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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


4. Chapter 4 - Freaking out with the wolves

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I was stilled in my animal form as I found a quiet spot up in the mountains. I really hoped that it was just my imagination. There couldn’t be Vamps in Forks, could there? I needed to run to clear my head before I exploded.

I started running south, enjoying the wind. I reached the beach in a few minutes but I stayed in the woods.

I heard twigs snap behind me and I turned around to crouch when I saw a huge wolf looking at me, well more like grinning like it found a new play thing. I hissed at it hoping it would leave me alone, I really wasn’t in the mood for this.

Wow this is so cool. I wonder if it is a new shape shifter tribe. What in the world was a shape shifter tribe? Last time I checked dad and I were the only panthers, and why the hell can I hear his thoughts?

Seth, I’m almost there just stay close to it, we don’t know what it is or what it was, that’s an order. Ok now that was weird another voice popped into my head.

I didn’t want any trouble so I sat down on my back legs and waited for this other wolf to appear. Suddenly an even bigger black wolf appeared next to him, I think I visibly cringed at his size, no wonder this “Seth” listened to him.

I wonder if we can communicate with our thoughts, I really don’t want to phase back, Em is gonna kill me if I’m late again. Seth, who is your new friend?

I don’t know Sam, I just heard a movement and I found her, and yes I know you think that I’m crazy and how sure am I that it is a she but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a wolf imprinting on a guy.

I wanted to scream to get them to stop talking like I’m not even there. Ugh! Whatever they are I needed to find out. I wonder if I can talk to them through my thoughts like they are talking to each other.

Ok here goes nothing, My name is Lize-Mare and I live in Forks, well kind outside Forks, what are you guys?

I heard both of them mentally gasp as I opened my eyes and saw two wolves staring at me. Wow now that’s what I call freaky.

I’m Sam. Lize-Mare do you mind phasing back to your human form, I think it will be easier. Seth phase back now.

I can’t phase here in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have any clothes with me, my dress is kind of still in our drive way.

I can’t phase now Sam, unless someone can get me something to wear.

I saw a boy come out from the woods and he was smiling at me with a clear infatuation bubbling in his eyes. I wondered if he was going to be added to my stalkers list, unless that imprinting thing meant something.

He ran off to who know where and came back with a huge sweat shirt.

Lize-Mare that’s all Seth could find, I am pretty sure it will cover most of you.

I nodded and starting walking back to a thick part of the forest. I closed my eyes as a panther and opened them as a human. I grabbed the sweat shirt and put it on me. I was grateful for the fact that it covered most of me. I reached the place where I was standing seconds ago faster than any human should.

I was greeted by the boy whom I presumed was Seth and a larger looking man who could only have been Sam. “Now that it’s easier to talk, why don’t we head down to my place, I’m sure you are hungry.” I looked at them and just nodded in agreement.

We reached a cute cottage on the reservation and Sam went straight in, Seth was standing next to me with that goofy look on his face. I was reaching a point where I wanted to smack it off of him. I couldn’t help but glare at him. I think he wasn’t suspecting that because he suddenly had the look of a sulking child on his face.

I headed up the stairs and into the house only to be bombarded by kitchen smells, I couldn’t help but think of Rafael. Sam was standing next to a petite black haired woman with the same russet skin tone and he had his arm wrapped around her waist. “Lize – Mare this is my fiancé, Emily and the boy with the goofy expression is Seth, behind you is Paul and Embry and Jake and Quil will be here in about five minutes.

Sam, please call me Lize, seeing that I have the feeling that we won't be that formal for long.” Seth was heading over to a table that was covered in food and he grabbed a muffin and literally plopped down into a chair. “Grab something Lize, before the other boys get here because then there will be nothing left.” Emily had a very motherly tone to her voice, it made me feel sad but I couldn’t show them that. “Thanks they look good, I took one out of the basket and sat down on the opposite side of the table only to see the other two arrive and all four other boys sit in random places at the table.

“Ok, now that everyone is here, let’s get down to business.” Sam looked like he was the father and all the boys around the table were about to get reprimanded. “Boys, we have a new friend, if we can call you that Lize and she is different from any and every one.” I couldn’t help but blush, I knew that they were going to ask questions. I have never told my story to anyone and now I am in the spotlight.

“Lize please can you introduce yourself and tell us everything about what Seth and I saw earlier.” I nodded and took a sip of water trying not to look nervous.

“Ok well as you guys have heard I am different and of course I am sort of one of a kind. I am a shape shifter and I have been for years now, my first transformation was when I was ten years old.” I looked at everyone at the table and saw four faces staring openly and Seth had a very proud grin on his face. I knew they had questions, heck I even had questions about them but that could wait. “You are a shape shifter. How is that even possible, you are so tiny?” I thought that showing them would be a lot easier than telling them. I looked at Sam seeing that I would probably be safer off if I got permission first. “Sam may I?” He clearly understood and nodded his head. “Ok give me five then send Seth out then the rest.”

I got up and ran outside straight in to a dense part of the forest, zipped the sweat shirt down and closed my human eyes and opened my panther eyes, I picked the sweat shirt up with my mouth gently not to tear it and I walked out. Seth was standing in a few feet away from me and I thought I would surprise him a bit. I crouched a bit and jumped up and landed next to him. I couldn’t help but grin at the shocked expression, I nudged him and put the sweat shirt on his shoulders.

He was quite short as a human, I rested my chin on his shoulder and then I heard the door open behind me and I heard a few gasps. I turned around and sat down next to Seth. The reactions I got were so odd. Embry and Quil were frozen, Paul was shocked and Jake was laughing. I couldn’t help but growl at Jake, what was he laughing for. My growl did what I wanted it to do, it earned me a shocked Jake.

Sam and Emily were laughing at Jake and his shocked face. A few seconds later Sam looked at me and nodded as if I have earned his respect. I don’t know why but I felt very proud for that moment.

The boys were all looking at Sam and he nodded giving them permission for something, they all looked at me and then headed to the forest. Not long after four wolves walked out with goofy grins on their faces.

After a day of fun with the wolves I decided to go home at about four, dad would be home at six and I needed to clean myself up. Seth ran with my up to the treaty border and he suddenly looked sad.

What’s wrong Seth?

I can’t just let you go without you knowing this and I know you caught a bit earlier in the woods when I found you so here it goes. I imprinted on you and I am crazy in love with you and I need to be with you, I really hope you don’t freak out but if I lose you I won't recover. Please don’t be mad

By the time his mental confession was over I felt shocked and surprised in a good way. I liked Seth but there was someone else I liked, I wonder if my liking for the blonde haired boy was more of a curiosity than an actual crush.