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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


1. Chapter 1 - Militairy Brat

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Today was just another new day at a new school in the life of a military brat. My dad has been in the military for as long as I can remember and now he has been stationed in Port Angeles but our house was in Forks, I think my dad thought that I needed to be away from the social part of this town.

I was standing In front of Forks High, not in the mood to go in because it would be the same old routine “What’s your name?” “Where are you from?” “What school were you in?” and today I was just not up for it. I barely slept last night, all I could hear was the wind howling and the rain splashing against almost everything.

I was dressed in white leggings and a black knitted dress. At least Switzerland got me prepared and used to the cold weather. I eventually got out of my Maserati and headed for the building with the “Office” sign on it, there was no way I could postpone it any longer. I walked into a reception like desk that was badly organised and the room smelled like an old age home. I rang the little bell that was on the desk and a short red-haired lady popped her head around a bookshelf at the back of the office.

“Hi dear, how can I help you?” this woman was overly friendly and overweight and in the middle of a fashion crisis. “Hi I’m Lizè-Marè, the Commandant’s daughter.” She looked at me as if she was expecting a military drill to burst out any moment. There I was grateful towards my dad for not forcing me into any of the military schools. Public schools were too much fun to miss out on.

I finally got all my forms filled in and I got my class schedule. I walked through a set of doors that clearly screamed “high school”.

I walked towards my first class listening to classic music on my iPod. The school was too quiet for a high school. I looked at my watch and saw that I was about an hour early for my first class. I was glad it gave me chance to roam the school grounds so I didn’t need to ask for directions the whole day.

I was heading back to my car to put my extra books in my boot when I saw a silver Volvo C30 pull in. I found it odd seeing that almost all the other cars were old and rusty. My car was looking very luxurious standing next to a red old Chev Rust Bucket, it was empty so the owner must have met up with friends or was inside.

I turned around and looked at the Volvo again, only to see it empty. Sheesh! I am so slow today and to think the first bell hasn’t even rang. I started walking towards the other side of the building only to be bombarded by a few hundred new faces.

I walked towards the entrance and went straight to my first class, History. I was hoping that this school’s History class would be interesting. Finally the first bell rang and the other kids started to walk into the building, I waited for the teacher to arrive to be assigned to a seat. It didn’t take long for the class to be filled with kids and there was only one seat open, the person occupying the other half of the desk look extremely quiet and in control of himself, something you didn’t see between a group of twenty teenagers. Everything was different about him, he was pale and he had golden eyes, his features were very prominent, almost perfect and he had the most beautiful dark blonde almost brunette hair. He wasn’t your average front cover page beautiful, the beauty he had was definitely other worldly.

I tried not to stare at him but it was difficult. Finally the teacher arrived and assigned me to sit next to Mr. Mysterious. He was quiet and just stared out the window. The class was about the war between Germans and Jews or the Holocaust as I knew it. I tried to keep my mind busy until the period was over, this was one part of History I mastered more than once, I even took classes to be able to speak German.

The bell finally rang for the next period and I felt a gust of wind behind me and when I checked to see if he felt it as well the desk next to me was empty.