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I Love You

Bella Realise's she's made a huge mistake, but will she make the right desicon? Read an Find out! :)


3. Friends, just for now.

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Jacob's POV.

There she was standing before my eyes, the person i've waited for, for over a year, the person i dreamn't about every night for as long as i can remember, she looked breath takingly beautiful but i never had chance to tell her and the word's just would not come out no matter how hard i tried all i could say was

"B...B..Bella!? What are you doing here!?" i ran over to her not believing my eyes "this can't be real?, could she really come back for me?"

"Came back to see my Best Friend....Didn't i"

Those words were like everything i've wanted rolled into one, even though she hadn't said she come back because she loved me, i knew there was something more than just "i came back to see my best friend".

I didn't care why she was back, fact is she Was back and either way it was for me! surely that must mean something?...right?. i put my arms around her tiny waist, finally she was in my arms, my beautiful Bella, here with me.

"I Really can't believe your here Bells, i thought you moved to Jacksonville?"was all i managed to say as i seriously couldn't believe she was here.

"I did, i Moved there got a good job the weather was amazing....but...i felt incomplete, i just had an urge to come home.....so here i am"......Felt a sudden urge to come home? was there more to this than she was letting on? i really did hope so, even though she broke my heart, i still loved her with everything i had and that wasn't going to go away.

Yes here you are.... Finally!

Bella..... you know i don't want to ruin this moment but are they here with you?"

i was terrified she was going to tell that bloodsucker was back here in Forks i really don't know what i'd do if he was here, thinking of him made my blood boil.

"Calm Jacob, Don't ruin this, she's here, with you, in your arms.

"No Jake i'm here on my own" hearing that was like a breath of fresh air, she was here, but she was alone sooo?..... where was...he.

"I don't wanna re-open old scars Bell's but can i ask why you aren't with him?" i couldn't resist in asking, even though again i was terrified she was going to tell me he would be there at a later date or someother boring tale but to my amazement she didn't!.

"It's ok, i know that i have some questions to answer, well....as you know i moved to Jacksonville with Edward E-"She suddenly stopped telling her side when i took her hand and lead her to the beach...there was almost certainly something more there than just "Friends".

"Everything was ok for a little while, then after a few months i just began to realise everything i ever wanted was back here" What was she trying to tell me? god this is so confusing? does she love me?, does she want me as just a friend.....either way hearing the words "all i ever wanted was hear" sent a shock through my whole body and made me smile like a cheshire cat!.

"I told Edward that i wasn't happy anymore and that i think it's time to end it, he agreed with me and we seperated as friends, but i haven't heard from him since and to be honest Jake i'm not sorry, everything you said was right he had me so blinded by what i thought was love but in the end i could see it wasn't love it was control, he needed and craved to control me....i just couldn't take it anymore so i ended it. So i was sitting on Jacksonville beach a few days ago then i suddenly thought that i had made a huge mistake and i needed to put it right, so i told my mum what i needed to do, she understood told me she respects my desicion for leaving....and the rest as they say is history!"Holy Crap! this is it, she's left him! wow this is amazing knews.

I stopped her pulled her close to me rested my hand on her cheek i saw the red shoot to her cheeks.

"Well Bells i would say i'm sorry but you know that would be a lie, you deserve so much better than that freak....." i held out my arms for her, i was so desperate to hold her, have her in my arms again. I held her for a few minutes then we both broke free but still touching each other, i lifted up her chin with my finger, there she was my beautiful lady, her lips were so tempting i almost leaned in for a kiss but i really didn't wanna ruin this moment.

My bella i've missed you so much"

i spoke as i held her close to me.

I saw her smile the smile i love that smile makes me go weak.

I missed you too Jake, I'm so glad to be back,..... i'm so glad to have you back in my life again"

i felt like saying "where i belong" but didn't wanna rock the boat.

I just couldn't get over how radiant she looked.

We both broke out of the embrace a little too soon for my liking but it was a step in the right dirrection.

So Jake, what have you been you to since i left?"

Oh boy here we go depression part two!.

Well to be honest with you bells i've just been busy with the pack, making sure Bloo- they stay off our land.

don't really think she'd have been to happy if i'd have laid into them even more, so i quickly corrected myself.

So there's no Lady in your life then?

She asked with suspense.

Why would she ask that unless she truly did feel something for me? why would me have a girlfriend bother her so?

Nope... no lady, just been busy working out, and doing up the car, which is a mission in itself!.

Well that was no lie! it really was a mission took me ages to get it to the state i wanted it to be in!.

She smiled and looked relieved. " God she's so beautiful" was all i could think.

I have a job though! i'm a mechanic and it's pretty awesome, fixing cars and bikes i love it.

She Smiled, Thats good Jake i'm glad your doing something you love and i know you love to fix car's! We Both laughed i took her hand and walked her into the garage, where we sat there talking for hours over things we had done and seen. She had some amazing stories, it made me quite jealous as i would have loved to experience those with her.

Several Hours had past.....

Bella's POV

Wow there we were sitting i his garage chatting about things we'd done and seen over the year, i wished i could have experienced them with him.

I knew i had to tell him sooner or later how i felt about him, and since we had broken the ice i thought this was a good time.

Jake, I....i...need to tell you something and i hope you don't run away.

oh Crap here we go....

Whats up bella? is everything ok?

he had a worried look in his eye.

Jake i haven't been entirely honest with you....about the reason i came back i mean.

Ok this is it just say it.

Bella your worrying me? whats up please T-

i didn't give him chance to finish, i put my finger to his lips and slowly traced the outline of his tender lips, they were so soft and warm.

Jake, the moment i left Forks, i knew i'd made a mistake, but i didn't know how to come back, i....i was so scared you wouldn't want know me anymore that i felt i had to stay away, it broke my heart, not seeing you everyday, not seeing your gorgeous smile, not seeing those beautiful big eye's it broke me in so many places i didn't think it was possible to ever feel pain like that, and i'm guessing you felt like this but worse.

He sat there with a surprised expression on his face, i wish i could have read his mind, find out what he was thinking, i held out my hand hoping that he would once again grasp it and yet again he didn't let me down. I moved closer to him we were almost touching, my heart was beating so fast i felt like i was going to pass out.

Jake you've loved me this whole time, you never gave up on me......well i'm not sure that you still feel that way now, but i came back because i needed you to know, that your my whole world, my sun, my night, my air without you i can't breathe, without you i'm as good as dead. you've touched me in a ways which i didn't think was possible, you opened my eyes to a whole new world, and its a world that i desperately want to be part of.

What i'm trying to say is that, whenever i touch you, i feel like i have fireworks going off inside me, whenever you pull me close i just wanna surrender to anything your about to do. whenever you kiss me i don't want it to stop, i want to feel you hands all over me, i want to steal all your kisses and never give them back, i want to hold you at night while we fall off to sleep.... Jacob Black....i want you....so bad it hurts.....i love you with every beat of my heart and i don't want another moment to pass by without you knowing.

Wow, i looked at him he looked like he was going to bounce on me and rip my clothes off.

Instead he Smiled pulled me closer and said I love you too Bella Swan We both smiled i had tears of joy streaming down my face, i could see his heart thumping through his chest.

We sat there staring at each other for a few minutes just taking it all in, when we both leaned in for the first most truly amazing kiss i was ever about to experience. He kissed me so gently to start with then ran his hand over my body, i truly never wanted anything more in my entire life i could have kissed him all day an all night, i love the way his lips caressed mine, the way our tongues connected it was like firework night in my head, he lifted me up and onto his lap, i ran my hand over his gorgeous tanned toned body, then all the way up to his hair, i love his hair it really suited him short made him look so amazingly handsome, i ran my hands through his hair as he kissed me deeper....

Then i pulled away

Jake i need to ask something else of you know though and it is only just for a little while.

I Really didn't wanna do this after the moment we just shared, but i feel it important.

Even though i'd love to keep kissing and touching you, what i need right now more than anything is my best friend, so do you think we could just hold off on this just for now as i need to get myself back on my feet and once i have i will then be more than happy to take this love to the next level.

Jacob stood there so still, so quiet, it looked like he was about to explode, "oh Shit, he's mad, he's going to think i don't love him"

Don't think i'm going back on my word Jacob

i said quickly as i could see he was sinking slightly inside.

I really do love you jacob black i love you as my best friend, i love you as my soul mate and if you'll have me, when i've found my feet i'll love you as a girlfriend should love her Boyfriend?

He looked at me and smiled, i then breathed a sigh of relief "thank god"

As long as its only for a little while i'd be happy to be in your life as your best friend but i can't promise i will keep my lips off your body though, i think thats asking to much after what you've just done to me.

He then winked and gave me his sexy smile. "Wow this man is truly amazing" i felt myself blush so i quickly turned my head.

I threw my arms around him and simply said Thankyou Jacob you don't know how much this means to me.

We sat there in eachothers arms i was in bliss, this was amazing, i loved the feel of his arms round me i felt so safe, After a little while he sqeezed me slightly and kissed the top of my head and then he muttered My Bella then smiled.

I turned around to face him suddenly regretting my desicion to just be friends for now when all i wanted to do was kiss those gorgeous lips.


i whispered quietly

I need to get going now babe

hearing those words come out of my mouth nearly killed me as i wanted to stay but i couldn't mess him around, even though i already was by telling him i loved him and then asking to be friends just for now.

Aw Bell's, Do you have to go?

he gave me such puppy dog eyes and held on to my hand so tight.

Arhh Jake thats not fair

i replied as i stood him up and gave him a huge hug.

I don't want to leave, but i need to.

I took his face in my hands and gently kissed his lips. His smile was so big it made my heart melt.

I promise you Jacob, this won't be forever.

Our eyes connected and i saw the sparkle in his eyes.

I pulled his face to my kneck and whispered Jacob Black i love you and will do always and forever.

He Smiled and whispered back Bella Swan i love you too with every beat of my heart.

I smiled and kissed his kneck, took a deep breath to take in his scent, then i pulled away from the embrace....slowly starting to walk towards to garge door, Jake just stood there looking sad but happy, Sad that i was leaving and that we were having to be just friends for now, but happy as a few hours previous i had just confessed my love for him and we shared several passionate moments after.

All i could think was how much i regretted telling him i wanted to be just friends but i was determined to stick to my guns......