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illusional dance

The Stryder's meet the Cullen's... love is in the air... along with plenty of other emotions & things.

Well, I had this random thought, then after a while I found myself unable to stop thinking about it, so i did what any other insane person would do: wrote it down & put it on this lovely website ;)

At them moment I'm unsure of how to rate this, for it does have some 'naughty words' in it but it's also kinda for teens as well. For now I'm just putting it as everyone :)

4. Dead Meat

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Finally, the bell rang to signify the end of the first day of school. Part of me thought that the day had been too short, but I was also glad it had come to an end.

I walked with Emma & Edward to the parking lot. Without making it too obvious – even when Edward could read my mind – I made sure that I was between them both so it was Emma on one side & Edward on the other. I knew they were already so close – I was more than positive that Edward is Emma’s mate and vice versa – but still, Emma & I hadn’t talked about it yet & we always talked about everything, it was just something we did – you know, a ‘girl thing’.

Edward’s mouth was twitching into a smile as he held back a chuckle.

There were different groups of kids standing around their cars, glancing at us when they thought we didn’t notice. The bunch of footy boys were leaning up against a dirty black Suzuki jeep, unembarrassed when I caught them staring.

“Hey Sienna, drive home with us, you’re coming to our place this afternoon.” Alice chimed, as we came up beside the car.

“Am I?” I wondered.

She laughed a twinkling laugh. “Of course you are! Your mother is already there & Stephen is on his way from the hospital with Carlisle now.”

“Yeah but Alice, I wanna see her car,” Rose faked a whine.

I chuckled. “I’ll run home & get it before you even get back to your place.”

“Okay, see you at home then,” Rose quickly hugged me.

“Wait, where are you going?” Emmet wrapped an arm around my waist like an iron lasso.

“She’ll meet us at home Emmet. She’s going to be gone all of five minutes, no need to worry.” Jazz rolled his eyes.

Emmet’s arm around me relaxed & I looked up at him smiling.

“It’s alright; I’ll be back before you know it.” Still, Emmet didn’t let me go. I frowned in question.

He grinned mischievously & picked me up off the ground, twirling me around in a massive bear hug in the middle of the parking lot with everyone watching (including all the humans). “Now, you can go,” Emm replied, putting me back down on the ground.

I giggled & stepped into the underbrush of the forest before any humans noticed me.

I got home quickly & jumped straight into my car. Starting the engine, I was already half way down the drive way to the Cullen’s.

Forks – thank god it was so unpopulated, there was hardly any cars whatsoever as I zoomed down the highway like an insane suicidal person.

When i got to the Cullen's 'residence', Rose walked out the front door & smiled.

Emmet & the others weren’t here yet. “You can park it in the garage if you like,” She said.

She clicked the button to let the roller-door go up & I parked next to Carlisle’s car.

“I’ve gotta say, that thing is quick & suits you perfectly.” She murmured as I stepped out of my car.

“Thanks.” She walked slowly around my car, examining it with care. “It’s a Mercedes right?”

I nodded. “Mercedes Benz SL600,” I replied.

Rose lifted up the bonnet & whistled as her eyes widened, “And a V12 engine?!”

I couldn’t help myself from laughing. “Yes.”

She shook her head in disbelief. “You have no idea how long I’ve waited for someone of the female species to love cars as much as I do. Edward will love this style.”

I shrugged. “Do you think Alice would let us drive it to Seattle for shopping tomorrow?”

“If she doesn’t, I’ll bite her, I promise.”

We both laughed.


I drove my jeep as fast as I could without pushing too far past the speed limit. The rest of them – Alice, Jasper, Edward & Emma – chatted endlessly about nothing while Michaele, Luke & Sam followed in their car behind us. I didn’t pay attention to their conversations, just focused on getting home so I could see Sienna.

“The Volturi have been bothered with us for a while now. Especially with the little crush Alec has on Sienna & everything,” I heard Emma say.

When I first saw Emma I was surprised by how elegant & fragile she looked; her voice was just the same.

What shocked me though; was the way she came across to everyone – she may be small but honestly she looked like she could kick some serious arse.

“Oh be careful not to mention that to Emmet.” I heard Alice mumble. Their little conversation came to my awareness.

“What?” I clicked the button for the roller door to open.

“Umm, well Emmet…” Alice trailed off.

“What is it Alice. Don’t play games with me either,” I warned – she always enjoyed toying with my mind & making fun of me. She was such an annoying little thing.

“Well, the Volturi is coming to see Sienna & her family in a few days & they’re bringing Jane & Alec. Anyway, a couple decades ago, Sienna was in a close relationship with Alec – you know, from the Volturi? And -”

“WHAT?!” I screeched just as my car slid right across another car sitting in the garage – an impressive Mercedes Benz – making a long scratch up the side.

Oh god, I’m so dead.