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illusional dance

The Stryder's meet the Cullen's... love is in the air... along with plenty of other emotions & things.

Well, I had this random thought, then after a while I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, so i did what any other insane person would do: wrote it down & put it on this lovely website ;)

At them moment I'm unsure of how to rate this, for it does have some 'naughty words' in it but it's also kinda for teens as well. For now I'm just putting it as everyone :)

1. Greetings Of Smugness

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My brother, Luke, drove us through the small town of Forks. It was in the middle of the afternoon, rain was falling down softly from the clouds that covered any hope of seeing the sun shine before it set. In this inconsequential town it rains more than any place in the United States of America. It was for this reason that my mother, Christina, chose this place as our new home for the next couple of years.

“Sienna,” Emma said to me – she’s my new younger sister; only new to this life for eight months so far. “How do you know I can do this? I know I can’t.”

My younger sister doesn’t really look like me. We have the same pale white skin & soon she’ll have the same golden eyes as me too. Her hair is a dark brown & it’s short, just finishing above her shoulders. She's taller than me as well, but only just. I care for her so much its silly.

“Nonsense, Emma I believe in you! You’ve been going incredibly well these last months. You can do this. I know you won’t hurt anybody.” I told her.

She looked back at me with eyes like red flames of fire. I could remember that only half a year ago, when she was a merely fragile human, those eyes used to be a gorgeous icy blue…

“But what if you’re wrong?” she looked down & her bottom lip quivered.

Our older sister laughed & turned around from her spot in the front passenger seat to look at us both. “Since when is Sienna wrong Emm,” She questioned in a smile, raising her eyebrows.

Michaele – Micky as we like to call her – has been my sister ever since I was brought into this world. Her mate Luke – who is my ‘adopted’ brother, of course - was the one who turned me & she’s been there for me always.

Emm cracked a smile. “Never,” she replied, rolling her eyes.

“Exactly! I am willing to admit though, I might not be right all the time, but I definitely am not ever wrong.” I grinned.

Micky chuckled but nodded in agreement; her straight, sandy blonde hair bouncing upon her shoulders as she did so.

When we reached the main part of town Emm cut off her breathing – just to be safe. She didn't need to do that. We were in the car with the windows down, no human scent was going to come anywhere near us unless we got out.

"Precautions, precautions," Luke winked at me, understanding the expression on my face.

Next to me, to my right, Sam had his hand resting on my knee as he shared his thoughts with me & read my own. Sam - my best friend & little brother. I’d turned him back in 1893 when he’d been diagnosed with this un-heard-of brain cancer. He just looked so adorable; tanned skin, blue eyes, curly brownish-bronze hair – I honestly could not help myself. We hadn’t left each other’s sides since. He knew every one of my secrets & I knew all of his. Our family thought we were going to end up as mates, and even though the idea was appealing to the both of us, it was different, somehow.

“Kids, do you read me?” Dad’s voice came over the CB radio. Why on earth Dad needed to use a CB radio to talk to us when he could whisper it in his car and we'd still hear it was mind-boggling to me. Dad and his obsessions with technology. Sigh...

Luke picked it up from the holder on the middle console & brought it up close to his mouth to speak. “Yeah dad, loud & clear,” he replied.

“Sweet. Now you all remember the Cullen’s who I've told you about plenty of times in our conversations?”

“Sure do dad, what about them?”

“Well, I told Carlisle we’d drop by to say hello before we showed you kids the house. Is that cool?”

“Yeah, sounds great.”

“Wonderful. My darling children I want you to all behave, okay? The Cullen’s are brilliant & I want you on your best manners.” Mums voice cautioned over the CB radio.

The five of us ‘darling children’ laughed at our mother’s simple warning.

“No problem mummy, we’ll make you proud,” Luke replied in an overly sweet voice.

“Don’t use sarcasm with me Lucas Stryder. Is Emm feeling any calmer?” Luke turned his eyes off the road to glance at Emm questioningly.

She nodded. “I’m slightly better.”

I took her small hand in mine; my little sister needed some comfort at least.

“Yeah mum, she’s feeling better.”


“Over & out.”

“Over & out,” Mum repeated & Luke hung up the CB radio.

Are you nervous about meeting these Cullen’s, sis? Sam asked me mentally.

I shrugged. Of course not, it’ll be interesting. I’ve never met other vegetarians except for Tanya’s family though. I wonder how this will turn out.

Dad seems to be on good terms with them. I mean, he's known Carlisle for five centuries, right? And Mum wouldn’t have chosen forks if they weren’t confident of that. I’m surprised we haven't met them before this actually. His words were assuring.

I nodded & covered the hand he had on my knee with my own.

Mum & Dad were in the car in front of us, driving dad’s brand new black Chrysler. I realized we’d already gone straight through Forks when dad turned down a drive that – just like most of the other streets around Forks – had greenery on both sides of the road. The gravelled driveway went for about two kilometres, serpent-like as it twisted & curled around the ancient trees.

Eventually we reached a lawn that was about the size of a small meadow. An entire acre was shadowed by the vast sweeping branches of six primordial cedars. The trees held a protective shadow all the way up the walls of the house, making obsolete the deep porch that wrapped around the first story. It looked perfectly timeless, painted a soft white, three stories high, rectangular & well proportioned. Either the unique doors & windows were part of the original structure or an ideal restoration. I could smell, hear & see the river close by. I’d bet that the rooms on the third story would have the most amazing view of it.

Luke stopped the car & we all got out. Dad pulled up in front of us & together we walked up the stairs to the front porch. I kept hold of Emma’s hand, I could tell her instincts were striking the urge to protect & defend as we came closer to the door. I knew how controlling newborn instincts were, from experiencing them myself, and i could only feel sympathy for her as she squeezed my hand tighter. Even though it hurt, i didn't complain.

Sam stood next to me, shoulder to shoulder. He was being protective of me, again. Really, dad didn’t need to knock – the Cullen’s would’ve already known we were here – but he was one for the effects so he knocked anyway. We all heard the footsteps & immediately the door opened to reveal a gorgeous topaz-eyed blonde the same age as dad. Carlisle.

“Stephen, good to see you’ve made it. You look fantastic!” Carlisle & dad shook hands.

Dad laughed. "What can i say, mate, you look just the same as you did five centuries ago. It's good to see you!"

Carlisle chuckled, used to my father's humour. “Please, come in.” He stepped back & the seven of us stepped inside.

The exterior was very open & quite large. My guess was that they had probably originally been several rooms, but the walls had just been removed to create one big space. The entire back wall had been replaced with glass & beyond the tall cedars, the lawn stretched bare to the wide river. Off to the west was a huge curved staircase & everything was in varying shades of white.

“Oh my, Esme, you’ve created such a masterpiece.” My mother appraised. "The designs you sent to me in your letters can not compare."

The one who must've been Esme laughed in delight as she descended from the stairs & wrapped her arm around my mum warmly. She had a gorgeous heart-shaped face and a certain radiance about her. It was impossible not to warm to this woman, i thought, she was lovely.

“Thank you Christina.” Esme smiled even wider.

“Well, Esme & Carlisle, this is the rest of our family,” Dad began to introduce us, “Lucas and Michaele, Sam, Sienna, and Emma.

“It’s so incredibly lovely to meet you five. You’re all just so gorgeous,” Esme complimented us in a motherly smile, kissing our cheeks.

You’d think she was about to offer us a glass of milk & cookies, huh? I smirked.

Maybe she’ll invite us over for a tea party? Sam and i smiled at the idea of a vampire tea party. Oh my...

Esme was such a kind person. She’d be an amazing mother if she were human, still now as a vampire her ‘adopted’ children would be lucky to have her. It reminded me of how proud I was to call Christina my mum, even though I wasn’t her own flesh & blood.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you too, Esme & Carlisle,” I replied with a grin. Both Esme & Carlisle smiled at me.

“So, where are your little darlings?” Mum wondered.

“Oh, they’re setting up for baseball. Alice saw a thunderstorm due & the five of them went off to set up so they’d be ready before we all got there.” Carlisle answered.

Dad laughed in excitement. “Fabulous. I’ve been looking forward to a good game of ball.

Carlisle nodded in agreement. “Certainly.”

Esme turned & zoomed off down the hallway behind the staircase. She was back in the same second.

In her arms she held pairs of extra clothes. “Our family does tend to get a little untidy – that’s why I prefer being the referee instead - and i keep these; they don’t need another reason to ruin their clothes so Alice can shop for more," She rolled her eyes, but with the amount of love in her eyes for her children held no fight against her slightly accusing words. "So, there’s a white team & a blue team, you can just change into these.” She shrugged & held the clothes out for us.

“I think I’ll join you in refereeing Esme,” Mum stated, looking at her new designer skinny-jeans she only got yesterday.

I took a thin navy-blue singlet & a matching baseball cap. Emma took a blue t-shirt & threw it on over her singlet. Sam went white - just to annoy me – and so did Luke & Micky. Dad grabbed a blue top as well, giving me a light punch on the shoulder. We were a good team, my father and I.

Quickly, I pulled the singlet underneath my shirt & then took off my t-shirt once I’d got it on properly. Mum took my shirt from me without me asking & shoved it inside her handbag.

Sam took the hat from my hands & put it on my head backwards. “Sassy,” he nodded approvingly, giving me a wink.

I stuck my tongue out at him like a cheeky two year old & he laughed at me.

“Shall we?” Carlisle raised his eyebrows, opening the back door.

“Yes we shall,” Dad replied, clapping Carlisle on the shoulder & we followed them both out, running across the back lawn & jumping the river with ease.

Once we’d gotten into the protection of the tress I caught five different scents – Esme & Carlisle’s kids had left us a track.

“Race you there?” Sam glanced at me with a challenging look in his eye. I gave him a devious smile. “Bring it on little bro.”

We sped up & got in front of the others easily. Sam pushed my shoulder roughly – I almost went head long into a pine tree – but I knew him too well & knocked his foot with my arm & ran off in front of him. Easy!

I let out a joyful laugh as I reached the clearing before he did.

I didn’t turn around as Sam came up from behind me & chucked me over his shoulder, wrapping his arms around my legs as I hung up-side-down.

“You cheater,” he accused me in a playful tone.

I giggled. “Dude, you so asked for it. Now put me down!”

“No way, not until you apologize for cheating.” He said stubbornly. I could imagine the almost victorious smile on his lips.

But I was just as stubborn as he. “Never! Put me down Samuel James Stryder, right now!” He made no move to follow my warnings. Little bastard.

“Do not make me bite you,” I warned. There was laughing & I suddenly realized we had an audience.


“Remember what I said earlier Sam, behave.” Mum advised him in a deadly whisper that promised pain if he didn’t obey.

I had to suppress a laugh from slipping out. Sam pulled me down from his shoulder & we turned around to face the small little audience.

Everyone stood in front of us. There were five I didn’t know but I was positive that they were the others in Carlisle & Esme’s family.

Beside me, Sam rested his arm around my shoulders casually, giving an apologetic smile to mum.

“Stephen, Christina, Luke, Michaele, Sam, Sienna, and Emma this is our children – Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, Emmet, and Edward.” Carlisle introduced, pointing to each of us as he said our names.

Rosalie. She was tall & had golden blonde hair that waved gently to the middle of her back. She was astonishingly gorgeous, even for a vampire, with her golden-topaz eyes. She stood with elegance & a sort of class like a professionally trained model.

Jasper. He was tall & lean with honey blonde hair. His skin was absolutely covered in scars. I got this sudden shiver of fright as I looked at him. He had the same kind of marks as I did on my skin, except his were multiplied. I couldn’t help wondering how many vampires had attempted to kill Jasper & utterly failed - he’d never lost. His eyes were slightly darker than the others.

Alice. She was quite small & petite, thin in the extreme although not unattractively so. Her hair was short, inky black & spiking in all directions. She looked like a little ballerina, holding Jasper’s hand & standing gracefully beside him.

Emmet. He was taller than all the Cullen & very burly. He had a sort of cute childish look; curly dark brown hair & dimples with the little half smile he had playing upon his lips. His body was unbelievably muscular & attractive. Just looking at him you could tell he was stronger than most vampires.

Edward. His hair was in a messy sort of style & an unusual but brilliant natural bronze. He was tall & slender with a muscular body. His face was angular with high cheek bones & a strong jaw-line. He looked to be the same age as Sam, Emma & I. None of my siblings said anything.

Why am I always the one to speak first?! I complained to Sam.

You secretly love it. He answered.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” I announced, speaking with confidence and smiling.

“Thank you. We’re glad to have finally met you all as well. Finally!” Alice spoke sincerely in a delicate soprano & bounced forward to embrace me in a tight hug.

I smirked & wrapped my arms around her tiny frame. “I can already tell that we’re going to get along magnificently. I know that you like shopping, Rose, mum & I were wondering if you girls would like to join us Tuesday afternoon.” She suggested.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion. "Aren't you the psychic one? Doesn’t that mean you would already know?"

She let out a twinkling laugh. “Yay! And yes - you're very smart. There are tonnes of sales on this week & I would love to help you three with your new wardrobes!” I loved her already.

“Alice, dear,” Esme looked at her pointedly, shaking her head disbelieving.

She just shrugged & winked at me, then went to hug the rest of my siblings like she’s known them forever.

Now that is one little energetic pixie. Sam complimented.

I completely agree. I can’t wait to go shopping though.

Of course you can’t, you’re probably just as crazed about it as Alice is.

I rolled my eyes.

“Are we ready for a game or what?” Jasper questioned. His voice was thick with a southerly accent, like mine, and I was surprised that part of me actually expected it.

“Oh yeah,” Luke grinned widely.

“Ok, team up & we’ll toss a coin for who bats first.” Esme called.

Sam moved over with dad enthusiastically, practically bouncing out of his skin in excitement.

“Looks like you’re in my team, Sienna,” Emmet gave me a smile, his voice all husky & alluring as he walked up beside me. He was in blue long sleeve shirt. Part of me was glad of the way it clung to his body, showing off his muscles. Why did I like that?! Wait, no, who wouldn't like that?!

“You better be good Cullen; I don’t enjoy losing,” I gave him a seductive grin.

“Alright, Jasper heads or tails?” Esme asked.

“Heads,” he replied just as Esme flipped the coin. “Tails. Emmet, how do you wanna start off?” Emmet looked down at me, one of his eyebrows raised.

I shrugged.

“We’ll field first thanks mum.”

“Okay, white you’re batting.” Esme said, moving back to stand with mum.

We all spread out around the field that was like ten times as large as an average human baseball ground.

Emma, Dad, Alice, Emmet, Carlisle & I, took to the field. Dad stood behind Jasper who was standing at home plate, swinging an aluminium bat around in the air. Carlisle stood around the first, second & third bases, Emma chose to stay between third base & home base while Emmet & I stood out the back near the line of the trees.

“Batter up,” Esme called in a clear voice. Jasper got into his position & stared Alice down with a mocking glint in his eye. Alice held the ball in both of her small hands at her waist & without any further indication, she flicked it out.

Jasper brought the bat around & smashed it; the impact echoing off the mountains like thunder. Emmet twisted around, heading straight for the first line of trees. He climbed straight up one of the pine trees & as the ball was about to pass him he jumped out & caught it in his hands, landing on his feet back on the ground.

He looked straight at me & winked. “Out!” Esme yelled out.

I rolled my eyes. “Show off,” I murmured, resisting the urge to poke my tongue out at him.

He laughed.

The sound of it gave me butterflies. We kept playing, quickly learning each other’s tactics & almost immediately changing our own again.

Edward came up to bat & hit the ball straight towards where I stood near Emmet. I kept my eye straight on the ball & went for it, using my extra-fast speed to get me there. I jumped up & just trapped the ball in my right hand.

I expected to land on my own two-feet when I hit the ground, but somehow Emmet seemed to get underneath me & caught me in his muscular arms. He had the cheekiest twinkle in his eye & I laughed, shaking my head in disbelief.

Out!” Esme said again. I turned my head in shock to see Edward groan & zoom back.

Rosalie stepped up. “You know, that’s pretty shocking; to be faster than Edward. It’ll be a challenge for him to have someone as fast as he is.” she said, smiling at me and winking at her brother.

"I'll give you a race later, Sienna." Edward promised.

I just laughed, hoping he'd forget later. Which i knew was practically impossible.

As the game continued, the score was always changing. There were a couple of arguments between Luke & I, or Edward & Emmet, but our mother’s constantly called us to order. Rose hit the ball low, out of reach from Emma’s ready-hands to the left. Michaele knocked one so far out that both her & Rose made it in for a home run.

Esme was right too – we did get fairly messy. Both Emmet & I were smothered in mud. When it started to rain it only got worse & after the game was over & we had won I was drawing a big butterfly on Emmet’s face in sticky brown mud – he’d already drawn a tiger on my face.

Throughout the whole game I couldn’t stop laughing. Sam was telling Rose the stupidest jokes that somehow made Rose laugh & when she did laugh, Emmet & I would look at each other in confusion & start cacking ourselves too. It was strangely hilarious. We had somehow turned into little five year olds in a matter of hours.

“Children, you are not coming into Esme’s house looking like that. Get all the mud off you & we’ll bring out some dry clothes.” Mum said, walking inside with Esme while the ten of us ‘children’ stood outside.

Edward walked around the corner & came back out with the hose spraying cold water all over us. I screamed like a baby – really, the cold water didn’t bother me or vampires in general, but still… - and hid behind Emmet. But he only turned around, picked me up & ran under the hose while Edward squirted us with the water.

I noticed that the moon had risen & the clouds chose not to hide the stars. The night sky looked so pretty in this part of the world. And I’d been many places on this earth with stunning views of the stars.

Everyone was laughing & smiling. Luke & Micky, Jasper & Alice and even Sam & Rose were dancing together under the spray of water. It looked magical; the light of the moon somehow making the tiny droplets sparkle in the brightness before they hit the ground.

“Dance with me Sienna?” Emmet whispered & I couldn’t suppress my giggle as his lips tickled the top of my ear.

“I’d be delighted too,” I smiled up at him & for the millionth time since I met him only hours ago, my insides went insane with butterflies. I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck & let him lead me around under the fall of water droplets. He twirled me around in circles & lifted me up; sometimes we danced really fast & other times we were waltzing like elderly humans. We both were continuously laughing at ourselves & each other the entire time. I rested my head on his muscular chest & closed my eyes as he draped his arms around my waist.

“Are you having fun?” Emmet asked me.

“Definitely; I always wanted to dance in the rain.” I smirked.

He chuckled; his chest rumbling against the side of my face as he laughed. “So, you like dancing in the rain with me – even if it is just the water from the hose?”

I laughed & looked up at him. His hair was clean of mud but soaked in water. The water made his hair even curlier than what it was before, it looked cute. “Of course. I mean, you’re not the best dancer in the world but I guess I can teach you, one day.”I winked at him.

“Ok, we got you all some dry & clean clothes,” Esme called.

I lifted my head up to see her drop a basket of clothes on the porch steps. We all swamped around the basket. I pulled out a pair of denim short shorts & khaki tank-top – Rosalie’s scent was all over them. Quickly, I ran around the corner where no one could see me & got changed.

“You look good in my clothes,” Rose complimented as I came back.

I laughed. “Thanks. It looks like we’re both the same size too.”

“Yeah, when we go shopping on Tuesday I’ll show you all the best shops for us, you’ll love it.” Rose grinned.

“Are you girls really organizing shopping sprees already?” Sam moaned, walking up from behind Rose.

We both rolled our eyes. “Its girl stuff, you’ll never understand,” I told him.

Rose nodded. “Do you want us to hate each other Sam?”

“He probably wants us to have a fight over him or something. Typical.” I said, shrugging. Tormenting him was my favourite hobby.

“Will you just shut-up, you play so unfair.” Sam pretended to complain.

“Never said I’d play fair Honey,” Rose chuckled. She took Sam’s hand & they ran inside. Sneaky little shit Sam was - he'd already pulled half his bag of tricks and Rose was falling for him just as bad as he was falling for her. I chuckled to myself and shook my head.

I looked down at the clothes I held in my hand - they were completely saturated in water. I rang them out before hanging them over the porch fence where everyone else’s clothes were.

Emmet stepped inside after everybody else & I followed behind him. I had this urge to just pounce on him or something. Entirely without thought, I jumped onto his back.

He hesitated for a tiny millisecond & then growled at me mischievously, zooming straight up the stairs.

I chuckled & held on tightly as he ran down hallways & up more stairs. In the end we got to what I expected to be the dining room. It had a long white marble table in the middle with sixteen seats. A glass vase sat in the middle with stunning purple orchids overflowing from it.

Everyone was already seated & I awkwardly slipped off Emmet’s back in case my mother would somehow think of it as rude. Quietly & swiftly, we both pulled out a seat & sat down.

Sam was on my left & Emmet on my right. “So… what are we talking about?” Emmet broke the short silence.

“We just started discussing everyone’s gifts. Apparently we have quite the talented bunch.” Carlisle replied.

“Yes indeed.” Mum smiled.

“It’s nice to know I’m not the only mind reader around,” Edward grinned at Sam.

“Really, you’re a mind reader as well?” I asked, shocked. The only other type of mind reader I’ve ever known was Aro. “Can you share your own thoughts too?”

Edward shook his head. “My gift is different to Sam’s. I can hear anybody’s thoughts within a couple kilometres from me & even further if I’m familiar with their minds.” I nodded in understanding.

“That would become very handy in battle, being able to know your attackers movements before he even attempts them."

Emmet and Jasper snickered. "It’s unfair," Jasper murmured. I tried imagining Edward beating Jasper in a fight and found it almost impossible. Jasper looked like a professional, trained to fight. I would have to see it to believe it.

"Who else is gifted in your family, Edward?” Micky asked.

“Jasper can feel & manipulate people’s emotions. It’s quite helpful & mostly hilarious at times too,” Edward glanced over to his brother grinning.

Jasper chuckled.

“Alice can see the future."

"It’s not always sure though, the future is full of possibilities & it changes depending on what way people choose to go." Alice added, as if talking about her rare gift was boring. I was still unable to get over how astonishing her gift truly was.

"Emmet has his spectacular strength. Rose has her astonishing beauty. Esme has her youth & the most amazing ability to love the people around her with a passion. Carlisle has his incredible compassion-motivated self-control.” Edward answered.

“That’s awesome,” Micky admired, smiling.

“And I thought our family’s talent was good!” She snorted.

“What gifts does your family possess Micky?” Alice wondered. She obviously already knew though.

“Umm, well Luke is a tracker – almost as good as Demetri even. He can follow someone’s scent & picks up the way that his ‘prey’ is planning to go."

If Luke could blush, he would have. "Demetri and I may have the same type of ability but he has a different instinctual pull then i do."

Micky kept talking. "The decade we spent in Volterra, Luke and Demetri were able to work together with their gifts. Aro thought it was supreme and devastated that we didn't want to stay in the guard."

"So were you in the guard, for a time?" Jasper wondered curiously.

Sam answered, "We were all part of the Volturi for a short time, but none of us were particularly interested in staying for long. Their diet wasn't fit to ours and it was bothering that Aro acted as if he was superior to us."

Micky went on. "Emma is a fighter – she doesn’t look like one, but that’s her camouflage. It doesn’t matter how strong or fast the person is, she’ll always remain a couple of steps in front of them."

"Really?!" this spiked Emmet's attention. "Could you beat me?"

"Not now Emmet," Esme warned.

Emmet pouted.

"I could beat you, perhaps." Looking at Esme and our mother, she added, "Later though."

"Dad is kind of like a healer - he has the sense of knowing where or what someone has wrong with them & he can help that person in whatever way. Mum can see someone’s past with a physical touch. Aro was intrigued by that."

"Can you see everything or just bits and pieces," Alice chimed. She looked much more interested than I expected.

"I can see everything, dear. Even the bits and pieces that people have forgotten." Mum responded.

"Would you be able to read my past sometime? I've never been able to remember my human life, so I have never known my creator or what type of life i had, or anything for that matter. I'd be very grateful if you could help me, Christina." Alice almost pleaded.

Mum's topaz eyes turned to liquid gold. "Of course Alice, it would be a pleasure."

"Thank you," she smiled brightly, a whole new kind of hope shimmering in her eyes.

"You may go on, Michaele." Carlisle said. I was sure he knew what our gifts were from the plenty of times dad had discussed us with him, but he seemed interested.

"Sam can read people’s thoughts by touch & he can also share his own thoughts except he doesn’t need to physically touch someone for that. Sienna is double gifted – so she has two gifts, she isn’t just unbelievably fast. I can figure out any problem & solve it which sometimes makes me very paranoid although it is more helpful than you’d imagine.” She finished with a smirk.

"That’s very admirable Michaele,” Esme said.

“Yes, being able to solve any problem given to you... it's quite a trait to behold. Especially when Stephen told me about Sienna’s double gift. I must say, it sounds very astounding.” Carlisle said, a smile lingering on his lips.

A flurry of warmth seeped through my cold skin at his compliment and i half-smiled.

“What, being undeniably beautiful & sexy?” Emmet guessed.

I nudged him roughly in the chest with my elbow. It didn’t even seem to hurt him in the slightest. Instead he took my hand before I had the chance to move my arm away.

Carlisle chortled at his son’s statement. “Would you like to share it with the rest of my family Sienna?”

I nodded, nervously. In times like these, I hated being in the spotlight. “I’m an Illusionist.” Alice giggled – no doubt seeing something that would happen soon.

“An Illusionist?” Jasper questioned, frowning with confusion.

“Yes Jasper.” Mum laughed. “Maybe you need to clarify it a little Bubaloo.” I started speaking after realizing no one seemed to notice ‘Bubaloo’ – my family’s nickname for me which is sometimes shortened to Bub.

Why does mum have to be so embarrassing!

It's only because she loves you.

Right. That's why you do it too, huh?

Of course.

“Umm… I can make you feel, see, hear, smell or taste anything I choose. It helps when I’m being attacked or hurt & if anyone were to be immune to it, the only way would be if they had a mental shield with them or if they were one. I can usually blind or confuse my enemies but I hardly ever have to use them to defend myself. It’s fun though; I can make my family think that human food actually tastes good instead of absolutely revolting." I grinned, remembering the hilarious time Micky and I had discovered that. "It’s easy for us to fit in at schools as well, instead of wasting money on food we’re not going to eat. But the down side is it doesn’t last forever.” I stated, giving them a half smile.

It took a second for everyone who didn’t already know to understand it.

Emmet was the first to speak up. “So prove it, show me,” he challenged.

“Bro, if you were smart you honestly wouldn’t have asked that.” Sam told Emmet cautiously.

Sam knew everything about just how far & real my illusions were.

“So, bring it on.” Emmet shrugged.

I closed my eyes & concentrated.

I picture Emmet sitting right next to me, his hand still holding mine & his gorgeous eyes shining like liquid gold. Then I imagine a creature. It had big floppy bunny ears, with the body of a chameleon lizard & a donkey tail. Its eyes were bright purple & it had lips like a cow, big & red. Next I visualised it sitting by the glass vase, licking the orchids with a long neon yellow tongue.

In that second my consciousness heard Emmet gasp & I knew he could see it now. I made my creature smell like coconuts & lemons, the scent drifting around thickly in the air. I made Emmet hear each tiny lick of the flowers as it opened its large mouth & the soft tap of its foot as it beat against the table top to a mysterious melody in its strange little head. It looked up & stared at Emmet for a second while it stalked its way up to him & stood there in front of him.

“Who’s the bitch now?” It taunted in a hilarious Irish accent.

Finally I stopped the illusion & brought Emmet back to reality. “Holy crap, that was cool!” Emmet yelled enthusiastically. "How did you do that? It spoke to me! You guys didn't see it too?"

Our families shook their hands snickering at Emmet's expression.

“I guess it was kinda cool…” I replied, shrugging.

“Are you kidding? I could even smell that thing!”

“I know; I created it!”

“Whoa, Sienna you have to show me one too!” Jasper cooed, intrigued by the way Emmet seemed to be so curious about it.

“Okay,” I closed my eyes again.

In my mind I saw Jasper sitting next to Alice & Edward, his posture still & waiting. Instead of keeping the scene close to what Emmet’s was I changed it completely.

I imagined a forest, thick with trees & all things green. Jasper sat up high on a chunky branch, it felt rough & jagged where he rested his hands upon it. Across from him a couple of metres away were a jaguar. It was strong & jet black, teeth sharp enough to rip its victim apart as if it were butter. The animal didn’t pay any attention to Jasper at all; it was focused on its prey that was scurrying around in the bush below. I made him smell the sweet blood that pumped around the jaguar’s body, the humidity of the air surrounding him, the floral smell of the rare flowers growing on the trees & the quiet rain, almost as if he could taste them. In one swift movement the jaguar jumped, gliding through the air to fall down with its claws out, trapping the small rodent. Its bright yellow eyes glaring at anything & everything as it ran off to enjoy his meal.

Then I stopped, bringing Jasper back from the vision. “Wow,” he whispered breathlessly. “You were perfectly right Emmet; that sure is just... amazing.” Jasper nodded; he obviously approved. \

“I know,” I winked, grinning widely now.

You’re such a show off, Sam rested his hand on my knee again. His other arm was relaxed as it rested on Rose’s shoulders.

Looks like you & Rose are pretty comfortable together, huh?

Shut-up sis, I could say the same thing about you & Emmet.

Do you really think so? Already?

Babe, I know so, don’t even try to deny it.

“Sienna, dear,” Esme chimed. I looked at her pretty face in question.

“I was just curious. You see I love cooking but there’s no way none of us can eat it. Do you think that if I cook something up now & serve it up for everyone you’d be able to use your gift to make them like it? It’s not a test, just a favour.” She beamed.

There was no way I could resist that motherly face of hers. “Of course Esme, I’d love to.”

“Thank you,” she stood up & walked out of the room. Mum followed her into the kitchen & so did I.

Esme began pulling out some bowls & spoons & trays & other things like ingredients while mum helped out. I sat on one of the stools by the bench & watched them. I found them very amusing as they tattered around; laughing with each other while they worked. It was simple human things like these that they missed the most. It brought me such glee that I was the one who made them able to relive this happiness again – serving a meal for their family.

I found it funny. Already, in such a short period of time, I had begun to consider the Cullen’s as my family. Esme & Carlisle were like my Uncle and Aunty whilst the others were like my brothers & sisters. As if I needed a bigger family… but you know what they say: the more the merrier.

“What are you cooking mum?” Emmet came through the hallway.

“Dinner - For the entre it’s some Salt & Pepper Squid. Main is Spaghetti Bolognaise & lastly its desert, which is going to be some delicious Apple Crumble.” Esme answered proudly, still busying around in the kitchen.

“Sensational mum, I think you’ve outdone yourselves.” Edward complimented walking in with Emma.

“You don’t think we’re going overboard do you Sienna? You’ll still be able to work with all these different foods?” Esme looked at me with worry.

“There’ll be no worries with that Esme, I promise you.” I responded, assuring her with a smile.

"Sienna's very clever, Esme." Mum spoke proudly of me.

“Fantastic!” she grinned so wide it was like the room could’ve just exploded with her joy. I felt overwhelmed by it all. "Why don’t you show Emma around Edward? Be a gentleman?"

Edward gave a loving smile to Esme. "Mother, I'm always a gentleman," he kissed her cheek and lead Emma up the stairs.

Emma grinned broadly to me in excitement before her and Edward disappeared.

“So are you going to sit here & watch them the whole time?” Emmet murmured in my ear. His arms wrapped around my waist & I felt a shiver of excitement run up my back.

“Why, do you have a better idea?” I flirted back, turning my head slightly. My breath caught in my throat when I saw how close his face was to mine, my lips almost brushed his smooth, pale white, marble cheek.

Mum & Esme laughed at us. “Bub I don’t think you need to even try & use your allure with Emmet, you had him the second you looked into his eyes.” Mum said; she & Esme stood there in front of us with knowing smiles. It was tormenting.

"Mum, I’m not even trying,” I retorted innocently.

“Darling, that only makes it more hilarious.”

“You’re too right Christina. Although, I’m surprised Sienna hasn’t fallen to the ground, she looks all fuzzy and giddy like she should be flying.” Esme confirmed, smiling wider as she winked at me.

“Oh com’ on mum, shut up, you’re ruining my fun.” Emmet whined like a child.

Your fun,” I speculated, raising my eyebrows. I could see him roll his eyes.

“I like fun.” He grinned, kissing me on the cheek.

All of a sudden, my butterflies went impossibly crazier. Where his soft lips touched my cheeks felt incredibly warm & fuzzy. I wanted more.

“Ewwww please; none of that while here you two,” Jasper whined mockingly, walking into the kitchen with Alice dancing in front of him. We both twisted around to see Alice’s tiny hand smack Jasper on the back of the head.

“Why don’t you just leave then?” Emmet growled at him & Jasper put his hands up innocently.

“Don’t listen to Jazz, Sienna,” Alice said. “He’s finding both your emotions quite overpowering.”

“Is that so brother?” Emmet taunted. Jasper crouched down & snarled at Emmet daringly.

Something Emmet must’ve felt had set him off. I wonder what it could’ve been.

“See, my point proven. Jazz can’t handle sexual tension unless it’s his own, typical…” Alice rolled her eyes.

I snickered. So that’s what Emmet made him feel… interesting.

“Boys if you’re going to fight, do it outside.” Esme told them. Jazz stood back up & rolled his eyes.

“Now go make yourselves useful & go set the dining table for me, while Christina & I plate up the Entrée’s” Esme said, opening a draw & pulling out cutlery & place mats.

We took a couple each & began positioning everything out nice & neatly as mum & Esme brought in the plates of food.

“Dinner is ready!” Alice called out & in less than two seconds everyone was seated.

Suddenly, I realized everyone was looking expectantly at me.

“Oh right,” I murmured.

Concentrating again I visualized all the different tastes. The tang of the salt & pepper, the almost-lost twist of saltwater still left in the squid. "Well, eat up.”

My family dug in straight away without hesitating like the Cullen’s did. But by seeing the way my family did not complain or show any sign of revolt against the food, they followed suit. As they kept eating, looking perfectly satisfied, I ate too, keeping my control on the illusion as best i could.

The night went on, soon changing to an early dawn with soft patters of rain. Everyone seemed pleased & shocked – again – with my gift. I knew my power was rare but I didn’t expect them to be so taken aback by it. I had to admit though; there was one tiny part of me who enjoyed the spotlight, just a little.

In the end, we had to go. Mum & Dad were so thrilled to show us our new house before we were due to go to school.

“See you at school Sienna,” Alice hugged me goodbye.

“Yeah, see you then Ali,” I smiled.

My family walked down the porch steps & jumped into our cars.

I turned to follow them but a large hand went around my wrist, pulling me back. “You can’t leave. I haven’t said goodbye to you yet.” Emmet gave me the cutest little puppy dog eyes. I think if my heart was still beating, it would’ve stopped in that second.

I rolled my eyes, smiling. “You’ll see me in a matter of hours.”

“I am very impatient.” He stated.

“Then you’ll have to learn to find patience then.” I smirked, looking up into his eyes.

“Maybe I will, if you teach me.” I was entirely aware of his face getting nearer & nearer to mine.

“Is that your condition?”

“So far,” he was so close to me now that his scent was making me dizzy, like he had control over me as if I were a mere human.

I reigned in my emotions & tucked them in a box in the back of my mind to feel all fuzzy about later when he wasn’t around.

“Okay, so we’ll start now.” I whispered; my lips so close to touching his when I spoke. I pulled away quickly before I could lose my restraint around him. Before getting into the car I couldn’t resist looking back & giving Emmet a seductive smile, watching his reaction of being ‘dazzled’ before I shut the door.