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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


6. Chapter 6 - Origin

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We walked into the little bookstore, it was covered in little trinkets and souvenirs that screamed La Push. We headed over to the counter where a tall russet coloured man was standing, he was definitely from La Push. “Hi, I was curious about other tribe myths and legends, do you have anything else than the Quileute stories?” Bella looked at me with a slight blush to her. I knew she hated talking to people but it’s not like this guy is a friend that she will see regularly.

“Sure, I have one about the Children of Saraam, it’s about the origin of werepanthers and wereleopards, it’s a weird story but very unique.” I nodded at him hoping that this might be it. He handed me a book that had a heavy wood cover with a black panther engraved onto it. “That’ll be fifty dollars.” I handed him the money and we were headed out.

We finally reached my car and I scanned through the book. I reached a chapter called “Origin” and it caught my attention.

The snakes drove the people to madness, and the cats followed. Hunters crept into the forests to skin the cats for their beautiful coats, and the cats raced through the villages, bearing off children to eat in the night. Violence became war, and men and cats clashed in horrible battles. Days and nights rang with screams. When the monsoons came, they carried rivers of blood to the seas.

Now, Saraam was the wisest and most beautiful girl in her village. She was spirited and strong, yet disobedient. In later days, it would be said that she had been touched by Uma, but had the temper of Kali. She had not yet wed, but had a host of young men waiting upon her word.

But one night, Saraam awoke to see a serpent crawl between her brothers and her parents. It sank its fangs into each, and laid babies in her mother's ear. Horrified, Saraam fled into the night. She ran far from the village till she collapsed in a clearing beneath Mother Moon, then cried and raged at the sky. "What can I do," she wept, "to save my family and my people? The snakes poison them and turn them bad. The cats run through our village, for the viper men skin them alive. Our lands are cursed! Mother, what can I do?"

To Saraam's surprise, Mother Moon answered in a cold yet loving voice. "The serpents' name is judgement, and they answer the dark calling inside each mortal secret. As one, the vipers seek corruption and breed where they find it. Each mortal carries snake seeds inside. The serpents and their viper men merely bring out what is already within. This is the Age of Twilight. You can do nothing."

"I cannot leave my family this way!" Saraam snapped.

"It is not your place to change them, or to cleanse their sins."

"I do not care about my place!" The girl surprised herself with her own temperity. Who was she to argue with the Sacred Way? Yet she continued, cursing the sky and the order of things. "What can I do? This cannot continue!"

Moon Mother sighed. "The cat kings will visit you next evening. If you would make peace, lay with them."

Saraam was horrified. Take wild cats as mates? Throughout the next day, she shivered in the rain, fighting the urge to return to her dry but poisoned home. That night, the rains subsided. Mother Moon bathed Saraam's clearing in merciless light. Eyes glowed from the shadows at the clearing's edge. Saraam shivered, but did not run.

"Have you decided?" The voice came from above.

Saraam stood. "I have."

The cat kings approached the girl, one deep black, the other light and spotted. Each one regarded her with cold interest.

"I am wisdom," said the black cat. "The secret-keeper who rumbles in the night. Call me Gyani, the watcher from the forest." "I am anger," said the spotted. "The raging claws with a thousand eyes. Call me Agun, the watcher from the plain."

"I am both of you and more," said Saraam. "I have the wisdom to call the gods, the anger to fight, and the love to give myself for my people. Call me Saraam, welcomer of the cat kings."

So saying, she opened herself to them both, and they loved her with fierce tenderness. The monsoon howled and rain poured down. Three times, she loved the cat kings. Once in daylight, once at twilight, and once at night. When the sun rose, they all lay spent upon the ground, washed by sun, moon, and elements.

The cat kings stayed with Saraam as their children grew within her. The labor was hard, but Gyani and Agun lay by her side. As each child emerged, they licked it clean, and held it to her breasts. Ten children Saraam bore, five babes and five kittens. As Mother Moon emerged, She looked down upon Saraam and her family and smiled.

"Blessed are you, Saraam, and blessed are the sires of your children. Blessed most of all are the fruit of your union. They shall be agents of salvation." So saying, She touched each child in turn. Her cold, bright hands changed each to its opposite, cat to human, child to cat. With a breath, She rose them up full-grown and kissed the belly of Saraam, from whence the children came. Saraam slept well that night.

The children of the three went forth across the land. Gyani had taught them magic. Agun had taught them war. Saraam had taught them wisdom and told them of the Mother. In time, they drove the serpents from the land, and thus began our task, the one we continue to this day. It is our dharma to keep the truce between the cats and people. We seek out the serpent of corruption and crush its head between our jaws. We are cat and human, wisdom, love and anger. We chase the serpents and judge the mortals and sometimes we die for the good of all.

For our mother's sacrifice, we can do no less.

To say that I was in shock was an understatement. I looked up at Bella and handed her the book. I decided that I wasn’t going to stick around in Port Angeles much longer I needed to drive. I started my car and drove the speed limit seeing that the risk of getting caught in town was too high, as we broke through the city I pushed down on the pedal and I headed straight towards the outskirts of Forks. “Bella how far till the Cullens house?” Now was the best time to do this and get it over with.

She directed me towards the Cullens house and I noticed that they were only about two miles from my own house. This was going to be fun.