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I Love You

Bella Realise's she's made a huge mistake, but will she make the right desicon? Read an Find out! :)


1. Coming Home

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Bella's POV

As i was Sitting on Jacksonville beach in Florida Exactly 1 year after i told my Jacob that i loved Edward, i had a feeling that i was incomplete, i felt cold even though i was laying on a beautiful beach with the Blazing sun beaming down on my white body i felt nothing, Frozen, guilty, sad and i just wished i could go back in time and change everything.

I sat there on the beach with my Ipod on and earphones in this usually make me feel better, whenever i'm feeling stressed or scared i put on my tune's and turn the volume up full blast i just find somewhere to sit and get lost in the music, but for some reason today every song that came on reminded me of my best friend, i was stting there listening to Nicki Minaj - Super Bass, i felt my heart rate speed up as i thought of the boy who made my heart run away. I had all these thought's going round my head i was confused but at the same time i also knew exactly what i wanted i just didn't know how to get it.

All of a sudden JLS - Love you more came on and i had an epiphany "what the hell are you doing! your such a stupid cow Bella! Get back there and tell him how you feel before it's too late!" I sat there on the white warm sand with my heart racing faster i suddenly felt a strong urge to go back to my home...Forks

I Packed my Things up got in my new BMW x5 4x4, i loved my new car it was so fast and big it made me feel safe, When i left Fork's to live with my mother, i Got a job in a nightclub as a bar maid then worked my way up the corporate ladder until after about 8 months (was a small club) i was promoted to Nightclub promoter, its not what i wanted out of life but it paid good money, so i ended up trading in my red truck and getting my BMW, i had quite abit of money saved from when i lived in Forks, just had no idea of what to do with it.

After about half an hour of driving i turned in to Renee's house, parked in the driveway, i sat there for a few minutes contemplating what i was going to do and how, Then Renee opened the front door smiled her smile at me and gestured with her hands to come in, i put my hand up and Mouthed "Give me a minute" she gave me a strange look as if she knew something sad was about to happen, and in a way i suppose she was right.....

10 minutes later...

I was out of my car, now in the house and sitting in the living room on the sofa with Renee, and out of know where she said

" Ok Bella Whats up?" as she tilted her head a little and gave me her Don't you lie to me face.

"How D'You know something was up?" i asked curious to know, but i already knew.

"Honey, Your my Daughter of course i know when something's on your mind, Now are you going to tell me whats wrong or are we going to sit here all afternoon in silence?" She held out her hand to comfort me.

"Mum, i think i made a mistake" i said my voice starting to shake and i was choking back the tears.

"What do you mean Honey, What mistake?" her voice sounding rather worried now.

I Sat there for a few minutes calming myself down and Composing myself.

"I need to go back to Forks Mum" i felt a sense or relief as i said it.

Renee looked at me i could see she was Welling up, she took her hand away from mine and looked down to her hands.

"Honey...., I have never wanted to be one of those mums who over protect their children...and even though it's going to hurt like hell when you leave, Your my Daughter and i know you have a good head on your shoulders and i know to trust your desicions what ever they maybe, i know that there must be a good reason for you wanting to return to Forks....All i'm going to ask is that you stay in contact with me and stay safe and Don't Prove me wrong. I love you my Darling Bella and as i said iknow there must be a good reason for you wanting to go back, so....i'm going to respect that." She said this with Tears in her eyes but also with such pride.

"I love you so much my Bella" she said as she put her arms around me to hug me.

" I love you too Mum, And thankyou so much for trusting me and respecting my Desicion" I had tears streaming down my face as i went into her embrace.She felt so warm and reassuring as she held me, i missed this when i was in forks, but at the time i needed to be with Edward more.

20 minutes later.....

We both went upstair to my room to pack my thing's it was nice that she helped me. We spent a good hour going through clothes i needed to take then i had my mum going through my suitcase making sure i'd packed everything.

"Mum... i've just packed that all neat" I laughed

"Well, Your version of neat anyways"We both laughed.

We Finally had everything packed i had all my photo's which were most important to me as the one i cherished most was with myself and Jacob Hugging eachother i smiled when i saw this.

We both walked outside after Renee was googling how long it would take me to drive to Forks, if i we to drive fast say....80mph it would take me around 2 days.

I pack my Stuf into my car, walked over to Renee.

"Call Me when you get there Bella so i know your safe...please" She had tears streaming down her face, i knew this was hard for her but it's something i have to do to make things right. I hugged her and wiped away her tears.

" I'll be ok mum, i know to drive safe a pull over if get tired or should i say when i get tired!, I'll give you a call when i get to forks....I love you mum" we held on to each other so tight after about about 3 minutes, I was trying to wriggle out of the embrace

"Er....Mum....i need to get going now i have a long drive ahead of me" Renee Released me from her embrace.

"Yes...Sorry" She said as she wiped her tears away from her eyes.

"I love you Bella, Drive safe my darling" she said as i walked to get into my car.

I Was in my Car, Engine was on, seat belt was on, Music in i had all the supplies i needed to get me through, Think i emptied out Renee's house!, i pulled out of the Drive way the looked back for the last time as we both waved goodbye.

30 Minutes into the drive

i Could still see the look in Renee's eyes my poor mother i know i was hurting her but i had to do this if i ws ever going to be happy.

I looked at the Speed Dial i reached 90mph which i could happily control the i concentrated on the road, looked up to the moon and said

"Jacob, I'm coming home".....