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Master of Ceremonies

Please read A B.A. in B.S. prior to reading this one...it will help you quite a bit. This is the second part of a three part series. Edward and Bella have grown quite a bit since he left...to the point they got back together AFTER Edward earned Bella back and then proposed. And he did all this after they talked to Charlie! So, here comes the bride, the groom, all the wedding fanfare, and many suprises inbetween. Oh...and lots of lemony goodness too. Again, some OCC, but you'll likey. Please bear with the first 10-11 chapters as they are a buildup to a kickass twist in chapter 12! Update 8/12/11 I've just added 3 new chapters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a bunch of fun stuff starting and on it's way!!I've also added some references from one of my fav UK shows into one of the chapters. I hope I described them well enough so you know which episodes I refer to. I am loving the reviews I am getting...but I do wish there were MORE! C'mon peoples-give me a few clicks of the mouse, a few keystrokes, and maybe about twenty seconds of your time...you know you want to!


26. Chapter 26

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After a couple of Elk, I watched Charlie’s house atop a house about a mile away. I watched for signs of the new vampire, but it seemed Alice had her visions out of order. I was looking at Charlie. He was supposed to have left an hour ago for the Sheriff’s station, but couldn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to leave. I understood why.

He just sat there staring at a picture. Unmoving. Unwavering. Not unfeeling; that was the least of what was going on. That was the problem; he was feeling. It was all too real, and I knew exactly how he felt: loss, despair, emptiness, uselessness, nothingness-----utter nothingness.

I watched him as he sat in his squad car in the driveway. He stared at the picture in his tattered and worn brown leather wallet. There was a ten-year old picture placed behind the clear piece of plastic in his wallet. It the license slot, but he opted for her picture when Renee sent it to him almost ten years ago.

Minus his beating heart, blinking, and breathing he had not moved until that second when his finger ran up and down the cheek of the girl in the picture. His bottom lip quivered and huge tears began to stream down his face; not unlike what her tears used to look and smell like. I could almost smell her essence in his tears.

Both of our hearts ached for her. The loss of the love of our lives hit us the same, but for different reasons; his-a daughter taken too soon and me-the love of my life taken before we were able to start our life together.

I hopped off the roof I was sitting on and walked up to Charlie’s cruiser. I tapped lightly on the window. He turned his head to me slowly. I saw my reflection in the window and was ashamed. It had been so long since I had hunted that my eyes were black, sullen even with snack I just had. I looked weak, paler than normal if that was even possible, and dead. I actually looked dead.

Charlie’s eyes were completely red and bloodshot. He had lost at least twenty-five pounds since we lost her, his face was sunken in, and I could tell he was not eating. Charlie and I one in the same at this moment; I bet no one saw that one coming.

I opened up his door and he shuddered a bit as he turned his eyes back to the picture. I couldn’t tell whether or not it was from the gust of chilled wind that just blew through us.

“Charlie?” I was quiet. I did not want to startle him so I said his name again and placed my hand on his shoulder.

He looked at me again. His eyes were wide and pleading, begging me to help. I infinitesimally shook my head, but it was enough for him to see. He still stared at me. I think he would have been on his knees and looking to God begging to have her brought back to him, even to me, but God had failed us.

A sob escaped from him and larger, wetter tears began to stream from both eyes; one after another after another after another. It was a constant stream of physical sorrow. I would be doing the same if I had the capability. I would have been next to our bed clutching her pillow letting my physical pain flow had it not been for a promise I made to her.

“I’m sorry Charlie,” I sobbed loudly as I kneeled down to get eye-level with him. “I am so sorry. If I could bring her back to us, I would. I would.”

He turned back to his picture, clutched it to his chest, closed his eyes, and let his head fall to the steering wheel as he wept audibly for the loss of his one and only daughter and the love of my life. I touched his back continued to tell him I was sorry.

He caught his breath and was able to somewhat compose himself. He sat up and now looked more like the Police Chief that everyone knew, sans the red eyes.

“Edward, how----why are you here,” he asked confused more than authoritatively.

“You told me that anytime I wanted to spend a moment in her room I could. I just got the urge to be in there tonight.”

He nodded in understanding. “I should get to the station. I was supposed to be there an hour ago.”

“Of course, I can come back tomorrow.”

“Um, thanks Edward.”

“Not at all, Charlie. You and I both know what it feels like to lose the most precious thing in our lives.”

“Yes, well, thanks.”

I nodded and backed away so he could close his door and get to the station. He drove off and I immediately smelled the woman that Alice saw in her vision. It was a combination of honeysuckle, freesia, vanilla, rose, and honey.

I ran to the backyard the moment I heard her hand on the door handle.


Woman in the Vision POV

I raced through the trees on my way to Forks when the hunger hit. I immediately veered to the right towards the lake to stake out my latest prey. I found a deer out for a late night stroll. I crouched ready to pounce on my next meal. With the deer’s attention on the water, I leapt up into the air and landed on its back and sunk my teeth into its thin and hairy flesh.

The burning at the back of my throat was cooled as the blood of the animal shot into my mouth and I sucked it down. When I had drained the animal, I set it down slowly and apologized. It was much better than taking the life of a human, but it still felt horrible to take any life.

I resumed my race to the city through the woods. His scent wafted into my nose. I immediately altered my course. I knew just about where I was going, but his scent helped. I ran past trees and through branches as the wind blew past me. I stopped when I stood in front of a white house. This was it. It was simple and quaint. Perfect starter for a family, but I could only smell one human recently inside. There were two other human scents there, but one was more recent than the other and both smelled female. I could not decide how one would smell female, but they just seemed like female scents.

I walked up to the door and put my hand on the handle and said, “I have to go back and get them.”

I caught a glimpse of myself in the window pane and was disturbed that I looked so distraught. I took my hand off the door handle and spoke again, “Just a few seconds longer. A few seconds longer and we can go back and get them. All of us.”

At the end of the last sentence his scent hit me again. It was an intoxicating blend of…I could not pin point it. It was sweet and enticing. I turned to the right and met his golden eyes.

ARO POV (Timewarp backwards-you’ll catch on)

“Thank you. May I look at a picture in my pocket before you begin,” she asked quietly.

“Of course,” I generously replied.

She slowly pulled a picture from her back pocket and began to stare at it. I allowed her a few more second to let her last visions be of her potentially traitorous family before I nodded at Alec to cut her off from the world. Demetri held her limp body for me as I approached the succulent smelling human.


“Demetri, what is that sound?”

“I do not know, Master.”

The sound continued to confound me. At first I thought it was the human’s heartbeat, but as I listened closely, her heart was beating in addition to that sound.


“Jane, find out what that sound is!”

I watched her wush across the room until she stopped at the girl. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked around. I turned around frustrated as it continued.



“Yes, Jane,” I asked turning around swiftly. I cocked my head to the side as I looked at Jane.

“I believe the sound is coming from here.”

“It can’t be.”

“Aro,” started Demetri, “I believe Jane is correct.”

“Well, now that is unexpected. Jane, please prepare one of the larger guestrooms for her and make her extremely comfortable. Demetri, please take our guest to the guestroom. Alec, please follow them and continue to use your talent on her until she is securely in her room. Oh, my young ones, this is a marvelous turn of events! Marvelous!”