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Total Eclipse of My Heart

7 years after Breaking dawn and Nessie is all grown up. Jacob and Nessie fight to stay together with overprotective parents, Jacob's past with Bella, Werewolf drama, and a dark secret that could ruin their relationship.Plus Seth imprints! Nessie/Jacob

This is my first fanfiction and it is also on fanfiction.net.

1. Chapter 1 "The Longest Day Ever"

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Total Eclipse of My heart

*Disclaimer -I own nothing but the plot.

Chapter 1 – "The longest day ever"

~Nessie p.o.v~

Sitting in Jacob's car feels like home. We are heading down to La Push to visit the pack who I haven't seen in forever. Jacob has been really quiet since I came downstairs and saw him talking to my dad. I look over at him and he is focusing on the road. You could tell that he had something on his mind. What did my dad say to him that made him like this? I had to say something to him.

"What's on your mind? Is something wrong?"

Jacob shakes his head and looks over at me,"Nothing."

"Your a horrible liar."

"I'm Fine." He chuckles and puts one of his hands on my knee with the other on the wheel.

I was going to reply but when he put his hand on my knee my breath caught in my throat. My skin tingle under his touch. I took a deep breath and looked out the window and we were already at Jacob's house.

We go into Jacob's house and finds the pack playing a video game. Billy was sitting on the couch reading the newspaper.

"Hey Guys!" No one answered Jacob. Then Billy spoke

" No point in trying to talk to them. They have been playing that stupid game all day." Billy then goes back to reading his paper.

We go into Jacob's room and I sit down on his bed. He sits next to me and his leg accidentally brushes against my leg and sends chills up my body. What is wrong with me this past couple weeks? Jacob is my best friend and I have known him my whole life but something has changed between us. When I'm around him I feel like a stupid teenager girl. I think I may be falling in love with my best friend. He looks at me and it breaks me from my train of thoughts.

"Nessie, What do you want to do today?"

" I don't care." Gosh,Nessie get it together!

" We can go to the beach," I nod my head and he gets up from the bed and goes to his drawer," I just need to change my shirt."

"Okay." Ugh, why can't I have a normal conversion with him. Relax Nessie, You have been to the beach with Jacob before. So why am I freaking out? He is only my best friend and I'm not interested in him. I look up at Jacob to see if he is almost ready and he is standing there shirtless and my breath catches in my throat. My eyes are lingering on his muscles. I never knew that Jacob was so fit. I have seen him without a shirt before so why am I fighting back the urge to reach out and touch him? I had to get out of this room. I look at Jacob and he has his back to me. I stand up and mumbled that I will be waiting for him outside and leave the room.

I was outside trying to remember how to breath when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. I tensed up because I knew that it was Jacob. I could feel his muscles on my back through our clothes and it didn't help my situation. I have feelings for Jacob and it's getting harder to be around him.

"What's wrong?"

"I just don't feel good. " I took a deep breath," Will you take me home?"

" Of Course." I heard Jacob sighed and then we headed to his car and he drove me home.

~Jacob's p.o.v ~

On the ride to her house I was trying to figure out what was really wrong with Nessie. She was fine and then she was running out of my room. God, Edward is going to think that I tried something because she is coming home looking sick and she doesn't get sick. She hasn't been sick her whole life but I wasn't going to try to push her for information. I parked the car and she jumped out of my car and was in the house before I could say anything.

I got out of the car and decided that I needed to phase and go for a run. I was halfway to the forest when I got slammed to the ground. I was flipped over and punched in the face. I was shaking and was about to phase. I was so furious that I was having trouble focusing on who was attacking me. I felt someone pull the person off of me and I looked and saw Emmett holding Edward back. Edward looked like he was about to rip my head off.

"What did you do to her?"

"Nothing!" I stood up off of the ground. Edward was coming after me because of Nessie.

"Then why was she crying?" Edward said still struggling to get out of Emmett grip.

"She was crying?" I felt my heart drop. Nessie was crying and I didn't know why. All I know was that she got upset when we were in my bedroom and I took my shirt off and then she ran out. I heard Edward growl and I realized that he took my last thought the wrong way.

"Edward, It's not want you are thinkin-" Edward cut me off

"Go Home, Mutt"

"Nothing happened!" I screamed. I was shaking and ready to phase. Edward's face got serious and he said

"Don't come back here!"

"Fine" Edward and Emmett starts walking back to their house and I take off running to the forest and as soon as I get to the trees I phased.

I was running around for a few hours before As I was running I knew that Seth and Embry has phased and was running rounds with me. Two years ago Sam decided that it was time for him to settled down and now he had a family with Emily and I was now the Alpha. I decided that it was time to head back to my house. I was about an half a mile from my house when I heard a howl. Shit, Can this day get any worst? Then Seth told me that we had trouble. I speed up and ran toward the howl.. I reached the place where the howl came from and I saw Seth in his human form waiting for me with an extra pair of shorts in his hand. We were outside of Paul's house. I phased and pull on the shorts.

"What's going on?"

"Let's just say that we are about to have another member added to our pack..I looked at Seth and he was grinning.

"Who?" I ask and start walking toward the house. I heard Seth laugh then say

"Did you really let Edward attack you and you didn't even swing back?"

I growled at him.

" Seth, just tell me who and then shut up."

"I think her name is –"

"Wait, a girl!" We stopped walking. This can't be good. If someone is phasing that means that there must be a vampire around beside the Cullen's and there hasn't been a girl since Leah.

"Yeah her name is Madison."

"Okay" I started to walking toward the house. Shit This is just what I needed today.

"Jacob," I turned around to see Seth looking worried.

" We found her in woods and We don't know anything about her. She kind of looks like you"

"Seth, we are Quileute. We all look the same." I walked into the house and Seth followed.

Few hours earlier

~Nessie p.o.v~

As soon as Jacob parked the car I jumped out and ran into my house. I ran pass my dad and mom and up to my room and when I closed the door tears slipped out of my eyes and I slipped down to the floor. What was wrong with me? Why did I have to feel this way toward Jacob? I know he doesn't like me back. My stupid feelings are going to ruin our friendship. I can't imagine my life with Jacob. Should I just tell him how I feel? Maybe he feels the same.

I heard a loud crash and stood and looked out of my window. I gasp at what I saw. I saw Edward on top of Jacob. I ran downstairs and was almost to the door when Rosalie and my mom was standing in my way. My mom spoke


"Mom, I have to stop dad before he hurts Jacob." I was trying to get around them but they wouldn't let me.

"Don't worry about the mutt," Rosalie said, "Emmett is protecting him sadly."

"You guys don't understand." I hear Jacob scream 'fine' and I run to the window and I watch him phase and run into the woods. I am furious at everyone right now. I can't believe that they would blame Jacob for me coming home upset. I cross my arms and wait for my dad to walk into the door. He walks in and freezes when he sees me.

"Nessie – "

"Just Don't." I walk up to him and put my hand on his face and show him everything that happen since I left the house this morning. He looks guilty.

"Nessie, I'm Sorry."

I take my hand from his face and I walk up to my room without saying a word..I lay down on my bed and look at my clock and it reads 2:30pm. I have to call Jacob to apologize for my dad. Ugh , so much has happened today I can't believe that it's only been 3 hours.

Later that Day

~Jacob's p.o.v ~

I walk into the house and go into the living and I saw the whole pack sitting around the room talking. I look at the couch and saw an Quileute girl who was asleep but she looked like she was in pain. All that she was wearing was a t-shirt that means that she was have phased already. I turn to Paul

"How long has she been asleep?"

"Like 30 minutes, why?" He looked confused but I needed to run to my house and bring her back some of my sisters old clothes.

"She should sleep for like two more hours and then she will wake up." I look at Paul and he nods his head, "I need you to watch her and I will be back."

"Okay."I look around the room and everyone just nods.

"If anything happens howl." I leave Paul's house and heads to my house. I have no clue what to do but I'm not going to let the pack know that. I don't know how Sam helped all of us. I have to be ready because she will try to rebel and then she will freak out and the fever will continue for another week..I was going to have to teach her how to control it so she didn't phase all the time. I reached my house and when I walked in front door Billy looked up

"Nessie called and she said that she will call back later. Will you be back later?"

"No, Just tell her I have mono." I walk into Rachael's room and got like five outfits that she left and packed them in a gym bag. I also packed a couple of outfits for me because I was going to have to stay at Paul's for a few days. I walk back into the living room and sit down next to my dad.

"So you want me to tell Nessie that you have mono? Didn't you already use that excuse?" I just look at him.

"Well I don't have time to come up with a new one. I only have time to rest for like 5 minutes before I have to head back to Paul's."

"What's going on, Jacob?"

I close my eyes and lay my head back on the couch.

"Well this morning when I went over to pick up Nessie- – Edward basically gave me a sex talk even though I haven't even kissed Nessie and then Nessie starts acting weird so I take her home. Then I get beat up by Edward and told to never come back because he thought I hurt Nessie. I phase and start doing my rounds and Seth tells me we have an emergency. I go to Paul's house to find that I am going to have a new member to my pack and I don't know how to deal with it. Oh and that means that another vampire besides the Cullen's is in the area and my new pack member is a girl named Madison"

"Jacob, don't worry so much. Edward is just trying to protect Nessie and Nessie probably just has something on her mind."

I sigh, "I know but How do I deal with Madison? There hasn't been a girl since Leah."

"Your the Alpha and you might think that you don't know what to do but it will come to you."

"Thanks, Dad . I will be back in a few days."

"Anytime." My dad laughs, " So it's mono then?"

I laugh, "Yeah, I have mono." I grab my stuff and head back to Paul's.