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Her name is Shiah. She's the long lost sister or the Quileute Tribe - Embry's twin sister who disappeared with his unknown father the day after they were born. (Embry's mum is the one with pack blood instead of Embry getting his 'wolf' from his father)
She ends up back in La Push with the pack after her dad passes away.
Such an interesting twist.. confusing.. yet interesting.
Her life is continuously changing.

I hope you like this. I've been working on this for a while but never put it up. It becomes less puzzling in the next couple of chapters :)
Oh & it does have a few naughty words in it so just warning you

3. Unbelievable & Unforgettable

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I observed the ten boys as they chatted to each other about random things that seemed to pop out of their mouths at the same time it came to their brains. It was hilarious too; the things they said, they way they said them & their facial expressions as they did so. I was unexplainably fascinated. “Do you wanna go for a walk?” Jake whispered in my ear. The rest of the pack kept on talking as if they couldn’t hear but I was certain they were listening to every word perfectly. “Do you?” Jake whispered again & I giggled as his lips brushed my ear & tickled me. “Yeah, ok.” I agreed, hopping out of my chair & pushing it back underneath the table. Jake took my small hand in his & it was like electricity zapping through my veins & making my heart make this massive invisible explosion. No one but me seemed to notice. “See ya guys,” Jake said over all the voices & everyone looked over to us. “Bye,” everyone said individually over each other. “See ya Shy,” Paul waved & gave me a cocky smile. Leah nudged him in the chest & he gave a nervous gaze over my head & then quickly looked back at me. I smiled at him & winked. “Don’t be out too long, there’s a storm coming, you know that Jacob.” Emily called after us. She was eyeing Jacob with a warning… again. “Sure thing Emily,” Jake replied, waving to her as he dragged me down the front steps. “The storm will be over by the meeting tonight anyway, you have nothing to worry about.” Emily rolled her eyes at him. “Goodbye.” “Bye,” I yelled as Jake lead me through the track across the road. The last three hours since I’d woken up had been brilliant. All of them had accepted me into their lives… into their family. I felt on top of the world, like I’d been given the most amazing gift on earth. I was so happy. Everything I’ve ever wanted seemed to just have been handed to me in a matter of hours. I feel like I’m dreaming. I’ve been smiling so much my cheeks were aching. I didn’t know how long we were walking & thinking like this but I was quickly aware of the smell of saltwater & waves crashing. Jake’s hand was in mine, so warm & soft. Then it became way too much for Jake. “Can you please tell me what you’re thinking, before I go mad?” Jake stopped & pulled me to him. He cupped my face in his warm hands & his eyes glued to mine. “Shy, you’re lips are almost blue!” I breathed. How long had it been since I breathed? Jake raised his brows & I knew that if I didn’t say something he was going to explode. But that could be funny to see. I stood there on the sand with him so close to me. His scent was overpowering my head & I felt all gooey & soft. I grabbed the two bits of his shirt that were around his hips to help me from not collapsing into him. “I’m fine Jake, I was just thinking about stuff & I was surprised by how happy it made me feel,” I whispered & looked into his beautiful brown eyes. Jake sighed & his warm luscious breath blew over my face & I closed my eyes. When i opened them he looked relaxed & perfect. “What ‘stuff’ were you thinking about that’s making you happy?” He asked more gently & patiently. I inhaled through my nose slowly & then decided my answer. “It was because of you. You’re family makes me feel happy & loved & at home. I like it, I love them, already.” My answer seemed to stun Jake. My favourite smile lit up his face & i swore I could see his eyes sparkling. His whole face was practically beaming. “So you love them?” “Yes.” He laughed. “Shy that’s great! They all love you to ya know - already. It’s like we’ve known you forever, you’ve just crawled into our hearts in such a short amount of time. Last night, when Sam, Jared & Paul told us about you, they were trying incredibly hard to hide their happiness from their voices but it wasn’t working, their happiness was very contagious.” I laughed in joy. “I never knew time could go so fast, Jake. It’s crazy, life is crazy…” He smirked. “Not as crazy as you though.” I chuckled & pushed him away with my small little hands. “What’s going to happen tonight, at the meeting thing?” I was aching to know everything he knew. Maybe I could get it out of him…? “You’ll just have to wait & see Shy,” Jake shrugged. “Can you just tell me one of the things?” I pleaded, empathising a pout upon my lips. He laughed. “No way,” he shook his head, stubborn. I narrowed my eyes & frowned. “Please?” He shook his head, not looking me in the eyes. I was going to win. “I said no Shy.” I stepped closer towards him, struggling to keep my own control when his warmth enveloped me. “Are you sure about that?” I whispered breathlessly. He exhaled, his warm breath brushing across my collarbone. We were so close, I could feel his heart beating in the same fast pace as mine underneath my hand resting on his chest. “Yes,” he replied, his voice all husky & rough. “Just one thing,” I asked. Both his arms were around my waist now, pulling me in closer so we were chest to chest. Weakly, he shook his head. It was shocking this ‘power of the imprint’. “So there isn’t anything? Nothing at all?” I whispered. I’d just have to stretch up on my tip-toes & press my lip to his… “Well, there is one thing,” he sighed, giving in, almost. “Yes?” I murmured. He didn’t answer me. I looked into his eyes, searching for something, an answer to all my questions. But all his eyes gave were a smile. A heart-melting-exploding-smile that made me feel weak in the knees. Slowly, he leant down to me. My arms unconsciously wrapped around the back of his neck, my fingers tangling themselves in his shaggy black hair. Finally, his lips touched mine, so soft & gentle. My entire world seemed to freeze at this moment, savouring this second where no words needed to be spoken. All I knew was him, just him, everywhere. A lot earlier than I wanted him too, he pulled away. His lips leaving mine made me feel so lost again. Jake watched me for my reaction, his eyes glazing over me intensely. I smiled at him & I could feel my cheeks blushing. “You know, you’re even more beautiful when your cheeks blush,” he whispered, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. I narrowed my eyes & my cheeks went another unbelievable shade of pink underneath my russet skin. He laughed as he watched my cheeks change colour over & over again. I looked down, but I couldn’t keep my eyes away from his for very long. I was still trying to compose my emotions. I hadn’t found my mouth to speak yet. “You know, I didn’t tell you to stop kissing me?” I raised my eyebrows & he grinned crookedly. My heart just went up in fireworks & I couldn’t get my lips to his fast enough. He kissed me differently this time, harder, more urgently. Slowly he pushed open my mouth with his. His tongue slid along my bottom lip & I pushed myself closer, making him growl. The sound gave me a random sort of ‘high’ like if he went any further I wouldn’t be able to stop; my need for him would be uncontrollable. Then it began to rain.