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Dawning Light

Jenica Halliwell moves to Forks, Washington to fix one specific problem. However, as so often happens in Forks, one problem quickly multiplies into millions.


2. Chapter 2

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So, what exactly am I going to do with an enraged vampire in my room, well I thought that would be obvious, I’m going to talk to him duh.

He’s a little on the angry side, which is understandable, I mean come on when a new girl moves to town and you can read her mind and then you find out she’s a witch that’ll send off all kinds of alarm bells. Besides, the man is on the mend psychologically from the last oh six months of his life, I’m sure the appearance of yet another magical being in his neck of the woods isn’t exactly what he needs right now. Plus he’s male in love, protection and all that jazz. And reformed demon or not I don’t take any chances with my charges and in my line of work a girl can’t afford to make stupid mistakes.

“What is going on?” He tried to reach through the bars but like any other person, or demon, or any other creature that happened to be trapped in the crystal’s field he got a nasty shock for his efforts.

Well that clears one thing up, Julie’s ideas that there are different kinds of vampires was correct. Good thing too, if he was a “normal” vampire my magic would have been useless and then we would have had more then one problem.

I winced, it was never on my agenda to hurt charges, but well I needed to talk to him face to face and not to his sub-conscious mind. Besides he’s a vampire it’s not like he’s never been shot at or stabbed, these pain inducing items just bounce right off without a scar or scratch. While subconsciously he knows me, consciously I’m just another threat to his world.

“Sorry about that, I wouldn’t have to use the crystals if I was sure you wouldn’t disappear on me or you know try and kill me, being a vampire allows you to hide bodies well or at least that’s what I’m told.”

He seemed a little shocked that I knew his dirty little secret, and got another shock from the field as a consolation prize.

“And what are you going to do with me here, your father and sister bound to notice.”

“Well for a guy who can read a girl’s mind you don’t get the message very quickly.”

“Forgive me, I’m not used to having my home town turned into mythological creature central, Witch.”

I rolled my eyes, lord will the name calling never cease? “Oh please I think we aged out of name calling around the first grade. Which for you was like what? A hundred years ago?” But as an after thought I added because I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m still that childish, “Vampire.”

“If I promise not to run away, will you let me out?”

“Hmm….no, simply because I know your conscious mind still doesn’t trust me yet Eddy. However, I’m sure you’re sub-conscious mind in screaming at you to trust me.”

“And you say I’m the mind reader?”

I shrugged, “Cupid’s privilege, I can pick your thoughts Eddy, but only to a certain extent.”

“Cupid,” he looked skeptical, “Where’s the diaper and arrows?”

“Oh like I haven’t heard that one before,” I sneered, note to self make life really really unpleasant for the people at Hallmark. “And you a vampire? Where are the fangs, the coffin, and the bat like qualities?”

He eyed me for a moment and then offered “Truce.” He was smart enough not to stick his hand out into the field. “Now let me out I’m not a sideshow exhibit.”

“Truce, Eddy—“

“Please refrain from calling me that.”

“Sorry,” I apologized somewhat sincerely. I leaned down to pick up one of the crystals and paused, “Promise you won’t run away? I do know where you live.”

He rolled his eyes, I figured that was about as good as it was going to get, and removed a crystal breaking the connection and thus destroying the field.

“Thank-you.” Wow creepy vampires with manners, who would a thought? “So are you going to explain yourself or are you going to keep me in the dark?”

“Fair enough, I’m here to sort out what exactly has been going on for the past few months, I know the whole wolf triangle is totally my fault and for that I really do apologize.—”

“Wait, what!” he exclaimed, oh shit the fat had really hit the fire now. “What exactly do you mean by wolf triangle?”

“Nothing.” Subject change, for the love of god a subject change, “I’m merely here to sort out what Katie has to do with your disappearance from Forks on September 15.” Among other things, but really he doesn’t need to know about those things.

“Stop trying to change the subject.” Curse you mind readers. This was going to make my job a little harder then I originally planned. You see there are many things that cupids get to see that mortals—even immortals—just should not know about. This is mainly because it would blow their minds.

I took a deep breathe and exhaled, this was going to have to be revealed sooner or later, so I might as well get it over with now. “Alright, being that I was recently given your case about a year ago, after it was discovered that we had a problem with specie cross over; things were going in a serious direction. You and Bella had a great summer it was fabulous to watch, most of the time my charges are killed by upper level demons because their hearts are opened to love.

“Anyway moving on, the problem started on September 15 exactly, one minute I was fine, dandy, if not down right peachy then bam hits me like an energy ball to the stomach. So, for many months, I get the pleasure of battling both your emotions and the non-existent emotions of your girlfriend. Needless to say, I was in no position to be a proper cupid. So one of my cupid friends who was already up here looking after werewolves, told the elders that she would be happy to look after Bella and there’s our problem. After all she’d dealt with similar experiences before blah...blah...blah. Big mistake, HUGE, you see because she’s surrounded by wolves all day she naturally sides with them while I typically side with vamps. Devin was way more qualified for the job, but I would never make the claim that the Elders were smart.

“So there we have it, she whispered a little love into Jake, it caught on with him, as for Bella she really didn’t want to feel anything so it took a very long time for it to even somewhat take root.” He looked at me for a very long time, I was just starting to fear for my life when he spoke. He was probably picking my brain and I tried desperately to concentrate on something else, to obscure his prying mind.

“So you’re saying that there are cupids out there who are responsible for all the love in the world?”

“Yes, well not all of it, people have the ability to forge their own love, cupids are there for people who’ve given up on love, or having difficulties with love, or there are cupids like me who are responsible for reformed demons such as yourself. As to you and your girlfriend there are many magical and not so magical reasons why you have a strong connection with Bella. One is that you were firsts together which is so cute and I will explain what firsts are later it’ll be easier to understand trust me. Don’t pick my brain for it. Second, you made the connection yourself, with no help from a cupid. While I do have the power to help vamps find love, the Elders make sure that we keep it within the same species, no cross-over allowed. So now that I’ve given you some information over-load you can leave if you want and I’ll see you in school. Being nice isn’t a necessity but it does come highly recommended.” I said, turning back to my bed.


“Sorry Ed…ward that’s all I’ve got for you right now, but we can talk again later actually I’m counting on it. Until then.” I was not in the mood to deal with him, besides I have to be at least semi-intelligent for school tomorrow and that would require some amount of sleep. Lesson number one about being a cupid always, no matter what, be in control of the situation, because the moment you hand a charge control they’ll never listen to you again. He left, and I closed the window behind him, not that it would keep him out if he really wanted to come in, it just made me feel better.