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The Hard Life

Bella has lived in forks all her life it's been pertty boring so far, but when the every so mysterious Cullan family come to town , she thinks that if she befriends them then maybe she can have some fun without getting caught by Charlie....


1. Chapter 1

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Once upon a time thier was a little girl named Noelle, and she longed to sing. Day by day she would listen to the big band music that came from the radio. Dut one day that dream was riped to peices all because of a boy...

"God, why can't I write a good story? I mean look at me I read all the classics! I should have some idea on what to write about.... Right?" I said in my most frustrated voice as I deleted most of the chapter.

Why you ask I'm I writing this trerrible story?

Because my english teach is making me since I missed so much school this past month, from all the visits to the hospitable because I'm a huge klutz. I don't quite understand what side of the family I get it from... my mother or my father? I'm really not to sure seeing as I spend most of my time with charlie and not alot with my mother because her a my step-father are touring around the country... At lease that's what they tell me.

Anyways, Back to the point at hand. My name is Isabella Swan but I mostly go by Bella, I am ordinary heigh and don't even get me stared in the looks deparment! What I think is my one good quality is my long wavy brown hair that reaches all the way to my bottom... Everyone envies my hair.

As for school, I have lived most of my life in forks, Well there was this one time where Charlie and I almost moved to Florida for his job, You see Charlie works for the police here in forks most of the time though he just sits in his desk and plays solitary on his computer. Maybe that's why the guy in my high school woun't ask me out, Because Charlie is the chief of the police squad and it doen't help that when Jacob asked me out on a date Charlie was sitting at the kitchen table cleaning his riffle and had his cuff's out too. I'm pretty sure Jacob let that loose in the boy locker room one day because most of the guys woun't look at me.... Now that I think about it would seem that no guy has asked me out after that day..... Is that a good thing or bad thing?