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Meant To Be

Bella's life has known great pain. But as her twin brother, Emmett, comes home and brings his roommate, Edward with him. Can Bella let go of her tragic past and find love and trust in another? AH Lemons and mature themes, Cannon Couples.


1. Chapter 1: Meant to Be

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"I'm coming dad, five more minutes"

I sigh, going to pick up my brother and his girlfriend and his roommate from the airport in Seattle is more hassle than I first thought when I agreed to go with my dad. I really haven't been out in months not since I came back from the horror called college and holed myself up in my room, taking online classes instead. I loved college, well the classes anyway. I loved to learn and I would be done soon. I was sure I was going back for my masters but after everything that has happened…. well any more school done by me was going to happen between miles of optic cables and a wireless internet connection.

But of course I couldn't talk about it really, the nightmares were enough and well if everyone in this town knew who… it would be like adding gas to a forest fire. My dad and my friend Alice knew the whole story and helped me file the paper work and cleaned me up afterwards. But I still felt bogged down by it all, trapped by something that wasn't even my fault. But I knew I couldn't run away from either but, I was still trying too. But, when my dad asked me to go with him to pick up Emmett I agreed, thinking it would be good to get back out in the real world. I sigh again, maybe it's too soon.

"Bella honey we're going to be late and it's not just Emmett waiting on us" my dad called up from the staircase. I walked out of my room taking one last look at myself in the mirror. Plain. That's the best way to describe me, brown eyes that match my brown hair, pale skin, short, and skinny…. yeah, plain. I sigh; well let's get this nightmare over with.

"I'm here dad lets go"

The drive in the car is silent mostly, ever once in a while my dad would ask what is going on with school or work and how my friends were doing. But, mostly it was silent, just the way I like it. I could always count on dad not to pry and to give me my space. It made spending time with him something I really enjoyed. It also gave me time to reflect on seeing my twin brother again. Emmett, I loved him more than I thought possible but he loved me just a fiercely. Twins. yeah, he's the oldest by a couple of minutes and he takes that as a calling to be my guardian, that was until he decided to go to Chicago to college and I decided to stay in Washington and go to UW. No. guardian in Washington. Sigh. Then I began to think about all of Emmett's friends that he has made while he has been gone. He still called once a week at least to tell me everything that was going on. Like, how he had an awesome roommate named Edward that was in med school and just finished. The same roommate that was coming home with him. It seemed Edward had gotten into to resident program in Port Angeles and would be bunking with us till he could find a place of his own. I was frightened at how that was going to work. But, I couldn't tell Emmett everything even if I told him something. Although I felt like he had a feeling I was keeping something from him. And was I would tell him in time. yeah, In my time I would tell him the bare minimum and pray he didn't kill him and that the whole town didn't find out.

My thoughts traveled down that road for a while thinking of Emmett and his love Rose his call to tell me that he had found the one had been funny to say the least. Turned out Emmett's truck broke down and he had taken it to the body shop on campus to get it fixed for cheap when a girl turned around and asked him for the keys. He smarted off to her that "no girl" was going to fix his car. Well, instead of cry Rose through her wrench at him and snatched the keys right out of his hand and proceeded to fix his car. The rest was first date and four years of a hostile but very loving relationship. She beats him and he loves it and they make up… a lot. I laugh to myself. At least Emmett has found his happiness and he keeps telling me that I will find mine but, I'm not looking now or ever, it just wasn't suppose to be I was sure of that this Swan would stay single.

"Bella, we're here. lets go."

I take a deep breath as I walk into SeaTac airport. Of course it's packed with people mostly men. Great. I stop in the door way and my dad turns to look at me.

"oh, Bella, I'm sorry I didn't think honey, why don't you just wait in the car and I'll get them."

"No. he'll notice. Just give me a minute I'm ok." I take a deep breath and just pray I can get out of here without being touched. I steady myself as my dad hooks his arm in mine and we began to walk. I hoped that touching Emmett worked the same as touching dad. with no reaction. I just hope no one else tries to hug me. Screaming and cowering on the ground in a fetal position might make your house guest feel like there is crazy person sleeping next to you. We get to the gate and the plane is already unloading its passengers. I look up to hear the sweetest sound.


"Em!" He comes running towards me and I brace myself for the inevitable as I am wrapped up in safe secure brotherly arms. Thank God. Nothing. Then I notice two beautiful people standing behind him. The girl, blond has to be Rose with flowing golden hair and a skinny yet full figure, she looks right off a runway in Milan or Paris. Stunning. But, she is not what catches my full attention, the boy, it must be Edward has bronze care free hair, tall, lean, but muscular like he might be a runner or something, with this crooked grin that makes my knees go weak. My knees NEVER go weak, over anything. But his eyes are what make me literally stumble, they are looking right at me and I feel like they can see into my very soul. I never felt like this. As I am thinking, of course I've stumbled over my own two feet and I'm falling… into the arms of this gorgeous man.

And straight into fetal position, crazy person trouble…. Or not. Again nothing. Wait, nothing? And then I hear a laugh. His laugh; and my brothers while I look at my father to see him staring at me with wide eyes. He can't believe it either we both thought for sure that I was going to freak like always but, I didn't. What could that mean ever other male had that horrible reaction but with Edward… I couldn't let myself think good things. This Swan is meant to be single and alone, to damaged for anyone else, too much pain felt. But, there was something more to Edward I couldn't quite place this electricity we had the safe peace I felt…

"Bells, I want you to meet Edward, that's the one putting you back on your feet" my brother chuckles "and my Rose" he says as I am placed back on my feet. Rose looks at me and smiles kindly. That's good I hated all his other girlfriends, I hope this one is different.

I turn towards my green eyed man. My? what?

"Hello, Bella I've heard a lot about you it's nice to finally meet you in person" He says with that crooked grin again. That is when I realize that he is still touching me, his hand is on the small of my back and I still don't feel anything but comfort, peace, and something else I can't quite put a name to almost like an electric hum or current it makes my blood boil with feelings I only thought I had once.

"It's nice to meet you Edward, Emmett has told me a lot about you too" I said smiling at him and stepping towards my brother. It felt the loss of his touch instantly and was ready the mourn the loss. How strange no man since…

"So Bells where's Jake?" My brother asks as I flinch and I see my dad out of the corner of my eye shakes his head at my brother. Who looks at him and then at me displaying a smile that says we would come back to that discussion later. That's when I notice Edward with an eyebrow raised to me looking like he can tell something is wrong with me. Maybe he can already tell from my flinch that I'm damaged and no good. I just prayed my nightmares stayed away while he was staying with us. He would be sleeping in the guest room which was right next door to me. Lovely, more to worry about. My dad coughs and brings me out of my macabre thoughts.

"Come on everyone lets get going it's a long ride back" My dad says dispersing the tension a little between me and my twin. It was a uncomfortable silence mostly. Emmett looking at me strangely and Rose trying to talk to my dad. All the while Edward is looking at me every once and while with a look of wonder in his eyes. And I spent the whole trip back to Forks thinking about Edward. Ever since Jacob I had not be able to be around male company that wasn't family and that was hard on my dad seeing as Billy and Jacob live in town and Billy and Dad are or rather were best friends. But, something was different about Edward and not in a bad way I felt safe with him like I belong. I have never belonged. I wasn't sure yet if this was a good thing. I am damaged and I wasn't even sure if he liked me but, something made me feel like he did. I felt like by just going to the airport today and meeting Edward I got a piece of my life back and a piece of my heart to it felt like. But could that be possible that I could have him? That he would want me? I'm sure he's already got someone and with that thought I sigh and watch the rain run down the windows as the car finally pulls into the drive way. This Swan was meant to be lonely, or so I thought. Who would want to take on me and my baggage. Only my best friend and my dad. It was time to call Alice only she would know what to do, she always did know how to fix my sorry life. But then for someone I felt like Edward had answers too. Alice first.


"I can't wait for you to meet my family"

Emmett tells us and Rose and I smile. He was so happy to be going home and I was so happy to be running away from all the problems here. You would think that at 28 years old, college and med school passed with honors and I would have figured my life. Well that was wrong. I watched the way Emmett fell in love with Rose and although their relationship was weird at the best of times. I knew that Emmett was hopelessly devoted to Rose and her back ground had not been easy to say the least. But Em loved her in spite of it all he said it made her who she was.

I couldn't help but think about all my relationships. The only successful one was the first, Tanya, who knocked me over the head at twelve and informed me that I was taking her to the dance at school and I was her boyfriend, who was I to argue? Needless to say we didn't work as boyfriend and girlfriend but we were great as best friends and we were still that way to this day. She ended up falling in love with her now husband William her first year in college and got married. Right after she graduated she had my two god daughters Haley and Nichole. Those four people would be the only people I would miss besides my parents from this city.

Thinking about Tanya made me realize I should have listened to her more she knew me so well and could always tell when I was getting into trouble. Which brings me to my past girlfriends from hell. The first being, Victoria my high school girlfriend for all four years. Infatuation is a good word to use when discussing Victoria I thought I loved her and all she loved was my parent's trust fund for me. She stuck around for a free ride and I was too hyped up on getting some to know the difference. That was until I figured out that apparently I wasn't enough, I caught her two days before we were to move into the apartment on campus together with my then best friend Mike Newton. Douche. I simply walked away and never looked back.

Sure it hurt and that was the first time I had ever been deeply wounded. But, I should have known it wouldn't be the last. Of course she came crying to me saying it was a one time thing, a mistake, and to say my words to her were rude would be an understatement but, I wasn't stupid enough to believe her lies and I moved on with a lesson learned or so I thought.

Jessica was my next girlfriend sophomore year of college it didn't last long. Jessica was pretty but all she wanted was arm candy and a good time. After Victoria I had decided the next time I was giving myself to some it had to be real. I was going to save myself that kind of pain again. Emotional attachment always hurt worse but there were ways around that. But the physical attachment you carried that shit with you a memory you would never forget so I saved myself and Jessica just couldn't handle that. So that ended after only seven weeks of dating and going to more parties than I knew a college campus could hold. I knew the next girl I dated was going to have to be more than fluff.

Which brings me to my biggest mistake Lauren. I met Lauren in the library on campus my first year into med school. She was a biology major, pre med. We had a lot in common and at first her humor reminded me of Tanya. But the first time Tanya met her she told me to watch out that there was something off about her. If I had only listened. But I didn't Lauren and I dated for two years and she practically moved in with me I loved her and thought she would be the one. But I should of listened to my friends to say Emmett hated her was an understatement. Loath may be more apt and Rose didn't like her either but I was blind to what she was doing to me. In time I came to see how controlling Lauren was. Everything in our lives was schedule where we ate, who we saw, when we studied, when we had sex. It was emotionless, boring but she was safe. So I thought until she told me I had to quit visiting Tanya that she didn't trust her around me. That Emmett was a bad influence that Rose was a bitch and that my mother hated her and therefore I needed to talk to my parents less. That was the wake call I needed and I shoved her out the door telling her exactly where she could shove her demands. The second person I thought I loved out the window and gone. But it didn't hurt if I was being honest with myself I had keep my heart guarded and therefore mostly intact. I had never really given her a chance and now I was grateful for guarding myself like that but, I also knew it was unfair to her in some way but, I just couldn't bring myself to really care. I guess I had always guarded myself like but I prayed for the day that I would find the girl of my dreams. Like Emmett had found his Rose. Someone I could love and let my guard down someone who brought me peace and I could do the same, an equal. I just hoped I would know when I met her, that she was the one.

"Edward, Earth to Edward" Rose said.

I chuckled "Sorry, spaced out, are we ready to go?"

"YES!" Em screamed, "Were taking your and roses car to the transport right?"

"yes, they should be there a couple of days after we arrive" I stop the think if I really want to broach this subject again but decided it was for the best "Em are your sure your dad and sister don't care about me staying, I know Rose staying with you is no big deal but when your dad came for graduation he acted strange about me staying there"

"No, it's fine, dad did act a little weird but Charlie would have said no if he didn't want you there. I can't wait for you to meet my twin, Bella is the best, Although she has become a little distant lately, Dad says she's been having trouble in school, that is so unlike Bella she is the smartest person I know besides you Edward" Em nudged me then.

I laughed Em had done nothing but talk about Bella when we had first moved in together. His sister sounded awesome I couldn't wait to meet her but I could tell Em was scared something was wrong he could always tell when Bella was having a bad day, I think it had something to do with being twins. But he never pushed her saying she would come around and seek him out when she needed him it had worked so far but I could tell he was still worried.

We left our dorm for the last time and dropped my and Roses cars off at the highway transport system that would truck our cars to Washington in a few days time. Then we were off to the airport. Our flight was smooth and I was glad I had packed light not having to wait in line to long to get my bags when we landed.

I came back with my bags to see a man that must be Emmett's dad and a stunning brunette that must be Bella, who Emmett had in his arms swinging around a huge smile on both their faces. Which made me smile. I took a closer look at Bella dark chocolate hair that flowed in gorgeous long waves down her back that matched her shimmering brown eyes that were looking straight at me. Her body did not disappoint either she had graceful curves and was petite and delicate. Stunning, she took my breath away, but as I got back to her eyes I saw a sorrow there like she had been hurt in her past. I don't know how I knew but I just did and I felt the need to find out how this stunning woman could ever have eyes that looked so tired and sad.

I got the chance to do more quickly than I thought as she stumbled over her feet and I caught her. There's was this electric current between us and a desire to stay close to her and keep her safe that I had never felt before.

Was this it? Was this what I was missing? I had to admit I had never felt this way. I knew one thing above all else I had to know more. I had to be sure. More than anything I had to be careful with her.

As I we spoke and I watch her talk to her brother I realized that I was right about the sadness. I wasn't sure until I saw her eyes when Em brought up their family friends the Blacks and more specifically Jacob.

I knew more about Bella from her brother's stories and therefore knew quite a bit about her past. Almost like I had known Bella as long as I knew Emmett. Supposedly Bella had a long time boyfriend named Jacob whose family was best friends with Emmett's. Emmett had even dated Jacob's sister Rachel in high school. Jacob's dad Billy went fishing with Charlie every weekend and everyone knew Jacob loved Bella they had been high school sweethearts everyone had thought that they were going to get married.

Everyone but, Emmett, one night when he got off the phone with Bella he had told me something wasn't right about Jacob that he had a temper but his dad nor Bella would listen and he was worried. By the look in Bella's eyes something had happened but, she had never told Em and I could see the hurt in his eyes, like his fears were coming alive. If something happened to Bella while Emmett was at school I didn't know if he could forgive himself, he saw himself as Bella's protector, A feeling I was beginning to feel as well, although I couldn't understand it.

But the hurt in Em's eyes was nothing to the pain I saw in Bella's and all I wanted to do was grab this girl I only knew of five minutes that I had only heard stories about and make her safe and feel at peace. When she looked at me it felt like being born again. Like my world hadn't existed until I saw her.

As we drove back to the small town of Forks, Washington there were something's to which I was certain. Bella Swan had been hurt by someone and I was sure no matter what that I was going to find out and fight for her. That despite my past Washington felt like home and so did being near Bella, and that although I wasn't sure this girl even knew I was anything other than her twins roommate I was sure that I was going to find out more about her. I had a feeling that somewhere in this time I had found my home and maybe my new life, and I prayed that I had just found the girl of my dreams, that my prayers had been answered. But even if none of that was true I was going to find a way to be there for Bella… if she wanted me. I just prayed that she did.