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Dawning Light

Jenica Halliwell moves to Forks, Washington to fix one specific problem. However, as so often happens in Forks, one problem quickly multiplies into millions.


3. Chapter 3

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There have been many books written through out the ages about cupids and their charges. Some of my favorite books cover the topic of firsts. It’s an odd subject that doesn’t come up a lot anymore. Cupids have been ignoring firsts because firsts don’t meet each other very often because there are six billion people on this planet, and there are new people being born all the time. But I think that it is not something to ignore, mostly because I’ve found a pair of firsts who have been dancing around each other for the better part of a century.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, what is a first, it’s not like you all are cupids. Firsts occur when two people fall in love in their first life. Usually these types are relationships show love in it’s truest form. These couples will always be drawn together, usually there are no draw backs or hitches in the cosmic plan. Yet, would I be blest with a simple, set of firsts, who just have no problems what so ever, of course not. I get the bloody tale of betrayal, war, suicide, and what depressing tale of love wouldn’t be complete without a love triangle. Sometimes I’m amazed at the human race and how love can cause a war. But while that’s where all of this started way back in Ancient Greece, I’m here in modern day Forks dealing with vampires, and sometimes with werewolves, and those they love. Lucky me.

The next morning, I downed a pair of waffles, while considering my whole how to break the news to everyone spiel. I’ve never been fabulous as subtlety, and really it’s not fair to have Edward running around knowing all of my secrets and not letting Bella in on the action.

I dumped my plate in the sink, I started to gather all of my books and toss them haphazardly into my bag. Honesty, haven't my teachers heard that backpacks should only be 15% of a students body weight? My dad entered the room; I can tell you that he is definitely not a morning person.

“Well I didn’t hear any screaming last night so I take it you are not sporting a pair of puncture wounds on your neck?” he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.

I shot him an annoyed look. “Do I look undead to you?”

“Well…” He smiled making his tousled appearance seem fitting. “You look fine.” I sighed and rolled my eyes at the comment. Lord, parents, I may be a teenage girl but that does not mean I have a problem with the way I look, or myself esteem, or whatever else psychiatrists think is wrong with the general population of teenage girls.

“Thanks Dad.” I dumped the last of my books into the bag and sat down at the table. Dad was over at the counter brewing a nice hot cup of coffee. “Dad?” He looked over at me.

“Yes sweet pea?” Don’t you just love pet names?

“I need some advice about my charges.” I toyed with the zipper on my bag, it’s never easy for me to ask for help. I am one of those people who like to think they know everything.

“What can I do for you?” He left his coffee to brew and took a seat across from me.

“I think…I think that I-”

“Alright stop right there, the question you are about to ask is not the question you really want to ask.” Stupid parental ESP.

“I really don’t know if I can do what the Elders ask me.” I felt very small, I felt like the teenager I was. I felt like I had for the previous six months, a mix of emotions that seemed to heavy for anyone to bear.

“You mean the whole demon falling in love with a human being against the rules? That job?”

“I know the dangers it poses, but it’s not going to be better for anyone if I split them up, but the Elders won’t listen. All they see is a demon they can’t see Edward’s not a bad guy and that unless something happens soon, I’m not going to have a problem with this case, because Bella won’t be around.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been looking at her file, in the past century, she’s died before the age of 21 every time. Every time, Bella’s soul doesn’t get old, it knows what it wants and a life without Edward has no interest for her.”

“And you know this for sure?”

“Yeah first time, Rachel, I don’t know if she really counts, as she was alive when Edward was, died age 18 from H1N1, then there was Veronica murdered as 19, and Peggy age 17 demon attack.”

“Honey those are random incidences-”

“False, Rachel was engaged but it wasn’t to someone she loved, Edward was there when she died he kinda secretly liked her for a while then, well yeah she got sick he held her hand while a killer pandemic claimed her life. Veronica was taking a class of Edward’s at University, she was the only girl in his night class, he walked her home every night until she got a boyfriend, one night he didn’t come to pick her up, she was murdered on her way home, Peggy never actually met Edward but it’s thanks to her that I know so much stuff about the Cullen’s in general. She figured out this whole thing and it’s also thanks to her the Bella has such a closed mind. You see when Peggy learned so much about the Cullen’s and the vampire community in general she knew her mind was going to be under attack for some time, so she cast a spell to seal her mind. It works like the spell that almost killed Mom, it just keeps coming back. And you want to tell me that these are just random incidences? That because each of these girls was connected to Edward or the Cullen’s in some way. That’s not a coincidence?”

“I see your point. Are you sure you still want this case, Sweet Pea? I--”

“Dad, it’s mine and I’ll be fine, I promise to be careful.”

“I just can’t help worrying about you getting mixed up in all of this, especially after the last six months, your mother and I are worried about you.”

“Freak accident, it comes from being over confident. Don’t worry, Dad, it won’t happen again.” He smiled, I think he knew on some level he could have me removed from the case but it would only make things worse.

Well as much I’d love to play hooky, I have to get to school can I have the keys to the car.” Dumb decision to have just one car for three people, but that’s just my opinion, and no one asked for it.

“Sorry Loser,” Julie said entering the kitchen fully dressed. “I need the car, I have to drive up to Seattle and get some supplies we’re kinda low on certain necessary potion ingredients.”

“Can’t you just have Chris or Wyatt orb you some or something?” I replied and grabbed my now full bag. Honestly older sisters can be such a pain, thank God for being a middle child. “Can I at least bum a ride to school?”

“Hmm I suppose I could fit that into my schedule.”

“Fabulous.” I headed out the door sliding my sunglasses on. My sister snickered, but frankly I didn’t care, I’ve decided that I am going to make a fashion statement in Forks by wearing sunglasses, even in the pouring rain.

I wasn’t the only one bumming a ride to school that day. Bella was catching a ride with Edward, I smiled, hey might as well be friendly especially after a midnight rendezvous. Actually I’m not quite sure exactly where our relationships stands right now, I certainly wouldn’t call us friends we’re more like acquaintances. Those people you have some sort of connection with for the briefest of moments. I use the word connection strictly in terms of friendship, I’m not that type of girl. I got a faint smile from Bella and a warning look from Edward. Hey, it’s not my fault you attract fairy tale creatures….well, not technically anyway.

So school day two, honestly what is there to say? Julie dropped me off; I sloshed through the rain to French class.

"Hey," Angela said as I dropped into a seat next to her. She smiled and I managed a grin back, to be truthful I am not a morning person and all this bright and cheery stuff is not really my thing.

“Hey,” I replied as my phone buzzed, classic for Ari is having fashion problems again. I flipped it open to see what exactly the emergency was.

“Over-protective parents?” Angela asked glancing at the cell phone.

“More like friends with bad fashion skills,” I replied scanning the picture text.

“Tell me about,” Alice volunteered. She smiled that all too knowing smile that I, myself, have come to prefect over the years. I was not in least surprised to believe that Alice knew my secrets, why would Eddy keep them all to himself? Now that would just be plain mean. “Alice Cullen,” she introduced herself and then added, “and my best-friend has the same problem,”

“Tell me about it,” I replied, typing in my response. “I’m just grateful that she seeks help for her disease.” I finished with the traditional hello my name is.....blah blah blah…

“Does she actually take your advice?”

“Most of the time, though she’s getting better at dressing herself, I don’t have to go shopping with her anymore.”

“Lucky you, I’m still in the ‘I have to do the shopping for you’ stage.”

“Suddenly I am totally lost,” Angela said, pulling out her French book.

“So what problem is your friend seeking Dr. Fashion’s advice for?” Alice asked leaning forward on her desk, her chin propped up on her hand.

“Purple or dark cherry red.”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” Angela stated.

“I must agree with Angela I am totally clueless.” Opps.. More information then they needed, because honestly trying to explain to them that my best-friend has the power of transmogrification aka she’s a shape shifter. That piece of information would probably blow then minds, blow my cover, and not to mention bring the Cleaners calling.

“T-shirts.” I lied, pathetic I know, but hey what can a girl do?

“Oh, and your prescription?”

“Dark Cherry red, it’ll work better with her skin tone.” At least the skin tone she has for today.

“Alright ladies, phones away Si’l vous plait, and sunglasses off.” I hit send and tucked my only connection to the outside world away. I pulled off my shades and dropped them into my purse. I let the teacher’s lecture bore me into a sated coma.

This coma like state lasted until lunch, amazing how the mid-day meal has the ability to shake off the blues of school. Eddy was still keeping his distance, again males in love, don’t make me gag. While Alice had accepted me with open arms.

I sat my tray down and found myself absorbed in a conversation about Vogue and all other things fashion. I think, it annoyed Bella to some extent and that was something I was going to have to step around lightly. When dealing with love, especially after one has just had a massive upheaval, aka Boyfriends leaving and in my own personal opinion being dumb, your just a little bit more on edge. I don’t want to appear as if I am invading her space.

“I think your phones going off again,” Alice commented. She was right, duh I agree to bet against Alice would take some guts. Luckily, I’ve got them in spades.

“Thanks.” I looked at the text, this time from the Boy. Ugh my love life is something that I don’t want to deal with. The nice thing about texts is that you can close the phone, and you don’t have to deal with it.

“She doesn’t need Dr. Fashion?”

“No he doesn’t, he’s pretty decent in that department.” I replied dumping my phone back into my bag. I picked at the dregs of my school provided lunch, note to self have Jules pack me a lunch that is actually edible.

He,” Alice asked her attention heightened.

“Yes, he,” I replied stabbing something that reminded me a of a cross between a peach and a piece of pineapple.


“Boyfriend not dealing well with long distances.” Eddy just looked at me, I think if I was a mind reader, which I’m not, but if I were, I think he would be thinking that she’s supposed to be a cupid and this is how she treats her boyfriend.

True story, but then again my love life is not the subject here, besides the fact that it would take years to sort it out. Unfortunately, when you’re a cupid, your love life takes a backseat to everyone else’s.

“And…” Alice prompted.

“And I’ll call him later when I have time for a five hour conversation,” or yelling match either one. I pretty sure that dear old Dad does not want to see my cell phone bill this month, opps. Luckily for me, I was saved by the bell, literally, the bell rang meaning I have five minutes to get to my next class. And five minutes until I slip back into my self imposed coma.