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illusional dance

The Stryder's meet the Cullen's... love is in the air... along with plenty of other emotions & things.

Well, I had this random thought, then after a while I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, so i did what any other insane person would do: wrote it down & put it on this lovely website ;)

At them moment I'm unsure of how to rate this, for it does have some 'naughty words' in it but it's also kinda for teens as well. For now I'm just putting it as everyone :)

2. Lovely Dare

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The house was utter perfection. It wasn't far from the Cullen's, just further north on its own private drive a couple miles off. It was like it had grown from the mountain itself, like a modern day tree house. As from the forest surrounding it was built with timber & stone but where there was none of that it was painted in a deep navy blue.

It had multiple stories & balconies in severe laconic shapes stretching from the house like tree branches, literally able to lift you into the canopy above. There were many windows of glass, for privacy did not need to be considered. The rare sunlight from the morning sky made the house seem lit up inside. Separate to the house was the garage, the winding rock drive way slipping into the trees.

I was amazed & we hadn’t even gone inside yet!

We followed closely behind mum as we walked up the wooden steps to the porch. Two pots of yellow tulips sat on both sides of the front door making it look happy & inviting. Twisting the knob & opening the door we stepped across the threshold.

Inside it was very modern & colourful, with an opulent orange on some of the walls & glossy white on the others, while some were built of stone in random places. This was the lounge room - two leather couches & a plasma TV. A beautiful stone/rock fireplace seemed to draw all the attention in the room but still didn’t take centre stage. Some of the paintings & sculptures which we’d kept for ages were around. Mum sure has had a lovely time designing everything. No wonder it took two months for her to get so much of this sorted. And to us, two months was a while to build a house. I automatically knew the Cullen’s would've helped with this. There was no way mum and dad could've achieved this themselves by hand in only nine weeks.

We were silent as mum took us up the first set of stairs. The second story was small; a luxurious kitchen with large black marble tiles. It was very open, with mahogany glass windows giving an astonishing view of the forest & a high ceiling covered with more timber like wooden floorboards. Across from the kitchen was the dining room. A long wooden table sat in the middle with eight wooden chairs to match & a gorgeous chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

To the eastern wall was another set of stairs winding up to the next level. At the top of the staircase was the ensuite Micky & Luke chose. It was large & empty of furniture – all our stuff was still piled up in the garage – but two walls were painted a deep purple while one white and the other was a curved glass window.

Next to their room was Dad’s study with two walls full of shelved books and the plush carpet a nice mauve colour. Beside that were mums designing room which was completely packed with crafts & things. The walls covered in all types of wallpaper.

Again, we went up the third pair of steps that wound themselves around an ancient cedar. The bark was soft but not moist, and the branches and leaves were a lot higher up. This tree was definitely the centre of our tree house - the key, holding everything up perfectly. The design was absolutely intriguing. This story was our bedrooms – Emma, Sam & mine, along with a lounge room to share.

As soon as we got up the stairs we stepped into the lounge room. It was large with soft white carpet. Three white leather lounges of different sizes & two matching recliners centred in on a massive flat screen TV hanging upon the pear coloured feature wall. Down the hall way one side of the wall was totally covered in glass, a different view of the nature around our new home and the other wall was made entirely of stone & rock.

The first door opened to Emma’s room. It was big with an ensuite & wardrobe attached. Her feature wall was a pearl colour, mixed between pink and purple, one more was white & the rest were windows of glass. Both windows unlocked from the middle outwards and it would be simple, even for a human, to step out onto the various amounts of branches only centimetres away from where it opened. There was empty shelving for photo frames and books.

The second door unlocked to Sam’s bedroom. It wasn’t as immense as the rest of the rooms but it was still lovely & had a balcony. One black feature wall, one shelved with books, one an almost cream white and the last a massive window. It had a latch on the side opening it up and letting in fresh air. In the middle of the ceiling hung a large red lantern but the candle was replaced by a light bulb. The carpet was a dark chocolate brown giving off a kind of civic type theme.

Unmistakably, the last door at the end of the hall was mine, opening up to my bedroom. It was about the same size as Emma’s, more or less. The carpet was a posh cream colour & two of the walls were a foundry turquoise blue. Two glass windows going from the floor to the high ceiling took up the extra walls. Looking out at the view I could see the small extended part of the river flow pretty much right underneath my balcony. A large tree branch extended over the glass fence surrounding the deck like it was inviting me for infinitely free visits in the obstacle course of a forest. My wardrobe was vast & the ensuite connected had a bath & shower. I couldn’t wait to put all my furniture & things in.

Mum took us to her & dad’s bedroom – on the top story - which was already furnitured. The walls were a concourse red with the longest wall as glass. You could see the extra extension of river wonderfully from here too. Their king sized bed was in the middle of the wall that halved their wardrobe & bathroom from everything else, a crystal chandelier hung above it. A fluffy white mat covered part of the chocolate brown carpet & there were candles scattered intricately upon the small shelf on top of the stone fire place. It was stunning.

“Mum, you’ve outdone yourself incredibly. I think we’re all flabbergasted, I know I am.” Luke complimented, giving mum a warm hug. I’d never seen my mum smile so wide.

There was no doubt that she was proud of herself. I don’t think we’d ever had a house so perfectly fitted to us – not that I’m saying vampires are just meant to live in a tree house, but still, it suited us with such perfection that even I was shocked.

“It truly is remarkable,” Emma agreed, wrapping an arm around mum’s shoulders.

“No bloody wonder you were here for over a week. This is super-cool!” Micky chimed.

“Yeah, this is shocking mum,” Sam & I said in unison. He punched my shoulder & rolled his eyes.

“Thank you so much my darlings. I hoped you’d like it.” She smiled again. The sun came out of hiding behind the clouds & shone through the thick canopy of trees, making our skin sparkle & send little rainbows across the room.

“Well, I guess it’s time you kids start getting ready for your first day at ‘big’ school. The only thing you don’t have to do is pack your bags; I’ll do that. Don’t worry about your furniture – you can do all that this afternoon, just go get your clothes & things. Now chop-chop, there’s no way I’m letting you’s be late.” Mum ordered & we all took off to the garage to retrieve our boxes of clothes & accessories.

I was excited. My first day at Forks High School! I couldn’t wait. Over my decades of existence, high school was an everyday thing for me. For my siblings & I it was something we enjoyed, even when we sometimes had to take the same old classes & do the same old assignments & test. It’s the only normality we have that’s close to humanity; therefore, we try really hard not to take it for granted. It was kind of like sleeping. If I could remember sleeping, I'd compare it to school - something I'd done so many times before it was simple, like closing my eyes and slipping into unconsciousness.

I looked myself over in my bathroom mirror. For my first day at ‘big’ school it has taken me ages to find an outfit - I even considered calling Alice - but I did eventually. I had chosen my denim blue skinny jeans with my black heeled ankle boots – maybe a little too flashy for the ‘Forks high school look’ but being me – being a vampire with extreme gracefulness - I didn’t need to worry about wet puddles of rain ruining my shoes. For my shirt it was just a plain white V-neck long-sleeve-shirt & I threw on my black leather jacket. I chose not to worry about brushing my sandy-brownish-blonde hair; it looked fine, with my long wavy curls ending just above my hips.

“Are you planning to make every man in Forks drool over you in lust little sister?” Sam leaned against my bathroom door cocking his eyebrow.

I chuckled. “Why would they when they got Rose?” I shrugged.

He rolled his eyes at me. “You’re not comparing yourself to Rose now are you? – you’re both very stunning, so much so in fact that I think neither of you are as good as the other.”

I smiled. My brother could be very sweet at times.

I checked what he was wearing for his first day. Straight denim dark-blue jeans & a black pacman hooded jacket, along with his favourite beat up converses - the froggy green ones. His hair was its usual style – the kinda ‘sex hair’ look that he was natural with his brown & bronze curly hair. He seemed to try & look the part but he would still outshine any male at the school or any school for that matter.

“So, do I look hot?” He asked me, giving me that overly sexy grin so full of torment it made me laugh.

“Utterly drool-worthy bro,” I winked.

“TIME FOR SCHOOL,” Mum called out, her voice vibrating off the walls.

Sam grabbed my hand & tugged me down two flights of stairs.

Mum had our bags sitting on the bench by the front door. Dad had already headed off for work at the hospital with Carlisle. Mum was waiting by the door to kiss us goodbye and good luck.

“Good morning my little sister,” I hugged Emma tightly.

“Morning sis,” she murmured.

I noticed that she had her contacts in to hide the red of her eyes. They were dark brown for now - seeing how when she wore blue ones they made her eyes purple-ish - and she’d have to re-change them in a couple of hours. I knew how annoying it was to have to wear contacts – every time you blinked it would scratch them the tiniest bit & with the ‘extra-special’ sight it became very annoying.

Emm had on a pair of medium blue denim jeans with brown leathered boots going up to her knees. She had a thick zipped-up dark grey jacket with fluffy material around the edges of the hoodie.

“Excited?” Micky asked, grinning as if she was going to explode with hysteria. Micky was always happy, it was contagious.

This was her first time back to school after the change. We were all very anxious about it but she seemed so relaxed & calm.

“Of course I am. I can’t wait to see teenage men froth over me & girls getting jealous from it. This is going to be way better than last time I was in high school especially now as a sophomore instead of a freshman.” She replied truthfully and half in sarcasm.

I cracked a smile & Micky laughed. “You’ll have a great time, trust me.”

“Just be careful & look after each other,” Mum worried – just like all over-protective mothers.

“We will mum, I’ll look after them,” Luke promised, picking up his bag & kissing mum on the cheek.

“You have nothing to worry about mum; you know just how lovely we are.” Sam said.

“Of course I do,” she smirked.

“Don’t you leave without giving your mother a kiss young man?” Sam chuckled & kissed mum softly on the cheek before racing to get his car from the garage & driving it down to us.

Mum passed me an orange slip of paper. “I got it yesterday. All your class teachers need to sign it & on the back it has a map of the school which you won’t even need, but anyway. Have fun ok,” Mum explained, brushing my cheek with the back of her hand.

“Thanks. Have a good day mum. Love you,” I said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“You to Bub,” she replied, giving my sisters a kiss on the cheek as well.

“Love you mum,” Micky & Emm called as they ran down the porch steps. Sam, Emma & I got into Sam’s Porsche while Micky went with Luke in his brand new Mercedes. We didn’t really care about the attention our cars would draw, we’d have enough popularity to worry about ourselves.

Last week we’d made up our stories & who or how we would pose as for the people of Forks. Luke & I were going to be twins in the junior year – it was easy; we both had the same hair colour, eye colour & skin tone. Although we really should be seniors we could pull off being juniors for a year.

Sam was going to be a sophomore – adopted by Christina when he was born - with Emma. Micky was also going to be a junior with Luke & I while posing as Emma’s older sister – their story would be that their parents had died after being in a tragic house fire while they were at Pre School. Dad was their uncle; therefore, being the only legitimate sibling of their mother he adopted them.

We had it all sorted.

Turning just off the high way we parked in the school parking lot. Thankfully, we were early.

It didn’t look like much of a school. All the buildings were separate like middle sized brick houses or something but it looked snug surrounded by pine trees & little flowers, everything green. Edwards silver Volvo was parked across from us. The Cullen’s sat around there together on a dry bench. They waved & invited us over.

Together we were fully aware of each & every stare we were receiving from the teenagers at Forks High. There were whispers ‘must be the new surgeons kids’, ‘they look like movie stars’, ‘wonder how much that car cost’… it was endless. I tried to ignore it.

“Welcome to Forks High School – Home of the Spartans,” Alice mocked, giving each of us a hug. She had on dark blue denim jeans & grey heeled boots going up to her knees. A white zipped up parka covered a blue singlet & her skinny frame. Her hair was in its usual spiky look.

“More like ‘Home of the Vampires.’” I said sarcastically.

“Too right,” Jazz laughed.

“Whose car is the Porsche?” Rose asked.

Sam grinned & crossed his arms across his chest. “It’s mine – a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.” He said proudly.

“It suits you. Nice paint job by the way,” Rose grinned, complimenting the silver paint & two black racing stripes up the middle.

“Thanks,” Sam replied, trying to be cool.

I hid my laugh with a cough.

Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! The bell rang. “See you guys at lunch then,” Edwards told us & walked off with Emma close by his side.

I was going to get her to explain all the juicy details to me later.

“Sienna you’re in mine & Rose’s design class, you’re lucky too, it’s the only class you have without Emmet,” she laughed softly to herself.

“We’ll see you there.” Alice waved goodbye & headed off with the rest of them.

“Well then, you better follow me or you’d be late for class,” Emmet smirked.

I rolled my eyes. It looked like we were already late to me; I’d think the place was deserted if I couldn’t hear all the chatter inside the buildings.

“Race ya?” Emmet smiled & spun around. It was smart of him – he needed a head start to ever beat me.

We reached the science labs just on time. Emmet walked to the back of the class & sat down at an empty lab bench in the corner.

Carefully, trying to act human, I stepped over to the teacher’s desk at the front making sure I made at least some noise with my footsteps.

The name' Mr Berts' was on his ID badge which was pinned to his ugly green-chequered t-shirt. He looked up at me & his eyes practically popped out of his head from behind his glasses. I handed him the slip & gave him a half smile, trying to look nervous.

Grabbing a black pen he signed it & handed back. “Welcome to Forks Miss Stryder.”

“Thank you Sir.” He nodded, looking down.

He must’ve found me terrifying or something because there was a line of sweat forming above his eyebrows.

“There’s a vacant seat up the back next to Emmet Cullen, you can sit there.” He informed. “Be nice to her Emmet,” he added, chuckling at some memory.

“No worries sir, I can play nice.” Emmet cooed.

I walked up the isle without looking anybody in the eyes & sat down next to Emmet trying really hard not to laugh.

“Alright class, retrieve the first half of your experiments & begin the second half. Anyone who was absent on Friday, just get your lab partner to tell you the details.” Mr Berts called out to us.

Everyone stood up & went to the cupboard in the front corner where they pulled out wires & bulbs. Emmet came back with the stuff & laid it all out in front of me.

“Can you guess what we’re doing yet?”

“Are we making electronic circuits?” I wondered.

He smiled. “Correct. Mr Berts here; doesn’t really have much enthusiasm. He’s half asleep during most of the classes which is a bonus. It’s why he’s my favourite teacher. Hardly any of these experiments go to marks or reports either.”

“Sounds awesome,” I smiled.

“Yeah,” Emmet nodded, bending down, opening the closet underneath our lab bench & pulling out an ammeter & a voltmeter, along with a couple of light bulbs & more wires.

“So what do we have to do?” I asked him curiously.

He grinned. “Well that depends; what do you wanna do?”

My mind went psycho with the possibilities of things I could do with Emmet.

Before I could do or say anything there was a cough close behind me. I became aware of two thudding hearts closer to me than any other humans in the classroom & the scent of guy deodorant.

I turned around to face whoever they were, leaning against the lab bench trying to act casual while the intoxicating smell of their blood danced in the air around me. Focus.

Two guys, both of them tall but one was slightly bigger. One had short light blonde hair with deep brown eyes like melted chocolate. The other had shaggy brown curls & dark green eyes that looked almost blue.

“Hi, my names Jed Gray & this is Zac Jones,” the blonde one spoke – Jed.

“Hey,” Zac smiled at me.

“Hello.” I replied, looking at them with curious eyes. “My name is Sienna - Sienna Stryder.”

“So, you’re new here." Obviously. "How do you like Forks?” Jed asked me.

I shrugged. “There’s no doubt it’s beautiful. I really love it.” It was the truth at least.

“And you came here with your family?” Jed questioned me again.

I was surprised by this boy. Humans were usually afraid of us - that was one thing their unconscious minds were positive of.

“Yes. My two adopted sisters & two adopted brothers attend here as well.” I was already annoyed & I tried to hide my irritation from my facial expressions as best I could. I was sure this boy already knew this. Word was fast to get around in a small town, i knew that much.

“Your family sounds like the Cullen’s,” Zac murmured, too low for Jed to hear, but Emmet & I did.

“So you’re pretty close to the Cullen’s then huh?” Jed said, looking disappointed.

“She sure is Gray, and guess what? – She’s even closer to me.” Emmet spoke up, wrapping an arm around my waist & pulling me close to his side.

Both of the courageous boy’s cheeks went a brilliant red. They didn’t say anything to Emmet.

“See you around Sienna,” Jed mumbled & they walked back to their lab benches.

I smacked Emmet on the back of the head as hard as I could while being surrounded by humans.

“I thought Mr Berts told you to be nice?” I rolled my eyes.

His smile was wide when he looked back at me. “He said I had to be nice to you, not them.”

I shook my head in disbelief. Of course…

Every class was the same. I’d give the teacher my name & the slip then whoever it was would make me introduce myself. All of the guys would give me googly eyes & wouldn’t stop staring while the girls would stare at me in jealousy & envy, or fright.

Emmet made it fun. Whenever a guy would start talking to me or ask me a question he’d put his arm around me or hold my hand which made them shut-up & go away but made my un-beating heart explode like it was alive.

Thankfully lunch came sooner than expected & Emmet and I walked into the cafeteria. People were looking at me again…

“Just ignore them,” Emmet whispered in my ear as he ordered us food.

“It’s so annoying. It’s like they’ve never seen a girl before.” I groaned.

This was the only thing I hated about school. I couldn’t fit in – they were either scared to death of me or completely obsessed.

Emmet chuckled. “I think ‘girl’ doesn’t fit. More like an insanely gorgeous vampire to say the least.”

I laughed.

He picked up the small tray of food & we walked over to where our family sat already. Two tables were joined together & only one chair was left.

“Sienna! You must do your dare now, it’s so funny.” Micky squealed when Emmet & I got there.

“What is it?” I wondered. Every time we went to a new school, on our first day we had to do some type of dare. It was becoming tradition.

This would be fun; I needed something to get my mind off things.

“Well, seeing how there’s only one seat left, you have to go over & sit with the jocks all lunch, be centre of attention while they drool all over you.” Luke shrugged with an evil grin upon his face.

“What? Couldn’t you think of something different?” Emmet protested.

I giggled. It sounded almost like he cared.

“Oh com’ on Emmy, you can’t be with her forever,” Jazz chuckled.

Emmet gave him a death stare.

“It’s okay, this will be fun.” I grabbed a bottle of coca-cola from the lunch tray of food & walked straight over to the table of male athletes already thinking of my cover story.

Jed & Zac were seated their too. I pretended to be nervous; biting my lip & shyly looking away. I could feel the eyes of everyone in the room right on me, including the ten other golden eyes of my family – oh I mean nine golden pairs of eyes, one red pair.

“Heyy baby, did your family kick you out?” Zac grinned playfully in a much better mood than what he was in before.

“Yes. You don’t mind if I hang with you guys do you?” I pouted, batting my eyelashes - they fell for it. I was hardly even trying.

“Sweet heart you can hang with us all day long,” Jed pulled my hand for me to sit down on the seat between him & another boy who was cute, like a human sized teddy bear with brown eyes, brown hair & slightly chubby cheeks. He looked to be the sweetest out of the male pack of football & basketball players.

On the other side of the cafeteria I could hear my family laughing. With effort, I hid my smile & tried paying attention to what these boys were asking me while the ‘wannabe-popular’ chicks glared at me from the table next to where I was.