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Heavenly Love

Vampires and Werewolves exist...so why not Angels? When Aura Storm comes to LaPush she unveils a great secret hidden for generations. Now with the Volturi following her, her life is becoming more difficult with each passing day. What happens when she imprints on a werewolf in her cousins pack? If I get 10 reviews I'll put up the next chapter


1. Chapter 1

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The scent of musk and lavender overpowered me as I sat on the edge of the cliff and stared out over the ocean. My light blonde hair streamed behind me as I faced into the wind that came off the ocean. It picked at my yellow summer dress, making it flutter around my thighs. I didn't know how I could wear it in this temperature. It must have something to do with what mother had told me three months prior. My mind was still trying to comprehend it.
You're an angel, Aura, so am I.” she had said as she sat down in the chair opposite my bed

What?!” I had exclaimed, confused. “It's impossible! Don't lie!”

I'm not, Aura.” And then she did the most amazing thing. Out of her back, rose pearly, lavender colored wings. They grew with every passing moment. Soon they were as tall as my mother. I scrambled to the wall and trembled with fright.

Stay away from me!” I cried.
The wings stopped growing when they were two feet from the ceiling. She turned to grab the jug of water on my desk and I made a desperate dash to get out of the room. As quick as lightning she turned and blocked the exit.

You're not going any where.You need to know the truth.”she had told me calmly

What, that I have a freak for a mother?” I had screamed at her. She had looked hurt.

Aura..” She tried to move closer.

Don't touch me!” I recoiled from her outstreched hand. I had begun to hyperventilate.

Calm down!” she was obviously getting scared. This continued for a long time, until I had finally calmed down enough for her to tell me what was happening.

I am an angel,” she had told me. I had moved to interrupt her but she put up her finger to silence me.“Give me ten minutes to explain, Please?” I gave a small nod and she continued her story.

I was born to a human mother and an inhuman father. As I showed you, I have the ability to grow wings but I can also do other things. I was about to show you before you tried to escape, I can manipulate the elements. My main element is water, but yours will probably be different. I also have telekinesis.”

She proved this to me first, by picking the water in the jug and forming it into a sphere with her hands. She had gently put it back in the jar. She picked up the open laptop and ipod on my desk and made them revolve around my head using her mind. She slowly put them back in their rightful places. She stared pointedly at me.

Okay, I believe you!” she smiled. My mother continued talking about what she could and couldn't do until she had nothing left to say.

Now, Aura, do you have any questions?” I considered this for a moment

How will I use this power?” I asked her.

To help people in need and to keep peace. Never use your power for evil or ill intent. It will just backfire”

What do you mean?” I asked her.
Well, if you use your power to make a man deliberatly love you it will only make him hate you.”

I had then though of a question that I had wondered about for a while.

Does this angel thing have anything to do with my fast healing and not going to the doctors?” my mother had given me a wry smile.

Yes, you guessed right. You've learned about chromosomes, right?” That was a dumb question.

Yes of course. We all have 23 chromo...” I faltered and my mother smiled again.

Instead of the usual 23 chromosomes of a human, we have 24.This allows us to heal faster than a normal human, and sustain injuries that would normally kill some people. We can also move very fast and we are quite strong both mentally and physically.Our blood temperature is normally 104ºF, but can be higher. We can also communicate to other people with our minds. There may be other powers that I don't know about that you may have to figure out yourself.” My mother then turned serious.

There are things in this world that will want to hunt you down, and they will try and exterminate our race. What I am about to tell you, can never be repeated to another living soul... or dead one.”

What do you mean?” I had asked her totally and utterly confused.
are not the only secret existence in this world. All the old myths
are true. Vampires and Children of the Moon exist.”

I had sensed that this talk was coming to an end.

Is there any thing else you would like to know?”
I had shaken my and my mother cracked a smile.

Good. Now we can start your lessons” but we never started.

That afternoon as we had gone out to get groceries for dinner we were in a terrible car accident. The other car had sped off leaving me and my mother stranded. As my mother had lain on the road covered in blood she had touched my face and I had had a rush of memories that weren't mine, a red house with a red 1953 chevy pickup truck, a man with black eyes that were crinkled at the edges....a pale bronze haired boy that had something to do with a vampire, and a name, Jacob, my cousin.

Go to him he will help you. Don't go back to the house.”
Another image flashed through my head of a warehouse a couple of miles away.

“There you will find a car, clothes and money. Take them, they are yours. Go now, r un as hard and as fast as you can and don't look back. Now!”

I love you, mom,” I had whispered as I stood up.

And I love you too,never forget that. Now go!” I had ran.
As I ran away I had heard a loud bang. A blast of hot air pushed me even faster. My mother had blown up the car. There was no turning back now. I ran and the miles flew beneath my feet. In a minute I was there. I went up to the door and tried opening it..It was locked of course. My mother hadn't thought of given me the key, or had she? I reached up to the gold chain around my neck and pulled it off. There it was, the key pendant my mother had gave to me for my last birthday. I opened the door and went inside.

It was pitch black, but I could see as if it were high noon. There, in the middle of the room, was a jade green convertible Audi. In the back of the Audi were two black suitcases and a black duffel bag. On top of one of the suitcases was a note with my name on it. It read:

D ear Aura,

If you are reading this you have either come of age and know your birth right or something terrible has happened. You must go to your uncles house in La Push, he will take care of you. The volturi are after all angels to exterminate us and you will be safe there. Don't go back to the house because that is where they will look first. Take care and know that I love you.

Mari, Your mother.

I h ad gone and opened the double door and drove out rapidly growing speed. “90”.. “ 100”.. “110”..

I was shaken from out of my memories by a grinding noise coming from beneath me. I looked down just in time to see the ground below