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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


2. Chapter 2

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I couldn't wait for the bell too ring to signal the end of today. The rest of the day was too normal, lunch was typical everyone was cooing over the new girl. After lunch he day just blurred by with Mr. Mysterious's features edged into my mind. It was as if he wanted me to remember him.

I wonder what was wrong with him that he vanished out of History this morning. Finally the bell rang and I headed towards my locker to get the remainder of my books. As I finally headed out I noticed that a crowd of boys were surrounding my car. Ugh boys will be boys. It was like this at every school.

"I wonder who's car it is?" Typical, they better not drool on it. "Please move, if you scratch my car you are dead." Suddenly the crowd moved a bit back and let me through. I rummaged through my bag for my keys. Finally. I pressed the unlock button and my car unlocked.

I threw my books and my bag on the passenger seat and pushed the key into the ignition only too look up into a bunch of gawking boys. I started my baby and revved it to scare them off a bit. They finally moved and I was out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Our house was a bit outside the city in a very secluded part. My dad wanted this house to be our last so he bought it. It had two floors. The bottom floor held the kitchen; lounge; dining room; study and entertainment area and the second floor had four bedrooms one of the four was busy being converted in to my own wardrobe or as my dad would call it "Lize's personal boutique."

I went to the kitchen and made small salad and headed off into the study room. My side of the study room was all white, sometimes I feel its too white but today it made me feel at ease and it reminded me of him. It felt like he was in the same room, watching over me.

If only I was so lucky too have him in the same room. For some unexplained reason I felt a desire for this strange boy, as if I needed him to survive. I've never felt so consumed by a boy.

After a few hours of mindless homework and reading a few fashion blogs, I heard dad's Mercedes pull into the driveway. "Lizzy, I'm home." My dad's voice sounded strained, like he was hiding something from me. I headed over to the entrance hall and saw my dad and visitors outside. "Hey dad, how was your day?" I tried to look over his shoulder as he hugged me. All I could see was a police cruiser. "Long but good. Lizzy I want you too meet the Chief of Police, Charlie and his daughter Bella.

"They are gonna join us for dinner tonight." Dinner? That was odd, we never had dinner guests within the first week of staying at a new place.

"Hello Sir, Hello Bella, I'm Lize - Mare but you can call me Lize." The years of moving around have mastered my introduction skills. "Hey Lize, welcome to Forks and you can just call me Charlie." I accepted his hand and shook it like I was taught by the millions of marines I've met. Charlie and dad headed off to the entertainment area with Rafael who went to get their drink orders.

Bella looked extremely uncomfortable. "Bella, do you want to come see the rest of the house?" She nodded and I showed her the lounge, dining room, kitchen, the study area was a room she looked like she liked. We headed upstairs just as the builders headed out, they waved at me and hoped that I liked what they did, if not I should ring them up.

I secretly hoped that they got it right the first time. Bella and I first headed to the two guest bathrooms then to my dad's room and then we headed to my room which was decorated for the first time how I wanted. Black walls with huge turquoise circles and a mirror that covered the one wall completely.

Bella looked like she was in shock. "So what do you think?" I asked as I flopped down on my queen sized bed. "It's so different and unusually beautiful. I've never seen anything like it." I hinted for her to join me on my bed. "This is nothing wait until you see my closet, that's if the builders got it right." It felt so good having a friend. Bella was so easy to talk to, who knows maybe one day I'll share my secrets with her.

I searched for the remote that was supposed to be on my night stand. After almost knocking down half of my stuff on the stand I found the bedazzled remote. "Bella come watch!" I couldn't help but be excited about my new wardrobe.

Bella joined me in the adjacent room as she plopped down onto my tiffany styled couch. Dad loved spoiling me, I loved that about being an only child. I pressed the button that brought out my school wear and Bella just shook her head. "Lize, how on earth do you sort your clothes like that?"

It went on for hours and Bella's expressions were so hilarious, I've never met a girl that didn't love fashion, but Bella was so much different. I heard Rafael buzz the intercom "Lize, its time for dinner." Bella and I ran downstairs, we followed the smell of mushroom ravioli to the dining room where dad and Charlie were laughing about something. Bella and I were seated and enjoyed a fun supper together.

Finally it was time to say goodbye. Bella and I promised to see each other at school we even picked a meeting spot.

Tomorrow everything might change....................