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Dawning Light

Jenica Halliwell moves to Forks, Washington to fix one specific problem. However, as so often happens in Forks, one problem quickly multiplies into millions.


1. Chapter 1

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My sister dropped me off at the door to the main building. Odd I know, I’m probably one of the few people who don’t drive to school. Wouldn’t you know it was raining, that’s all it ever does in Forks I’ve come to find. Sunlight is a foreign concept. “I don’t think we’re in California anymore, Toto,” I murmured to myself. I touched my sunglasses hesitantly, it was only out of habit that I had slipped them on that morning before walking out the door. If I sound a little down it’s because I am, don’t get me wrong I would do anything for a charge, but honestly rain was not made for romance.

The lady at the desk smiled, I gave her my name and told her I was the new student.

“Jenica Halliwell?” That’s me, new student, sister, daughter of a charmed one, psychic, and cupid.

That’s right you heard it, cupid. It’s surprising to most people because when they hear the word cupid they don’t exactly think of an eighteen year old girl from San Francisco. People usually conjure up ideas of babies in dippers with arrows, honestly Hallmark has ruined any respectability that my job may have once had. Not that I regret being a cupid—well ok half cupid, it has its perks like being able to look into peoples’ hearts and see what they truly believe.

What makes that job unbearable at times is that I deal a lot with demons. As it turns out I’m not just the regular help-the-innocent-find-love kinda of cupid. No, I’m a Keeper of Keys, basically I get to look after demons who have proven themselves capable of human love. I get to open their hearts. That’s why I’m here in Forks, something has gone terribly wrong with one of my customers, a certain Mr. Edward Cullen.

I nodded “That’s me, but please call me Jen.” Eh I hate Jenica my mother calls me that when I’m in trouble, blah.

“Alright, Jen here is your schedule,” she handed me a slip of paper, “and you will need to get this paper signed,” she said handing me yet another sheet, “by all of your teachers and return it at the end of the day.” She smiled again, and handed me the slip of paper. “You seem to be transferring here a little late in the school year.”

“Well my family will be here over the summer and my dad thought it would be an easier transition if I came early, to uh—make friends.” She nodded as if she understood, which she probably didn’t, and wished me good luck on my first day of school.

I wandered around the buildings that made up Forks High School. Weak rays of light streamed in through the heavy rain clouds. I stared down at my schedule, none of the courses were as hard as they could have been. I had the usual calculus, english, and chemistry, but I wasn’t as scared of them as the assignments I would have to make up from Magic School. I walked into a building labeled 3 which housed my first class of the day: French.

The class I thought was about half full, but it turned out that classes are a lot smaller in Forks then they are in California. I took a seat in the second row next to a girl who looked that she was probably six feet if she stood up.

“Hi I’m Angela,” She introduced herself.

“Jen,” I replied feeling a little out of my element. While being the daughter of a Charmed One has its drawbacks the nice thing is that about half of that magical world knows who you are, and you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of introductions. “Nice to meet you.”

Any further conversation became impossible because the bell rang and the teacher began to drone on about indirect objects and their placement in the passe compose. My morning classes passed (surprisingly) in a whirl of information it was as if someone had cast a spell to speed up time. Before I knew it I was standing in line for lunch. I was wondering exactly where I was going to sit, when Angela invited me to sit with her “friends” and I use that word loosely, I’ve met nicer piranhas.

Lauren was evil, pure and simple, mental note to find her cupid and make sure she doesn’t find love for like the next twenty years. Jessica is slightly nicer than her evil twin Lauren but still demonic. Tyler is cute and has possibilities but I’m taken. Ben is really nice, definitely not a piranha, and you can tell how much he loves Angela. Mike is just trying way too hard, but according to his file he’s in kind of in a messy spot. However, he’s at least nice to me and tries have a conversation.

“So you’re from California? I lived there until I was ten.”

“Cool,” I replied, he was a nice guy after all, “Where about in California?”

“Up—well technically down from here, in Northern California. Where’d you live?”

“San Francisco.”

“So why’d you move here?”

“Parents, why else, my dad got a new job and my mom’s finishing up some stuff at home and then she’ll come to,” I said, it was all a lie, a perfect fabrication. My dad was here to make sure I didn’t screw up, he’s a full cupid although his powers aren’t as extensive as mine. My mother is staying home because she has faith in me or something like that.


“Yeah.” He asked a lot of random things like was I seeing anyone (Yes I am, sorry Mike, memo to self find Mike a girl) do I have siblings (Yes one older, one younger, oh the joys of being the middle child) where’s your younger sister (Jess, my sister, attends boarding school) And the older one (Just finished a semester studying culinary arts in Italy) did you walk to school (No my sister dropped me off) What (Julie, my older sister, is here she dropped me off) my favorite color (Random? Anyway it’s green.) Did I like the beach (Duh…) and where was I staying (Umm…a house on Magnolia, I think I am really bad about remembering street names)

“Really,” he said after he found out my address, “that’s the same street Bella lives on.” Coincidence, right I let you all think that.

“Bella?” I asked, while I know who she is, she became my charge after the whole catastrophe that is Edward’s love life, we haven’t formerly been introduced. He pointed to a girl at the end of the table who was chatting with the black haired girl seated across from her. Bella looked over and I smiled and she smiled back, so first grade but whatever. I watched Edward stiffen, probably running into my empathy blocks right about now. The blocks don’t block out my entire mind, but for him I’m sure he’s wondering what’s going on right about now.


“Mike, I think you’ve poked and prodded into Jen’s life enough,” Angela cut him off before he could continue his game of twenty questions. Mike looked sheepish and murmured, “Sorry.”

“It’s ok,” I responded. I have to hand it to Mike he doesn’t let anything bother him for long, he soon struck up a conversation with Lauren and forgot all about me.

“Thanks,” I said to Angela, I was liking her more and more. “I thought his next question was going to be animal, vegetable, mineral?” She laughed.

“No problem, Mike sometimes gets carried away. You should have seen the interrogation that he gave Katie when she showed up.”

“Katie?” Oh please don’t tell me Katie’s been here, well at least now I know who was inspiring major heartaches. You see, Katie and I have been mortal enemies since she decided to go all evil and abandon her charges. Katie was once a cupid, a special one like myself, a long time ago, but she fell in with the wrong crowd and changed sides so to speak. Now instead of hooking up love, she destroys it. Especially when I happened to be the one who made the connection in the first place.

“She moved here in the fall, but she recently moved away.” Of course, that’s her usual MO. Move in, break up, and get the hell out of dodge.

I nodded and finished my pudding, this was a stunning new development. “At the risk of sounding like a new girl, who are the people at the end of the table? Or do we not talk to them much?”

“Oh their cool, they just keep to themselves sometimes,” She answered, “Alice is the one with black hair, she’s in our French class, and then Bella you already know sort of, she’s fun though well…anyway the guy on the end is Edward and,” she added quietly, “he and Bella are dating.”

I nodded, well at least things seem to be getting back on track. The bell rang, no more time for a walk down memory lane.

“Where are you going next?”

“Ugh, chemistry.” As if I needed any help with handling chemistry, well ok maybe I need a little help handling that type of chemistry.

“Oh ok then come on, we can go together.” Have I mentioned how much I like this girl? Note to self ask around for Angie’s cupid and make sure that they give her an extra boost, and other note to self dispose of her other “friends.”

The rest of the day was a blur of chemistry, PE (which I don’t recommend taking, physical education is just—well there’s no real way to describe what I feel towards PE), and calculus (whoever said math was a necessity was seriously disturbed).

Julie was waiting for me when I walked out of the main building after handing in my schedule to the very perky assistant. I nearly walked past her, I was too busy texting Ari to notice her.

“Hello,” she called out, “earth to Jen.”

“What.” My head snapped up, “Hey Jules.”

“Can you stop texting your friend for a minute and notice I’m here to pick you up? Loser.”

“Idiot.” I retorted. Don’t be fooled by our interesting choice of pet names truly they are terms of endearment. Besides we love each other…most of the time. Julie is my older sister and protector of sorts, she’s the one who makes sure I don’t get killed while I unlock demonic hearts.

Julie shot past Edward Cullen, who was standing by his car looking at me. “Have you talked to him yet?”

“Absolutely not,” I replied, talking about anything with Mr. Cullen would give me a ton of unneeded stress. Besides it’s not like you can walk up to someone and say ‘So I know you’re a vampire and surprise I’m your cupid’ that’s just silly, not to mention stupid. “Honestly why would I talk to him in public.”

“There’s a saying, Loser, that you can catch more flies with honey then with vinegar. I don’t mean that you should go and divulge that master plan you’ve been keeping to yourself, but a simple hello/goodbye might be nice.”

“First off, I’m not catching flies, I’m talking to vampires. They are not insects, therefore vinegar works much better, they always want more of what they can’t have. And as for my master plan it’s still in the works, but I’ll keep you posted.”

“Thanks, you know I like to have a little time to get things together, but I understand you like to fly by the seat of your pants. It just doesn’t work out so well for those of us who are responsible for making sure your pretty face doesn’t end up as the next demonic target.”


I looked around my room one last time, everything was set for those pesky nightly visitors. Waking charms, courtesy of my sister, she’s great with coming up with spells at the drop of a hat, crystals, the whole ten yards. One quick scry told me that yes he was defiantly in the vicinity of my house.

My dad walked in, he still isn’t completely sure that I’m alright, I mean you let your charges emotions take control of you for a few days, alright months, and suddenly there’s no trust between us.

“Are you sure you have everything, honey?” my dad asked, he can’t help but worry about me, and really in my line of work what parent in their right mind wouldn’t worry. Though I wish he would trust me more. The Cullen’s, however, are my first big case, and technically though I’ve been overseeing it from the beginning, I’m rather young for a Keeper. Hence, the tucking into bed routine, which he hasn’t done since I was like four and finally figured out the boogieman was vanquished before I was born.

“Yeah dad, I have a waking charm on the window and the crystals are all set on the floor, besides Julie is just a shout away if I need her.”

“Alright.” He kissed me on my forehead and left my room.

I pulled the blanket up over my head and reached out a hand to flip off the light. I curled my hands around the final crystal and drifted off into the peaceful realms of sleep. I awoke in the early morning hours; well good to know that at least the waking spell was working. Now if this next part would just go as I planned it. I dropped the crystal on the floor so that he wouldn’t be able to use his super sonic vampire powers to escape before I could talk to him. The plan worked surprisingly, and now I have one caged and outraged vampire trapped in my room. Wow, what girl doesn’t want to wake up to that every morning? One in a million let me tell you.

“Good,” I glanced at the clock, “morning Edward, we need to have a heart to heart chat.”