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Mr Mysterious

Hi everyone, i hope you will enjoy this story. Its my own fanfic about Jasper and sorry to say there is no Alice involved. Enjoy and please R&R


8. Chapter 8 - The Race

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I dug my paws into the moss covered ground then winked at Bella, I was doing this for her after all and just to see Mr. Bear Hug over there loose. Carlisle lifted his hand “Ok to the town border at the back of the woods and back and make sure you’re not spotted, I don’t want to give Charlie a stroke” Bella chuckled at that then Carlisle dropped his hand signalling the start of this silly race.

I bolted into it with full speed, my black fur rustling against the wind, it felt wonderful having the wind against it. I could smell Edward and Emmet but they didn’t seem close so I picked up my speed just in case. To the naked human eye I would appear like a black shadow brushing against the trees so fast that I would look shapeless.

I reached the border in a matter of minutes, I took a deep breather and ran back, my paws hitting the moss covered ground without making a sound, I reached the Cullens back yard in a total time of seven minutes and I went straight to Bella and sat next to her on my hind paws. And we waited for what seemed an hour which turned out to be four minutes to be exact and Edward appeared. He looked at me then to Bella and murmured something about him used to being the fastest then he chuckled softly and he went and sat on the other side of Bella. “This is gonna be fun” as he finished his sentence Emmet bashed through the woods, clearly exasperated, a picture I would never forget.

We were silent for the next second and as Emmet took in the image of Edward and I on the opposite sides of Bella we all burst out laughing. Carlisle patted Emmets shoulder “Panthers are built for superior speed so don’t beat yourself up.” Emmet’s face seemed like it would explode at any second then he bellowed out in a loud voice “Next time its an arm wrestling match, that I can beat you at.” the laughter around me exploded and everyone but Emmet was laughing.

Emmet looked at me then to Rosalie, I had to blink to make sure I saw it clearly, yes there it was, Emmet McCarthy Cullen was pouting. This was priceless, I was laughing so hard that I actually feel onto my back, my paws animatedly wrapped around my chest as I was laughing.

After the laughter died down and Rosalie took Emmet upstairs to cheer him up, how I did not dare to ask, I nudged Bella, she still had the book in her hands. She look at me then nodded, she leaned closer towards Edward and whispered. “She’s gonna change then I need you and Jasper to come with us so she can explain.” With that said and done I padded off into the woods to change.

I closed my eyes again yet this time it felt like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. When I opened my eyes Bella was standing there holding my clothes out, I couldn’t help but smile to her, she was definitely a best friend in the making.