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I Love You

Bella Realise's she's made a huge mistake, but will she make the right desicon? Read an Find out! :)


2. Well..Well..Well....

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2 Days Later....

Bella's POV

I Had Finally made it back into Forks, Even though the weather was Crap i was still glad to see the mist laying like a duvet over the Forset Tree's and the Grey skies...there was something settling about seeing it all again.

On my way to Charlie's House i had to drive past Jacob's place, i was praying he didn't see me as i wanted it to be a surprise, Well i hoped it would be...i found myself thinking what if he's got a Girlfriend? or he's imprinted? maybe he even has a child?....oh crap was this a good idea...?....yes, yes it was a good idea i need to tell Jake how Feel about him!" Then it hit me, i had a sinking feeling "Even if he doesn't feel the same way for me".

I was now just outside his driveway, i turned my lights down after i'd made sure there was no cars or transport coming, i put the car in to Park for a minute and slid down in my chair, i really really wanted to see him but the other half of me really wanted to it be a surprise. The man i had such strong feelings for was a stone throw away and i couldn't do anything about it until i'd sorted myself out.

I Turned the lights on and put the car into drive then quietly drove away with a smile on my face.

10 minutes later....

" Hey Bells!" i heard coming from my dad's mouth he was jogging towards my car with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey Dad" I smiled

"Nice Ride Bells, What did you do Rob a bank or something" he laughed but with slight suspicion in his voice.

"Thanks, and no dad i bought it, it's all perfectly legit! anyways what would be the point of stealing something when my dad's a policeman?" i had slight sarcasm in my voice and i think he noticed.

" Ok Bells, no need for the sarcasm!" he was laughing, it was so nice to see my dad and to see him smile was a bonus as it was very rare!

He helped me get out the car and grabbed my things for the boot,

"No but seriously Bells this is a nice ride!, at least i know you'll be safe now when your driving!" he gave me that worried father look that every dad gives his kid.

We both had an arm around eachothers waist and walked into the house....it hadn't changed abit still the same placid decor, Still the same simple, dull furniture which was was suffering from lack of colour and charactor, i think the only thing he had upgraded on was the TV but only so he could watch his sport!.

Charlie showed my to my room.

"Dad?....Really?..i know my way to my own bedroom, it's only been a year"

"I know Bells but i'm coming anyways i want to make sure your all settled in and have what you need" he was being very fatherly if thats even a word! it was kinda nice but also a little annoying, he know's i enjoy my own space.

I Smiled at him as if to say thanks, then he dropped my bags on thw wooden floor then walked towards me to give me a hug.

"Aw Bells, it's so nice to see you, i'm so glad your back....its been to quiet here without you" he squeezed me so hard i smiled, it was nice at first but then i was starting to turn blue with loss or air.

"Dad.Can't.Breathe" i managed to get out.

"Oh, Sorry Bella, don't realise my own strength sometimes!" then he eased off.

20 minutes later...

Charlie had gone downstairs, i had just finished most of my unpacking, the stuff i hadn't unpacked can just stay in there for now, i really can't be bothered right now. I Pushed all the clothes i had unpacked onto the floor and collapsed on the bed, i looked up and i could see something hanging over my bed. i picked it up and held it in my hands, it was my Birthday present from jacob it was a dream catcher, which at the time was kinda perfect. I held it in my hands for a while, then i put it close to my heart and said "Please let jake be happy to see me". I put it back where it belonged then went downstairs to grab a drink.

"Bells, you hungry?" Charlie asked While making his way over to the kitchen.

"No i'm ok, Mum stocked me up on sandwiches, crisps, biscuits...basically anything you can think of!" i laughed and rubbed my stomach.

"If it's ok with you dad, i'm gonna go to bed, i'm shattered i haven't slept properly for 2 days" I wasn't looking at him but i could sense him giving me that "Bella?, why didn't you pull over" look.

"mmm, ok Hun, well Good night" he came and kissed me on the forehead.

"Night dad" i sad as i walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

I was sitting in my room, door shut, pj's on, drink on my side table with a picture of me and Jake next to it. I closed my eye's and thought "Tomorrow, i'll go See Jacob, Hopefully he's not mad. Good night Jacob Sleep tight."

The Next day.

Jacobs POV.

It's 8pm and i'm sitting in the exact same place i have done everyday since She My Bella left over a year ago, i wish she could hear my thought's maybe then she'd see how much i truly love her and come home, Can't help but wish i suppose.

1 hour later.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed when i heard a car that wasn't the usual old rust bucket sound that comes from Fork's cars these days, the car sounded sturdy, strong....new. I ignored it continued to sit there for a little longer just thinking of all the memories myself and Bella made, Building Motobikes, going to watch Face punch, which was like the worst film ever but i got to spend time with her so thats all that mattered, well except for that jerk Mike being there however the moment i love most was at her house 2 days before she left with Him.

We were in her kitchen, i was so close to touching her gorgeous, red lips, i can still see it to this day, i can still smell her minty breath, i can still feel her soft smooth skin on her face against my hands, she felt amazing.....i'll never forget that, she truly felt like an angel, we were so close to touching lips, i still so badly wanted to kiss her, touch her body, feel her curves...i'd give anything to just look into her beautiful brown eyes again.

I didn't wanna think about Bella anymore, she hurt me so bad when she left with that!....that Filthy bloodsucker! so i just started running, running faster then eventually i phased in to the werewolf i was, i hated being in a pack i just wanted to be normal like other kids my age maybe that way Bella would love me.....Nope, nope i'm not going to think about her, she doesn't deserve it, nope i was going to concentrate on me getting myself better, healing my heart if thats even possible!.

I was running so fast this is the only thing i love about what i am the fact i can just run and keep running until i have to stop. I was quite happy thinking to myself when suddenly my thoughts were interupted.

"Jake, Really are you ever gonna let this bella business drop? it's not good for you" Said Paul with an Angry Tone.

"Or us!" Said Embry Following Paul Question.

"Guy's leave it out, Jake's hurting right now he needs our support not us taking the piss out of him" Sam said in a strong Alpha male voice.

" Whatever" I replied in a pissed off tone and then ran off faster, Trying to get away from their annoying voices.

"God they are such Nobs sometimes, why do i have to be part of this life, if they only knew how hurt i was when Bella with that Bloodsucker left they'd understand, Well actually maybe they wouldn't as their all heartless!"

10am that day

I was back at the reservation after my run, i'd cleared my head well sort of, but no matter how hard i tried i could not get my Bella out of my head, she's my best friend, soul mate and the one i wanna spend the rest of my life with but she's in Jacksonville with That Bloodsucker and her mother, He really has taken over her mind, I've never seen someone so in denial of the way they feel for someone, i know she loves me or at least feels something for me but she just won't admit it.

I strolled into the house where my father Billy was sitting in his wheelchair watching sports, i opened the fridge grabbed a bottle of coke, walked into my box of a bedroom, sat on my bed, laid down closed my eyes and all i could see was this gorgeous woman walking towards me, her hair blowing in the wind, the scent of her perfume drifted towards me in the wind, she was wearing a gorgeous long Dress that complimented her body and shape so well, the dress accentuated her body in all the right places she looked truly gorgeous, when she got closer i could see and partly already knew that this amazingly perfect woman walking towards me was the love of my life...my Bella.

2pm that afternoon.

I had obviously fallen asleep for a few hours, i went to grab my drink and it was room temperatue from being out for so long so tasted disgusting, i saw all water dripping down from my side table from the the coke. "Fuck sake" i muttered as i went to put the bottle back in the fridge to cool...."What the hells the matter with me i'm in a right shity Mood today"

"Jacob, son what's the matter with you today, your very moody?" Billy asked sounding worried for his son.

"Nothing, i'm just really feeling down today,.... i'm gonna go sit outside maybe have a workout, hopefully that will change my mood" i replied in a reassuring tone, hoping that Billy wouldn't ask anymore Questions.

I Walked out of the kitchen, into my garage when i have putting together the rabbit, this is also where i workout, i took of my vest. put my ipod in the speakers and put on Kevin Rudolf - I made it, then started my workout.

1 hour later,

"Billy!, wheres Jacob? He needs to know something its urgent" Sam inquired with urgency in his voice.

" I think he's in his garage working out,... Why whats does he need to know thats so urgent you can't tell him after he's finished?" Billy wondered with Curiousity in his voice.

" Billy.....she's back....Bella's back, i saw her getting in a Silver BMW, if she come's here it will re-open old scars for everyone especially Jacob, He's Next in line to be Alpha male i need to protect him, it's important to the pack that he stay's in the right mind frame" Sam said Feeling now worried for Jacob's state of mind.

Jacob was still Working out when out of the blue the thought he heard a strange noise.

"I swear i can hera a Woman's voice?, i turned down the volume on the ipod, waited a few minutes....."Maybe i was hearing things?" The next song came on which i always listen to when i skip with the skipping rope Ciara - Gimmie Dat.

30 Minutes later.

I had finished my workout and was now heading to the house to grab a drink when i had the shock of my life...

"Well..Well..Well..if it isn't Jacob Black!"

Bella's POV

I had Really bad trouble sleeping early that morning as i knew today was the day i would see Jake, My heart started Racing, i had sweaty palms "gor the affect this man has on me is amazing!".

I got up dragged my feet downstairs, made my breakfast which was my usual Cereal with a glass of milk, i was so hungry i scoffed it down like i had not eaten for 10 years, I washed up my bowl and glass then went upstairs to get changed, i was going to make an effort today, i put on my underwear then a short deniem skirt with skin coloured tights with some black and silver pumps as i was not wearing heels down the reservation!. I put on a Green tank top with sequins going in randoms patterns all over the the top, then i put on the newest item of clothing i had a short deniem jacket, Which i adored.

I then went to the bathroom brushed my teeth washed my face sprayed on some deodrant then splashed on my favourite Perfume, Alien, i love the smell of it. I then went to straighten my hair but today i decided to add some curles to it, sprayed on some freeze spray then gave it the messed up look. I then applied my makeup which i very rarely wore when i lived here a year ago, i didn't put too much on as i know jacob likes the natural look and i ddn't want it to look like i've changed too much.

Before i went to Jake's i was going to hand in Cv's to some dance clubs, clothes Shops hoping i could get a job.

It was 3:15pm i thought i better start making my way over to Jake's house, as i got closer i felt nervous, scared, worried, excited but mainly i felt in love. I really couldn't wait to see him just was scared of the reaction i was going to get from him...

A few moments later i saw him but he never saw me luckily!, he looked so gorgeous he had his shirt off which exposed his toned sweaty body "God he's fit" i thought to myself. I quickly parked my car, then ran over to find a place i could stand in the forset then i made my move.

"Well...Well..Well.. if it isn't Jacob black" i Gave my sexy smile as i said it.

He turned to face my direction, he went so pale all i could think was "please dont be angry, please don't be angry" He look Flabbergasted " oh Shit he's gonna go mad" I thought to myself.

"B...B...Bella?! What are you doing here!?" He questioned as he ran over, he was beaming like he was having all his birthdays, christmases all at once.

"Came back to see my Best Friend....Didn't i" i smiled then thought "yes he's not mad at me".

He ran upto me gave me the biggest hug i've ever had, i felt like i was in heaven and i knew he felt it to as his embrace was so passionate like he hadn't hugged me or see me for years!. I Felt safe, Secure when i was in Jacob's arms i felt liked i belonged.

"I Really can't believe your here Bells, i thought you moved to Jacksonville?" he inquired with excitement in his voice.

"I did, i moved there, got a good job the weather was amazing....but...i felt incomplete, i just had an urge to come home.....so here i am" i smiled while looking into his gorgeous eyes.

"Yes here you are...." He Smiled, then his face suddenly went blank

Bella you know i don't want to ruin this moment but are.... they.. here with you?" He asked sounding scared of the answer.

"No Jake i'm here on my own" i held my hands out and prayed he'd take them....which he did.

"I don't wanna re-open old scars Bells, but can i ask why you aren't with him?" he said again sounding scared.

"It's ok, i know that i have some questions to answer, well....as you know i moved to Jacksonville with Edward E-" I Suddenly stopped as we were walking together down to the beach, he took me in his arms, it felt so nice like heaven.

"Everything was ok for a little while, then after a few months i just began to realise everything i ever wanted was back here" Jake's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when i said that an he was beaming for ear to ear.

"I told Edward that we weren't happy anymore and that i think it's time to end it, he agreed with me and we seperated as friends, but i haven't heard from him since and to be honest Jake i'm not sorry, everything you said was right he had me so blinded by what i thought was love but in the end i could see it wasn't love it was control, he needed, Craved the control of me....i just couldn't take it anymore so i ended things. So i was sitting on Jacksonville beach a few days ago then i suddenly thought that i had made a huge mistake and i needed to put it right, so i told my mum what i needed to do, she understood told me she respects my desicion for leaving....and the rest as they say is history!" I felt so relieved knowing that Jacob was being so understanding about it all.

We stopped he turned to face me put his hand on my cheek, the touch of his skin on mine sent shivers of excitement all through me like an electric shock.

"Well Bells i would say i'm sorry but you know that would be a lie, you deserve so much better than that freak....." i was glad he was being honest it was refreshing.

He held out his arms and he held me again, everytime sent fireworks through me, "i Can't believe this is happening!, does he still love me?" i was starting to think he did, but i knew how bad i'd hurt him so i knew i'd have to work at gaining his trust back, and i would because to me he's worth it all.

He broke from the embrace but our chests were still touching he lifted me chin up with his finger "Oh God, Control yourself bella, Don't kiss him it's far too soon" our eyes connected.

"My bella i've missed you so much" he said so softly and gently like if he said it to loud i'd disapear.

"I missed you too Jake, I'm so glad to be back,..... i'm so glad to have you back in my life again" I said with a Cute smile, i was slightly blushing, the only thing i could thing of saying was "where you belong" but i knew that would be too much too soon.

We both broke out of the embrace

"So Jake, what have you been you to since i left?" Part of me was terrified he was going to say "well i have a Girlfriend and we have a child" but i knew if he did i would have to be strong......