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Family is everything. Bella Swan, and her sister, Constance Marie, have always been the best of friends. Families are supposed to have unconditional love, but the love is put to the test when one becomes a vampire and the other becomes a werewolf. Experience the thrill of the Twilight series re-written with a new character added in - a sister for Bella.

im hoping this story will be a big hit. i've been writing this for ages on my laptop, and i've finally decided to post it. please please pleaseee let me know what you think. your feedback is alwayss appreciated, and im hoping to see a lot of love. :) *quick disclaimer; the character constance marie (and her background) is my own that i have come up with. if you wish to use her in your own story, please dont hesitate to ask! every other character belongs to stephenie meyer. :)

1. Chapter 1 - Visiting the Res

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“Will you guys like, calm down? I’m passing out a quiz. Seriously.”

Bella groaned and looked at her sister, Constance.

“Don’t give me that look,” She said, “I studied last night.”

Bella giggled, “Sorry, I was kind of busy.”

“Vampire boy was over again, wasn’t he?” Constance asked.

“Keep your voice down!” Bella cautioned, looking around the room.

“As if they bother to listen.” Constance said back, tossing her hair slightly and rolling her eyes.

“We’re uh…engaged now.” Bella said, looking down at her hand.

Constance gasped, “No! Let me see! No way!”

Bella smiled and showed her hand to her sister.

“Whoa, that’s quite a rock.” Constance commented.

“Ladies, shut it, test. Out. Now.” Mr. Riley said, dropping a paper on each desk. “You may leave when you’re done.”

Bella looked onto her sister’s desk and copied all her answers quickly, so that they could get to lunch early.

Constance was a Quileute Indian…half Indian, actually. Her mother had been white. Constance had thick, dark brown-black hair. She had her bangs side-swept and her hair was parted deep on the side. Her eyes were blue. They changed from light blue, to dark blue, to light brown, to grey, to almost white, to grey-green, and to lavender. She had her mothers’ eyes and everything else was her father. She had dark skin, dark hair, and dominant features. She was small, about 5’5. She was often made fun of for being short.

Constance’s mother died in child birth. She lived with her father on the Quileute reservation until he died in a fire six years before. Charlie had been good friends with her father and took her in. Bella and Constance had been best friends ever since. Now, they were never apart. They were the Swan sisters, even if that wasn’t Constance’s real name.

Today, Bella raced out the door while Constance put their papers in the pile. Constance was fast. She caught up with her sister in a second.

“Lunch is gonna be fun!” Bella said excitedly.

“Come on, let’s go!” Constance said the two raced down the hall.

Constance slid into her seat, and Bella was right behind her. The Cullens entered the cafeteria all together, how they normally did. Edward picked Bella up and sat her back on his lap. Emmett and Rose sat together and Jasper and Alice sat together. Constance had no one to cuddle up on, but that never bothered her.

Today, Jasper seemed on edge. Edward was paying attention to Jasper’s thoughts, and he too seemed a little edgy. Alice chatted excitedly with Bella and Constance about wedding plans while Rosalie simply smiled in agreement. Rosalie and Constance were best friends.

“Are you inviting any of your friends from the reservation?” Constance asked, completely innocent. Suddenly, the table got really quiet at the mention of the reservation. The Cullens looked at each other nervously while Bella quickly tried to figure out an excuse for their behavior. Constance wasn’t aware of the werewolves at La Push.

“Um, speaking of the reservation…” Bella said quickly, “Weren’t we supposed to take Sue something?”

“Oh damn, that’s right.” Constance said suddenly, completely agreeing. “Let’s get out of here.” She added, standing.

“Right.” Bella said, trying to stand. Edward didn’t let her though; he held her arm so that she couldn’t stand.

“Edward, let her go.” Alice said with a shocked expression on her face.

Constance glared at Edward and he let go immediately.

“I’ll call you, Rose.” Constance said.

“Got it.” Rosalie said back, smiling.

“Don’t die.” Emmett said, snorting with laughter. Rosalie and Constance giggled with him. Bella glared and turned to leave, Constance had to jog after her to catch up.

“What was that about?” Constance asked as she clicked the beeper on her key ring. Her Porsche beeped and the driver door opened. Bella opened the passenger door and sat down.

“Buckle up, babe, you know how I drive.” Constance said, revving the engine. Bella obeyed and then responded to her previous question.

“Edward doesn’t like me on the reservation.” She said.

“Controlling, much?” Constance said back, giggling. “He’s worried about you!”

“I know, I know. Silly, right?”

“More like adorable!” Constance replied back, shifting her transmition into range 5.

“Whoa.” Bella said, noticing their speed, “You’re going a little fast aren’t you?”

“I got this.” Constance said, switching her gear back to four. Bella calmed down a little. She didn’t feel right about not telling her sister about the wolves. Constance knew a bunch of those guys. She was probably related to a few of them…who knows? Those weren’t things you could just ask.

Actually, it was, in their case. Constance and Bella could ask each other anything; literally…anything.

“I wonder, if I put bananas, Doritos, tuna, a piece of pork chop, some steak sauce and some cold onions…will I throw up my stomach?”

“CAN you throw up your stomach?”

“If I drink grape juice will the throw up be purple?”

“DUDE, do it!”

The girls had so many strange conversations that Bella would be embarrassed if anyone else knew. She was glad that Edward couldn’t read her mind, she liked her privacy. Except with Constance, privacy didn’t exist. Constance walked into Bella’s room without knocking all the time; she didn’t care if she was changing. The only kind of privacy the girls had was the bathroom. They didn’t walk in on each other in the bathroom. Everything else was fair game; for Constance, anyway.

“So what are we taking for Sue, again?” Constance asked as she sped past the drive leading to the Cullens’ home. Bella felt strange passing it up.

“Some letter.” Bella said, “Charlie wrote it up last night.”

“Love letter?” Constance asked.

“I don’t know; I’m not a snoop.” Bella said, giggling again.

“It is a love letter, isn’t it?!” Constance cried.

“Yes!” Bella squealed.

“Oh my GOD. Read it!” Constance cried. She turned the corner and waved to the man in the little building. He smiled and hit the button to open the gate.

“I can’t!” Bella squealed.

“It’s that bad?!” Constance cried, laughing. Bella could only nod in agreement, but then she stopped.

“I think we’re being a little…conspicuous.” She said quietly.

“I know.” Constance said, “They know me.”

She pulled her Porsche into the Clearwater’s driveway. Seth was sitting on the porch steps, reading a book.

“Seth is reading?” Bella said.

Constance snorted as she took the car out of drive. The two stepped out of the car and Seth stood to come greet them.

“Hey guys.” He said, smiling, and then looking to Constance, he had a more serious face, “How’ve you been?”

“Better.” Constance said back, rolling her eyes.

“Good.” Seth said, hugging her.

Constance rolled her eyes at Bella again and then changed back to a smile when Seth broke the hug.

“Let’s talk to your mom.” Constance said, walking to the door.

“Uhhh…I was just about to leave, though, maybe you could…” Seth began.

“Don’t be silly, Seth, we’re on a mission.” Bella said.

“Are you gonna stand in my way?” Constance asked, stopping in front of Seth who was blocking her way to the door. Bella quickly sized up the odds. Constance was tiny compared to Seth, he could tear her apart. Seth was too sweet to start a fight, and Constance was constantly searching for one. Bella shook her head slowly and Seth moved aside nervously, looking towards the woods.

“They’ll wait.” Bella said a little loudly, hoping the pack would hear.

Seth gave Bella a helpless look as Constance let herself into his house.

“Constance! What a pleasant surprise! Did Seth let you in? How’s Charlie?” Sue asked.

Bella walked past Seth, into the house. She felt bad for pushing him over like this, but she wasn’t going to be the pushover in this situation. Not with Constance around. Her sister was pretty commanding, no matter how short she was.

“Ah, Bella! How are you, dear? Would you like something to drink, girls? Oh, I love catering to girls! Ever since Leah-“ Sue stopped short. Seth groaned.

“Seth! Dear, weren’t you going to be with friends? Maybe you should take the girls with you! Bella knows the boys, doesn’t she?” Sue said, changing the subject.

“Uh, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Seth said, rubbing his temple. Bella imagined what the chorus of “no” sounded like in his head. The entire pack wouldn’t like that. They didn’t mind Bella, but they always seemed strange at the mention of her sister. Bella grinned at Seth, wondering what he would do when Sue ordered him to take them along. Seth closed his eyes and mouthed his name when his mother said it.

“Sethren Clearwater. You are going to take those girls with you. And if any of those boys don’t like it, they can come talk to me.” Sue said firmly, “Now get.”

“Come on, guys, let’s go.” Seth murmured, sulking toward the door.

Constance handed Sue the note and then walked back out the front door, Bella following obediently.

“Um, Bella, you might want to…you know…stay away from Paul? He uh…holds grudges.” Seth said warily as they walked to the trees.

“No problem.” Bella said. Constance gave her sister a sideways glance. Bella shook her head at her sister and mouthed ‘later’.

Constance seemed calm to Bella, even as the boys all emerged from the trees. At Sam’s request, Bella assumed. They were all wearing shirts; also probably at Sam’s request. Bella spotted Jacob towards the back, pulling a wife beater over his head. Constance seemed to have her attention on Sam, and Jacob seemed to be admiring the trees. Bella rolled her eyes at him.

“Hello, Bella.” Sam said, smiling, “How are you?”

“Good.” She said a little flatly, and then turned to Constance, “You know my sister.” She said. Constance stuck her tongue out at Sam and he laughed. He came forward and hugged her.

“You’ve grown.” Sam said, putting his hand on top of Constance’s head as if to measure her.

“Stop it!” Constance said, laughing.

“Hey Bella.” Quil said, standing back behind Sam, he flashed his mischievous grin to her.

“Yeah.” Bella said back. Quil smiled while Paul and Jared smirked next to him. Bella glared at Paul. Paul shot her a glare back, and took a step forward. Bella moved slightly to the left, so that she was closer to Sam. Paul let a low growl rip through his throat and Constance flashed her eyes back at him. Paul was suddenly silent. Bella looked curiously to her sister, wondering what happened.

“I see you’ve been taking advantage of your father’s money.” Sam said, nodding toward the Porsche.

“The car was waiting for me, Sam.” Constance said back, “But yes, you could say that.”

Jacob’s head snapped away from the trees at the mention of the Porsche, and Bella watched his eyes zero in on the vehicle. His eyes followed it from front to back. He then looked from the car to Bella, and then to Constance. His scowl changed immediately. His gaze softened. He sort of let his head fall to the side. Sam was looking at the car, and suddenly he looked back at Jacob. He had a smug smile on his face. Paul had jumped sideways away from Jacob, his eyes wide. Seth stared wide-eyed, like Paul, his mouth dropped open. Quil and Embry stifled a giggle, and Jared just shook his head slowly.

Bella looked frantically to each face, wondering what she had just missed. Sam shook his head at Jacob, the smug smile still there. He turned back to the girls, hung his head, and put his hands on his face while he laughed.

“Did I miss something?” Constance asked.

“Yes.” Quil said, bursting into laughter. Embry fell to the ground, dragging Quil down with him. The two rolled on the ground. Jacob growled at them and Quil stopped laughing. Jared still shook his head. Paul was still standing back, looking a little scared.

“You guys…are so weird.” Constance said. Bella giggled in agreement.

“They’re being…boys?” Bella suggested.

“If this is how boys act I’m not sure I wanna be near them.” Constance said, giving Bella a nudge.

“Charlie wouldn’t allow that.” Bella said back. The sisters laughed amongst themselves. Sam turned back to the pack.

“Will you show some respect?” he said, his voice harsh. Quil and Embry stood back up and dusted themselves off.

Bella and Constance calmed their laughter and the two girls began whispering with each other while Sam talked to Jacob.

“I knew it.” Sam said. The pack erupted with laughter. Jacob glared at them and they were silent.

“Nothing happened.” Jacob growled.

“Sure.” Embry said, Quil giggling at his side.

“Should we ‘conveniently’ leave you two alone?” Sam asked seriously.

“I don’t know her. We weren’t even introduced.” Jacob said, looking to her nervously.

“Talk about her car.” Jared suggested quietly. Everyone turned to Jared, who barely spoke. Usually when he said something, it was hilarious. Right now, it was serious.

“That’s actually a good idea.” Paul mumbled. The pack nodded.

Meanwhile, Bella and Constance were whispering about Jacob.

“He’s hot.” Constance whispered.

“Sure.” Bella said back.

“Hey, I know you’re taken, but you’ve kissed him before, right? How was it?!” Constance asked.

“I can’t really comment honestly on that.” Bella said, “No one kisses better than Edward.”

“Point made.” Constance said.

“So do you like him?” Bella asked, noticing how Jacob had his arms crossed on purpose, revealing not only his tribal mark, but his extremely attractive muscles.

“I don’t know about that.” Constance said.

“She’s gorgeous.” Jacob argued.

“I can see that.” Quil said, “Look at her, she’s a babe!”

Watch your mouth.” Jacob said through clenched teeth.

“Oh okay, man, sorry. No animosity.” Quil said quickly.

“Go talk to her.” Embry said.

“I can’t just go talk to him.” Constance said, “I mean what the hell, they’re like some kind of wolf pack over there.”

At the mention of a ‘wolf pack’ the entire group turned to look at her.

“Uhh…” she said, looking to Bella.

“You’re all a bunch of creepers.” Bella said.

Sam snorted and the group walked back to the girls.

“Constance, you know all the guys, right? Left to right, there’s Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil, and Jacob.” He said gesturing towards the guys. They either waved or nodded. Jacob shrugged.

“Nice car, princess.” Jacob said.

“Thanks, kiddo.” She shot back. Jacob smiled. He shoved his hands in his pockets and walked towards the car.

“Transmition?” he asked.

“Stick.” She said, giving Bella a helpless look before she followed Jacob.

“She’s very protective over that car.” Bella murmured. The pack was smiling.






“Not really.”

Bella shook her head, watching Jacob get dreamy eyed over someone else’s car.


“It’s an ’11.”


“Limited edition. I got the blood red LED underneath.”

“No way.” Jacob said, his eyes widening.

“Uh…way.” Constance said.

“Your windows are pretty dark.”

“I have a thing for tint?” Constance said, watching Jacob’s facial expressions. He was full of wonder. He never got to see nice cars like these. And when he did see nice cars like these, the prissy girls who drove them never knew anything about them. Not like this girl, she knew everything. Jacob was in love with her already. He wanted to hug her.

“Can I drive it?” he asked excitedly.

“HA, no.” Constance said, “The only person ever to be in that driver’s seat…is me. And I intend to keep it that way.”

“No boyfriend?” Jacob asked.

“Goodness no. Guys don’t pay attention to detail. They buy a car like this not began they like the NOS fueled engine, they buy it because they’ll get lucky. They’d smash it in a second. Nice try, though but I’m the only one who drives this car.”

“Protective much?” Jacob asked, giving Constance a grin.

She stuck her tongue out at him, and squeezed in between him and her door. Constance was at least a head shorter than Jacob, and Jacob would only get taller. Jacob looked down at her and smirked.

“Back off.” She said playfully. Jacob backed up a few steps.

“Okay, okay. I’ve had my fun…sort of. I am going to drive that car one day. I can guarantee it.” He said, giving her another grin.

“Not even in your dreams.” Constance scoffed, winking at him. The pack didn’t see the wink, but they all heard Jacob’s heartbeat literally skip a beat.

Jacob had the breath knocked out of him. She was amazing! Spontaneous, spunky…and she knew cars! He followed her back to the group like a puppy. Bella gave Jacob a questioning look and then she sighed.

“Come on, Constance, we’d better get home before Charlie shows up.” Bella said.

“You guys should come to dinner at Emily’s tonight.” Sam offered, “She’d love the company.”

Constance and Bella looked at each other. Constance stared at Bella, her eyes wide. The two stared at each other, until Bella cringed and rubbed her eyes, “Dammit!” She said.

“Ha!” Constance said back.

Bella held out her hand, in a fist, Constance did the same. They pumped their fists three times and then Bella held her hand flat out, and Constance held her hand in a fist. They repeated two more times. Constance won.

“Ha.” Constance said, “We’d love to go to Emily’s.” The pack was laughing; the two girls were funny when they competed.