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Master of Ceremonies

Please read A B.A. in B.S. prior to reading this one...it will help you quite a bit. This is the second part of a three part series. Edward and Bella have grown quite a bit since he left...to the point they got back together AFTER Edward earned Bella back and then proposed. And he did all this after they talked to Charlie! So, here comes the bride, the groom, all the wedding fanfare, and many suprises inbetween. Oh...and lots of lemony goodness too. Again, some OCC, but you'll likey. Please bear with the first 10-11 chapters as they are a buildup to a kickass twist in chapter 12! Update 8/12/11 I've just added 3 new chapters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a bunch of fun stuff starting and on it's way!!I've also added some references from one of my fav UK shows into one of the chapters. I hope I described them well enough so you know which episodes I refer to. I am loving the reviews I am getting...but I do wish there were MORE! C'mon peoples-give me a few clicks of the mouse, a few keystrokes, and maybe about twenty seconds of your time...you know you want to!


10. Chapter 10

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Had I known coming back to New Hampshire was going to be as chaotic as it had become after I got back, I never would have left Forks at Christmas. There were days I was ready to tear my hair out. I was not only attempting to plan our wedding, I was student teaching and taking my last couple of course so I could graduate in May. May was fast approaching as was June thirteenth.

I ended up handing the wedding preparations over to Alice, reluctantly. She had clear and concise instructions on who, what, when and where things were to happen and how things would go if my directions were not explicitly followed. She, Rose, Esme, and Mom all handled the final details like invitations, the menu, decorations and anything else that started to come up. Having a fortune teller at your disposal helps a lot in situations like these.

I was so busy with school and life that I was able to keep my mind of Aro and the whole baby-breakdown. Edward never brought it up, but I could tell there were times he wanted to ask me about both of them just by the look in his eyes.

It would be in the way he would pull me tighter into him while we laid bed. Each time he would take a deep breath, I would feel his mouth open and close, and he would then kiss my head. And I reciprocated by turning over, looking him in the eyes reassuringly, putting my hand up to his cheek and gently stroking it and gently nodding my head. We did that a couple times a week. It was so often it was almost routine.

That all changed one night when I was turning over and Edward was not there to look at. He was gone.

“Edward, where the hell did you go?”

Before I could blink, I was standing next to Edward in the living room in front of all the family. I was half naked and felt like I should have covered up. Rose threw a blanket at me and I coyly, and shyly, wrapped it around myself.

“Bella, you can’t go anywhere alone anymore.”

“Carlisle, what are you talking about? What happened?”

“Alice, perhaps you should tell her.”

“I had a vision. I couldn’t see their faces, but two vampires are coming. They’ve apparently been stalking around here for a while, but I’ve never gotten wind of them. No vision, nothing. They’re Volturi.”


Edward pulled me in closer to him as I started to shake. The visions of the red-eyed man standing over me started to haunt my mind. The back door slapped shut and two men whirred in front of us taking their seats next to their mates.

“We caught their scent. They couldn’t have left more than ten minutes ago. Emmett and I followed their trail for ten miles to the highway before it trailed off.”

“Wh-wh-what do we do, Jazz? Where did they go?”

“I don’t know where they went, Bella. They may have hopped in a car, but they wouldn’t risk being seen. That’s the way the Volturi operate.”

“Any idea on who it was?”

“It’s a scent we have never encountered before Edward. We have no idea who they are.”

“It was Alec and Jane.”

All head turned toward Alice.

“Alice, honey, how do you know this,” Esme asked startled.

“Because they will be here in twenty minutes.”

I looked to Edward, “you have to get me out of here! They’ll smell me; I can’t be here when they are. I’ll get you all killed.”

“Love, they have been around here, they already know you are here. They already smell you. Alice, any idea on why they are coming?”

“They know.”

Edward’s head lowered to look at the floor.


Eighteen minutes later I was sitting on the couch, fully clothed, and squeezing the hell out of Edward’s hand as my right leg bounced up and down like a jackhammer.

“Who are Alec and Jane, exactly? Do they have abilities?”

“They have abilities. Jane can make you think you are in an immense amount of pain. It’s not real, but your mind makes it real. Alec can do the opposite. He cuts you off from the world. They are twins; a yin and yang of sorts. The Volturi use Jane when they want to teach someone a lesson or get information and Alec when they feel merciful.”

I laughed, “yea, the Volturi are a real merciful sort of people.”

He rubbed my arm and kissed my forehead. “I can hear their thoughts. They are close, only a minute away.”

All of us were sitting in the living room awaiting our guest’s arrival. It felt like the seconds just slowly ticked away. One. Two. Three.




“I promise you, it’s ok, love. Nothing is going to happen that we can’t handle. Remember, we knew something like this was coming. We knew that they would have to find out somehow.”

“I just didn’t expect it to be like this.”

“Sis, trust me. We have nothing to worry about. They will be here for less than three minutes. Introductions, we hear you are getting married, congratulations, and good-bye.”

“I wish I was confident as you are, Alice.”

“You are just over reacting. Watch, you won’t have to say a word.”

In the blink of an eye, Carlisle was at the door greeting Alec and Jane. I never even heard the knock.

A short blond-haired girl was standing in a black cloak in the door frame. Alongside her was a boy, brown-haired and just as pale, but maybe just a few inches taller. They had an old world aura to them; very proper and distinguished, but still so very young. That wasn’t the characteristic that stood out most. It was their eyes. Bright and crimson red and a matching set to the ones in my nightmares.

“Jane, Alec,” Carlisle began, “this is my family. You know most of them. The young lady sitting next to Edward is Bella, the newest member of our family.”

I just sat there staring at her. The moment she looked at me my eyes darted away, but she was in front of them, me. She was standing there in front of me bent over so her eyes were on my level.

“There’s no need to be scared, little human. I am not here….feed on you. I’m here to just to confirm information.”

“Yes, it’s true, Jane. Bella and I are getting married.”

“So it is true, you can read minds.”

“Yes, I can. Now if you would be so kind as to step away from my future wife so that she may resume breathing before she passes out?”

“Of course,” she said as she now stood next to her brother, still in the foyer.

Her brother spoke, “That’s quite a tasty-smelling snack you have sitting next to you Edward.”

“She’s not a snack,” seethed Emmett, “she’s my sister you douche bag and you will keep yourself away from her.” He was sitting guard on the arm of the couch next to me, his fists clinched.

“Pity. I meant no malice, just stating fact.”

“Well add these to your facts: fact-she is a member of this family and we will do everything to protect her, fact-she is my sister and I would kill for her, fact-talk about her like that again and I will break your jaw, fact-she is human, fact-she has made the choice to totally join this family and will be turned after they marry and when she is ready, fact-there is no reason for you to be here, fact-you can take your stank Volturi asses back to Italy because you are not needed here.”

“ROSE! Watch your language.”

“Sorry mom.”

“She does speak the truth, although not so eloquently. Bella has chosen to be one of our kind and the wedding is June thirteenth, only three months away. She will be changed and all the laws are being followed. We can’t help who Edward has fallen in love with, but this is their choice and we support them.”

“We will inform Aro. Edward, good luck with being able to resist your bride long enough to change her. And Bella, good luck with surviving it,” she smirked.

“I guess this is where we say congratulations and goodbye. Thank you for your hospitality, Carlisle.”

“You are welcome back anytime Alec. As are you Jane.”

I wondered if Carlisle was freaking crazy!

They each bowed their heads and whished off. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I opened them and found myself back in our room. He laid me on the bed and cuddled up behind me. My heart was still racing from the look Jane gave me. He gently stroked my arm and sang me to sleep with my lullaby. I was grateful for some semblance of normalcy.


“Alice, is this absolutely necessary?”

“If it wasn’t, do you think I would really be here?”

“Alice, I need to finish this lesson plan. This is my final project to be graded by my sponsoring teacher. I teach all week next week and I need to finish it.”

“You’re going to get an A, now back to the seating chart.”


“The kids are going to love you, you are going to pass this semester with straight A’s and graduate at the top of your class. We need to get this done right now because it does the last time you’ll be able to help decide on who sits where.”

“Yes, because who sits where is going to be the most important part of the reception.”

“Sarcasm will get you nowhere.”

“Fine, let’s get this over with already. Show me what you have.”

She handed me the chart and I slowly gazed over it. There were five tables, four with six place settings and one with two. They were in a “V” setting with, what I assumed was, Edward and my table at the top and two tables on each side.

“You have to move Leah and her date. They can’t sit next to Sam and Emily. Brandon may have been able to make things better in their family, but there’s no way they will survive a whole wedding reception next to each other.”

“This is why we don’t invite wolves to weddings!”

“Alice, it’s an easy fix. Switch Embry and his date with Leah and her date. Then we can have the parent’s at one table, the remaining Cullens plus Angela and Ben at another, Seth can sit with the Denali’s at their table. That leaves Jake, Jessica, Leah and her date, Quil and Quil’s date at one table and Sam, Emily, Brandon, Embry, Paul, Jared and Jared’s date at the other. See, everyone’s happy and no one is killing each other. Now, if you don’t mind I’d like to get back to my homework. Unlike you, I don’t work at vampire speed. I’m a mere human.”

I stomped my way up the stairs in defeat that she won out on distracting me and triumph that I outwitted the pixie. I found Edward leaning against my doorframe (I made him move back into his room during the day so I could have my privacy and peace) with his arms crossed and a smirk on his lips.

“She’s not happy with you.”

“Not really caring. I have stuff to do, out Edward.”

“I love it when you are so authoritative.”

“And I love you, but I need to work, please.”

He pulled me into a sweet seductive kiss, lips closed, and flashed away. I hated when he did that. Got my juices flowing and then disappeared. He was turning me into a very dangerous woman.

As is always true, Alice was right. I passed all my finals and classes. Grades were not due out until after graduation, but I already knew I passed with all A’s. I knew I had info from Alice, but I did my own figuring through my own methods.

Soon, it was May twelfth and my graduation day. In a month and a day, I would be married and six months after that, according to Alice’s vision, I would be a full-fledged member of the Cullens. I was rapidly moving through life, but I was happy.

I stood in the processional waiting to have my name called so I could collect my diploma. I looked to my right and saw my family, all of them sitting there cheering me on waiting to applaud my latest accomplishment; Mom, Phil, Charlie, Sue, Leah, Esme, Carlisle, the rest of the Cullens, some of the Pack (Seth, Jake, and Paul), and my adoring, smiling Edward. I swore the lights shined off of his teeth and one of them actually sparkled at me. It was a like a “Ding” you hear in a gum commercial. It was fitting.

I was happy, my family was happy, I had accomplished my goal, everyone was getting along, and I was getting married to the man of my dreams. I was doing what most women wanted to do: marry their high school sweetheart.

I knew in that moment all was right in my world. Then, as if on cue, Brandon, who sat playing in Emily’s lap, reached out for Edward. Edward took him out of his mother’s arms and brought him into his own. Together, smiling and cooing, they waved at me. With a slight sadness in my heart and a strong smile posed on my face, I waved back.