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Don't let me go

Trying to escape from her unfulfilled life, Renesmee seeks some "me time" in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington. What she didn't expect was to meet the one man that would set her soul on fire and have her begging him not to let her go. AU/AH

Jake and Renesmee A/U and A/H story

1. Chapter 1

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Jacob wiped the sweat off of his brow with the back of his forearm. It was an unusually hot day in Forks at 80 degrees and the afternoon rains had yet to come in and cool things down. Working in a Garage under a car all afternoon only added to the heat.

Jacob had been working at Dowling’s since he was in High School. He was good with his hands and could diagnose and fix a problem faster than even Dowling himself, who’d been working on cars for over 40 years; it just came naturally to him. Jake loved his work, it didn’t make him rich, but he was a simple guy with simple needs, and that was fine by him.

Though he didn’t care about being rich, he did have a desire. More than anything, he wanted to own his own shop. Over the past nine years he’d been saving, every month he’d stash away a little bit more. He hadn’t counted it in a while, but he knew he had to be close to $50,000. Once he reached that, it was his plan to talk to Dowling.

Now in his mid-60’s, Dowling hardly ever came in anymore, choosing to leave most of the day to day responsibilities to his office manager, Claire, and the repairing to his head mechanic, Jacob. The only other employee, Chris, was their part time mechanic/tow truck driver. Jake knew if he could just make Dowling the right offer, maybe he’d sell; and with $50,000 to put down, he was hoping to get a loan for the rest. It would take a lot of work, but there was so much he could do to really make something of the shop, and Jake wasn’t afraid of hard work.

Hearing the bell chime signaling the arrival of a new car, Jake rolled out from under the '85 Chevy Scottsdale he was working on to check out the new arrival. As he watched the car pull up to the bay, he had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. Not 20 feet from him was a true beauty, it wasn’t usual to see the likes in his small town and it was a struggle to pick his jaw up off the floor. He had only seen it in pictures; it was a Mercedes-Benz E-class Cabriolet, but he couldn’t tell if it was a 2010 or a 2011. The light blue color didn’t seem ideal to Jake, a car like this deserved to be black or red, but who was he to throw around his opinions.

Walking up to the car, he let out a long slow whistle. He checked his hands to make sure they were free of oil before running them over the hood of the beautiful piece of machinery. He didn’t think he’d ever seen anything so beautiful until his eyes met hers. His hand fell away from the car but he managed to keep his jaw from hitting the floor. Her brown eyes had him transfixed, there was so much buried within their depths he felt that even if he had a lifetime he still wouldn’t know all there was to know about her. He let his eyes wander down to her lips, they were full and pouty and they shimmered slightly. Jacob couldn’t help but wonder if they were as soft as they looked and what they might feel like pressed against his.

“Um, hello?” he heard her say and he immediately looked back up to her eyes. Her right brow was raised and she had a look on her heart shaped face that seemed to be a mixture of amusement and aggravation.

He shook his head slightly and cleared his throat before responding, “Can I help you?”

“I hope so,” she said. The amusement left her features as she furrowed her brow. “I was driving in from Seattle and my check engine light came on about 20 miles back,” she added.

With that car, he knew there was no way she was from around here. The people in Forks just didn’t go around driving $50,000 cars. But Jake sure hoped she’d be staying awhile. He leaned in to get a closer look at the dash but stopped when he saw her eyes grow big and pull back, “what are you doing?” she asked.

Jake drew back, realizing that in his fogged mental state, he had unintentionally invaded her personal space. “I apologize,” he started, “I was just trying to get a good look at your dash.”

“Oh,” she said appearing to relax some. “Would you like me to step out?” she asked as she reached over to grab her purse from the passenger’s seat.

Jake shook his head as he made his way to the front of the car, “Nope,” he said. “I got a look. Could you pop the hood for me though? I just wanna make sure nothing’s smoking.”

“Sure,” she said as she reached for the release lever.

Jacob didn’t think it could be anything too serious on a car that wasn’t any older than a year if that. And his quick glance at the dash had shown him that the car had less than 12,000 miles on it. He knew one of the main causes for a check engine light to come on was faulty spark plugs, so he gave those a quick check. Nope, that’s not the problem, he thought to himself.

“See anything under there?” she called out.

Jake dusted his hands off and lowered the hood back down, making sure it locked securely. Coming back around to the driver’s side of the vehicle, he gave the girl a half smile as he leaned against the side of the car and crossed his arms over his chest. “Well, I can’t see anything wrong at a glance,” he said. “You said it came on about 20 miles back. Did it stay on after that, or has it gone on and off?”

He watched as she shook her head before answering. The movement caused some of the lose tendrils of her coppery hair that had escaped from her ponytail to brush her exposed shoulder. “No, it stayed on the whole time after that.”

Watching as her hair brushed her shoulder had caused Jake’s throat to go dry; he had to swallow before he was able to speak. “I’m gonna have to mess around with it to find the cause,” he started. “Only problem is, today’s Saturday, and we close up at 3.”

“Okay,” she said, looking at the clock on her dash and seeing it was already 2:45 pm. “Well what time do you open tomorrow? I could be here first thing.”

It was clear she was from the city and used to things moving at a faster pace. But out here, things moved much, much slower. And on Sundays, they all but stopped. “Actually, we’re closed on Sunday’s, ma’am.”

“Of course you are,” she said as all traces of aggravation and frustration left her face. All that remained was a look of sadness so strong Jacob felt it in his very core.

Although the look was fleeting and gone so fast that Jake couldn’t even be sure he’d seen it, he felt like he had to do something to help her. He couldn’t explain it, he had just met her, and hadn’t even had the sense to get her name yet, but Jake knew he couldn’t just let her leave. “Listen, uh,” he began while running his right hand nervously through his short hair, “are you gonna be staying around here?”

She looked at him wearily, as if she wasn’t sure if she should answer. To Jake it appeared as if she were having an inner debate with herself as she looked from him, to the shop, to her dash and then back to him. Letting out a sigh, she said, “Yes, I’m staying in the area.”

Giving her another half smile he nodded, “Okay then, the shop may be closed tomorrow, but if you’d like, I’ll come to wherever you’re staying and take a look at it for you. My name’s Jacob, Jacob Black. I’ve been working here since I was 15. Ask anyone in town and they’ll tell you, not only am I the best mechanic in town, but you can trust me.”

She didn’t seem to be 100% at ease to Jake, but she smiled, and when she did, Jake felt his knees go a little weak. Luckily he was leaning against the car and was able to avoid falling down and embarrassing himself. He knew that if she smiled at him like that, he’d give her anything she wanted. What is wrong with me? He thought as he tried to clear his head.

Just as he pushed himself off the car to stand straight and try to get a little distance between them, she offered her hand, “Nice to meet you Jacob, I’m Renesmee.”

Jake stood still for a moment just starring at her hand, before he took a half step towards her. He reached his arm out and took her hand in his as his eyes locked with hers. Her skin was warm and so soft against his. He could only imagine how his rough, calloused hand would feel to her, and he released her hand before he had wanted to.

He stepped back needing to get a deep breath of fresh air to help clear his head. “Renesmee,” he said, trying out her name and letting it float through his head.

She rolled her eyes and smirked, “I know, it’s different,” she said and he smirked as well. “But, I think I’ll take you up on your offer.” She turned towards the passenger’s seat and grabbed her purse. Opening it, she removed a pen and a small spiral bound notebook. She began to write and when she finished, she ripped out the sheet of paper and held it out to Jacob. “Here’s the address where I’ll be staying, it’s just a few minutes outside of town. I also wrote my phone number down. I’ll be home all day, but if you could call me when you’re free and have some time to come over I’d appreciate it.”

Jacob took a step towards Renesmee again and reached for the paper in her hands. His finger tips brushed the back of her hand as he grabbed it and he heard her suck in a breath. He straightened, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and she was starring right back.

As he stood there starring at her, he felt as if there were an electric current going back and forth between them, and he was powerless to break it. Hell, even if he could, he wasn’t sure if he’d want to. All he wanted to know was if she felt it to, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask.

It took hearing the phone in the office ring to snap Jake out of it. He looked towards the shop and then back at Renesmee and said, “I gotta get that, I’m the only one here on Saturdays, I’ll be right back,” and he ran to the office.

“Dowling’s Garage, this is Jake,” he said as he looked at the clock. It was 3 o’clock which meant it would be Dowling himself on the phone. He always called at the end of every day to check in and see how things had gone.

After Jake gave him a run down on the 2 cars he’d serviced they said their good buys and Jake hung up the phone.

As he walked back out towards Renesmee’s car, he was glad that the call had come in when it did. I was less than 5 seconds away from grabbing her out of that car, pushing her up against it and kissing her, he thought. That would not have been good.

“Sorry about that. But um, yeah, t-tomorrow,” Jacob stuttered as he tried to get the words out. “I’ll give you a call around noon. Just gotta finish up something in the morning but that shouldn’t take too long.”

Renesmee smiled up at him again, a little embarrassed herself about what had happened earlier, although she couldn’t even begin to explain it. “Of course, I really do appreciate it. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

Jacob gave a half smile back and nodded his head.

With that he watched as Renesmee put the car in reverse and backed out of the lot. He stood in the same spot, watching her drive down the road until he could no longer see her. “Damn,” he muttered to himself. Turning, he walked back towards the garage to lock it up for the night. I think I’m in trouble.