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Her name is Shiah. She's the long lost sister or the Quileute Tribe - Embry's twin sister who disappeared with his unknown father the day after they were born. (Embry's mum is the one with pack blood instead of Embry getting his 'wolf' from his father)
She ends up back in La Push with the pack after her dad passes away.
Such an interesting twist.. confusing.. yet interesting.
Her life is continuously changing.

I hope you like this. I've been working on this for a while but never put it up. It becomes less puzzling in the next couple of chapters :)
Oh & it does have a few naughty words in it so just warning you

1. Prologue/Sitting, waiting, wishing...

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Prologue The rain falls down on my skin, sinking through the soil. It doesn’t seem to wash away the pain; it just simply smothers me in it, burying the hurt deeper inside me. Tears do not slip from my eyes but my heart pleads for the help that doesn’t seem to arrive. When all I wanted to do was rip & kill everything I laid eyes on, the weakness I never dared to show, made itself known. So, I sit here, worthless & broken. My heart locked away inside me for safe keeping. The past still haunts me & I miss it, still. But I do not have the strength or the craving to even bother anymore. I need somebody to save me… somebody like you. 1. Sitting, waiting, wishing... I’d lost my sense of time. The only essence of it was when the sky went from a clouded light-blue to a dark-blue night behind the canopy of trees & when the rain began & slowly stopped. My mind felt lost, like there was just some part of my head that didn’t fix with logic. To remember was painful, but I couldn’t help it. Somehow, the pain in remembering was reassuring, because it meant I was still alive. I was unsure if living was a good thing right now or not, but there was nothing I could do about it. I knew where I was - in a forest, sitting up hopelessly against a tall pine tree, while a soft patter of rain hid my crying. My heart beats quietly in my chest & the nature surrounding me is like a melody to a beautifully ancient piece of music. I screamed again. Maybe if I screamed loud enough the volume might smash me into little pieces. Like delicate china being dropped to the floor. There were footsteps that vibrated through the ground, almost as if the earth beneath me had a pounding heart. They stopped shortly after I heard them. Then there was this faint shiver and it was as if the entire forest stood silently in patience just sitting, waiting, wishing… I did not dare to look who it was. Perhaps it was those Red Eyes who wanted to end my life just like they did Gareth’s but the same sickly sweet scent did not match. Maybe it was something worse? To stop myself from screaming, I clenched my jaw shut as tightly as I could & waited. A few tears escaped from my closed eyes but I didn’t move a muscle to wipe them away. A couple of minutes passed slowly. I could feel that whoever was here still stood somewhere around me. Their presence was a call to something inside me that I didn’t even attempt to understand. “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” I sing, although it sounds more like a whisper. There was a rustle of something off to the left of me. “What is your name?” An unknown voice spoke from closely beside me. It was husky & warm; something that reminded me of home if I were to ever have one. I flicked my eyes open tilted my head to see where the voice had come from. There were three of them - tall, muscular, brown skin, shirtless & black hair. They were all staring at me. I recognized them… I knew exactly who they were. How the hell did I know these boys? Dad… When I was little he used to show me pictures of the tribe he ran away from. These three boys were a lot younger in the pictures though. But I still remembered their names. I used to sit there for hours on end just memorizing every face to a name, every picture to a scene or emotion. I was glad to find my good memory was useful. The man sitting beside me raised his eyebrow. Well, they seemed safe even if they did look like they could easily rip anything to pieces. “If I give you my name then how am I to get it back?” I whispered cautiously. He looked at me in confusion for a second but then spoke again. “My name is Sam. Sam Uley.” He held out a large hand. Sam. He had gotten a lot older, definitely. His face was calmer, more relaxed, with laugh lines. I searched his face for any sign of a lie or maybe a hint that I really was some crazy person but – fortunately or unfortunately – I did not find one so I took the risk & didn’t lie to him either. It really was him. “My name is Shiah. I cannot remember my last name for it has been changed too many times.” His hand was very warm when I shook it, like mine. Hesitantly I let go of his hand & looked towards the other guys. “Hello.” I said to them, giving them the best smile I could muster, which probably wasn’t much right now. I was still so empty. Each of them waved at me & smiled. “May I ask a question?” I wondered, choosing my words carefully I added pleadingly. “You may laugh at me if I am wrong but if I am right please don’t leave me.” The three boys stared at me in utter puzzlement. Sam nodded & I swallowed nervously. Was it worth it? I’d lost my father only three years ago that felt like seconds & just a day ago I saw my best friend be killed by evil red-eyed bloodsuckers. “Are your names Jared & Paul?” I bit my lip; terrified of embarrassment & being wrong. Both boys stepped back in astonishment. They looked at me as if they were searching for something inside me like a missing piece. “What the fuck! It can’t be! Can it?” Paul shouted, his eyes looking towards Sam & Jared frantically. “Paul we’ll discuss this later,” Jared gave a warning glance towards Paul & then turned back to me. I was right! I knew who they were. I’m not crazy! Dad was right. They’re Shifters just like Gareth said that one day I would be one too. Oh my god, I’m insane. This must be some stupid dream. But it’s so real… Oh just lovely, now I'm arguing with myself... “Are you ok?” Sam asked me. He had a slight frown playing on his brows & I was stunned that he cared. I stuttered. “I’m lost…” I looked down, ashamed. “I don’t belong anywhere, I never have.” I began picking the dirt beneath my fingernails - anything to distract me from crying. “Would you like to come with us?” Jared questioned. He moved forward & knelt down next to Sam. Although he was slightly shorter than Sam he seemed to have a type of grace in the way he moved, like he didn’t have a care in the world. It was strangely admiring to me. “Shouldn’t you be afraid of me?” I began to doubt. “I think I should be the one asking that question. Don’t you agree?” Jared asked, smirking. “My own father brought me up to know of you & the tribe, of what you are. I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to scare me.” “What do you think we are Shiah?” Paul spoke up, more confusion in his voice than before. He sat with his legs crossed next to me, I could feel the warmth practically radiating off the three of them now. I could trust these boys. My dad trusted them, even if he did run away. I can tell them. “You’re all shape-shifters.” I murmured. Their eyes could’ve practically popped out of their heads, each of their mouths opening like fish, making the look on their faces absolutely hilarious. I covered my mouth with my hand to suppress my giggle. Wait, no - there is no way you can be happy when Gareth is dead, don’t be selfish. More tears escaped from my eyes as I stopped smiling behind my hand. “How do you know?” Paul demanded with a voice that made me jump in fright. I defended myself quickly. “My father used to tell me stories. He said that one day, if I was lucky enough, I could be magical too…” I whispered. The memory of my dad brought tears to my eyes. Sam, Paul & Jared seemed to share a worried glance, like they were speaking to each other with their eyes or something. “Shiah, how old are you?” Sam looked at me with a questioning gaze. “I’m seventeen in couple of days actually, on the 18th of March.” I said truthfully without bothering to ask why. Sam nodded to himself & stood up. “How would you like to come back with us Shiah?” “What do you mean?” I inquired. Gareth taught me to always look out for myself. These boys could be taking me into a trap. Sam shrugged. “Well, where exactly do you plan on going?” “Nowhere I don’t have anywhere to go,” I winced. The truth hurt, it sounded so depressing. I’d rather go with them then stay out here, even if I was walking into some trap. “Would you like to stay with us?” Sam asked me, an open invitation. I didn’t believe him at first. He doesn’t even know who I am & he was already inviting me to stay with them? I raised my eyebrows in disbelief. “Yes… that would be fantastic! Thank you so much Sam,” I jumped up & wrapped my arms around him. He smelled like the forest, but somehow, better. I think he was a little shocked but he hugged me back anyway. “You’re welcome,” he laughed. “How long have I been out here?” I mumbled to myself in surprise, stepping out from our embrace. I couldn’t remember much since I ran. “We heard you screaming last night. We were going to take you with us then but we caught the scent of a couple of vampires & we needed to follow it. So we waited. You fell asleep early this morning & didn’t wake up till this afternoon then you started screaming again. It’s about seven o’clock now.” Sam responded. “Then it’s been 2 days & almost 2 nights. God, I’m so tired!” I whispered to myself, my stomach rumbling. Jared laughed & nudged me lightly in the ribs with his elbow. “Don’t worry babe, we’re all exhausted as well.” “Yeah, I sure hope Emily left some food out again; I got patrol tonight & I’m starved,” Paul cooed, rubbing his belly. “Emily?” I repeated the name. I hadn’t heard of her in any of the stories or pictures dad showed me. “She’s my fiancée,” Sam replied. The look on his face was full of love when he spoke of her & then I stuck the pieces together. “Does that mean Emily is your imprint too?” I asked as innocently as I could. Would they be angry with how much I knew? Sam looked at me with another look of shock. “You know about those things?” I shrugged. “Not much, I only know that an imprint is love at first sight, where the word love just isn’t good enough to explain the way you feel about the other person. My dad only told me one other story – The third wife - before he passed away.” I tried not to sob pathetically like I wanted to. Sam squeezed my hand in reassurance. “It’ll be ok Shiah. We’re having a meeting with the Elders tomorrow night, you can come & we’ll be able to explain everything to you. Everything will be easier that way. There are a lot of things you need to know.” “Okay.” I nodded, smiling. My back-pack lay on the ground, all damp with dirt all over it. I brushed it off & put it on over my shoulder. “You know, just ten minutes ago I was considering whether to die or not & then you guys come along & everything’s so much better, already. Talk about luck... thank you…” I trailed off. Paul suddenly picked me up off the ground & into his arms. “Shiah, there’s no need to say thank you.” I nestled my head between his neck & shoulder, draping my arms around him. “But you guys did save me…” “So, we’re the lucky ones,” he argued playfully. I laughed. “Sure sure,” I rolled my eyes, hugging him tighter as they began running through the forest. None of them phased - I think we were too close to the hiking trails – but they were still fast. The wind blew through my hair & the trees blurred past in walls of green. As we stepped out of the trees a house caught my eye underneath the light of the street lamp. The tiny house looked like it was probably grey once upon a long time ago. It had a porch out the front & only one narrow window beside the weathered blue door, but the window box under it was filled with bright orange & yellow marigolds, giving the whole place a cheerful look. “Mmm, Emily’s cooking,” Paul chimed. Still in Paul’s arms, we all climbed up the one step & entered the little house without knocking. I was surprised the boys made it through the door without having to lean down or hitting their head. Most of the front room was generally kitchen. A young woman about twenty five years old with satiny copper skin & long, straight, crow black hair was humming to herself while she mixed some pasta around in boiling water & used her other hand to stir bolognaise sauce & mince. Half of her face was scarred from her hairline to chin by three thick, red lines. One pulled down the corner of her right eye; another twisted the right side of her mouth into a permanent grimace. She was heavily pregnant & utterly beautiful. When she looked up at us in our arrival, she smiled & in a melodic voice she asked “Oh. Who’s this?” Paul put me down on my feet carefully & hovered around me like he expected me to just collapse to the ground any second. He was probably right, my legs felt like jelly or something. “Emily, this is Shiah.” Jared introduced us. Emily was still confused. “Sam told you about that girl in the forest last night?” Emily finally got it. “Oh my god, darling girl, I hope you’re all right now.” She worried, walking over & embracing me in her skinny arms. “I am, now that the pack found me.” I murmured, slightly surprised by her reaction to me. She stepped back & rested her hands on both my cheeks. “Oh, you’re dress is soaked. Come with me & you can borrow some of my clothes. They’ll be a little big on you but hopefully they’ll be enough for tonight.” Emily grabbed my hand & started pulling me down a small hallway into the room at the end of it. I was flabbergasted, I’d been here five seconds & already she was lending me clothes like I was her friend of something. I couldn’t make any proper sense of anything. It was definitely Emily & Sam’s bedroom. There was one queen sized bed in the middle of the wall with a bed side table on each side. Underneath the window was a little cot for their soon-to-be-born baby & a closet was next to their bathroom, along with a massive mirror that made the bedroom look bigger than what it was. “You can stay here tonight Shiah. We have a spare bedroom with the bed already made & these boys will be here until they have to go back out to patrol when the rest of them finish.” Emily said while she hunted around in her closet for some clothes. “Are you sure Emily? I wouldn’t want to cause you & Sam any trouble. I don’t even deserve any of this.” I kept on being surprised by all their hospitality. I wasn’t used to it at all. “Nonsense! No one is to say who deserves what,” she retorted. “I would love for you to stay, besides: I need some girly company - hanging out with boys who phase into horse-sized wolves is really taking an effect on me.” She laughed at herself. “Well, when you put it that way… I guess I can stay for a while,” I smiled at her, an actual smile this time. “Wonderful,” she squealed in delight. I just laughed at her reaction. She was just so easy to please & full of smiles. “Here you go, I think these might fit. They are a little thin but trust me; you don’t need warm jumpers & stuff when you’re around those boys, especially when you could pretty much fry an egg on their heads & its spring anyway – not that its particularly obvious.” Emily handed me a pair of skinny jeans, a blue singlet, matching bonds undies & bra and ugg boots. “Thanks Emily.” “No problem dear,” she squeezed my hand. “I’ll leave you in here to get changed. You like eggs, right?” I nodded my head. Emily closed the door behind her & left me here standing in my ruined white dress that was once perfectly clean but is now stained from dirt & grass. I’d somehow lost my shoes but I honestly didn’t really care. I pulled the dress off & chucked it on the ground, throwing my bag on the bed. A small headache was building & I pulled out the elastic band keeping my hair up & just let it fall over my shoulders. My hair was a sandy brownish-blonde colour that was quite curly, especially when it’s wet like it was now. The colour brought out my deep brown eyes. The clothes fit me nicely, but the singlet top was a little short & it showed a bit of the naturally brown skin on my tummy. I silently thanked my genes for the good body I was born with - the long legs & flat stomach. I heaved my feet into the ugg boots, picked up my wrecked dress & stepped out of Emily & Sam’s bedroom with my bag. I passed the laundry & threw my dress into the washing machine. Quietly, I walked back down the hallway & leaned against the kitchen counter. The boys bantered on like a family. Emily’s kitchen was a friendly place, bright with white cupboards & pale wooden floor-boards. On the little round table, a cracked blue-and-white porcelain pitcher was overflowing with wildflowers. They all seemed so at ease here. Emily was mixing a huge batch of eggs, several dozen in a big yellow bowl. The sleeves of her lavender shirt were pushed up & Sam stood next to her helping. Every couple of seconds he would lean down & kiss the dark scars on her cheek or pat her round belly. Paul was stuffing his mouth with his third bowl of spaghetti bolognaise. “Oi, Paul! – Save some for Shiah,” Emily chastised him, smacking him on the head with the egg beater. “Pig,” Jared stuck his tongue out at him. I think he was up to his fourth bowl now, I’d already lost count. I sat down with the two boys at the table & ate my bowl of spaghetti bolognaise. “Shiah, would you like an omelette?” Sam pointed to the food he just piled onto the plate that he held in his hand. “Yes please,” I grinned at him as he passed me the plate of delicious omelette. I immediately dug into my humongous omelette & was glad when my tummy felt full. Sam & Emily came to sit down & eat with us shortly after & we all fell into easy conversation. Emily was right too, it sure did look cold outside but with the guys running at about 108 degrees each, it was pretty cosy. A howl outside got everybody’s attention; it practically made me jump out of my skin. “What is it?” I wondered frantically, looking at Sam. He just smiled at me. “It’s the pack. We gotta go out on patrol now,” Sam said to me. I nodded, realizing from what they told me earlier. “How many of you are there?” I wondered – not meaning to sound rude – when dad told me the stories there wasn’t any more than three in a pack. “There are ten of us… for now.” Jared answered me. “When will you all be back?” I asked, missing them already. “We’ll be back before you wake up in the morning. Its Saturday tomorrow, which means the whole pack, will be here for our family breakfast that Emily always cooks.” Paul assured me. I pouted, morning seemed so far away. Emily stood up & cleared all our plates from the table to the sink. “Are you going to tell the pack about me?” Sam nodded. “We’ll tell them tonight & then we’ll let the elders know tomorrow morning before we come back for breakfast.” “Okay.” “Don’t miss me while I’m gone Shy,” Paul winked at me, already making a nickname for me. “Of course not, who would miss you?” I narrowed my eyes, mockingly. Sam & Jared laughed at Paul while he just rolled his eyes & caught me up in a big bear hug. “Dude, I can’t breathe properly,” I yelped. Paul let me go & Jared kissed me on the forehead like he was my big brother. “Be good for Emily, Shy. I don’t want to come back tomorrow morning & see her angry with you.” I glared at him like a little kid. Paul & Jared chortled as I followed them out & stood on the front porch with Emily. They all phased into their wolf form & ten enormous wolves ran through the forest, the warmth of Emily’s hand on my shoulder the only reminder that this truly wasn’t all a dream. “Do you want anymore blankets Shy?” Emily requested. I was in the spare bedroom, lying on the double bed, covered in at least two thick blankets & a sheet. “No thanks Emm, I’m pretty warm now,” I answered politely. “Okay.” She tucked me in the blankets like I was a little kid & put a glass of water on the bed-side table. “I’ll see you in the morning Emm,” I said. “Yep, see you in the morning Shy,” she guaranteed, turning out the lights. When she shut the door behind her I pulled my bag over to me & zipped it open. I closed my eyes & at last I was granted with a dreamless sleep. When Gareth told me we needed to leave I quickly packed all our essential things in this bag. I pulled out my wallet. It had three credit cards – two that used to belong to Gareth & one which belongs to me. There was so much money on these things for me to last for years among years on end. Gareth always was good with his money. All my credit card had on it was the money dad had left for me, which was a lot. Strangely I always found myself thinking that maybe he saved it for me instead of using it when we really needed it. I had a couple of twenty dollar notes left, my driver’s licence & my motorbike licence. My car would still be in Port Angeles – of no one had stolen it yet that is – at the shopping mall car park. I still had the car keys packed in the small zipped up compartment in my bag. I’d have to find a way to get there. Maybe I could organise a shopping trip with Emily – besides I couldn’t keep using her clothes forever, right? My IPhone was in there too, along with the charger. It wasn’t like anyone was gonna call me though, I only had Gareth in my contacts & we never stayed in a place long enough for me to have friends let alone get their numbers. I pulled out my camera & turned it on. Slowly, I flicked through the photos of Gareth, me, the both of us. We’d been to so many places, I wouldn’t even be able to list my favourites without hitting past one hundred. There was one picture that I couldn’t click past. It was just of Gareth. He sat on a rock looking out at the ocean. Behind him the sky was dark grey, threatening to spill rain at any second. We were in New Zealand at the time. I’d caught him off guard – which was always a rare thing – and when I’d taken the photo he was laughing at me because I kept getting the hiccups. His eyes looked like liquid gold underneath his shaggy black & brown hair. I switched off the camera & shoved it back in my bag, cuddling into the warm blankets. After crying my eyes out I slipped into a beautiful dreamless sleep.