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Meant To Be

Bella's life has known great pain. But as her twin brother, Emmett, comes home and brings his roommate, Edward with him. Can Bella let go of her tragic past and find love and trust in another? AH Lemons and mature themes, Cannon Couples.


7. Chapter 7: When The Ground Starts Shaking

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When You Got A Good Thing
Lady Antebellum

(Guy Part)
Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man,
Looking at you standing there I know I am.
Barefooted beauty with eyes that brown,
Sunshine sure looks good on you, I swear.

(Girl part)
Oh I can't believe I finally found ya baby,
Happy ever afte,r after all this time.
Oh, there's gonna be some ups and downs,
But with you to wrap my arms around, I'm fine.

So baby hold on tight, and don't let go.
Hold on to the love we're making
Cause baby when the ground starts shaking you gotta know,
When you got a good thing.

(Guy Part)
You know you keep on bringing out the best in me,
And I need you now even more than the air I breathe.

(Girl part)
You can make me laugh when I wanna cry,
This will last forever I just know. I know.

So baby hold on tight, and don't let go.
Hold on to the love we're making,
Cause baby when the ground starts shaking you gotta know,
When you got a good thing.

We got a good thing baby,

So hold on tight, baby don't let go.
Hold on to the love we're making,
Cause baby when the ground starts shaking you gotta know,
Oh you gotta know, oh you gotta know, you gotta know,
When you got a good thing.

We got a good thing, baby,

Chapter 7: When the Ground Starts Shaking


I woke the next morning to the sun filtering in through the windows and heating up my side of the bed.

…My side….

If you had told me a month ago that I would have a side of the bed, with a man that I was head over heels in love with and that had completely stolen my heart and I his. That could touch me freely and I not start to panic. I would a have laughed, not grinned, giggled, or scoffed, but full out bent over, grab my side, laugh till my lungs hurt, guffawed. But this was my reality as of late, and although things were fast and a little scary I realized that I wouldn't want them any other way.

I hadn't been completely sure until last night that Edward wanted me the way I wanted him. But I had taken my girls advice and it had paid off and I had finally let go of some of my need to control everything.

The feel of his hands and body on mine, the way my body responded to his kisses, his touch, the feelings of my release in his arms, the look on his face as we both felt apart and then feel asleep with whispered I love you's. Yeah, if you had told me that I would fall hopelessly in love and want to give my self to this gorgeous man that I was snuggled up against. I knew I had to be in heaven now but I would gladly take death if I could have Edward, but, back then, I would have laughed.

As I sighed in contentment when I felt Edward's breathing change as I felt all of his body stretch against mine, I felt his erection against my bottom and whimpered as I felt his lips graze against my neck.

"Good morning, Love" he said as his hot breath moved from my neck to my ear as he sucked the lobe into his hot mouth, I moaned. Could every morning be like this with him? Was I that lucky? I sent another quick prayer to heaven and the man upstairs hoping that I got to stay right here in this heaven for just a little bit longer.

This man was going to be the death of me, I swear, he could leave me speechless with words of utter devotion and love and then in the next moment want to attack him with passionate kisses till he had me screaming his name. And God! How I wanted him to make me over and over and over again. It was all my thoughts and my dreams were consumed with it, I was officially sex crazed and I hadn't even had sex yet!

Between his current ministrations and my thoughts I felt the apex between my thighs wet and my stomach tighten and I gladly welcomed it.

"Morning, you sure a happy this morning" I said looking between us, he followed my gaze and then rolled me on my back, only to press himself into me, I couldn't hold back the need I was feeling, I wrapped my arms around his neck allowing my fingers to thread through his tousled morning hair, and scrape his scalp with my finger nails, my movements were meet with a moan of his own and as his hips thrust into the most perfect place. He kissed me then, it was passionate and everything I needed at the moment, never ceasing his other movements, until the kiss eased and he moved his lips from mine to let me breathe, only to place then on my neck.

"I've never been happier in my life, god Bella… you smell so good…" he whispered. Inhaling deeply as his lips ghosted around my throat. I knew if he kept going I would not be able to say what I needed to so I steeled myself and pushed on his chest lightly, he stopped and looked at me then with a confused look in his eye.

"Your fine, I just… have something I wanted to say first" I said pecking his cheek then his lips so he would know that everything was fine.

"What is it love, what on your mind?" I took one more deep breath and spoke in a whisper.

"I wanted to ask you about this place, if you meant what you said last night, that you could get use to being here. I was really hoping I could clarify my craziness from yesterday and apologize for being pushy and clingy" I said looking at my feet. I felt his fingers on my chin as they lifted them to look at him in those beautiful blazing green eyes, I felt like he could see into my very soul. His gaze was soft and sweet and his fingers stroked my face until I felt his fingers cross my lips and halt there.

"I wanted to talk to you about that too Bella. I think you were wrong in what you said yesterday" he said looking into my eyes and then his gaze traveled to the window and then back to me. "I think we have been going about this all wrong"

My heart clinched, I felt as if it would rip completely out of my chest. I grabbed his hand to move his fingers from my lips as I felt the tears start to well in my eyes.

"I thought….I didn't mean too, I'm sorry" Edward looked at me confused for a moment and then his face brightened and he looked at me wrapping his hands around my cheeks and urgently pressing his lips to mine. After a moment he pulled back still, lightly dragging his lips against mine.

"Silly girl, I'm not going anywhere, I love you. What I meant was that we have been trying to find normal when there is none Bella, we have been holding ourselves back because we have only known each other for a short period of time. I think that is just so wrong… for us anyway. I need you Bella, more than I have ever needed anyone. You make me better, even if you don't see it. So I don't want to fight this anymore, fight against this connection we have I want us to embrace it and just be… us, together. I want to make you stronger and stand by you, help you through all this stuff that that idiot has put you through and the pain that your mother inflicts. I want so much with you… it's scary… it maybe to soon… but I've never been more sure, it's you Bella, it's always been you. So I guess what I'm saying is, I just wanted to know was your offer still up for grabs, are you sure you want to be around me all the time, living with me? Will you still have me?"

I sucked in gasp and my cheeks flushed not from embarrassment but from excitement, he wanted me, really wanted me, I knew he did and the he showed it in his every touch his every thought, he felt like I did and he was right it was scary but he was right about something else too, it was us, just us and what was normal anyway? I thought from his actions the past week that he might feel this way but, to hear it to have words to his actions I couldn't help the next words that followed out of my mouth, and I was grateful that my heart was finally doing the talking for me.

"Yes, I want you here, with me…. always" I said kissing him deeply. The room felt like it was on fire or maybe that was just me. The current running through the room felt like it was strong enough to light up Las Vegas and all it glory for eternity. I couldn't stop the feeling rolling in waves and neither could he as I felt his tongue rolled across my bottom lip and I sighed as his tongue finally entered my mouth. But this wasn't enough I needed more, I need him as much as I could get in the privacy that we had, and that we would continue to have once we moved in.

I suddenly knew when I wanted my first true experience with Edward to happen, when I wanted him to make me his. We would have to wait a little longer for that pleasure but I couldn't help but feel the need to push him farther, be closer to him, I needed him, and I needed him now!

As if he could read my mind his hands moved from my face and neck to my back and hip. His hand on my back rubbing tight soothing circles there as they lifted my shirt slowly exposing my back and stomach. I moaned and Edward moved his lips from mine to nuzzle my neck. His hand that was on my hip moved to my inner thigh, lightly grazing his fingers under the opening in my sleep shorts again.

"Edward please, don't stop"

His head lifted so that he could look me in my eyes, asking silently if I was sure, as if to prove my point I moved my hands from where they lay on his back and gripped my own shirt as I began to lift it over my breast, his hands stopped my movement and I thought he was going to stop me, instead, his hands took my place and slowly but gracefully removed my shirt.

He stopped and gazed at me then, "So beautiful, God Bella, your just stunning, love" he breathed as his lips crashed to mine I moaned. I pulled him to me trying to crash ourselves into one another; neither of us could seem to get close enough.
I dragged my hands along his back seemingly taking his shirt with my hands as I ripped it off his head and threw it to the floor.

Our movements were passionate and quick but not panicked, our touches were firm but graceful in a way as he made me feel things I never thought I could feel, that I had never even known were possible.

As we stood there me in my sleep shorts – never wearing a bar to sleep- and he in his. I felt the current in the room spark again.

"I love you" I said looking into his eyes and finding nothing but love and passion there.

"I love you too, Bella… God I want you so badly" he groaned and as if to prove a point he gently moved both his hands to my breasts and began to need them with his hands as I felt his thumbs graze over both exposed nipples at the same time. I felt my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I heard my wanton moan escape my mouth. As if I thought it couldn't get any better Edward leaned his head down to my neck tracing his tongue from the column of my neck down my collarbone and finally to my peaked nipples until he traced his tongue around the peak two times until he sucked it into his hot, wet mouth.

"ughh… please… never felt this way… love you" I spoke in broken sentences.

"Bella…" he said as his hands continued to ghost under my shorts and up my thighs, until he reached the bottom bands of my boy short underwear. His hands moved from my inner thighs to my ass where he lifted my hips off the bed and then stopped looking at me, with a quite question. I couldn't deign him and I didn't want too.

"Please" I moaned. As I tried to touch him, putting my hands on his waistband of his pajama pants and started to pull them down. He stopped my movements by pulling away and I groaned at the loss.

"No love, just you, just let me show you how much I love you… ok?" he whispered in my ear. I whimpered, he was still guiding me, showing me, and I would let him, so I just nodded. "you'll get your chance Bella, I'm too selfish not to want that, but this time is all about you." he said as I felt him press back against me and his hands moved back to my hips as he pulled my sleep shorts down. I heard my phone in the distance and then I heard what sounded like his vibrating on the night stand but neither one of us could find it in us to care.

He looked at me then, and kissed me as his face lowered to mine, only to graze my cheek and lips to lower further to my chest, he sucked on my breast again giving me great pleasure. I whimpered when he stopped, only to moan when I felt his tousled bronze hair against my thighs, I sucked in a deep breath and moaned again as I felt his nose rub against my sensitive bundle of nerves and I suddenly was in need of more… more of him… more of us… just more… but I couldn't speak he had me breathless and panting so the only words I could get out came out that way as I begged.

"Please, Please Edward…."
"What do you want baby?" he asked huskily, his voice taking on a breathy tone and I could feel him up against my stomach as he pressed him into me. I welcomed the fact that at least he would let my body try to give him some release. But, I couldn't focus on that long as I felt his nose make another pass on my clit and his fingers dipped into the sides of my underwear.

"I want you to touch me… see me…" I said growling as I was dying for the friction, the release. I had never felt like this for anyone, I was completely innocent, never having let a man see me so… exposed. I thought I would feel uncomfortable, and I probably would have if it had been anyone else, but this was Edward, my Edward, and I knew I was safe. I couldn't help the feeling on completeness as he pulled my underwear off and gently tossed it to the floor. His eyes never left me as he checked my face to make sure I was ok. But, I needed him, badly, my hormones driving my lust to the need for release a release that I only wanted Edward to give me.

"God! Bella… you are so beautiful, everywhere love… I can't describe how gorgeous you are to me… I love you so much"

"I love you to Edward, but please, I can't stand it!" I heard him growl and he locked eyes with me making sure I nodded and his head ducked down to my most intimate region, I felt nothing for a long moment until I felt his eyes on me, I raised my head at the exact moment that his tongue dip around my swollen nub and I felt a finger slip inside my entrance as he began to pump me… in and out.

I could control my breath, my thoughts, nothing, I simply gave in as his tongue worked me thoroughly and his finger pumped me, I felt him add a second finger and my back arched and felt the coil in my stomach tighten and I couldn't hold my screams.

"Oh… G..od… yes, faster Edward, harder please… so close…."

"Come for love, I can feel you, so tight…. So wet, Come for me… My Bella, I can't wait to wake up to you like this every day…"he said as he filled my requests, at his words and the images that flooded my mind at the possibilities of being able to wake up to him.. like this everyday.. the coil in my stomach snapped and I felt apart in his arms as his name came across my lips, in reverence.
He laid me back down and peppered my face with kisses as he whisper words of love in my ears as I came down from my high. Once my body was calmer I could still feel him, rock hard against my hip, but when I moved my hands to try and help him, he grabbed my wrist and shook his head.

"Why" I asked and I felt my lips pull out into a pout.

He chuckled, "That was all for you love, lets take baby steps ok?" I sighed but, I had a feeling this is what he needed so I conceded to his request. He went to get up then after kissing my temple. As he strolled into the bathroom I hopped up and went to check my phone. I smiled when I saw who it was from, my dad. I hit my voicemail.

"Hey Bells your brother told me that you and Edward spent the night at Grandma Swans last night, I just wanted to tell you that Levi called yesterday to say that the cabins are reserved for you from Thursday evening to Sunday morning, your welcome to them, he said he'll meet you up there around five on Thursday evening, Love you sweetie have a good day today, see you at home and tell Edward I said Hello"

I giggled and went to my bag to grab my clothes and go down the hall to take my own shower. It felt like I had everything, like everything was falling into place and I just couldn't keep the smile off my face, I was actually looking forward to going into Port Angeles and seeing my bosses at the publishing firm and Edward was taking me to see the hospital he would be working at in just two short months. I took my shower quickly still reveling in my high and good thoughts. I was still giddy when I walked into my bedroom to see a half naked Edward –in only his jeans with his shirt laying on the bed beside him- I was lost in the sight before me until I looked at his face and saw a scowl on his face as he was looking at something on his phone. I crossed the room quickly coming to sit beside him. He looked up at me and his face soften, but now it looked worried.

"What's wrong?" I asked, He took a deep sigh and what he said next would have made me lose my breakfast if we had eaten yet.


I walked into the bathroom turning on the hot water and thinking about what Bella had just let me do. I was humbled, she wanted to reciprocate but, I didn't think she was ready for that yet and I didn't want to push her. I wasn't kidding with her when I told her that I couldn't wait to wake up to her like this every day, that image spurred me to my own bliss only moments after I had wrapped my hand around myself. I finished my shower in a blissful state and walked out of the bathroom only to find the bedroom deserted, but I heard the water running from down the hall and knew that Bella must be taking her own shower.

I grabbed my boxers and jeans putting them on swiftly. I turned to get my shirt when I heard my phone go off with a text message, taking my shirt with me in my hands I grabbed my phone, but almost threw it across the room when I read the message in my inbox.

I miss you baby, Edward I was wrong, your mom won't tell me where you are, or I would come to you, forgive me I miss you, let's work this out please… call me. Lauren

You would think I would be feeling a bunch of emotions at getting a text like that but all I was feeling was pissed off. Yes, I was pissed, who the hell did she think she was interrupting my life, I wasn't sad she was gone and sure as hell didn't want her back. I sat down on the bed, looking at the text just as I felt Bella enter the room. She paused at the door for a moment until I heard her feet practically run to me and the bed dipped slightly as she sat down.

"What's wrong?"

"I got a text message while I was getting dressed when I went to check it thinking it could be your brother or something, when I read it I was surprised to see this" I said honestly handing her my phone. She took it look at the screen, I could tell when she reached the end because she eyes widened in shock and then narrowed. She looked at my phone for a moment until I heard her breathing, which had picked up after reading the message, began to slow. When she finally looked back to me, her gaze soft and… sad.

"I need to ask you a question Edward, it is imperative that you are completely honest with me" I didn't know why she had turned so serious but I nodded.

"Do you want her back? I know you to had… something… I would understand… I just need to know before… I get in any deeper" she said as her face turned more sad and I saw tears well in her eyes. I waited before I answered, not because I was unsure, I knew what I wanted, it was this stunning woman in front of me, no, what made me pause was her words, did she really doubt me? And any deeper… how deep was she in, cause it felt like she was in just as deep as I was… which was all in.

"No, I want you love, all of you. I want nothing to do with her… NOTHING Bella! She made my life worthless and miserable, I'm just so mad that she has involved my mom in this mess. I don't want her back, I have all I could ever want here" I said grabbing her hand and looking straight in her tear stained eyes. I kissed her tears away but, looked back into her eyes, to make sure she could see the honesty in them when I spoke.

"Your all I want, all I need, did you really think that my love for you is that fickle? Does it feel that way?" I asked seriously, because if it did I would try harder, prove to her.

"No its just… I just don't want you to regret me… is all" she said quietly. I grabbed her and put her in my lap.

"I could never regret you Bella, I love you so much…"

She sighed then "I love you too" she said looking straight in my eyes. She mashed a couple of button on my phone and then handed it back to me. I looked at the screen and the message was gone.

"Don't worry about your mom, Edward, I'm sure she can handle herself, as for what Lauren wants, that bitch can't have you, your mine! I'd like to see her try!" She said with a fiery look in her eye that showed she was just plain… pissed off. But it was so hot that it took everything I had not to push her back on the bed and take her. But I knew there was a lot we needed to do today one of them being telling her dad we were moving together to Grandma Swan's I knew the chief liked me but I just wasn't sure it was that much and although he had been really easy going I wasn't sure that this wouldn't be pushing things.

"Ok, tiger, if she tries she's all yours, I promise, I don't want to be any where near her." I said with a chuckle and then pecked her cheek. "You ready to go love we need to get back, don't we?"

She laughed, "Ok, I hold you too that Cullen!" then her eyes softened, "Yeah we need to go talk to dad he called and said that Levi will meet us there Thursday to get us settled and we have to be out Sunday morning but that we are welcome to the four cabins they have there, although we only need three it looks like, and we need to tell dad about moving, I'm nervous but I think he will understand" She said in a hurry, a true sign that her nerves were getting to her.

"Well come on lets go" I said getting up and putting our stuff back in our bags.

I sat in the kitchen watching Bella cook dinner while, me, her, Emmett and Rose talked strategy on what and how to tell Charlie that me and his daughter would be living in sin. Well, we would at one point although we hadn't made it there yet.

"Dude! You're so dead!" Emmett said laughing in the chair next to Rose. I felt my face pale.

"Yeah, my dad would never allow such a thing!" Rose said seriously, and I knew she was right she still kept her apartment when we were in Chicago just so if her parents came to visit she could go back there to stay while they were down.

"Oh shut it you too! He lets you stay in the same bedroom under his roof ! For Christ sakes! He's always known I would move into Grandma house, the only thing that kept me from it was Jacob's stupid ass, when I came back. He will be fine" She said saying the last sentence while she looked straight into my eyes.

We sat in silence after that, until we heard the door open and close. "Hey I'm home"
"In here dad" Bella yelled. I heard Charlie hang his gun on the rack by the door and I took a deep breath when I saw him come through the door way.

"Smells good Bells, Trout. potatoes. and homemade bread? What happened? What's wrong?" Charlie asked looking at everyone in turn.

Bella sighed, "Nothing's wrong dad, actually we have good news" Charlie was still looking around the room but every head but mine was nodding fervently, I was staying quite and next to the door. Not that I was really going to run or anything but if Charlie lost his shit with our news I wanted to make sure I could grab Bella and make for an exit quickly.

"Oh!" Charlie said with wide eyes, sorry I'm just use to my favorite meal to be accompanied with bad news.

"It's good news dad, Bells and Edward are…" Emmett started I turned with wide eyes to shut him up but didn't have to as Rose slapped him on the back on the head right before the real news left his mouth, effectively shutting him up.

"I think we will wait for dinner, right Em… I want to watch this car show coming on in a couple minutes. Coming?" Rose said gently looking at Charlie and then Emmett who you could tell did not want to be out of the room when to conversation of a lifetime was going to take place any moment. But, Rose's glare was one you did not argue with so when Rose got off Emmett's lap and walked into the living room Emmett followed without a sound.

Charlie had watched this exchange with wide eyes and a smirk on his face. But when he turned his look back to Bella and I his face grew serious. But, Charlie stayed calm, giving us a moment as Bella put glasses of water on the table for her and I and a beer in Charlie's hand. We fixed our plates and for a moment I thought we were going to have a silent dinner when Bella looked up at me and nodded, silently telling me that she was going to burst the quite bubble we were in.

"Dad" Bella said quietly, Charlie placed his fork down on his plate and looked at his daughter who was wearing a nervous smile. He waited for her to continue.

"Dad, you know how I have always wanted to move into Grandma Swans place?" She said and Charlie nodded, never taking his eyes off her. "Well, I was thinking that I would like to really do that now… as long as it's ok with you of course…."

Charlie let out a loud gush of breath, a smiled. "Of course, sweetheart I was scared you were going to tell me you were moving to Port Angeles with Edward or something"

I couldn't help the tension in my body as he said the last words. Did that mean that he would disapprove of us moving in together, I knew that we were adults who could do as we please, but I knew deep down that it meant a lot to Bella to have her dad's blessing and if I was being honest it meant a lot to me too. This man had let me into his home, gave me permission to court his daughter and I didn't want him to think that Bella and I were taking this relationship lightly because lord knows we weren't. I just couldn't see myself without Bella and my happiness was hanging in balance.

Bella must have sensed my tension because she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder and her right hand grabbed my left that was under the table and began making soothing circles on my skin.

"Well, dad that's only, half" She said looking back at her father and then to me. "I love Edward very much dad, and he will be coming with me… moving in with me"

Charlie looked at me then as her news sunk in and I felt Bella stiffen, it was my turn to comfort her as, at that moment I didn't care what Charlie thought, I could see the tears forming in Bella's eyes at the look Charlie was giving us –I couldn't really read his expression, but he didn't looked thrilled at the idea- so a pulled Bella into my lap and held her as we waited on Charlie to calm down. When he saw Bella relax in my arms, his facial expression changed and softened into a smile.

"I never seen anything like the connection you to have, and while I can't say I'm thrilled with this development I can't say that I didn't see this coming, I know how much my blessing means to you Bella so, you have it." He said smiling at his daughter.

Then he looked at me and I knew it was my turn, I just hoped he was as nice as he was to Bella, somehow I doubted it. "Edward, you have brought my daughter back to me, to her family, I will forever be grateful, you too have something special and I know that you cherish it just as much as she does. I've heard Emmett and Rose talk about your past and know that things weren't always easy for you. Maybe that is one of the reason you two work so well together and for each other, I have learned not to question love, so I won't. So I give you my blessing as well, but know if you fuck this up I'm coming after you harder than I have Jacob Black do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir crystal clear"

"Good, now go get you two something to eat because I know how much you hate trout Bells" He said chuckling as he dove into his dinner.

Monday morning came too quickly, and we still had things to prepare for to go to the hot springs on Thursday, so, me and guys took the short trip in town to Crowley's Sporting Goods store first thing that morning, to get the supplies we needed for our hike. When we entered to store we were greeted to a boy about Bella's age with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a weary smile.

"Hello, how can I help you today?" said the guy that just had to be who Emmett had been teasing about. what was his name again?

"Hey Tyler, man what's up? Been a long time."

Tyler, looked at Em then and his eyes grew wide and smiled in recognition.

"Hey Em, yeah man it has, how's it going. Heard you were living in Chicago, going to school there."

"Yeah, just graduated I'm back and brought my girl and best friends with me. This is Jasper Alice's beau he's going to be teaching at the high school in the fall and coaching baseball." Em said, then he turned to me with a smirk on his face that told me he was going to start some trouble. And this… this is Edward my roommate from college and best mate he is a Doctor starting his residency in Port Angeles in a couple months, he has also completely stolen Bella's heart, they are moving in to Grandma Swans old place, after we get back from our trip to the springs." he said completely happy that he had probably just told half of Forks that I was dating Bella and moving in, and had completely threw poor Tyler up under the bus. But, I couldn't find it in me to care. I knew that what Bella and I had was special but that didn't make it easier to know that someone else wanted my girl. So I was not really surprised when Tyler started to sputter when he read the expressions off my face.

"A…. Doctor… that must be nice… Bella, is a sweet girl… I'm glad your home, Em and Welcome to Forks" He said looking at Jasper and I. "Well, let me know what you need and we'll get you set up" he said looking back at Em.

Then rest of the shopping trip went without harm until Em noticed that when we were putting the equipment in the car, that there was a note on the windshield.

She's mine, you'll fair well to remember that my girlfriend is off limits, Stay away from Bella, Cullen, this is your only warning-Jacob

"What the Fuck" Em yelled.

As we saw a shiny silver car squeal out of the parking lot "Rachel… that Bitch!" Em continued. Sure enough I got a look into the car before the driver drove off and it was a girl with long black hair.

I closed my eyes to ease my temper, it seemed like it was raining ex's as of late for Bella and I. I wasn't worried about Lauren what could she do from this far away, other than bug the shit out of my mother, and Bella had been right mom could most defiantly handle herself. But, that was not my concern at the moment, my greatest concern was Bella, she was at the house by herself at the moment, Rose had taken the day to drive to PA for some shopping which Bella had adamantly refused, saying that Alice's was dragging her later on in the week and there was no way in hell she was going shopping with Alice twice in one week. So my love, my life, was at home all alone.

"Let's go, now" I growled. Em, nodded "We need to get to your dad's Bella is by herself" When he realized what I meant we all jumped in the car and raced back to the house.

I was reading my favorite book, out of Austen's collection when there was a knock at the door. I got up and opened the door not thinking about looking out the peep hole. When I opened the door I was surprised to see a delivery man in my doorway carrying a dozen red roses.

"Miss Swan?"


"Delivery from Martin's Florist, will you sign for them please"

"Yes of course" I said smiling, I knew Edward had been hesitant to leave me today, but this was too much. I smiled all the way to the kitchen table and lifted the card from the vase, I dropped it as soon as I saw the hand writing.

To the love of my life, I hope she knows that there will never be another for her or me! – Love Jacob

I was just about to take the roses to the garbage can as I heard three very loud voices come through the garage.

"BELLA!" I heard Edward scream.

I was about to tell him where I was at when he came rushing through the doorway followed by Jasper and my brother. Edward's eyes were frantic as I watched him scan the room like he was looking for someone to come out of the shadows. It was silent once his eyes found mine and he rushed to me. Scooping me up in his arms, he kissed me all over my face and neck until he stopped and put me down, I followed he gaze which was on the roses that were still on the table.

"What the hell are those? Where did they come from?" He growled and although I didn't really want to, I handed him the card. I heard him growl and saw his eyes narrow but he all he did was hand me a note. When I read it I gasped. Fear flooded my body and began to tremble as Edward only squeezed me tighter and whispered in my ears.

"It's okay love, nothing will happen to you I swear, he will never touch you again Bella" He fervently whispered in my ears.

"Bella, we need to call dad, you need that restraining order Bella, Jacob Black is obviously more than pissed about your break up he is obsessed and delusional" I heard Emmett say from somewhere behind me.

I had noble reasons and selfish reasons… my reasons… for not doing that but the look on the three men before me and the look I knew my dad would be wearing when I told him, let me know that I couldn't fight my reasons anymore, this wasn't just about me, I needed to live my life, and Jacob was hindering me from that again, so who cared what the towns people would think of me and maybe my family, who cared that I would have to relive my abuse, I would do it for this gorgeous man standing in front of me, the man who was threatened by a beast that had kept me locked up and scared in my own house for months, I was not going to be locked up any longer, I had finally found my strength in a set of bright shining green eyes, I would not let him see me be small and weak any longer, I had already made myself that promise. So I steeled myself and decided that I would and could overcome anything for this man, the man that I love the man I would soon completely give myself too. And suddenly the severity of the situation crashed down on me and I was no longer fearful I was PISSED.

When I spoke it was conviction and pride in myself, and I think a slight growl.

"You're right we need to call dad, I want to file for a restraining order" I said and I saw my love, my life, grin as he pulled my deeper into his arms and kissed the top of my head.

"I'm proud of you Bells, I really am, here's the paperwork sweetie" my dad said handing Edward –who had been by my side through everything on this crazy Tuesday morning- we had gone to the station that morning after telling dad what had happened and showing him the note and card from Jacob, to say he was upset was an understatement but, he was glad that I had decided to get a restraining order. Dad also said that he now had tangible proof to show Billy was would be making a trip to La Push to see him over the weekend, I wasn't sure about that but I wasn't going to push him on it, I had to trust that my dad knew what he was doing.

We left the station going straight for Port Angeles I had a lunch meeting with my bosses, I was so excited so see them again and couldn't wait for them to meet Edward. Marcus and Aro Vittore were brother's who had been friends of my dad's growing up. They lived in Port Angeles and ran a very lucrative publishing business, but more than anything they were like my uncles, both being "Co-godfathers" to me and my brother, I had grown up with them around me my whole life and loved them dearly, to me and Em they were family. When dad had told them about Jacob and they had already known my love of reading- having cultivated it themselves- they offered me a job working from home going over manuscripts for future authors. They were also encouraging me to write my own book.

We pulled into the parking tower beside their building and made our way into the marble floor and mahogany paneled reception area. The receptionist Ginanna knew me on sight and made a called back to see if my God fathers were available. I looked at Edward who had been quite this morning and I could tell from his features that he was nervous.

"They'll love you, don't worry about it" I said wrapping my arms around his waist. His worrying lines softened and I was thankful and humbled to be able to have that kind of effect on him. "They are going to love anything, that I love"

He laughed then "Ok, love, you've had a hard day so far I just didn't want to make this worse for you, if they don't like me"

I kissed him then and the rest of his tension and the tension that I had been caring with me sense this morning faded away and I lost my self in Edward, and his kisses. Until I heard my uncle Aro clear his throat behind me.

"Well, well, our little Bella is all grown up" he said smirking at me then looking at Edward, Marcus was wearing a bright smile and I ran hugged them both.

"Let me introduce you to my boyfriend, Edward Cullen, Edward these are my Uncles for a intents and purposes. Marcus and Aro" I said smiling at the two olive skinned men in front of me. They eyed Edward for a moment before I looked up at them with serious eyes. "Be nice, he's very, very important to me" I said in a stern whisper.

They moved forward then grabbing Edwards hands and introducing themselves.

"Ready for lunch Bells, we've got so much to discuss." Marcus said

We went to a little bistro not to far from the office where, I listened as my uncles told me how they wanted me in the office fulltime after graduation in August. They talked about more responsibilities, taking on client, and a salary that just blew my mind. They then turned to Edward and asked him what he did for a living and I was glad to see they approved that my boyfriend was a doctor I was also glad to hear that the hospital was only a a minute drive away from here so, it would be doable for me to have lunch we Edward during his day shifts. A fact that I was very happy to hear and from the look on Edwards face he was too. We ended lunch and I promised that I would sit down and seriously think about their offer and get back to them after our trip. They hugged me bye and patted Edward on the back.

It was getting late in the afternoon, and Edward had said that today was about me so we didn't go see his supervisors at the hospital although we did stop by there for him to get something, I didn't realize what until he came back to car twenty minutes later with a band aid in the crook of his arm.

"What did the do to you?" I exclaimed and he chuckled.

"I had to have some blood test done to for drugs and stuff, but I also had them run a standard STD panel and HIV" he mumbled as I noticed that his he was looking down at the steering wheel.

"Why would you need an S… oh!" I said surprised but part of me could see what he was doing he knew and I knew that we were eventually going to take our physical relationship further, he was making sure that everything was safe for me. I started to cry at how much that meant to me.

"Bella.. shit.. I'm sorry, if I could take it back I would Bella, I don't think anything is wrong… I just want to make sure that everything is ok for you… I could never hurt you… and if I did that … god I couldn't live with myself."

"I know… that's why I'm crying … I've never… had… anyone to care… like that for me" I sniffled

"Love, come here" he said pulling me over the console and into his lap. It was a tight fit in his tiny car but I didn't care. He whispered words or love and apologies that I wouldn't be his first until I calmed down. We sat there a little longer until he finally broke the silence.

"Bella, since we're on the subject, you do want that with me right, I don't want to push you" he said softly looking me straight in the eyes so he could read my expressions better.

"I think about it all the time Edward, I dream about it, all I want is you in everyway don't doubt that… ever." I said in a whisper. I felt a small growl erupt from his chest but he rained it in.

"I need to ask you, about precautions for when you ready…"

I chuckled then and wiped my eyes. "I've been on the pill for years so, unless… you want.. other… precautions I see no need"

He kissed me then and it was soft and gently, reverent yet still, needy. When I moaned he pulled back and grinned at me "Let's go home love"

The rest of week went quickly but finally Thursday came and we headed out towards the springs earlier that morning. Bella, looked absolutely radiant in the morning light and I couldn't take my eyes off of her as I thought back on our second week together. It had been hell and heaven all rolled into one, between Lauren and Jacob shit had really just hit the fan, what was that saying? When it rains it pours? Well it felt like me and Bella were standing under a fucking waterfall and by the time Thursday morning showed up I was in need of some relaxation and time with my girl… alone.

We made the trek more quickly than we thought we would I guess the six of us were all in need of a respite from everything going on in Forks. I had heard from my supervisors at the hospital saying that they would see me next week for a formal introduction and a tour of where I would be working for at least the next three years.

I had enjoyed the visit with Bella's uncles and made a point to talk to her when we got back about taking the job in Port Angeles, but I wasn't sure my little push was going to be needed. I saw the way Bella's eyes lit up when they told her about her opportunities and getting to be more involved with the writing and business side of things, I knew she wasn't really worried about the money knowing that her grandmother had left both Emmett and Bella, enough money to pay for college and practically anything else they would need as long as they weren't wasteful.

My thoughts as we walked drug on and on and it seemed that Bella was in a thoughtful mood to but, she also talked with Alice and Rose talking about the sites and past hikes as we traveled through the forest. But she let me be and I was grateful. I needed this time to just think and just be.

Our talk in the car after my blood work had been a surprise, I had expected to talk to Bella about what she wanted for the physical part of our relationship but to here that she dreamed and about it thought about it, I was getting hard just thinking about it myself. I had gotten the tests to make sure I was safe for her, I thought I was but when it came to Bella there we no, maybe's or if's I had to make sure. When she had said that she was on the pill and had been for years I was happy, the thought of being inside Bella was humbling and I envisioned taking her slowly and gently our first time together, to be able to do that without any barriers was only making my hiking trip and the need to walk more difficult.

A couple hours later we reached a flat meadow with wild flowers growing all around and I heard Bella sigh.

"We're here she said flopping on a bench that I hadn't noticed yet. I looked closer at my surrounding and saw four cabins all nicely spaced in four different corners surrounding the meadow and just as I was about to ask which on was ours I heard Bella squeal

"Levi!" she yelled

"Bells, it so good to see you, you all made great time, what time did you leave?"

"five-ish this morning I think? Levi you remember my twin Emmett, this is his girl friend Rose, my best friend Alice and her boyfriend Jasper and this is my Edward" she said as I brilliant smile lit up he face as she claimed me as hers.

"It's nice to meet you all make yourselves at home, now your cabins are ready, yours Bells is the usual one and Maggie (his wife) put the stuff you requested in there for you, Just remember to be out by Sunday before ten ok?"

We all nodded and Bella thanked Levi and hugged him. He made a quick exit leaving his cell number just in case we needed anything.

"Well, the cabins are fully stocked for food and all have a nice kitchen, although mine and Edwards is the biggest, everyone ok to be on our own tonight and meet up in the morning at our cabin for breakfast" Bella said, it almost sounded like she was willing them to agree with her.

"Yeah Bells that's fine" Rose and Alice said, then I knew they were in on it! Whatever it was.

"Ok then, goodnight see you in the morning" Bella, then grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the cabin farthest away from the others and mostly surrounded by trees. I chuckled as she pulled me through the door and we dropped our packs. But stopped when she pushed up against me and lip he leg to around my hip.

"You have been so quite all day, are you ok?" she said sweetly

"Yes, I'm fine. More than fine now, hmmm… what's going into you?"

"Hopefully you, she teased but, pushed up against me, my breath hitched and the thought and her movement made me instantly hard. I wanted her so bad but we had to wait, I expected to test to be back next week sometime but, right this moment I was really cursing myself for not going sooner.

"Bella…" I sighed, but pulled her closer to me, she leaned back then and looked me in my eyes.

"I would be lying if I said I was joking just then. But I know we need to wait a little longer, but I was wondering, if I promise not to push you to far would you take a bath with me…please"

The please did it, I could deign her nothing, but I wasn't sure if my control could hold out, but she promised not to push me, but my idea or pushing and Bella's were totally different.

She waited patiently for my answer and I couldn't take it any longer I needed to be closer to her, and this is what she needed and I would give her anything.

"I would be honored to take a bath with you Bella" She crashed her lips to mine and pushed me towards the bathroom as I noticed her leaving a trail of our clothes behind us.