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Family is everything. Bella Swan, and her sister, Constance Marie, have always been the best of friends. Families are supposed to have unconditional love, but the love is put to the test when one becomes a vampire and the other becomes a werewolf. Experience the thrill of the Twilight series re-written with a new character added in - a sister for Bella.

im hoping this story will be a big hit. i've been writing this for ages on my laptop, and i've finally decided to post it. please please pleaseee let me know what you think. your feedback is alwayss appreciated, and im hoping to see a lot of love. :) *quick disclaimer; the character constance marie (and her background) is my own that i have come up with. if you wish to use her in your own story, please dont hesitate to ask! every other character belongs to stephenie meyer. :)

2. License to ILL

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“This way.” Sam said, walking through the trees. The girls followed with no problem. Constance and Bella walked side-by-side, and Jacob came up so that Constance was in the middle.

“So.” He said, keeping his voice relatively low, “What’s up?”

“Just walking.” Constance said.

“Sounds fun.” Jacob said sarcastically.

“Dude, I’m the queen of sarcasm, back off.” Constance said, smiling.

“Every queen needs a king.” Jacob said back.

“Not necessarily.” Bella said, backing her sister up. Jacob gave Bella a ‘don’t-screw-this-up-for-me’ look and then poked Constance. She giggled and pushed him back gently. Jacob wouldn’t stop flirting with her. Every now and then he’d poke her, and then tickle her. The pack seemed to pay no attention to the attention Jacob suddenly gave Constance. Bella felt like there was something she didn’t know that everyone else was aware of; except for her sister, of course.

They arrived at Emily’s house somewhere around five o’ clock, Bella called Charlie to let him know where they’d be. Charlie figured Sue had invited them, so they went ahead and let him believe it.

“I’m so glad there are more chicks in the house.” Emily said, bustling around the kitchen, clanging pots and pans. “Sometimes the brothers can be a handful.”

“Well, we’re happy to be here.” Constance said, looking completely comfortable in the house. Bella was having an anxiety attack. This house was wrong. It was all wrong for her; closed in, warm…cozy. She missed the open, spacious pastel colored house that was the Cullen’s. She felt completely uncomfortable in the werewolf home.

Emily eyed Bella’s engagement ring with a smug expression. Emily’s engagement ring was bigger. Bella hid her hand. Constance didn’t notice. Bella didn’t know how Constance was called more observant, and yet she didn’t notice a lot. Well…if she noticed, she didn’t say anything.

“So, Constance, your mother was a white girl?” Emily asked. Out of the corner of her eye, Bella saw Jacob’s head pop up from behind the couch with Embry and Quil.

“Did the eyes give me away?” Constance asked jokingly.

“No.” Emily said, “We relate on that level. My mother was Irish, I think.”

“Oh, cool! Maybe mine was too. That would explain how short I am.” Constance said, giggling. Emily smiled and Bella chuckled.

“Your eyes are your most striking feature.” Emily complimented, “They stand out with the dark skin. They look unnatural, but it looks right.”

“Oxymoron, much?” Constance asked. Emily laughed.

“Food’s ready.” She called out. The boys came running into the kitchen. Jacob ran by Constance and poked her. She giggled and looked at Bella.

“You hungry?” she asked.

“Sure.” Bella answered. The two took a seat at the table.

“Move it, Jared, I’m next to her.” Jacob said. He took the seat next to Constance and twirled the chair around, sitting on it backwards.

Constance’s cheeks turned a light pink and she kept her head down, she was smiling. Bella blushed too, because of her sister. Jacob quickly filled and cleared his plate while the two girls barely ate anything.

“You know, you can eat more. Emily cooked enough for all of us.” Sam said, looking at Emily affectionately when he said her name. Emily blushed and looked down at her plate.

“Should I make you blush on purpose, or are you good?” Jacob asked Constance.

“Go away.” She mumbled, clearly embarrassed. Jared shook his head and stood.

“Sam can I go see Kim?” he asked.

“Of course.” Sam said.

“Thank you for the food, Emily.” He said, “It was great.” He nodded at Bella and Constance and left through the back door.

“He can’t stand being away from her.” Sam said, more to Emily than anyone else. “He hasn’t seen her all day, he deserves to spend the night with her.” Emily smiled at her fiancé’s graciousness and hugged his arm.

“You wanna hug my arm?” Jacob asked Constance.

“Good God.” Constance said, rolling her eyes and hiding her face.

Jacob raised his eyebrows at Bella. Bella turned her head to face Quil.

“Hi.” She said.

Embry laughed and Quil gave Bella a mischievous grin, “Hey.”

“What’s up?” Bella asked, still turned away from Jacob.

“Not much. I’m eating.” Quil said, the grin still on his face. Bella rolled her eyes and turned back to face forward.

“Bella, you can leave if you like.” Emily said. Bella knew it wasn’t meant to come out mean, but it did anyway.

“Oh. Sure. I’ll leave.” Bella said, standing.

“Bella...” Emily said quickly realizing that what she said was rude. She tried to reason with her, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Let’s go.” Bella said, walking toward the door. As she had hoped, Constance was right behind her. Once outside the two stopped.

“Bella she didn’t mean it like that.” Constance said.

“I don’t care. I just…snapped. I’m not going back.” Bella said.

“Okay.” Constance said understandingly, “Let’s go.”

“Constance!” the two turned to face Jacob.

“Goodness, Jake, go away already!” Bella cried.

“I wasn’t talking to you.” He said, “Constance, you’re not gonna leave, are you?”

“Uh, yeah, I kinda have to.” She said.

“Can I go back with you?” He pleaded, looking to Bella.

“We don’t have room.” Bella said, thinking quickly.

“Bella you know what I mean.” He said quietly.

“What?” Constance asked looking to Bella, “What is he talking about?”

“That’s a good question.” Bella said, still thinking fast, “What are you talking about?”

Constance looked to Jacob. Both girls were staring at him.

“Can I go or not?” he asked.

Constance sighed, “If you figure it out…”

“Yay!” Jacob said, hugging Constance. “Make sure you’re expecting me.”

“It’s a school night.” Bella murmured as the two of them began to walk back through the trees. Even as the darkness began to fall in the forest, Constance knew exactly where she was going.

“Constance, how are you doing this?” Bella asked, stumbling over a root. Constance caught her.

“I can smell your perfume still, you can’t?”

“Uh, no, actually.” Bella said, giving her sister a weird look.

“Oh. Maybe it’s just me?” She suggested. Bella gave her a sideways glance and the two emerged from the woods back at the Clearwater home.

“Oh…great; launching operation…get-into-the-car-and-drive-away-without-Sue-seeing!” Constance said, giggling.

“Gotcha!” Bella agreed, getting into position. Constance hit the beeper and the two raced to the car. Bella opened the door to the car and jumped back.

“How did you get in the car so fast?!” Bella cried.

“Why are you going so slow?” Constance sighed, “Come on, Bella.”

Bella took her seat in the car. They were on the freeway before she had her seatbelt buckled.

“So what happened back there?” Constance asked, she looked at Bella, “You lied to me.”

“Jacob’s a werewolf.” Bella said, burying her face in her hands.

“He’s a…what?!” Constance asked.

“They all are.” Bella said, Sam, Jared, Paul, Embry, Quil…They’re all werewolves.”

“A werewolf has a crush on me.” Constance said.

“A werewolf has imprinted on you.” Bella said back.

“What’s that mean?” Constance asked, slowing down.

“Wolves mate for life.” Bella said quietly, “And…”

“He’s claimed me.” Constance said back.

“Yes.” Bella replied.

“Cool.” Constance said, “So he’s showing up tonight?”

“Cool?” Bella asked, “What’s that mean? Aren’t you…upset?”

“I think it sounds…romantic.” Constance said. “Honestly.”

“Really?” Bella asked. Constance nodded and smiled as they turned the corner and pulled up into the driveway.

The two girls stepped out of the car and Constance hit the beeper. The two girls let themselves into the house. Bella walked in to speak to Charlie while Constance went upstairs.

“I don’t feel very well.” Constance said, holding her stomach.

Bella nodded and went to the kitchen. Charlie left a note.

Went to bed. Sorry.

PS; Lakers won! 96-54

Bella rolled her eyes at the note. Leave it to Charlie to tell you the results of the game. There was a tap at the door and Bella jumped.

“Jacob!” She hissed, “Go away!” Jacob made a face and Bella pulled the window open a bit.

“Where’s your sister?” He asked.

“Like I’m going to tell you.” Bella said, rolling her eyes at him.

“Seriously, Bella. I need to talk to her about something. Sam’s orders.” Jacob said.

“She’s not feeling well.” Bella said.

“…What did you just say?” Jacob asked, his head cocking to the side.

“I said she’s not feeling well. You can talk to her later.” Bella said.

“Oh god, it’s already starting.” Jacob said.

“What’s ‘starting’, Jacob?” Bella asked.

“Nothing. I gotta go, Bella. Take care of her.” He said, turning and running. Bella glared after him and heard Constance gagging upstairs.

“Dammit.” Bella said.