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Master of Ceremonies

Please read A B.A. in B.S. prior to reading this one...it will help you quite a bit. This is the second part of a three part series. Edward and Bella have grown quite a bit since he left...to the point they got back together AFTER Edward earned Bella back and then proposed. And he did all this after they talked to Charlie! So, here comes the bride, the groom, all the wedding fanfare, and many suprises inbetween. Oh...and lots of lemony goodness too. Again, some OCC, but you'll likey. Please bear with the first 10-11 chapters as they are a buildup to a kickass twist in chapter 12! Update 8/12/11 I've just added 3 new chapters and I hope you enjoy them. There's a bunch of fun stuff starting and on it's way!!I've also added some references from one of my fav UK shows into one of the chapters. I hope I described them well enough so you know which episodes I refer to. I am loving the reviews I am getting...but I do wish there were MORE! C'mon peoples-give me a few clicks of the mouse, a few keystrokes, and maybe about twenty seconds of your time...you know you want to!


4. Chapter 4

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Bella Pov

Rose’s offer gave me just enough time to visit Charlie, Emily and Brandon, and Angela and Ben. I got back later than planned and had just enough time to sit down on the couch and yawn until they all returned. Edward sat by me while the rest of the family loaded the car.

I laid my head on his shoulder and he stroked my hair. I barely had enough time to doze off before Alice came in declaring we were ready. Edward and I rode with Carlisle and Esme in Carlisle’s Mercedes while Emmett and Rose drove Jasper and Alice in Emmett’s Jeep.

I woke up with my head in Edward’s lap as we pulled up to a two-story log cabin with a wrap-around porch. I looked up at him and he was sparkling just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. It was beautiful. No, he was beautiful.

“Good morning, gorgeous.”

“Morning sparkles,” I chuckled as he leaned over to give me a kiss.

“Is this the kind of treatment I can expect for the rest of our lives?”

“Yea, pretty much. You know, you still have time to back out if you think you can’t take it.”

“I can take anything you throw at me.”

“Really? Because you couldn’t hack during our first baseball game.”

“Hey, if I wasn’t a fragile human, you wouldn’t have been so lucky. Wait until I’m a newborn!”

“We’ll see.”

“Is that a challenge or a threat?”

“Perhaps it’s both.”

“Ohhhhhh, I’m scared. You would be wise to remember I’ll be stronger than Emmett when I’m a newborn.”

There was roaring laughter from Emmett’s jeep which pulled up and parked next to us.

“Emmett doesn’t think so, love.”

I sat up and looked out the window, “Emmett, it is so on!”

“Bring it little sis!”

“It’s been broughten!” I heard the laughter from my family and some unfamiliar laughter coming from the people now standing on the porch apparently waiting for us.

“Love, we should greet our hosts. They like you already, but are still very excited and anxious to meet you.”

They were all beautiful creatures. Tanya with her distinctive strawberry curls; Irina and her silver -tinted blonde hair; Kate and her beautiful long, very straight blonde hair; and Carmen and Eleazar with their olive-tinted complexion and straight, long dark black hair. Each had the typical pale skin, but that did not take anything from their individual beauty.

As we got out of the car and approached the house, Tanya bounded off the porch and over to Edward, my fiancé, like she had been waiting for him to come to her. I stood there as she embraced him and he reluctantly put his hand on her back to pat it. I stood there with my hand on my hip and eyebrows raised. If I been a vampire, I would have thrown her into the house.

“It’s nice to see you too, Tanya,” Edward said nervously as he watched my reaction and pushed her gently off him, “let me introduce you to My Bella.” He walked over to me and put his arm around my waist.

“Oh, I didn’t see you there. Nice to meet you, Bella.”

I really wanted to hit her now.

“Actually Edward,” I said wanting to get back at her for that remark and her reaction to our arrival, “I believe you should be introducing me as your fiancé.”

She hissed and growled at me before turning to walk back to the house. I stuck my tongue out at her back like a three year-old causing Edward, Emmett, and Jazz to laugh. Carmen, Eleazar and Irina were now standing only feet from us.

“Edward, is this true? You two are betrothed?”

“Yes, Carmen. Bella and I will be getting married next summer. She wanted to meet you before the wedding, hence the reason for our trip.”

Carmen took me into her arms, “That is fantastic! You are most welcome into our family, Bella. We are so happy that Edward has found his mate, finally.”

“Yea, took him long enough to get his head out of his ass.”

“Rose! That type of language is not necessary,” scolded Esme, “even if it is the truth.”

Edward and I turned to look at Esme in disbelief and I stifled a snort while Emmett laughed out loud. Irina and Eleazar offered their congratulations as well. Eleazar looked at me in a way that began to make me slightly uncomfortable. I did not know whether to react with fear or not.

They invited us in and we followed. We ended up in their living room. Edward and I sat next to each other on the couch while Carmen and Eleazar sat on a loveseat directly across the room from us and everyone else was in a chair or on the floor next to their mate. Eleazar kept staring me. I shifted ever-so-slightly closer to Edward and he noticed. He watched me and followed my nervous glances toward Eleazar.

“Love, he’s just trying to figure out what you are.”

“Um, I thought it was obvious, I’m human.”

“No, not what species you are. What talent you have-will have.”

“He can tell that?”

“I’m able to decipher what latent talent a person has before they are changed. That’s why I was with the Volturi.”

“The who?”

“Just as each country has a government who establishes rules, so do we vampires. The Volturi have existed for centuries. That’s where I met Carmen and Carlisle.”

“Bella, I was able to somewhat explain them to you before your birthday party, remember?”

“Kind of. So, what are they like?”

“They are strict in certain circumstances,” started Eleazar, “and when it comes to their rules. They rule with authority from being some of the oldest vampires in existence. They will step in when things get out of control. In the past they have stepped in when someone created too many newborns to be controlled or when they were used as an army and during the time of the immortal children.”

I saw the Denali girls cringe slightly when he spoke of them. “What were they?”

“There was a time when, to create an advantage and to control certain territories,” Jasper began, “vampires would turn children. You’ve seen us as adults, our skin, our smile, our appeal. Imagine that on a child of no more than four or five. That child would be irresistible and they would feed on anyone who took pity on them or tried to help them.”

“That’s unbelievable.”

“The Volturi stepped in,” Jazz continued, “with their Guard-it’s like their own personal army, and eliminated the immortal children along with anyone associated with them. They also step in when it comes to eliminating the newborn armies that start to get out of control.”

“Seems like they rule well.”

“To a point,” Eleazar continued, “as with any government, they do some things to instill fear, establish control, and to take advantage. They do not value human life as we do and they do things that are more beneficial to them than anyone else. We have one rule that they have established and that has been followed for years: never let our existence be known to your kind.”

“So then, what about me?”

“We are the only ones who know about you, so it is unlikely that they know about you. Alice would see it if they did and if they were going to take action,” said Edward trying to soothe my anxiety.”

“What would happen if they found out?”

“I don’t know, love. They would probably give you two choices, turn or…”

“Or die,” I finished.

“We don’t have to worry about that. So let’s not dwell on it. We have happier times to look forward to.”

“You can’t hear her, can you Edward?” asked Eleazar quickly changing the subject. “I’ve noticed there’s no internal conversation with her like you have with the rest of us.”

“No, I’ve never been able to hear her thoughts.”

“That’s because she’s a shield and quite a powerful one.”

“I thought she might be one with the way she can block out his thoughts without trying,” added Carlisle rekindling a previous conversation about my change being extraordinary.

“I just don’t know if her talent is purely mental or if it has a physical component to it.”

My eyes travelled to each person as they spoke.

“Bella,” began Eleazar, “I’m sorry, I should have asked this before I made an assumption; are you going to be changed?”

“Yes, after hearing about the Volturi, I won’t put my family or myself in danger. Edward will change me, but only when I’m ready. And I might have to be ready a little sooner than I originally would have been.”

“Bella, don’t rush on our account,” spoke Alice for the first time in the conversation.

“I’ll only ask when I’m ready, but I’m not going to put your lives at risk. End of discussion.”

“She is very strong willed, this one,” commented Irina which elicited a “You have no idea” from Alice.

“I hope you are up for a challenge Edward,” continued Irina.

“When it comes to Bella, I am up to and ready for anything!”

“HA!” Tanya spat from the kitchen making me realize she was missing, not that I really cared. “We’ll have to see about that Edward.”

“Tanya, just leave my brother and sister alone and go back to your ridiculous sulking and make us all happy,” sneered Rose as she turned her head toward the kitchen. I was so glad she was now on my side.

Our conversation switched gears to the wedding and our plans. Edward, Alice, Esme, Rose, and I went over the details as Jasper, Carlisle, and Emmett went to “play” outside. Eleazar and Tanya joined them while Irina, Kate, and Carmen joined in on the wedding talk offering Edward and me their suggestions. We decided to refrain from pissing Alice off this time.

Carmen offered a surprise honeymoon as a wedding gift, but Edward kindly rejected the offer because he and Carlisle had already made our plans. Thank God I trusted this man. The women agreed that his choice, whatever it might me, was the perfect choice. Meanwhile, I sat there dumbfounded by the obvious joke I was not in on. I decided I need a break and some fresh air so I went out to the front porch and plopped down on one of the intricately fashioned, wooden rocking chairs.

“You know, when he met you, he ran away up here, to me,” said Tanya with a snotty attitude startling me and taking the chair next to mine.

“No, I actually did not know that,” I retorted not doubting that he came here, but that he came up here to her.

“Yep, you were just so much of a human, a liability per say, that he couldn’t handle you. He didn’t want to be around you, so he came here. Then he went back only because he took pity on you. Edward’s always been considerate like that; he gives way too much attention to the meek.”

“You’re right, he always has been considerate, but he has never taken pity on me Tanya. You don’t pity the people you love.”

“You believe that’s love he feels for you? Ever hear of Stockholm Syndrome-feeling sympathy and empathizing with your captor? That’s like what he has with you. It’s like an addiction. Your smell is so intoxicating to him that he has no choice but to deal with your human side to be around it. That’s why he pities you-because you’re just a human.”

“So tell me, Tanya, if he pities me and came up here to be with you after he first met me, then why is he marrying me? Why is he going to be with me forever and not you? Why does hold me all night long? Why does he hum the lullaby he wrote me every night? Why does he kiss me and yearn to make love to me and not you? Why does he fantasize about me? Why is he doing everything in his power to spend as much time with me and make me happy?”

She scoffed, “Because he doesn’t know what’s good for him or know how to break away from you and turn to the one person in his life that really matters.” That pissed me off and I was about to blow.

“Listen here you obsessed freak, that is MY future husband in there, not yours. See this,” I said flashing my engagement ring in her face, “this was his mother’s and now it’s mine because I am going to be his wife, not you. I will be a part of his life forever, not you. I will be the one he makes love to every day and night for eternity, not you. I will be his mate in every single way possible so you better keep your prissy, egotistical little hands off of my future husband because he is MINE you hard-headed nitwit! Or else.”

“Or else what?”

I stood up and put my face just inches from hers, “OR ELSE, when I’m a newborn I’ll beat the living dead crap out of you. I’ll be more powerful than Emmett and if I choose to, I can rip you limb from limb and then chalk it all up to being a newborn and not being able to control my impulses and get away with it! If you would like to test that, then be my guest you hussy --”

Suddenly Tanya was on her feet bearing her teeth at me and growling. Then the door busted open and Edward was between us while Emmett had his arm around my chest and pulled me back. I was halfway across the yard when Emmett high-fived me for trying to take on a vampire while human. Two seconds later Edward was at my side making sure she hadn’t done anything to me.

“That was quite a conversation you two had.”

“Edward, if she doesn’t back off, I swear I’m going to kill her!”

“Calm down, love,” he chuckled. “Who knew you were so possessive?”

I stared him down, “would you rather I just let her try to take you?”

“She wouldn’t succeed.”

“I know she wouldn’t, because I won’t let it happen.”

“Because, what were the words? Oh, yea, ‘he is mine’?”

“If I wouldn’t break my hand, I’d hit you.”

“Let me do it!” Before I knew it Emmett had playfully hit Edward and sent him halfway across the Denali’s yard.

“You better be careful, she’s plotting her revenge,” Edward called from across the yard.

“Good,” I screamed loud enough that the neighbors could have heard it, “because soon enough I’ll be able to spend eternity kicking her ass..right after making love to you!”

“Way to go sis!” Emmett gave me a high five and Edward, shocked by my language and behavior…doubled over laughing.

While Edward composed himself and walked back over to us, Emmett told me if I was this feisty as a human, he couldn’t wait to see me when I was a newborn. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually looking forward to being a vampire for more than having the ability to spend forever with my future husband. If I was a vampire, I knew I could defend myself and my family-at least against that hussy.