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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


5. Chapter 5 - a day with Bella

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It’s been a week since my day at La Push and things at school were getting tense between me and the Cullen’s, Bella thought it was hilarious that I was always growling at them. It was Saturday today and Bella and I were going to Port Angeles for the day. It took me the whole week to get Edward to agree, but Bella didn’t stop bugging him until he finally gave in. Stupid vampires, I’ve even considered that being bipolar and controlling came with the whole “I want to suck you blood” trait that these creatures had.

Bella just pulled up into my driveway in her rust bucket, I was already waiting for her outside, playing with my car keys. I saw her sigh as she got out of her car. “Good morning Bella, something tells me that the sigh you just had is something serious.” She nodded and just walked up to me. “Ok Lize, this is hard but I have to ask. Do you know what the Cullens are?” Ok so this was going to be fun.

“Let’s talked on the way to Port Angeles, I really don’t want to get there too late. We got into my car and I started it. “Lize, please can we talk now.” I nodded and took a deep breathe. “Bella, what I tell you must never ever leave this car, I can’t have anyone know except the ones that I have already told.” She looked at me with a shocked face. “Ok I won't tell.”

“Bella, I’m not human. I am a shape shifter.” I heard her gasp and then I waited for her to talk. “You mean like the La Push Pack, I know about them, but you don’t look like them at all.” “I’m different, I am a Black Panther, an Alpha to a pack of Leopard shape shifters that I had to leave behind in Switzerland.”

Bella looked pale, which was saying much because she must have been the palest human I’ve ever laid eyes on. “Ok, so how do the pack now?” “After I ran the other day after realizing what the Cullens are, I ended up on La Push, I ran into two wolves and after a few conversations Seth and Sam dragged me to Sam’s house. I tried to explain to them what I was without letting my guard down but that didn’t work, apparently wolves are a lot harder to enlighten. Anyways, I ended up phasing and showing them. I spent the whole day there and the Seth imprinted on me and Paul thought he could wrestle me only to end up with a few bruises and a very bruised ego.” Ok so much for not rambling.

The car was quiet and then suddenly Bella burst out laughing. I looked over to her and saw that she was literally shaking with laughter. “What’s so funny?” I heard her try to calm herself down. “My life is just one huge Mythical joke, first I fall in-love with Edward only to discover he is a Vampire, then my best friend saves me from major heartbreak but he turns out to be a werewolf, then you come along and literally freak Jazz and Edward out and they don’t know why because you are immune to both their powers only to tell me that you are an Alpha of a cat-pack.”

“Wow, ok so you really don’t have a normal human life. You know what this makes me understand you a lot better.” The rest of the ride was spent making jokes and talking about all the weird things of the mythical world. We finally reached Port Angeles. “Ok Bella, where do you want to go first.” I saw her think about the options we had. “There’s a book store here that sells books about the Quileute Legends, maybe if we are lucky we can find one about yours. What do you think?”

I knew there was a reason that I wanted Bella as a friend even if she shied away from fashion. We drove towards the back of town and I stopped my car at a security parking, not wanting anything to happen to it. “I think we can walk from here, I don’t want to get hijacked.” We got out of the car and started walking towards a bunch of warehouses that looked more than just deserted. “Bella, why does Jasper shy away from me? I mean it is so obvious that he is lonely yet he runs at every moment that I get near him, hell he has even changed all his classes that we share. “ I really needed to know what was going on with the depressing Vampire. “Well, Jazz is difficult to understand, he use to life a completely different live, he was part of some vampire army and when he finally broke free of them he ran into the Cullens. It’s been about sixty years but he still has problems with the hunting habits and he gets lonely since Edward and Jazz use to be the bachelors in the house he is a bit more affected with our relationship than the rest.”

“Oh ok so he is a depressed vamp but that doesn’t explain the part where he is ok with other humans but not me, I mean I am designed to repulse vampires but not the way I repulse him.” Bella just shook her head. “Jazz isn’t repulsed by you Lize, he is fascinated by you, he can’t feel your emotions nor can he affect them and it is driving him insane. And the fact that you don’t smell human scares him sometimes. I know you don’t want to tell anyone but I think you need to tell the Cullens. Things will be a lot easier after that.”

We turned into a dark looking alley but I could see the little cabin like bookstore up on the hill and I could also smell very drunk humans. “Bella I need to get you to that bookstore and then away from here and fast.” “Really, again, please tell me what’s going on?” well if she could handle the super natural, I’m sure she can handle drunk men. “There is a group of drunk men coming close to us, I can get us away from them and fast but let’s just get to the book shop.” Bella started laughing again, ok so she is officially odd. How can she laugh at this, it’s like the car all over again.

“Sorry it’s just so familiar to me, the night I figured out what Edward and the others were, I was heading to the same bookstore and I was trapped by a bunch of drunk men. Edward saved me, as always, but it’s still funny.” Ok so she is a danger magnet. Great. “Bella this is gonna be weird seeing that I am a girl but I needed you to get on my back and please don’t grab my neck, I phase when I get claustrophobic just hang on to me.

I bent down a bit, seeing that I was almost six feet tall and Bella was just over five. She grabbed on to my shoulders and I ran for the hill. We reached the store in seconds and I let Bella down slowly. She had an odd expression on her face. “Ok what are you thinking so hard about?” “You are fast, real fast in you human shape, I just wonder how fast you are as a panther and if you could race Edward and Emmet. They are always boasting at how fast they are and the girls never beat them.” I couldn’t help but stare at her and laugh. “Bella let’s just head in and see what we can find out then we will talk about revealing myself to the Cullens, ok?” “Ok.”