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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


3. Chapter 3

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I crawled into bed hoping that tonight I might be able to get some sleep. Tonight was fun with Bella. I haven’t had fun since it happened. It’s been ten years but I will always be the result of that awful day. My dad and I were different, more different than we hoped and because of that my life has been thrown upside down more than once. Dad promised that this is the last move but I knew better than that. I always knew better.

I finally drifted into a deep sleep, Mr. Mysterious being the star of my dreams. We were running faster than I could possibly imagine, laughing and holding hands. I looked different than I looked now. My eyes were the same gold as his were and my features were perfect but that didn’t bother me. I was staring at him with love and happiness in my eyes and he was holding my hand which held a silver wedding ring on it. I was woken up by a very noisy Rafael in the kitchen.

I turned and looked at my clock, 6.35 am. I might as well head for the shower. I got out of bed and called downstairs and asked Rafael for coffee and a chocolate croissant. I headed to my bathroom and turned the hot water on, letting it steam up the bathroom. I finally climbed into the shower and I let the water run over me, trying to remember every detail of last night’s dream.

I got out of the shower just as the water turned cold and I headed for my wardrobe. I sat on my couch as I started to go through my outfits and I finally decided that today I would make an impression on him and I will just have to do it with clothes.

I ate my breakfast and did my make up in matter of minutes and went downstairs to greet dad and Rafael. Dad was as always sitting at the dining room table with his nose in the paper and Rafael was busy tidying up the house. Its days like these that I know how spoilt I am but I hated some of it.

I got to my car and I left for school, driving a bit faster than normal, when I saw the silver Volvo stop next to me at the robot a block away from school. I thought I saw the driver look at me and then he shook his head. I wonder what his problem was. We reached the school parking lot and I parked on the same spot as yesterday, but the red truck had yet to make its appearance. I got out of my car and leaned against the driver door waiting to see if my Mr. Mysterious was going to arrive. I really needed to find out what his name was.

I saw the driver of the Volvo look at me and then at my car with a sarcastic grin. Just as I was about to challenge him, the red truck pulled up next to me. I think I might’ve had a stroke if I was normal, the driver was no one else but Bella Swan.

I couldn't help but frown. Oh well, so my new friend drove an antique. She was still a great friend. I saw her climb out and head over to the Volvo. She kissed the driver and I had to turn away. After what seemed like ages I felt a tap on my shoulder when I turned around I saw Bella grinning at me hand-in-hand with the Volvo driver. "Lize, this is Edward Cullen, my fiance. Edward this is Lize." I stuck my hand out to shack his but he just nodded his head. " Hello Lize." His voice was so musical. I shook my head to not draw attention to my face. It was really hard because I've only heard that kind of musical voice once and that was ten years ago. Before I could lose I control I got back into my car and sped off into town I needed to get home, get away from anyone that can see me.

I headed towards home knowing that the woods outside the house would hide me, as I sped down the highway I reached home just in time I jumped out of my car and zipped my dress down and phased.

I really hoped no one would notice the pitch black panther with green eyes running into the woods.