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Her name is Shiah. She's the long lost sister or the Quileute Tribe - Embry's twin sister who disappeared with his unknown father the day after they were born. (Embry's mum is the one with pack blood instead of Embry getting his 'wolf' from his father)
She ends up back in La Push with the pack after her dad passes away.
Such an interesting twist.. confusing.. yet interesting.
Her life is continuously changing.

I hope you like this. I've been working on this for a while but never put it up. It becomes less puzzling in the next couple of chapters :)
Oh & it does have a few naughty words in it so just warning you

2. 2. Steel my heart away..

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I woke to a quiet sprinkle of rain. Looking out the window I could see the clouds hiding the sun from emerging. A smile lit my face. I didn’t want to get out of bed; I was just so warm underneath all the piles of blankets. I snuggled in deeper under the blankets trying to see if I could go back to sleep but the laughter & soft chattering down the hall kept me awake. Slugging out from under my warm blankets I put on the ugg boots & walked out the door. The lounge room & kitchen was lit up. I saw the back of ten heads sitting on the big blue couch & Emily was running around the kitchen cooking like crazy. “Do you need help Emily?” I asked her. She looked up from what she was doing & grinned at me. “Well good morning Shy, did you sleep well?” She enveloped me in a hug. Of course she would ignore my offer. “I slept great, thanks.” “That’s lovely,” she got back to chopping up mushrooms. “Boys if you actually want breakfast you kinda have to HELP out a little too you know!” Emily yelled at them, like a sister would to her brothers if they were staying over. Ten boys stood up from the couch & walked over to the kitchen counter. Jared, Paul, Sam & seven others I didn’t know. Paul picked me up straight away in one of his bear hugs. I went from feeling freezing to hot in a second. “Good morning Shy,” He whispered in my ear. I chuckled. “Good morning to you too Paul,” I replied. “So did you miss me?” Jared wondered as he walked over & kissed me on my forehead again. “That depends, did you miss me?” I ask. “Sure did.” I laughed. “Then I missed you too.” Sam cleared his throat & immediately he had everyone’s attention. “Well Shiah, this is - ” “Wait a sec.” I cut him off before he went any further. Sam looked at me questioningly. “I already know who they all are - Seth, Leah, Collin, Brody, Embry, Quil & Jake.” I pointed to each as I named them. They all seemed unsurprised. Obviously, Paul, Jared & Sam had notified them about my little memory thing. Inside, I was shocked I was right. Part of me wished I wasn’t, I was already too confused. “Nice to meet you guys.” I smiled & waved awkwardly over to them. “Yeah you to Shiah, we’ve heard a lot about you,” Seth beamed at me. He looked to be a tall gangly kid with nice muscular arms & a cute face. I let out a giggle. “So you already know how strange I am?” “I think strange would be an understatement,” Jake replied, smiling at me. I narrowed my eyes & poked my tongue out at him like a cheeky two year old. But the way he was staring at me caught me off guard & I felt this invisible pull towards him. I looked back into his deep chocolate brown eyes, like mud pies; I could get lost in them for days. There was a funny feeling swirling around my stomach, like I needed to be near him. I forgot everything; the only thing that mattered was him. Even my own name seemed to be lost to me, like gravity just didn’t exist, wasn’t there to hold me anymore, it was him. He was so beautiful. “So, do you know anything about those vamps that were around here?” Leah asked me. I nodded my head, bringing myself back out of my day dreams. “They were chasing me & my friend Gareth – he was a vampire too. But these other ones, they weren’t like he was. There were only three of them & their eyes were red. They killed my friend but I got away before they could get me, although I’m not sure if I was of any purpose to them in the first place.” “Well, it’s okay now anyway, they’re long gone from here.” Jake hurried to comfort me; coming up from behind & wrapping his warm arms around my waist. He snuggled his head on my shoulder & his warm cheek brushed against mine. His large hands sat on my tummy & I covered them with my own. Who was this boy to just steel my heart with just one look? Just his touch made me crazy. About a minute had passed so far, maybe forever? The boys looked at Jake with frowns upon their faces. Then it clicked, like a light bulb flashing atop their heads. “Whoa, you’re kidding?! You’ve imprinted on her Jake?!?!?!?!” Paul whined. I froze. REALLY?!?!I just got imprinted on. With Jacob! That’s what it was?! Wow. All the boys laughed. “What’s wrong Paul; did you actually think you had a shot?” Leah tormented him. Paul growled at her. “Yes! Far out, you suck Jake, that’s not even fair.” Paul pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked like a little kid. I giggled. “Naww, Paul it’ll be ok. You aren’t the only one who’s shocked.” I said to him. “Yeah but at least you’re happy with it,” he replied. I smiled. I was happy with it. Time, it went so quickly sometimes. I don’t think I’d be able to ever get used to this. Jake imprinted on me! I mean like, oh my god. There were so many mixed emotions; I didn’t know what to feel or what to say. Suddenly I knew exactly how Emily must feel being around these boys. “I don’t think she even has a choice man, she was head over heels just by looking at him,” Seth said, grinning widely. I rolled my eyes. Was it that obvious? “Congrats bro,” Quil gave Jake an approving smile. “Good luck Shy, Jake is one hell of a pain in the ass,” Embry winked at me. There was something about Embry… something the same… Jake growled at him sarcastically. “So, I guess I was part of conversation last night?” I half smiled. Brody snorted. “More like the only conversation, you were all Jake asked about, he couldn’t stop questioning about you, – even when he hadn’t met you he wanted you, Paul was going insane – what your hair looked like, what colour your eyes were, what your voice sounded like…” He rolled his eyes. With stunning speed, Jake yanked a can opener from the draw counter & launched it at Brody’s head. Brody’s hand flicked up faster than I would have thought possible, and he snagged the utensil before it hit his face. But with the same aggravation, Brody flipped it around & hurled it straight back but his aim wasn’t too good. The can opener was going straight for my head & before I could duck out of the way to move away from it Jake caught it in mid-air just a couple of centimetres from me. I could feel Jake’s arms tensing & he began to shake. I knew it was a sign of him losing his control & about to phase. Before I thought about what I was doing I instantly turned around & placed one hand on Jake’s chest & the other on his cheek, making him look me in the eye. Jake stopped shaking but his breathing was heavy & his heart sped up from my touch. He looked at me frantically, glancing all over my face in worry everywhere in his eyes. “Shhhh, Jake, everything’s ok,” I said, touching his lips with my thumb, trying to calm him as best I could. “But are you alright?” he asked, worry drenched in his voice. I chuckled; panicked. “Jeez, you retard! I’m fine.” He exhaled in relief & pulled me in tightly for a hug. His warmth enveloped me & I could hardly breathe, but I didn’t really mind. “Boys - that is not how we treat each other around here! Learn more respect for yourselves, each other,” she sighed, then added “And my kitchen utensils!” Emily shouted at them, pointing a wooden spoon in Brody’s face. “Sorry Emily,” Jake apologized. “Yeah, sorry Emily,” Brody confessed. Emily rolled her eyes at them. “Now, each of you go sit your ass down on the dining chairs & breakfast will be ready shortly. No arguing & no throwing things around or you can go sit outside in the rain.” I smiled to myself at Emily’s motherly caution. She winked at me & got back to cooking with Sam as the rest of us did what she said. Things were amazing.