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Follow Your Heart

When Edward left Bella in New Moon she followed after him for a while, before getting lost, falling, and being found by Sam some time later... What if she had to follow him, if she felt a pull that would lead her away from the misery, and to a new life?

I have been in somewhat of a writter's block for a while, but while re-reading New Moon the muse struck, so I had to write, and this just flew out on to the page/screen. Chapter 1 took about 2 hours to write, and I had to get it up there for others to see as soon as possible. With luck and a well behaved muse, this will continue on for a few more chapters.

2. Chapter 2

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I awoke to a dark room, feeling disoriented and a little lost. The cool arms wrapped around me brought back the memories of the day before though.

Alice had to pry me off her after a few minutes, I was cold, and her smooth cool skin wasn't helping. It had calmed me though, I looked at her with the first smile in what felt like years.

"Come on," she said, pulling me along, "let's get you warm. Jazz has got it." She added a moment later as I was about to ask about my truck, I looked over, and Jasper was there, filling the gas tank.

"Hi Jasper!" I called happily, it could have been Rosalie and I'd still have been happy to see her.

"Ma'am," he replied simply with a nod. He seemed happy though, picking up my mood no doubt. I smiled back at him as Alice opened the door of her shiny black car to let me in.

The car was warm, I hadn't realized just how cold I was till I got in. Alice walked around the car at quick-human pace, when she got in she had a big smile, which I matched.

"It's so good to see you again!" she bounced a little as she spoke, then gave me another quick hug and drove us out of the gas station. I had a moment of panic, thinking she was going to take me straight back to Forks.

"I'm taking you to our place, well, the Denali's," she said quickly, seeing the look on my face. "It's ok, I promised I wouldn't leave again, and I mean it," she added a moment later. "I know you've got questions, and I'll answer all I can. But first, what made you drive all the way up here in that beat up old truck?"

I frowned for a moment. But Alice giggled, "I know, don't hate the truck." She looked back at me though, waiting for an answer.

I sighed, "I just... I had to find him." I looked at her, "I mean, I just couldn't not come. I was driving to school, but when I got to the car park, I couldn't turn in. It was like something was pulling me away, I had to drive, I didn't even know where I was going at first, I just had to follow the pulling."

She reached over, and gave my hand a squeeze. "I think I know that feeling," she smiled at me, "I spent years looking for Jasper, I just knew I had to find him."

We drove along in comfortable silence for a little while.

"Why did you leave?" I asked in a small voice after a minute or so, "You didn't even say goodbye." The hurt showed in my voice.

Alice took a deep breathe, "I know, I'm sorry," she squeezed my hand again. "Edward was convince you needed a clean break." She huffed, "I thought, we all did, that maybe he was right. Maybe it would be easiest, for you."

I thought about that, it sounded like something he'd say, even if it was wrong. Something he'd come up with to 'keep me safe', in his mind at least. "If I'd seen you, if I'd known, we could have talked him out of it." She nodded sadly.

"Where is he?" I finally asked. She didn't answer right away, which worried me, "Alice? Where..." a hint of panic sneaked into my voice.

"I don't know." She said simply, locking eyes with me as she spoke. "He said he needed to get away for a while. He calls every now and then, but doesn't say where he is, he's just drifting, he's not deciding where to go, so I can't see." She turned back to focus on driving.

It was quiet again, but not comfortable this time. I watched the brightening snowy landscape pass by out the window.

"I have to find him Alice." I stated, demanded.

"I know." And I could feel it in her words, she really did know.

"I..." I started to speak, but saw her lose focus and stopped, then reached over to grab the wheel. But she brushed me off.

"No, it's ok, I'm fine."

"What did you see?" I asked, she frowned, just a little, if I didn't know her I wouldn't have seen it, but I did. "Alice?" I pushed.

"You'll find him." She answered simply.

"But?" I asked, warily, I could see she wasn't telling me something.

"We're almost there," she didn't answer, as we turned into a wooded drive way. "Carlisle and Esme are here, you'll see them." The drive way was familiar, yet different. Alice took my hand, "let me talk to Carlisle first, go see Esme, she'll introduce you to the others. I promise I'll answer you, I just have to do this first."

I nodded, and she squeezed my hand as we pulled into the big garage behind the house. Esme was there in a flash, opening my door and pulling me into a hug. I felt safe, and loved, Esme always had that effect on me.

"Bella," she asked, kindly as ever, "how are you? You had me worried out of my mind when Alice said she saw you up here." I smiled a little, her voice had a slight edge to it, but there was love there. Like a mother who'd found a lost child.

"Sorry," I whispered, knowing she'd hear me just fine. "I just couldn't help myself. I knew I'd find someone here, somehow."

She released me from the hug, and stroked my hair faintly. "Let's get you inside. You must be tired."

I followed Esme out of the garage, and around to the house. It wasn't quite as big as the house in Forks, 2 storeys, but the snow gave it a certain feel. It felt like a home, too, just as the big house on the meadow did.

"Not really," I answered, "it'll hit me sometime though."

Esme smiled warmly again, and introduced me around to Tanya, Kate, Carmen, and Eleazer when we entered the house. They welcomed me to their home, and Tanya said she'd prepared a bed for me, knowing I'd need sleep. I looked between then and thanked them all. They were, of course, all stunningly beautiful, with the distinctive golden eyes of 'vegetarians'.

I sat down in a sofa by the fire, Esme asked if I wanted something to eat. Initially I said no, but when she asked if I was sure I realized she wanted to do this. Some mothering instinct no doubt, so I smiled a little and thanked her, and she shot off into the kitchen as Alice and Carlisle appeared.

Alice danced over and sat beside me.

"How are you Bella?" Carlisle asked in his eternally calm voice. I gave him a small smile.

"Better now, thank you." I assured him, as he sat down in a nearby chair.

"You should probably sleep soon," he suggested kindly after a moment. I nodded politely as Esme handed me a sandwich.

"Not just yet." I replied softly, looking to Alice expectantly. But it was Carlisle that spoke.

"Alice says you've come to a decision?" He asked curiously, though it seemed Alice and he already knew. I heard the roar of my truck pulling in outside.

"You all know what I want," I stated simply, looking between them. Alice and Esme smiled at me, Carlisle nodded knowingly. "It seems," I continued after a moment, "I won't see Edward for a little while. So there's no point in waiting, the sooner I'm changed the better." Alice squeezed my hand, and a moment later Jasper was standing by the fireplace. I looked up at him, he was keeping his distance, but trying not to show it.

"And I don't blame you Jasper, I know it wasn't your fault." I gave him a reassuring smile, "I wanted this long before then." He nodded, but looked away. I took a bite of the sandwich.

"She's right Jazz," Alice spoke up, "I've always seen her as one of us, even when we left." She raised a delicate eyebrow teasingly, "she's just going to push for it more now."

I nodded with a mouthful of sandwich, I hadn't realized how hungry I was till I started eating. Alice giggled.

"Give us a few days, Bella." Carlisle responded, "We just got you back." he smiled some more.

"He's not saying no," Jasper suddenly spoke up as Carlisle's words sunk in, "I can feel it, you'll do anything to make it happen. We all want you to be as safe as possible." He finished solemnly.

I finished my sandwich, and nodded, stifling a yawn.

"Come on," Alice tugged on my hand, "I'll show you were you can sleep."

I suspected Jasper of helping with my sudden tiredness, but I really didn't mind. So I said good night to them all, and let Alice pull me along up the stairs.

"It's the guest room." She said as she showed me into the simply decorated room. I changed into a t-shirt and sweats she said were for me, and climbed into the bed.

"Alice?" I asked as she was about to leave. She smiled and nodded.

"You want me to stay," she answered, I nodded weakly. "It's ok, we'll be here when you wake." She tucked the blanket around me, then layed on top, wrapping her arms around me.

"Thanks Alice," I whispered.

"It's ok, I'll stay here, get some sleep."

I drifted off almost immediately into the first restful sleep I'd had in weeks.


I awoke to a dark room, feeling disoriented and a little lost. The cool arms wrapped around me brought back the memories of the day before though. I relaxed back and smiled, Alice stiffened a little behind me.

"Bella?" Her voice chimed out curiously after a moment, "what did you just decide?" I squeezed her hand and nodded faintly.

I wouldn't be sleeping again.