1 - The Beginning

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

As they got out of the cars, they received the same familiar stares, from the same nameless faces. One by one, they appeared from the immaculately clean cars, each just as beautiful and perfect as the last. The Cullens had just arrived at school, on the first day of term, loOKing as amazing as ever, but never flaunting it.

Everyone was in high spirits, despite having repeat yet another lifetime in school, learning the same lessons, being taught the same subjects. The only difference was that they were no longer in Forks.

Since Renesmee had grown into a beautiful 16 year old, she had been wanting to go to school with her parents, aunts and uncles, for so long. Before now, she had had to be home schooled, due to her increasing growth, Bella and Edward couldn't risk sending their only child off to school, until they were sure her growing had calmed almost to a halt.

All of the others had had their first days of a new school over and over again, and it was becoming monotonous for them, but today was different...today was her day, today was about Renesmee. She was so excited that she almost forgot to kiss Jacob goodbye, before flying to the car, and jumping in the front seat, next to her Uncle Jasper.

"Right, Renesmee, remember that we will all be here if you need anything, just let your Dad know, he will be listening, to make sure your all right" said Bella, worry breaking across her face. She had never once given up worrying, since the day Renesmee was born. Even though she was half vampire - half human, she was still Bella and Edwards child, and always would be.

"Aww, Mum, quit it, I'll be fine" she whined, half turning away, heading towards the building.

"And remember, we are all brothers and sisters, so none of this Dad and Mum stuff OK?" said Edward, aimed at both Bella and Renesmee.

"OK OK " she replied impatiently. Edward could see the excitement all over her face, so decided to let that one slide. "I'll see you at lunch guys" she shouted from behind, whilst running to reception, to get her schedule and find out where she would be learning first.

"She will be fine Bella, don't worry, she has got more character than anyone I've ever met, she will make friends in no time" said Alice, putting a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

"That's kind of what I'm worried about" replied Bella "We have never had to worry about her when she was being taught at home. And especially as you cannot see visions when Nessie or Jacob are involved, that worries me more than most things".

As they set off for class, Bella removed her shield, so that Edward could read her thoughts. "Please keep an ear out for our little girl Edward, she would never admit it, but her first day maybe a bit much for her on her own". Edward, hearing his wife's harmonious voice in his head, gave Bella a small yet reassuring smile, and she knew that he was thinking the same thing as her.

They managed to get through the morning fine, and when lunchtime came round, the Cullen table was much the same as it had been in the other schools they had studied at - no-one approached them, and both the Cullens and the students seemed to prefer it that way. Alice chatted animatedly about anything and everything to the rest of the table, as they 'ummed' and 'arred' and nodded in the right places, but stopped when she spotted Renesmee, dancing towards their table, with the biggest of smiles glued to her face. She had clearly enjoyed her morning so far.

"Hey guys, everyone OK? I can't believe how great this place is, i have been missing out on so much" she said, loOKing around the cafeteria and taking in the pictures and posters pinned to the walls, "and the teachers are so nice...i mean, not as good as you guys, but still..." beamed Nessie.

"...And who is Gareth?" asked Edward calmly, already knowing the answer.


"Who's Gareth?" repeated Edward, replying to Renesmee's puzzled loOK.

"Oh,Gareth...He's a guy in my class, he's really nice, he showed me to my second lesson so i didn't get lost, and said if i needed anything, he would happily help" replied Renesmee, too innocent for her own good.

"Well, he had better control his thoughts when he's around you, otherwise i may have to have a word with him" Edward warned in a deep hush, as Emmett's face lit up at the thought of some action.

"It's not like that Da...erm...Edward, we're just friends. I love Jacob, nothing could come in between us, especially a boy from school. Anyway, I've only just met him, i hardly know him". She loOKed as though she was going to explode at the mere thought of being at a proper school for once, she didn't even seem to have registered that they were all being stared at by every student who could see them.

"We're glad to hear it" said Bella, with a knowing smile on her face. Her daughter really was so in love with Jacob. She had been for years, but Jacob did not see her in that way until a couple of years ago, and would not start dating her until she was old enough to have a boyfriend. Since then, they had become inseparable.

Jacob had not aged since he had started phasing, so was still in the body of a 17 year old. Obviously, living with vampires had completely stopped the aging process with him, as they were always around. Renesmee loved the fact that they were all going to be together forever.

"If this Gareth kid steps out of line, he'll know about it" said Emmett, punching a fist into his other hand. Rosalie rolled her eyes, and slapped a hand across the back of his head, even though it would never have hurt him. Alice giggled, and Jasper let out a laugh. "Only kidding Nessie" he finished, also laughing, at the loOK of horror on Renesmee's face.

"Don't worry about him Ness, I'll keep him in line" soothed Rosalie, as she turned to give Emmett a cheeky wink.

"I hope so, because i want to make a good impression on my new friends. Well, I'm off guys, I'm meeting a girl from my last class, Hannah. She said she would take me on a tour of the school, and show me around a bit more. I can't wait. Oh, Aunt Alice, she is wearing a gorgeous dress, you would love it, I'll ask her where she got it." she said, not realising the slip up she had made in calling Alice 'Aunt'. "I'll see you guys at the end of the day. Have fun". She turned on her heels, and ran off in the opposite direction, maybe a little faster than she should have done, but no-one seemed to notice.

"Do you think she is going to be OK?" asked Bella, to the whole table, as she was watching her daughter practically fly through the cafeteria doors.

"Judging from the emotions i was just picking up off her, i don't think you have anything to worry about Sis. I think it's us that need to worry though. She's fitting in with everyone better in one morning, than we have in over 100 years" laughed Jasper.