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Master of Ceremonies

Please read A B.A. in B.S. prior to reading this one...it will help you quite a bit. This is the second part of a three part series. Edward and Bella have grown quite a bit since he left...to the point they got back together AFTER Edward earned Bella back and then proposed. And he did all this after they talked to Charlie! So, here comes the bride, the groom, all the wedding fanfare, and many suprises inbetween. Oh...and lots of lemony goodness too. Again, some OCC, but you'll likey. Please bear with the first 10-11 chapters as they are a buildup to a kickass twist in chapter 12! Update 8/12/11 I've just added 3 new chapters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a bunch of fun stuff starting and on it's way!!I've also added some references from one of my fav UK shows into one of the chapters. I hope I described them well enough so you know which episodes I refer to. I am loving the reviews I am getting...but I do wish there were MORE! C'mon peoples-give me a few clicks of the mouse, a few keystrokes, and maybe about twenty seconds of your time...you know you want to!


1. Chapter 1

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Bella Pov

After knowing how Charlie and Renee’s relationship fell apart, I never thought I would want to get married especially at a young age. Even after I met Edward the desire just never existed. I wanted to spend eternity with him, but marriage, to me, was not a part of that or an option. I thought I would be satisfied being committed to him without the ring and the piece of paper.

Then I lost him. I lost apart of myself. Who was I kidding? I lost all of myself. And then I got him back. I got myself back along with new feelings and desires that I never thought I would have had. The night he proposed, he said he wanted to be tied to me in every way possible. I knew I wanted that too. I knew that the moment we got back together. I was not Renee and he was not Charlie. Our marriage would not turn out like theirs did because we were not them. It would be our own and we had the ability to make it anything and everything we wanted because we would have eternity.

Alice, of course, knew he was going to propose and that I would accept. Her influence on me had been much too great. This realization came to fruition when she told me she would have the whole thing planned in a matter of days and had an idea in mind of a dress I might like. I told her no and that I wanted to plan my own wedding and therefore pick my own dress. There was a girlie part of me (where the hell that came from, I have no idea) that wanted to experience my mom, his mom, and my bridesmaids, Alice and Rosalie, getting all emotional when I walked out of the dressing room in the perfect wedding dress. I wanted to get emotional when I found the perfect wedding dress. When had I turned into such a girl?

There was a hitch in the giddy-up of our engagement. Charlie. I knew that we had to tell Charlie about our engagement, but I didn’t want to kill him and I didn’t want him to (attempt, God forbid be successful) to kill Edward. Edward was raised in a time where a man asks permission from her father to ask his daughter for her hand in marriage. We kind of skipped that part.

Edward and I talked about it for a few days and came up with a plan. We would visit Forks for the fourth of July and Edward would ask him then. If he said no…well…we decided that we would deal with that bridge when we had to cross it. Edward didn’t feel right getting married without my father’s approval, but I had a feeling he would get it based on a previous conversation with Alice about her crystal ball activities.

I told Esme and Carlisle I would feel much better if they came with us and Edward agreed that things might go over better if they accompanied us. Then Alice said she had to come with and in the end it turned into a Forks reunion because everyone was coming with us. We told Charlie about the trip the next time he called (he was still calling Edward about twice a week. He would ask three basic questions: Are you with her, is she happy, and is she pregnant. I kept telling him he had nothing to worry about, especially the last one, but he kept on asking.

He was excited that I was coming home finally, but when I mentioned who was coming with me, he wasn’t so happy anymore. After a bunch of coaxing he came to terms with the fact that no matter what he said or objected to, I was coming home and they were coming with me. I was determined to make this work in some way because no matter what happened this weekend, Edward and I were getting married. I would attack the Renee subject after I dealt with Charlie. Charlie was scarier, so he was going to be dealt with first. Rip the bandage, right?

I finished my second semester at Dartmouth out with another four-point-zero and on the Dean’s List. I told Charlie it was easier to stay in New Hampshire for the summer than to move back and forth between here and Forks. I explained to him that I had found summer housing and would find a way to occupy my time with an internship, volunteering or working.

In reality, I had officially moved into my room at the Cullens. I was there almost every day after we got engaged anyway and it just made sense. Plus, I hated being away from my family and most of all Edward, my fiancé.

I never could get over how that sounded. Edward insisted on going ring shopping even though he didn’t want to put a ring on my finger until he had Charlie’s permission. When the sales people would comment on how “beautiful” or “gorgeous” his fiancé was or how much of an “amazing couple” we made, I would get blistering red in embarrassment. I had to admit though, it was amazing to have this gorgeous creature on my arm and know that he was mine, forever and always.


The morning we were to leave for Forks I got a call from Emily.

“Hi Bella,” she said sounding hoarse and uneasy.

“Emily, is everything ok?”

“Oh, nothing’s wrong I’m just in OHHHHHHHHH heee heee heee heee heee.”

“Oh my God! Emily, are you in labor?”

“Kind of.”

“Kind of? What do you mean ‘Kind of’? How can you kind of be in labor?”

“Alright, I’m in labor. I’m just waiting for Sam to get back from the store.”

“That fool left you nine months pregnant and alone?”

“Only because I wanted peanut butter and salami and we were out. He left Jared here to look after me. About ten minutes after he left my water broke. Jared phased and went after him.”

“Em? Emily? Emily? Oh, Em are you ok? What happened,” I heard Sam frantically questioning her through the phone.

“I’m fine honey. My water broke, that’s all.”

“Let’s get you to the hospital.”

“Wait, I have to tell Bella.”

“Tell Bella? Emily, we discussed this.”

“Yes we did, and we decided you would choose one and I would choose the other.”

“But Emily, think about--,”

“Sam, she is going to be Brandon’s Godmother and that’s all there is too it. You picked Jake and I picked Bella.”

“H-h-h-hold on, Emily, what is going on,” I had followed the conversation, but still felt like I missed something.

“Sam and I were talking the other night about who we should choose as Godparents for Brandon. It’s more symbolic to us than anything, but it means a lot. I chose you to be his Godmother.”

“Emily, that’s really sweet and I’m honored, but—“

“No buts Bella. It’s what I-we want. Please say you’ll do it.”

Who was I to refuse a woman in labor? “Um, ok,” I sighed.

“That makes me so happy, Bella. We have a baby to birth, we’ll see you soon.”

“Wait, just real quick. Who did you say was the Godfather?” Like I said, I followed, but I thought I missed something.

“Um….Jacob. Love you Bella. Come meet your Godson when you get here!” She hung up the phone before I could respond and left me agape for about thirty seconds.

“Well that’s a freaking match made in heaven,” I said slamming my phone on the kitchen table.

I felt a wave of calm as Jasper entered the kitchen. “Watch out Bella, you might just crack the table,” he chuckled. “What was that all about?”

“Emily is in labor and asked me to be Brandon’s Godmother.”


“Jake’s the Godfather.”


“Yea ‘oh’,” I mimicked, “but I couldn’t refuse her. She was in labor for God sakes. She was an amazing and supportive friend when I was back in Forks. Even now she’s loyal and amazing even though I have barely written her or e-mailed her since I left. I had missed her baby shower because I was sick. I had to mail her all the clothes I picked up for Brandon.”

“Bella, that wasn’t your fault. You were sick, had classes, and had finals. I’m sure she understands.”

“You may be right, but I feel like she might think I forgot about her.”

“I’m sure that’s not true. If she had, you do think she would have made you Godmother to her firstborn son?”

“You just don’t know Emily’s resolve when it comes to trying to fix things.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s trying to fix Jake and me the way she would like to fix her and Leah.”

“Going to need a little more background there, Bella.”

“When Emily came to Forks to visit Leah, who is her cousin and the daughter of Sue and Harry Clearwater, Leah was with Sam and they were madly in love. They were basically high school sweethearts. Then Sam saw Emily and his whole life changed.”

“Proverbial love at first sight?”

“In a sense, but not quite. Wolves do this thing called Imprinting. It freaked me out a bit when I heard about it. The first time the see the person they are meant to be with, it’s like the whole universe stops and adjusts to make that person the center. It’s an instant, irreversible love connection. Once they’ve imprinted, all bets are off and no other woman exists for him. It is an absolute and pure love with undying desire, and no secrets. It’s like living in a storybook. Emily has been trying to make up to Leah ever since. It wasn’t something anyone could control, but Leah doesn’t understand that yet.”


“Emily and I still kind of hold out hope for their family’s sake. And I guess Baby Brandon’s sake too.”

“You’re a good friend to offer that kind of unwavering support.”

“Thanks Jazz. Hey, do you think anyone would mind if I went to the hospital instead of settling into the house when we get to Forks? I’d really like to go see Emily.”

I had told Charlie that I was staying with them when we got back on Alice’s insistence. He put up a fight, but I won. I wasn’t about to be in town and not have him know where I was nor was I going to be able stay with him and keep quiet about our engagement. I was picking my battles.

“I don’t think they’ll mind at all. And if they do, I’ll make sure they don’t anymore.”

“Thanks,” I chuckled.

A few minutes later the rest of the family got back from hunting and we piled into the cars and were off to the airport. Six hours later, we were in Seattle, and shortly after that it was Forks. I told Edward about Emily on the plane and he agreed that I should go see her first.

He wasn’t going to leave me alone with a bunch of wolves, even if it was in a public place. Since he couldn’t come with me without tempting some sort of altercation, we compromised that he would stay in the car to keep watch. I trusted them and he didn’t, but he did trust me and that made all the difference. Alice was tempted to come with as well since she couldn’t see my future, but I was able to convince her otherwise.

Once we got to the house, Edward and I traded the rental car for his old Volvo. Esme, Jasper, and Alice said they would take the rentals back while we were gone. Once Edward and I got to the hospital, he kissed me and said he would be standing watch just in case and I just had to call for him and he would be at my side. I thanked him for being protective and told him it wasn’t necessary, but I loved that about him anyway.

Once in the hospital, I got on the elevator and headed to the fourth floor Maternity Ward. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. Jake was standing at the nurse’s station flirting with some cute, brown-haired young nurse, from what I could see. He excused himself from her and turned around to greet me and started to escort me away from the station.

“What line did you use on her? Are your legs tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day,” I chuckled.

“Bella,” by his tone I knew he did not think I was all that funny, “I take it by your ‘perfume’ that he’s with you?”

“Yes, Edward is waiting downstairs for me. He felt things were safer that way.”

“Still controlling your life I see.”

“No Jake, actually we compromised otherwise he would have been up here at my side. He didn’t want to do anything that put me at risk or made me uncomfortable.”

“Whatever Bella,” he rolled his eyes, “Emily and Sam are in room four-oh-seven.”

I walked away from him as he turned back to the cute nurse to resume his flirting. I found Emily’s room and poked my head in as I knocked on the door. She was already holding a little person in her arms. Sam sat next to her on the bed. Both watched their son adoringly. When she heard me knock, she looked up and waved me over.

I approached her bed and felt this immediate warmth in my heart for that baby. He had a small tuft of dark brown, almost black, hair on the top of his head, pouty pink little lips, creamy brown skin, and chubby cherub-like cheeks. He had the cutest little snore as he slept.

“Bella,” she whispered, “I’d like you to meet your Godson, Brandon.”

“Emily, Sam, he is beautiful.”

“Thanks. I think he looks like his father.”

“As long as he has your personality, he’ll be fine.”

“Thanks for the love, Bella,” Sam retorted sarcastically while Emily and I chuckled.

“Sam you should know that we’re all—“

“It’s ok, I know. Charlie told Jake, so we know. We’ll follow the rules as long as they do. The treaty is still intact.”

“Thank you. I’ll let them know. I just want to keep the peace. We are only in town for a few days so we shouldn’t be too much of a thorn in your side.”

“You’ve never been that. I’m just glad you’re here. It means a lot to us. Hey,” he stopped his train of thought and looked from his son to the door, “if it isn’t the Godfather himself.” Sam got up and started a conversation with Jake. Emily and I started to go all gooey over the baby.

“Would you like to hold him?”

“Sure, of course,” I said holding my hand out to support his head as she put him in my arms. His head rested on my forearm. His lips parted slightly as he adjusted his body in my arms and then fell deeply back asleep. I started to rock back and forth in the rocking chair next to her bed. She watched me rock him and smiled.

“You look like a natural with him.”

“Babies and I are anything but natural,” I joked. I kept my eyes on him as his little hand wrapped tightly around my finger. I looked back at Emily and she was knocked out.

“Since she’s finally asleep, do you two mind staying with Brandon? I have to go out to the car and grab a few things. I take it you’ll be civil with each other as long as the baby is here?”

Jake and I nodded in affirmation.

“If you need anything, call the nurse.” He kissed his wife and then his newborn son and was out the door.

Jake just stared at us as he walked a few steps closer.

“You are making me self-conscious looking at me like that, Jake.”

“Emily was right; you look like a natural with a baby. It becomes you.”

“Thanks, I think.”

“You know that’s something he’ll never be able to give you.”

“Jake, don’t. Not now,” I looked up at him pleading.

“Bella, I just want to make sure you know what you are giving up, what you are sacrificing to be with him. It means you’ll never be pregnant-you’ll never have babies. You’ll never experience the first smile, first steps or words, first day of school, graduation, marriage, and grandchildren. You don’t get any of that. Being with him means losing all the potential for that. It’s a sacrifice you don’t have to make.”

I looked down at Brandon knowing what I was sacrificing, but also knowing it was worth it.

“I know, Jake. I know that I am going to be sacrificing all of that, all of this, but not being with him is a sacrifice I can’t live with. I couldn’t do it. I can live without children. I can live vicariously though Brandon and Emily and Sam if I have to. But I can’t live through a lifetime without Edward. Not after what we have accomplished and overcome in the past six months. Living without him would be like not living, at least to me. I can’t do that.” I kissed the top of Brandon’s forehead and continued to rock him as he slept. “Where is everyone else? I thought the room would have been full of the pack and their families.

“Emily gave birth about ten minutes after they got here. Everyone was here for a few hours, but decided to give Emily and Sam some time alone. Pack left to baby proof the house and get it ready for them to come home tomorrow.”

“And you stayed behind to flirt with the cute nurse,” I heckled.

“Not exactly, I knew you were coming and I wanted to see you. You know, it really is amazing.”

“What is?”

“That we can create life like that. It’s amazing to see what love’s result is.”

“He really is quite remarkable.” I sighed, “You realize I never stopped loving him and I never will.” That second part was not about Brandon and we both knew it.


“You can’t stop this, you can’t stop us or how I feel about him. You can’t change who or what I want.”

“I know.”

“So you are going to finally accept it?”


“At least tolerate it?”


“Then what, Jake? How are you going to deal with this? Deal with he and I being together and all that comes with it?”

“By knowing he can’t change you without me killing him. None of them can. It’s a part of the treaty.”

“Doesn’t mean he can’t change me years down the line after Charlie’s gone so we won’t have to come back to Forks. That part of the treaty applies only if we are in Forks.” Edward and I talked about the treaty the same night be proposed. I wanted to know everything.”

“Bella,” he sneered clinching his teeth and the sound ripped through the room. Brandon stirred a little, but remained asleep.

“I’m going to spend eternity with him. Treaty or no treaty he’s going to change me when I’m ready, but not until then. Could be two months or twenty years from now, I don’t know. But I do know that this is my choice.”

“You’ll never be allowed back here Bella. No more me, no Charlie, and no Brandon.”

“I know the consequences of the choice that I’m making.”

“Bella,” Emily called from beside me as her hand touched my shoulder, “you are really, truly ready to make that type of sacrifice for him?”

“I’m sorry Emily. I didn’t know you were awake.

“It’s ok. I knew the moment Brandon was born I was never going to get much sleep anymore anyway,” she chuckled. “Edward is worth all of that to you, all of that sacrifice?”

“Yes, I’m ready to do all of that for a life with him. I love him.”

“I want you to be in Brandon’s life and mine. Can you promise that you’ll follow their lifestyle; animals only?”

“It will be tough for a while after I change, but yes, animals only. I don’t think I could ever take a life like that. I value all facets of life and I can’t imagine the guilt I would feel if I didn’t follow their lifestyle.” I started to see her wheels turning.

“Then I’m going to talk to Sam.”

“Emily no!” Jake was screamed and I covered the baby’s ears.

“Jake, get outside of this room before you phase. I want you nowhere near my child when that happens.”

“NO! The treaty says they can’t bite anyone and if they do, we treat them as we would any other bloodsucker,” Jakes whole body started to tremble when he finished his sentence.

“Jake, outside, now!” He did what Emily told him and left the room to calm down.

“What am I missing,” I questioned her.

“The treaty says that the wolves can’t do anything to the Cullens unless they bite a human. I think I can get them a reprieve for you.”

“I can’t let you do that, Emily. Wait, how is that possible?”

“Bella, I’m his wife, his imprint, and the mother of his child. He virtually can’t deny me anything and I’ve yet to use that to my advantage except maybe when it comes to watching something on tv. I know you all will have some things to work out, but I know you can make it work. I want Forks and the Res to be safe place for you and Edward. You are Brandon’s Godmother and if you can’t have children of your own, if you decide that it’s Edward’s way of life you want and you are willing to give up being a mommy, the least I can do is let you be Auntie Bella. Takes a village to raise a child, anyway. I know it will be tough for you to be around us when you are first changed, but there’s the telephone, e-mail, and Skype. And you’ll be here long after Sam and I leave this earth so you’ll be able to look out for him. That’s your responsibility as a Godmother anyway.”

“Emily, what are you-,” came roaring from the doorway.

“Don’t argue with me Sam Uley. You can’t change my mind. It’s what I want and it’s only what’s right.” Sam was standing in the door way with a diaper bag on his shoulder and a navy blue car seat in his hands. “You know they are not your typical vampire. They don’t endanger us or hunt us. They adhere to the treaty and have for so long. They refrain from human blood.”

“Emily, that’s not the point,” he said as he set the diaper bag and car seat down in a corner.

“Then how about this: Edward and Bella are destined for each other and we can’t deny them their fate.”

“That’s a choice they make, darling.”

“Just like we had a choice? Sam, we almost owe them our family! Had the Cullens not been around, you wouldn’t have changed into a wolf, you never would have imprinted on me and we never would have had Brandon. You’d probably have a family with Leah. We are almost indebted to them, Sam. They aren’t going to feed on her, they are going to change her and not so they can strengthen their numbers, but because Bella and Edward want to be together for the rest of their lives. She’s going to be a part of their family forever, just as she is a part of ours”

“While I don’t see it as romanticized as my wife does,” Sam said looking at me as he took his wife’s hand, “I did hear your conversation with Jake and I understand why you want to make the choice to be changed. I am Alpha and therefore I’m the only one who can make exceptions to the treaty and ok any changes. I will consider it.”

“Sam, you don’t have to do this. Edward and I can figure something out. Maybe fly Charlie out to see us after it’s safe instead of having to come back here.”

“Yes, I do, Bella. It’s what my wife wants. Bella, if I decide to agree to this, it will be a one-time exception because you are choosing this and not because it is being forced upon you. It will be because they have upheld the treaty since it was made. It will be because we trust you to adhere to the treaty as well and to follow their lifestyle and not feed on humans.”

“I understand.”

“I blame this all on my wife. Imprinting makes it almost impossible for me to deny her anything or keep anything from her. Do you know I couldn’t even keep how I was going to propose from her? She only had to ask what I was up to and out it came. She gets almost anything she wants.”

“As it should be,” she laughed.

He looked at her and smiled then looked back at me. “You are really willing to make all those sacrifices to be with him? He really makes you happy and you want to spend forever with him?”

“Yes. There’s a little more to what I want from him, but I can’t say exactly what that is. It’s nothing devious, I promise. You know you can trust them. You have trusted them this far and why would they wait centuries to go against the treaty now?”

“You comprehend what we will have to do to you if you stray from the treaty?

“Yes, and I would want you to if I did.”

“There will be no freebies and no preferential treatment, Bella.”

“I understand,” I proclaimed as I found myself wanting his approval more than anything right now, “and it’s going to happen whether I’m allowed back here or not.”

He turned to his wife as she spoke, “and if it’s going to happen and I can no longer see Bella in our own home, you’ll have one pissed off wife.”

“Fine,” he said as he closed his eyes and bowed his head.

“Fine as in he can change her?”

“Yes, Emily. Fine as he can change her and it will not violate the treaty. Bella, I can’t emphasize this enough: if you break the treaty, you will be subjected to the same fate they are.”

“I know and I won’t, I couldn’t. Thank you Sam. Thank you so much! This means I’ll be able to see Charlie afterwards and you have no idea how much that means to me. It means I’ll be able to see you guys and Brandon,” I looked down at him as I said his name. I found him looking up at me cooing. My chocolate brown eyes met his chestnut eyes and he smiled. “He’s so beautiful.”

When Brandon whined Sam picked him up and handed him to Emily, “And my son is so hungry. Big bad baby has the appetite of a wolf.”

“Nice, Sam,” I chuckled. “I’m going to leave you guys alone to bond. Sam, thank you again. Emily, I’ll be by the house soon to see you. I owe you so much.”

“It was nothing,” she said to me as I hugged her careful not to crush the baby. I hugged Sam tightly before I left the room.

Jake was standing in front of the elevator waiting for me and his eyes met mine. “The only reason I am not killing that bloodsucking leech in the parking lot is because Sam ordered me not to,” he said as emotion seethed through his teeth.

“You better watch it Jacob. One day I’ll be one of those bloodsucking leeches. If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll take the stairs.” I pushed the door to the stairwell open angrily and ran down them expecting Jake to follow, but he didn’t. When I got downstairs I found Edward waiting for me next to the car holding my door open.

“I heard you had an eventful afternoon,” he proclaimed as I got in the car.

“You heard all of it?”

“Yes I did. Are you sure you aren’t already a vampire? Your talents at manipulation are very good you sneaky little minx. Oh, wait, make that cougar.”

“Edward, hush up and kiss me.” He leaned into me and pressed his lips hard against mine as his hand slip behind my head. Our tongues fought for control over the other, our lips pressed, parted, and sucked against each other. He pulled back slightly to give me a sweet, soft kiss and then released me to breathe and closed my door.

He got in and started up the car and we pulled onto the highway. “About what you said about kids, Bella, are you sure?”

“Yes. I can live without children, I cannot live without you.”

“We could hold off on changing you. We could adopt.”

“I don’t think I could handle outliving my children or even our grandchildren. Changing me is a one time opportunity. This is the best way. We can be the next Carlisle and Esme if necessary. Having human children would just be too complicated and too hard.”

“If you are sure, but please tell me if you change your mind.”

“I won’t change it, but I will tell you if I do.”

“Jacob imprinted.”

“What?!” Had I been driving, we would have been in a ditch.

“At the hospital, he imprinted. It was really fascinating to hear his thoughts when it happened.”

“On who, who did he imprint on?”

“I’ll let him tell you that.”

“Was it that cute little nurse he was flirting with at the nurse’s station? She had brown hair.”

“No, it wasn’t her. Now stop asking. It’s not my place to tell, but I will say this, he understands you and me now. He understood it immediately when he saw her. He was actually quite pissed that he now ‘understood that blood sucking leech and Bella’.”

I started to act like Alice and bounce up and down in my seat trying to figure out who it could have been. “You know you want to tell me,” I said batting my eyes at him.

“I do, but I won’t,” he smiled by smiling crooked at me.

“Aw, but honey,” I said letting my fingers walkup his thigh.

“Bella, you are going to get yourself in trouble.”

“Do I know her,” I asked as I let my hand slide down to his inner thigh.

“Yes, we both know her.”

I started to search my mind, but had no luck. I turned on the charm more, “And what is her name?” I asked sweetly while my hand rubbed his inner thigh.

“You are more dangerous than Alice! It’s Jessica.”

“Jessica? Jessica who? OH MY GOD! Jessica Stanley?! That can’t be. Wolves imprint the first time they see someone and Jessica was at the same “send off” party that Jake was at.”

“They never saw each other. She told him she recognized him from the party, but he had never looked at her. Actually he did, but it was the back of her head. He didn’t follow you down the stairs at the hospital because he saw her otherwise he would have followed you. She’s been volunteering there for the summer before she goes back school.”

“She was only there for a short time saying she had to get home for something going on with her mom. Poor Jake.”

“Poor Jake? How about poor us?”

“Why poor us?”

“Remember what Sam said about not being able to keep anything away from Emily?”


“That means Jake can’t keep anything away from Jessica.”

“Ok, and? Oh shit! DAMNT IT! And that means he’s going to tell her about us,” I exclaimed as my hands flailed about the car.

Edward was nodding at my delayed enlightenment.

“Fan-freaking-tastic. There goes my day,” I said throwing my hands up, frustrated.