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Master of Ceremonies

Please read A B.A. in B.S. prior to reading this one...it will help you quite a bit. This is the second part of a three part series. Edward and Bella have grown quite a bit since he left...to the point they got back together AFTER Edward earned Bella back and then proposed. And he did all this after they talked to Charlie! So, here comes the bride, the groom, all the wedding fanfare, and many suprises inbetween. Oh...and lots of lemony goodness too. Again, some OCC, but you'll likey. Please bear with the first 10-11 chapters as they are a buildup to a kickass twist in chapter 12! Update 8/12/11 I've just added 3 new chapters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a bunch of fun stuff starting and on it's way!!I've also added some references from one of my fav UK shows into one of the chapters. I hope I described them well enough so you know which episodes I refer to. I am loving the reviews I am getting...but I do wish there were MORE! C'mon peoples-give me a few clicks of the mouse, a few keystrokes, and maybe about twenty seconds of your time...you know you want to!


25. Chapter 25

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I had not hunted since before I lost Bella. My parent’s let that slide until after her wake and funeral because they knew I would not act. Actually, Alice knew I would not act. The whole family went hunting after Charlie and Sue left the house. Had I not been able to hear his thoughts and known it was coming, I never would have believed that Charlie would have EVER hugged me.

“She loved you Edward; anyone could see that. I can’t thank you enough for making my daughter as happy as she was. I had never seen her smile or laugh as much as she did after you came into her life, twice.”

I cringed.

“I don’t say that to be mean or bring up the past. What I’m trying to say is that you always made her happy and therefore made me happy. She was the light of my life and I know the light of yours. Thank you for making and keeping my little girl so happy. I know she had a great life because of you.”

“Thank you Chief Swan, that means the world to me.”

“Feel free to come by anytime, son. I’ve got no plans to do anything with her room, so any time you need a moment in there, come by. You are more than welcome.”

“Thank you Charlie.”

“Sue,” I said looking to his left side, “I know the only thing Bella would want is Charlie to be taken care of. Please take care of him for her.”

“Absolutely Edward.”

“When things calm down, we’ll have you and your parents to the reservation for dinner,” she said before catching herself, “or something.”

“That would be great,” smiled Esme behind me.

“We would enjoy that Sue, thank you,” said Carlisle next to her.

We said our goodbyes and watched them leave.

“Speaking of eating, Edward, it has been too long. C’mon, the whole family is going.”

Once we had our fill of deer and the odd mountain lion, we started back to the house. The memory of her telling me to be strong came to me as soon as I saw the structure. Esme stopped when I did and looked at it. It was a little cottage that was on the property when we bought it. It had since become overrun with vines, grass, random flowers, and fallen branches and leaves from the tree that stood behind it.

“Can I renovate it?”

She looked at me confused, “You’ve never really shown an interest in construction or interior design. The sciences have always been your strong suit.”

“Bella told me to be strong and to take care of Charlie. To do that, to be able to be strong and then take care of Charlie, I have to keep busy. I have to keep myself going with different projects and tasks. If I am to keep my promise to her, I have to do something that stops me from turning inward and pushing people away.”

“Edward, son, you can have and do anything you want-shy of anything that damages the main house,” she said as her hand touched my cheek, “but I need you to promise me something.”

“Anything,” I said smiling at her.

“Promise me you won’t use Emmett as a wrecking ball.”

“Ruining all the fun, you are,” I chuckled.

“I know your pain will remain with you forever, as it will the rest of us. If you ever need to talk, we are all here for you. I also know that you’ll be using this project as a way to get away for a while-and you deserve some time alone. I understand that, but just don’t—“

“Mom, I promise that I am not going anywhere. I need you; I need my family around me more than ever.”

“Ok. How about we have our first drafting lesson tomorrow afternoon?”

I knew I could learn easily how to draft, use the software, and even start construction on the cottage within half a day, but we both needed this mother-son moment. It also helped that the longer we drew the lessons out the longer I could extend the project and attempt to keep her death off my mind as much as possible. She would always be on my mind, but if, for at least a minute of every day I could keep her death off my mind, it would be an ok day. Nothing would be good, perfect, or right without her by my side.


DAY 10 A.B. (After Bella)(It’s June 3)

I finished my lessons with Esme and started drafting the blueprints for the new cottage. I didn’t want anything grandiose and wasn’t even sure what purpose it would serve, but I knew it had to have a large fireplace in the living room and in the master bedroom, an area for a flower garden in the front and in the back, and plenty of bookshelves. I tried a number of different designs, but nothing seemed to fit the way I wanted them to.

DAY 13 A.B.

I finally finished the blue prints. I took me three days to get it set correctly. There were three bedrooms (so much for the cottage) and a loft. The master suite had a whole wall lined with bookshelves, a door that led to the master bath and walk-in closet, and a set of French doors which led to a stone porch area that would be surrounded by flowers. The master bath was going to be arranged similar to the Bella’s master bath at the house in New Hampshire, but without balcony.

The two other rooms each had two walls with bookshelves built in and floor to ceiling windows with shrubbery planted in front. They were separated by a large full bathroom complete with a whirlpool bathtub and infinity shower. It was not necessary, but it looked nice. The loft was going to be large, but I was only going to put a large reading chair and a table up there. There was a full kitchen complete with stainless steel appliances and an island in the center.

The living room was going to be large, but not as large as the one at the main house. It would have enough room for a living room set and a piano with some room to spare. There would also be a laundry area off the living room and kitchen. The ceilings would be high with plenty of skylights for natural light. The house would be made of stones of various sizes, colors, and shapes set in mortar and some cherry wood in the posts on the wraparound porch. It was not going to be a large porch, or house for that matter, but it would be sufficient for nice get away for one of my siblings or parents. It also didn’t hurt that the house was going to be over a mile from the main house.

DAY 14 A.B.

I had Charlie patrol. My siblings and parents had been taking turns watching after Charlie. I finally had to force myself into rotation. He would sleep for a couple of hours then wake up calling her name, sob slightly, then fall back asleep. He did this three times. From my family’s memories, I knew he had been doing this since the funeral. We had been watching him all the time, except for when he was on the reservation. The Pack knew to keep an eye on him. Alice showed up a few hours after he woke up to switch. I went back to the house to start construction on the new cottage.

DAY 17 A.B.

Emmett, Jazz, and I finally knocked the old cottage down and cleared the debris. We worked at human speed; there was no rush. I accompanied Alice to Port Angeles and dropped off the casseroles and meals our friends had given to us after the funeral at a soup kitchen for homeless women and children. We had frozen them so they would keep. It would have made Bella proud. Carlisle was welcomed back at the hospital with open arms.

DAY 23 A.B.

Alice joined the renovation project and decided that she had to decorate the new cottage. She brought Rose in, too. Everyone was now enthralled in a project and their minds occupied in addition to watching Charlie and hunting. It helped, but did not and would never alleviate the pain. Each day our minds were filled with random thoughts of her. Alice would often try to determine whether or not she would like a specific color or design-Rose did the same. She was and would forever remain a part of our everyday lives.


We had the frame of the house completed and Esme was starting on the landscaping. The boys and I started on the walls and plumbing. It was coming along slowly, but that was good. Rose had Charlie patrol the night before and he had a hard time so I took Emmett’s shift for that night. If he needed a shoulder to lean on, I wanted to be there to randomly show up. I promised her I would take care of Charlie, and I meant it.

Day 28 A.B.

With the house almost complete, the girls started ordering furniture, buying paint, and actually sewing the tapestry. The stone porch outside the master bedroom was completed. We used tree trunks as steps down from the wraparound porch down to the stone porch. The drywall was up, oak flooring complete, plumbing complete, and the cabinetry was being worked on along with the shelving. Esme was very happy with how this house turned out that she started talking about constructing an addition for the main house that would include a studio for me. I had Charlie duty that night and he was still having a hard time. I was too; it had been exactly a month since she had been taken away from us. I was spending many a night in our room in a chair across from our bed. I would sit there and just look at the bed and imagine that I was watching her sleep. I did that often.

DAY 31 A.B.

The construction on the house was complete and the girls were now ordering us around the house as if they owned us. I felt like Cinderella prior to her Fairy Godmother. That said; a good time was had watching Alice actually paint Emmett red. That was the first time all of us had laughed or smiled at the same time in over a month. I spent yet another night watching our bed and even stole a pillow off the bed so I could smell her; her sweet, succulent fragrance that drove me crazy. It was never going to be enough.

DAY 37 A.B.

The girls finished the cottage and even helped Esme put in a coy pond. I needed a break from all of the thoughts, so I spent most of the day in the house. The girls were thinking about how much Bella would have loved the cottage……I couldn’t stay and listen.

Around seven, everyone came home from the house and about thirty minutes later, Carlisle came home. While he indulged the girls and listened to their plans for the rest of the house, I looked out the back window and watched the trees sway with the wind.

My mind was inundated with one of Alice’s visions.

A young woman walked in front of a six pain window and caught a glimpse of herself and stopped. There she stood: limp, sad, and distraught. The look upon her face made it seem as though she was leaving something behind; like she was yearning for something or someone. She looked lost.

Her eyes were bloodshot and red and it looked like she had been crying for days at the least

Alice and I did not know who the woman was or why she was having a vision of her. It was very odd.

The girl was dressed in a pair of jeans, a pink tank top, and a long-sleeve hoodie with the hood up and a pair of very cute pink Nikes. Her cheeks were thin. She was one of us; her skin was too pale not to be.

I looked at Alice when I recognized the tree in the back yard. It was the same tree that stood outside Charlie’s back yard and Bella’s bedroom.

The girl spoke, “I have to go back and get them.”

Alice was having some random thoughts about the girl that I didn’t pay attention to; I just knew that I had to be at Charlie’s in to confront her.

Before the vision ended she spoke, “Just a few seconds longer. A few seconds longer and we can go back and get them. All of us.”

Alice shook the vision out of her head and we looked at each other confused.

Should I have Emmett go with you?

I shrugged. I figured she would tell them after I left and someone would be waiting in the woods ready to help.

Jazz felt the confusion coming off of her and looked at the both of us. We shrugged it off until she immediately had another vision.

Charlie’s eyes were completely red and bloodshot. He had been crying hard.

I was opening the driver side door on his cruiser. He turned his eyes to a picture in his hand and I called his name.

The vision ended and Alice spoke to me internally, I’m sorry, Edward. I know you it’s harder for you at night.

“It’s alright Alice. I made her a promise and I intend to keep it. I will keep Charlie safe.” I ran out the backdoor to hunt and then head over to Charlie’s.