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illusional dance

The Stryder's meet the Cullen's... love is in the air... along with plenty of other emotions & things.

Well, I had this random thought, then after a while I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, so i did what any other insane person would do: wrote it down & put it on this lovely website ;)

At them moment I'm unsure of how to rate this, for it does have some 'naughty words' in it but it's also kinda for teens as well. For now I'm just putting it as everyone :)

3. Dangerously Fascinating E.POV

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I watched her as she sat there with that table of hormonal teenage boys. Somehow it was obvious to my family that I’d definitely been bitten by the green eyed monster. It felt like I was drowning in jealousy. I hated it. Only one single day had passed since I met the Stryder’s. Sienna just knocked me breathless, blew my mind like nothing has ever before & that was only by looking her in the eyes.

I couldn’t resist touching her for the first five minutes & I felt this strange emotion when I saw that she wouldn’t push me away. She made me laugh & I made her laugh – her laugh was so sexy, I was shocked to hear her tell me that she thought it sounded ridiculous.

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my existence before I met her. A part of me was absolutely annoyed with myself to the extremes. Never has anyone – vampire or human – had so much control over me physically, mentally or emotionally. I wanted her. I felt so selfish by feeling that, I was just so horridly greedy. But there was no doubting it.

I’ve seen & still see the way Alice & Jasper act around each other; how they acted the first time they met each other. Jazz told me it was exactly the same Sienna & I was. I trusted him; after all he did react pretty badly before Alice physically dragged him into the kitchen where we were. When he didn’t tell me why that was I asked Alice.

I saw surprised when she told me it was because of the lustrous & love emotions we had & that it was incredibly hard for Jazz seeing how he couldn’t even change them to make himself more comfortable. Edward hadn’t stopped teasing him that we’d finally found his weakest point.

As I observed every move she made & kept a careful eye out, just waiting for one of those boys to make a wrong move. If they so much as touched her anywhere I’d knock their heads off their shoulders.

“Emmet,” Edward warned, staring me down from across the table. “Don’t you think that’s a little too drastic?”

I raised my eyebrows. Seriously Edward - How’d you feel if Emma was over there with those guys, watching as they drooled over her like hungry puppies, huh?

I didn’t need to say it out loud but I got a kick out of the fact that Edward would be angry seeing how Emma sat right next to him at the moment. He glared at me & looked away. I smiled & turned back to watch Sienna.

I had to say; she was incredibly impressive. Her seductive smile just drove those boys crazy almost as much as it made me. They were listening to everything she was saying, just like I was. When one of the guys mentioned me staring she spun around to look at me for a second. I didn’t know whether I should turn around & pretend I wasn’t watching or what. Hesitantly I just gave her a smile & she winked at me.

She winked at me? Holy crap, she winked at me!

Edward laughed out loud.

Before I could do anything, she turned around again.

It seemed to take forever until the bell rang to signify that lunch was over, but the worst part of all of it was that Sienna wasn’t in my last class at all. She was off to design with Alice & Rose.

Alice had already begun skipping over to the table where Sienna was & took her hand in hers. She turned around to look me straight in the eye & poked her tongue out at me. I couldn’t help myself from growling at her before I turned & headed off to my own classes.

Visions S.POV

We were in our designing class when Alice had her vision. It was bizarre; I'd never seen someone have a vision before (obviously). At one point the three of us were talking about their designing/fashion website on the internet & Alice just stopped talking and blanked out.

Rose didn’t seem to notice – she was already so used to it. But I was completely taken aback. Her eyes went all vacant & she had leaned back in her chair, going as frozen as ice – like a sculpture of a goddess sitting in a modern day high school classroom. After about forty seconds she blinked & looked at me strangely.

“What is it Alice?” Rose asked before I could.

“The Volturi,” she whispered, twirling around to Rose.

My eyes widened & she had my full attention. “WHAT?” I screeched as silently as I could without getting any of the other girls in the class hearing me. Shit shit shit shit shit!

“What attachment did you have with the Volturi, Sienna?” Alice questioned; her voice was entirely serious. I gulped. I certainly did not think that this conversation would come up so soon, in fact; I didn’t ever think it would.

“What’s this thing with Alec too?” She asked.

I sighed. “If I tell you, will you pinky-swear to not tell anyone?” I bit my lip, holding out my little finger.

Rose smiled and shook her pinky finger with mine. I looked pointedly at Alice. “I can’t keep secrets from Jasper.” I nodded in understanding.

“You can tell him, but he’s got to be sworn to secrecy as well.”

“Deal,” she agreed with me.

“So, com’ on, details woman,” Rose urged with a wide grin.

“Okay,” I shrugged. I could trust them. They were already like sisters to me.

“Recently after I became a newborn, my family & I stayed with the Volturi for a bit - you heard about that last night. I met Alec then & he had a certain ‘fancy’ for me. We were together for a couple of years – but you know, a couple of years aren’t very long when you’re immortal – but I just wasn’t that into him. It got old after a while. He was always just the Volturi’s little toy – he didn’t have enough guts to stand up for what he believed in.” I looked at the both of them.

Alice & Rose stared at me expectantly & I went on.

“So, when the Volturi asked me to join their guard, I denied. Alec wanted me to accept but he never proved that his love was real – he was always comparing me with his duty & stuff. I understood perfectly but I was always the one who did everything while he just followed along & didn’t even try. Therefore, when my family left, so did I. There was no way I could let them leave without me anyway, but still.”

Alice nodded, “That makes sense. I mean, what a jerk.”

Rose laughed at Alice’s statement. “So the Volturi are coming here?"

“Yes. They’ll be here in exactly two days, knocking on our front door."

Oh shit.