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Till Death to Us Part

Three friends, one town and a hundred years of adventurs..at least for one of them. When Carlee Rye came home form a short summer's break with her grandmother in California she never expected to find that her whole world would be turned on it's head. Love, pain, friendship and hardship follows her up until the day everyone dies; and beyond. Banner, Till Death do Us Part

This will take place in first person point of view, including that of Carlee's, her two best friends Lucy and Aribelle but a few other character whose names haven't been revieled.

1. Introduction

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It was mid July when I found myself pulling into my driveway after a few weeks away from Forks, Washington. It was wet with the threat of more rain to come.

"Home sweet home, I guess." I noted pulling my hood over my head. It would be three years until I could leave this sad, lonely place for good. But that was still a long ways off and I had things I had to do now. Walking to the front door I pulled out my key and unlocked the door stepping in before the first drops of a new rain started to fall from the sky. There wasn't much to do when I was home alone but I found ways to make the time pass. The most popular and one I loved the most was picking up a piece of paper and pencil and scribble random doodles all over the page. Sometimes I'd end up with something half decent but mostly I'd end up with a page of scribbles, but either way it was fun.

But for some reason today just wasn't the day for sitting at the kitchen table and drawing. I walked down the hall to the largest room in the house, this was my room. My parents instead I take it three summers ago and the week I spent with my grandmother in California they had taken the liberty of moving, throwing out and paint this new room for me. Needless to say, when I got home I was very upset. I told them I didn't want the room and for sure it wasn't going to stay ‘bubble-gum pink' for long. Four days later my room was repainted, one wall being dark brown the other three a light bamboo green. My furniture was moved and rearranged to a zen-like feel, my passion of the time. Since then, not much has changed; accept for the new laptop, flat screen with other accessories and the window treatments.

I sighed deeply and walked over to one of the four bookshelves that housed just under a quarter of the books I owned and randomly chose a book, The Jungle Book by Upton Sinclair. Shrugging at my choice I flopped down on my bed belly side down and opened the book. I knew the beginning, middle and end by heart but I knew that about most books, or people. My grandmother says I have the gift of ‘Reading' meaning I know someone the heartbeat I see them. I don't really know if that's true but I do remember most everything I'm told or I read. I pass every test and nearly always write the answers as if I'm taking notes. I still haven't figured out if it's a gift or a curse.

By the time I reached chapter eleven I hear my stomach growl in hunger. Folding down the corner of the page I walk to the kitchen and prepaid a feast fit for a king! That is if your king likes prepackaged meat, processed cheese and white bread. Either way it didn't matter to me. I snagged a soda from the fridge and a small snack sized back of chips. I sat at the kitchen table in my favorite chair and watched the rain drops splatter against the window pain. My eyes wandered for a few bites of my sandwich and then locked with a dark spot in the forest. I don't know why I was so intent on that one spot but for whatever reason I couldn't force myself to look away. Setting my food back on the plate I walked around the table and got closer to the window. Still I saw nothing but my eyes were dead set on that one area. Then I thought I saw a flash of moment and I was out the door in two heart beats. I ran across the lawn and stopped just before the woods started. My heart was pounding and the rain got heavier clouding my vision. ‘What's out there?' I wondered not daring to move closer but also not daring to blink. Then a car door slammed shut cutting through my concentration.

"Honey, we're home!" My father's voice rang.

"Sweetie, what are you doing out here in the rain?" My mom asked jingling her car keys.

"I," I had to think quickly without lying. "I thought I saw something." Shaking my head I turned away from the woods but quickly turned back, a twig snapped.

"Come on it's just a deer." My dad waved me over. "We got groceries and need your help."

Again I turned from the woods only this time, I didn't turn back.