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Meant To Be

Bella's life has known great pain. But as her twin brother, Emmett, comes home and brings his roommate, Edward with him. Can Bella let go of her tragic past and find love and trust in another? AH Lemons and mature themes, Cannon Couples.


3. Chapter 3: It's Like a Storm

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Walk on by Kellie Coffey

It came out of nowhere, dropped like a stone
Careless betrayal, I could not believe it
I feel abandoned, where did it all go wrong?
Truth in my blind-spot, I could not see it
I cry out to heaven to get me through hell
In the meantime I just keep tellin' myself
Walk On , Walk On
Don't let this sad set-back break me
Walk On, Walk On
See where this detour will take me
Well I've been beaten down hung aground
But I'll pick myself up and dust-off
and Walk On
Sun sets behind me and all that's ahead
Is a long stretch of road
God knows where it's going
Cryin' comes easy, out here in the dark
'cause the hardest part is the fear of not knowin'
I ain't got nothin' left that I could lose
The only thing that I know I can do
Walk On , Walk On
Don't let this sad set-back break me
Walk On, Walk On
See where this detour will take me
Well I've been beaten down hung aground
But I'll pick myself up and dust-off
and Walk On



I'll Stand by you by Rascal Flatts

It's like a storm
That cuts a path
It's breaks your will
It feels like that

You think your lost
But your not lost on your own
Your not alone

I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you've done all you can do
If you can't cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go

It hurts my heart
To see you cry
I know it's dark
This part of life
Oh it finds us all
When we're too small
To stop the rain
Oh but when it rains

I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you've done all you can do
And you can't cope
I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight

And I wont let you fall
Don't be afraid to fall
I'm right here to catch you
I wont let you down
It wont get you down
Your gonna make it
Yea I know you can make it

Cause I will stand by you
I will help you through
When you've done all you can do
And you can't cope
And I will dry your eyes
I will fight your fight
I will hold you tight
And I wont let go
Oh I'm gonna hold you
And I wont let go
Wont let you go
No I wont

Chapter 3: It's like a storm…


"Bella, baby I love you, I want you, don't you want ,me?" He pants in my ear. After tackling me to my bed.

Couldn't he see I was packing getting ready to go for my girl weekend with Alice? No of course not that would mean he would have to think about someone other than himself. So it was always the same thing over and over again. It was getting exhausting.

I loved him or I thought I did. He was the only boy I had ever dated but I thought I got lucky true love the first time out. Until about two years ago when he started pressuring me to be …. Closer to him. It wasn't what I wanted.

I wasn't a tease or anything I tried my best not too be overtly sexy. But it seemed like the more I said no and tried to be chaste the more it spurred him on. It wasn't that Jake wasn't good looking he was and I had feelings for him, but I wanted it to be special and I always new that I would know when the time was right. I wasn't against having sex before marriage just sex before I felt like it was what I wanted. Jake just didn't get it. And he pushed

"Bella, please… if not something for you then at least something for me. Some relief from having to look at your beautiful self all the time. You know I love you. Bella just give me a little I would give you the world…"

I had had enough. "Jake get off me… that's all you think about. Is that all this relationship means to you now? If so why do you think I want to roll around with you if all I will be is a notch on your belt" To be honest that was harsh he didn't have a belt or rather it didn't have any notches on it. But he just pushed and like always I pushed back.

I gasped as he grabbed me and slung me to the door knocking all of air out of me. He had never acted like this, never hurt me or forced me. All I could think about was that my mother said this type of thing would happen to me, because I was to pretty and to stupid to tell what the signs were. That I would end up broken and battered so I should just give in like she always did. Those thoughts made me sick along with what I felt were Jakes hot hands running roughly over my thighs and between my legs as his tongue tried to dip below my shirt toward my breast. Thank god I had worn jeans today and a long sleeve turtleneck sweater. I felt myself getting sick and Jake noticed me taking offence to what he was doing to me, telling from my eyes and the tears in them that he had finally gone too far. This was a betrayal I didn't see coming I'd been blindsided. As I began to get sick I heard him yell

"I disgust you do I? Well you're a fucking tease, I've had it Bella, I've been the patient, and caring boyfriend I am 23 years old in a steady relationship you should be putting out!"

"Not ever now, you do disgust me now… Why Jake why can't you just wait it's my choice I'm not ready. Please let me go you're scaring me and your grip on my wrist hurts"

I screamed through my tears. I was scared. Would he take be here? Would my first time be my rape by my boyfriend of seven years? What the fuck was wrong with my life? Where was my dad? I prayed someone would stop this before it went too far.

"Never! NEVER! I'll show you choice Bella this is enough it's always been you and I. It always will be…"

"Like hell" I snapped finding courage I didn't know I had. "Let me go Jake, Go home, and don't come back"

"Never, You're mine and it's time you learned respect and gratitude for me Bella. I'm going to show you that you'll always be mine, nobody will want you after me. But you'll enjoy it I promise" he said with a sneer and my world swayed from his hand connecting to my jaw and as I felt myself slumping towards the door I screamed as he started to unbuttoned his pants and my world went black.

"NO!" I woke up with a start, same as always, panting and in a cold sweat. That's when I heard it someone coming through my door and two other sets of foot falls down the hall.

"Bella, are you ok?" Edward said opening my door "the screaming, I heard it. Are you alright?" He said getting closer to the bed as Emmett arrived right behind him. Both sitting down on my bed and looking at me as Edward dried the tears with his hand that I didn't know were falling down my face.

I nodded I couldn't speak yet.

"Bells… what did you dream?" Emmett said with sad eyes as I shook my head. If I said it out loud with Edward here he would run for sure and I wanted to keep him here as long as I could.

"Em… give us a minute?" Edward asked my twin

He nodded "I'm going back to bed, in the morning Bells you and I are to have another chat ok?" He asked but, not really I knew that tone, he was scared and in protective big brother mode. "See you for our run in a couple hours ok Ed?"


"Em, dad will probably be in the hall tell him I'm ok just the usual" I grimaced and so did Em letting him know that this was common was hard for me and him. I knew that. But, he nodded and shut my door.

"I'm sorry I woke you" I whispered

"I wasn't sleeping, really, I had just woke up myself" he said as I scooted over so he could really sit on my bed.

"Lay with for awhile? Please" I whispered I just needed him close and I knew he was going to ask for details, I knew I needed to come clean with him but, I was so terrified he was going to run. But, I was trying out this trust thing and my heart was telling me that I was safe.

"Anything for you" he whispered back "Bella… I know I said I wouldn't push but will you tell me? Something, Anything? If you don't or can't I understand. But you looked so frightened when I came in I know that look I have felt it. Will you let me in, love?" he said the last word with such reverence

"Please Bella I swear I'm not going any where you can trust me, your not in this alone" Looking in his eyes I knew the truth he wasn't running he wanted me to let him in so we could get over this together. I just prayed that was possible.

And so I did, I told him everything that I had told Em and my dreams in detail and he just held me as I cried. I had never felt arms that felt so safe and secure. I told him my fears that he would run and that's when I realized what he had said earlier. I had to ask him. Could I hope? Could I love?

"You called me love earlier? You say that to all the girls?"

"No just you. Only you" I gasped and he put his hand on my cheek and I closed my eyes to his peaceful and comforting touch. "You don't have to say it Bella, probably don't feel the same, slow remember, I won't push you just let me in ok?"

"Ok" I said and then before I knew it I realized my heart was talking not my brain because nothing was rational about this, him, me, us or this love that we both felt, but we were both just going with it, both of us knowing this was real and true and right. So my heart spoke for the first time, "I feel the same Edward, I do, Just give me time and don't stop saying it. I'll get to where you are. Just help me. I won't shut you out and it's ok to push a little"

"I love you Bella, Sleep my love I'll wait for you, fight for you, no-one will ever hurt you again I swear"

"Stay and hold me while I sleep?"


"Edward" knowing I had to ask my questions before I lost my nerve.

"Yes, love?"

"Have you ever felt like this? Aren't you scared? This happened so sudden do you think we are misinterpreting our feelings?"

"Do you feel it Bella? This hum between us? This current that I have with you. That feeling that we could do anything as long as were together?"

"Yes, I feel it, I find comfort in your touch but, I have never felt this way. Everyone says to take your time in love, don't rush it. And well, think about it in less that twenty four hours we have admitted to each other that we love each other. I've never fallen so fast or so hard and I'm not your average girl, Edward I over think everything but, I can't help this feeling that we are doing the right thing for us, that we are the real thing…. I just wanted to make sure that you understand and feel the same way. I don't want you to feel like I'm using you because I can be close to you. I… I care very deeply about you. I'm scared to lose you"

"You want lose me unless you tell me to go, Bella. I've never felt like this either; I didn't even believe it was possible. It might seem fast to everyone else but I know that we're on the right track. I want to be you're everything, be here to help you through this and after. I'm glad that my touch comforts you and humbled to the fact that I'm the only man who can touch you like this. I know everything will come slower for you but, I'm patient I will wait forever if I need to as long as were together and talk things out we will be fine. I promise" He said looking into my eyes with such love and devotion.

I knew that although this was fast on some levels and slow on others, somewhere deep down I knew this was suppose to work this way, that we were meant to be. I just had to let it go and trust my heart something I had never done before.

When Jake and I got together it was the logical choice, my family and his family were fused together like glue to paper, or so I thought. My dad loved the idea of us being together and the Blacks and the Swans, one day being a real family. So I went with it, when Jake asked me out our freshman year I said yes, not because I liked him or loved him but, for my family, to make my dad happy. It was the logical thing to do and staying with him was just easy and so I realized that my brain was what fell in love with Jake, not my heart, no never my heart because I knew that it had always belonged to this beautiful man lying next to me, whispering words of love and devotion in my ear.

I sighed with those thoughts, a good sigh this time, a sigh of comfort and release. I drifted off into a dreamless sleep so deep that it felt like I hadn't slept for years. While the man I loved just held me in his arms to keep me grounded and safe.


I held her all night long; her screams had scared me to the brink of panic when I had heard them. I had come running into her room before I knew I was on my feet. Grabbing her into my arms and squeezing her tightly to my chest. I wasn't sure at the time what Jacob had done to her but by the look on her face I was sure that it was in Jacob Blacks best interest to stay far away from me and Bella.

Once she confided in me what had happened and everything that was in her dreams I was never surer that Jacob better stay as far away as possible if he valued his limbs and his life. I could feel her shame and tried to take it away as best I could but I knew that someway, even if she had not loved him she had trusted him and he had shattered that trust. Which made her whole soul, heart, and body feel shattered and broken.

I didn't understand our connection but I was thankful for it. As she told me what she was thinking, what her mom had said to her I could tell that we had similar issues in that area of our lives. The only difference was that she still had contact with her mother from time to time and mine was long gone. I was thankful to my adoptive parents for everything they had done for me but that did not stop my biological mothers' abuse when I was younger. She didn't go very far into her relationship with her mother and asked that I never bring it up around Em or Charlie, saying that the reaction was not worth the pain. In the same respect I didn't give her a lot of background into my past with my mother only sharing that we had a similar past. It was unspoken but we both knew we would get to a place where we could talk about it, but not yet.

I had shared with her my past romantic relationships and how I hadn't realized what I was missing until I found it, till I found her. But also I had shared that I wasn't as pure as she was although I was far from promiscuous. When I was telling her this I had felt my own shame. If she every aloud me to be that close to her then she would be giving me the greatest of gifts and I couldn't return the gesture. A thought that both humbled me and made me feel disgust with myself. But, this time it was her that had soothed me saying that every road we had taken had gotten us to where we are, that we should just be thankful that we had found each other. I was thankful more than I could express. I let myself begin to relax as she began to wiggle in my arms. I leaned in and kissed her hair and her eyes fluttered open as the first rays on light filtered into the room.

"Good morning" I said into her strawberry scented hair.

"Morning" she said stretching in my arms. As her legs stretched out she brushed up against me and I moaned and her eyes widened. "Oh! I'm so sorry I…. I didn't… I" she stammered as her face flushed.

"Shhh… Bella no big deal. It happens every morning" I said with a chuckle as she made her way out of her bed quickly and towards the bathroom door where she turned around her face flushed with a beautiful pink and rosy blush.

"I'm going to…, meet me for breakfast downstairs? I'm sure Alice will be here soon and I want you to meet her." She said with a smile.

"I love to meet your best friend yeah, I'm going to get ready for my run with Em this morning see you downstairs ok?

"Ok" she said I waited for her to shut the door before I got up and made my way into the guest room and to a nice cold shower.

When I got out Em and Charlie were both sitting on the bed looking at me.

"Well, good morning to you, glad you could make it back to your room" Em said with a smile. I looked immediately to Charlie who had a huge smile on his face.

"Well, I , um… that is… nothing…" I stammered. Finally Charlie jumped in to save me.

"Don't worry son, I'm not that kind of father and as long as Bells is happy that's all that matters. I know nothing happened, I looked in on you after you all quit talking and I had never seen her so peacefully asleep. She has always tossed and turned ever since her mother…"

"Yeah that's what she told me last night" I said as two sets of eyes got incredibly wide

"she told you" Em and Charlie said almost together.

"Not about Renee but, I got the whole story of Jacob and the nightmares" I said truthfully. "If I ever see him I swear to God…"

"Get in line buddy" Em said with a menacing look in his eyes.

"She says he still calls and texts her."

"I know but she won't let me file that restraining order, I understand her reason but the harassment is awful for her. She won't even go out of the house. Alice goes and gets our groceries for us mostly" Charlie said.

"Well I think I'm going to try to get her out over the next couple of days maybe with all of us with her she won't feel so vulnerable. My car comes in day after tomorrow so I think that could be our first outing you can drive us Em and we'll go get it and come back then we can go walk around town if she is up to it" I said Bella had told me I could push a little and this is one of the places I was going to push her. She couldn't let him win. By staying holed up in her father's house was exactly what she was letting happen.

"Dying to take your girlfriend out?" Em teased

"yes, I can't wait to show her off, but we're taking it slowly" I said honestly

They both smiled at me then and got up as we made our way to breakfast and my girl.

I made my way down the stairs before I was attacked by Bella and this short pixie looking girl with short black hair that had to be Bella best friend Alice. I liked her immediately.

"Good morning to you both what do I owe the pleasure of such a greeting?" I said as I heard Em, Rose and Charlie chuckling behind me.

Alice looked at me then with a huge smile "You brought Bells back to us and that deserves a hug and a thank you, so thank you" She was laughing but I could tell she was completely serious and she wasn't the only one who thought so. Everyone one in the room looked thrill and giddy at the revelation that was Bella and I.

"Well, your welcome but, I should be thanking Bella she is the one who has changed me. I never knew I could love someone so deeply and thoroughly, I know that I do no matter what the time frame" Bella looked up then and beamed at me, along with everyone else in the room there was no argument to my declaration of love for this beautiful woman that I now had in my arms. I dragged Bella to the table and she fixed me and her both bowls of cereal and glasses of juice as everyone began to talk about what they were going to do today.

"What do you and Rose want to do today Bells? Girl time!" Alice squealed

"That's fine we can just stay here if you want" Bella said looking at Alice as I saw here face fall.

"Bella do you think we could go out, I need to scope around and see what's here and I'd like to see what auto shops are available that I could apply to" Rose said with a smile. "Also I'd like to get to know you better, we will be sisters one day you know?"

Bella smiled but it didn't reach her eyes I knew she didn't want to bring everyone down but I knew she was scared to get out. "Well… I guess so but can we not go around town can we go to the city, Port Angeles maybe?" she said shying away from telling Rose and Alice no on a girl day.

"Yes of course, I can scope things out around town later"

"Yeah, that sounds good" Alice smiled at her best friend knowing she was making an effort.

"Maybe we could do some shopping Alice I think I'm lacking in some areas and I'd like some more shorts and maybe a new bathing suit" Bella said.

Alice squealed again as she hugged Bella tightly. "Well eat up lets get going!"

"Ok, ok," she said finishing her breakfast and kissing me on the cheek as her as Rose both went up the stairs.

"I'll see you when you get back ok, love? Have fun" I called as she got to the top of the stairs

"Ok, have fun on your run and Em?"

"Yeah, Bells?"

"To the park and back don't start anything"

"Damn it" he mumbled "Ok"

"Promise me"

"Promise" he grumbled and she smiled and then looked at me

"You too Edward, Promise"

"Anything sweetheart I promise to the park and back, have a good time see you later"

she smiled then a brilliant heartwarming smile and turned towards her room to get ready.

Em looked at me then. "Come on we need to chat"

"Have a good day boys see you this evening" Charlie called out as we went out the front and hopped into Emmetts Jeep.

The park was nice and we ran in silence but once we had done our usual fifteen laps we stopped on a park bench and I began to stretch.

"She loves you" he stated.

"I know" I said smiling but finding a crazy amount of interest in my shoes suddenly. "I love her too"

"I know I'm glad, you have my blessing, dad's too"

"Thank you, I should have said something I know but I just didn't… I just wasn't sure yet you know. And I thought you'd be pissed" I told him honestly looking up for the first time since we started this conversation, to find him grinning ear to ear at me.

"No man it's all good, you make Bells happy and she was like a new person this morning dad said he had never seen her so up beat and just plain giddy"

"I see a life with her Em" I said seriously, it was important for him to know how far gone I truly was.

"I know, I'm happy for both of you, I've seen you as a brother for a while now, it looks like it will be true one day"

I didn't know what to say to that so I just nodded my head I knew I wanted a life with Bella, I wanted everything with her. But it was important to take things slowly.

"I'm going to kill him Ed, he wrecked her. I didn't see it coming like that I just thought he was a jerk to stay with her because I could tell she didn't love him" Em said

"I know, but you have to calm down and take it for right now, anything we do to lash out at him will only end up hurting her, I can't have that and I know you don't want that either" I said to him.

"I know and your right but, we have to do something about the calling and driving by"

"yeah but we need to see that first and I think it might be in order to get her a knew phone"

Just then Em's phone went text and he smiled and showed me the text he had gotten and a smile appeared on my face as well.

Will you come to PA please? –R

What's wrong? -Em

were ok now, rough at first, B needs a new phone- R

he call?- Em

yeah it was bad, but she handled it- R

on our way- Em

Thanks c u soon b careful- R

B wants supper in the city- R

tell her anything b there soon- Em

B says change first- R

she knows me 2 well, tell her k- Em

I was glad Em was reading my mind we were already in the car on the way back to the house to get changed and go see the girls. How dare Jacob call her and harass her. I was going to talk to her again about that restraining order and I was buying her a new phone before I left the mall tonight. But, even with hearing Bella was having a rough time earlier and I couldn't wait to get to her I was still so proud of her for getting out and staying out after the mess. My girl was learning to walk on from the problems and kept her head up. I had never been filled with that much pride.


I made it to the mall with no problem. I was proud of myself not freaking out with all the people around. Nobody touched me the girls made sure of it.

Rose confided in me over an early lunch about how she had been abused by her stepfather when she was growing up. She said that's why Em was probably so calm with Em he knew not to over react and let me have the control. I was thankful to her for talking to me about what she had been through and because of that I confided in her with my ordeal. She told me to take my time.

She also said to hold onto Edward, that our relationship start reminded her a lot of Em and hers and not to be frightened by it to just go with. I felt like I had two sisters now. Alice listened the whole time giving her usual sage advice where necessary the three of us bonded and I knew everything was going to be better and I was getting back to normal, whatever that was.

We were doing fine until my phone rang while we were shopping for bathing suits. It wasn't a number I knew so I answered it thinking it might be someone from the office calling about a new edit job or something.


"Hey baby, I miss you and I like that color suit red always suited you" I heard a deep rough voice that I knew was the only one person in my life I never wanted to hear from again.

"Jake, what do you want" I breathed into the phone as Rose began to text who I was sure was Em I shook my head at her I had to handle this, I had to be strong. She put her phone down. And I began to look around. As long as he doesn't come near me I thought I would be ok. "Where are you that you know what I am holding" I said so the girls would know. I had to put my hand on Roses the keep her from calling Emmett and Alice began to look around too.

"No worries lover, I'm not there but, remember I have eyes everywhere" he said with a chuckle.

"I'm not your lover, never was and never will be"

"Still stingy with it I see, I miss you Bella we were good together let me take you out" he rasped

"Never Jake I'm over it, moved on" I said with a smile thinking of Edward made me so happy I wished he was here with me.

"Impossible Bella who would want you? Plain and a tease" he sneered through the phone. I was losing my patience with him one more comment about Edward and I was going to snap. He could dog me all he wanted I was use to the remarks and surprisingly this time they were rolling off my back. But the attacks at the man I loved were warring on my last damn nerve I was not standing for that at all.

"Come on Bella be serious your only good for me. My dad misses Charlie and I miss you give in and we'll start over. Dump the loser and go back where you belong to someone who can take care of you"

That was it "Fuck you Jake, Edward loves me. I feel the same. I wouldn't go back to you and your selfish ass ways if the human race depended on it. I've said it a million times we're done. Don't ever come around me or I will file those charges I swear to God!" I screamed into the phone snapping in shut. I was about to tell him that I loved Edward but I was going to reserve that for Edward himself I refused for my first time saying about Edward to be wasted on this idiot. I had put all my energy into that rant and I felt myself spiraling towards the ground till I felt two sets of arms leading me to a bench.

"Stay with us Bells, you were awesome I'm calling Em. We'll go home now ok?" I heard Rose and I felt my senses coming back around. I couldn't let her make a big deal out of this or Em and Edward would fly into the rescue or worse make a ride to La Push to Jacob's house. I couldn't have either so I caught Rose after sent had sent a couple of text messages to Em.

"Tell them to come up we'll go to dinner I don't want to go home yet, but I miss Edward" Rose and Alice smiled and nodded as Rose texted my instructions to the guys to change and come see us they texted back saying they would see us soon and I couldn't wait.

We met the guys at a Italian restaurant not to far from the mall and the look on Edwards face said it all he was proud of me but scared for me too.

"You ok love?"

"Yes, but better now"

"What the hell happened" Em growled

"Jake called from a number I didn't recognize to ask me back and harass me with more bullshit and…"

"Bella told him to 'Fuck off'" Alice said with delight as Rose smiled from Em's lap.

"Really boys she was awesome and brave, I was glad I got to hear her tell him off, he sounds awful" Rose said with glee and disgust all in the same tone

"And I spilled the beans on us, telling him you love me and I feel the same, he was anything but happy about it, I could take him talking demeaning to me but when he said things about you I just.. I couldn't handle it I went off" I said looking into Edwards eyes.

"I'm so proud of you love and glad you are ok, I want to reward you… will you let me buy you a new phone please?" I understood why he wanted to do this and I was happy he wanted to give me things but I still didn't know a lot about him and I didn't want him spending money on me that he may not have. Em must have known what I was thinking and shook his head

"Let him Bella it's fine"

"Ok… but nothing to crazy ok, simple, I like simple" I said

"What else do you like" Edward asked as we ordered our meals. We went through the rest of the evening talking about me. Something I wasn't use it, The Alice and Em helped with countess stories from childhood to high school and even college, while Rose would intervene once in awhile to take the spot light off of me, I think she could tell when I would need it and differ with a question to Em about something he did in school. I could tell Edward was soaking it all up. I was glad, I knew we needed this time to just be normal to learn about each other without the need to talk about the heavy stuff. As the night wore on and we went back to mall and Edward got me a new iphone, I argued but, he wouldn't listen he said "Only the best for my girl" I sighed and let him have his fun. I would have to find away to give him something in return.

When it was time to go home I decided it was time to learn a little about Edward like he had learned about split up from the group taking Em's Jeep back so we could talk. He was open about his childhood although we stayed off the topic of his biological mother. I knew we would get to our mother issues sooner or later. Probably sooner if I know my luck. But we would get there.

We kept it light as he regaled how he got his scars on his hip from getting knocked into a wall in football practice in high school. He told me about his best friend Tanya and her family and he told me how he wanted me to come to Chicago with him to meet them, since he was going back for a visit before the summer was out and he had to start he residency. He told me how we needed to come back to Port Angeles and look for him an apartment to live in so e ould be close to the hospital. That scared me knowing he would be moving out of town but I knew we would find a way to make it work and there was time a couple months were ahead of us, we had time. He told me about his years in med school how he always knew he wanted to be a doctor, but his secret hobby was playing the piano. That information helped me in how I was going to pay him back for my phone. Something I became quite giddy about. By the time we made it home he walked me to my room and I smiled at him.

"Coming in?" I asked hopefully

"Only if you want"

"I want you, always, please." I said honestly.

"Ok, let me get ready and I'll be right back"

He left and I got ready for bed. And I thought about how I was never more happy for where all the storms in my life had brought me, because I finally felt like for once I was in a safe harbor.