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I Love You

Bella Realise's she's made a huge mistake, but will she make the right desicon? Read an Find out! :)


4. Future

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Jacob's POV

I knew it!, i knew she loved me, and to hear those words "Jacob black i love you" come out of her mouth felt like all my stress, worry, pain, anger and depression were no more, Bella Swan loved ME Jacob black a werewolf.

Even though it's been several hours since Bella and i shared that perfect kiss i can still taste her, i don't wanna drink incase it takes it away, i can still feel her hands caressing my body.

"wow she is amazing" i found myself saying

Everytime i found myself having flashbacks of Bella on top of me running her soft hands through my hair, my heart started racing faster and faster, everytime i closed my eyes i could see her mouthing the words "i love you" to me, it was like a dream, i never want to forget it....

Even though she told me she just wanted to be friends for now until she found herself again, i had to respect this as this was the least i could do, all i cared about is that the most beatiful girl in Forks, in the world to me told me she loved me i couldn't ask for more.

Several hours later

The werewolf in me was running through the woods blissfully happy late a night, when out of nowhere i saw this angelic figure...I wasn't sure if it was a human or a Alien possibly even a- Bloodsucker....i was certain it was a human but there was such bright light surrounding her, i was 100% sure the figure was a woman as the figure was amazing.

Then out of nowhere again i heard loud music? "what the fucks going on? i know i've heard this song before?" Then all of a sudden the figure floated up to me and started mouthing "Come here baby, be my baby, put your hands on my body" it was very distorted so i couldn't really work it out but all i knew is this figure wanted me to touch her. She was so close to me but i still couldn't see who it was, she took my hand and layed it around her waist, it felt so familiar, At that moment i had a thought of who it could be.....na....i couldn't be? Could it?.....she locked her lips onto mine "wow" i'm certain i know who it is but i was enjoying it to much, then she backed away and the light started fading, my jaw dropped when i saw who it was, she looked so sexy, had barely anything on but she looked gorgeous,

"Bella!?" i shouted

Jesus girl you look Stunning! she gave me her teasing sexy look, she was doing some sort of dance swinging her hips from side to side at a perfect pace, i couldn't believe my eyes i was the luckiest guy in the world, i jogged up to her and did what she asked, i layed my hands on her body, i was moving with her our bodies were touching, grinding together, our bodies were one....a few seconds later i leaned in to kiss her-


i pulled away suddenly i was being shaken?

Bloody hell Jake wake up ya lazy shit!


i shouted as i was awoken.

i heard laughing surrounding me....

Whoa, Jake were having a wet dream?

paul started laughing

Balls it was a dream, it felt so real...how the hell am i sposed to be just friends with her when i want so much more?, and part of me knows she does to!

Piss off Paul,

i yelled at him

hahaha, you were weren't ya! hahaha thats classic!.

He found it highly amusing about my....dream, i need to get a lock on that door.

He turned round and started taking the piss by pretending to be me and bella.

Oh Bella, god your so sexy, hold me bella! hold me!

He was laughing so hard and i must admit it was kinda funny, i just shrugged it off.

Bella's POV

I slept so soundly that night, i woke up with a huge smile on my face i turned over to face my bedroom door.

Dad? Whats up?

i Inquired with curiousity

Nothing just you looked so happy last night and you are still the same this morning...so...i'm just curious to know whats made you this happy?

Oh yes of course i hadn't told Charlie!...i waited a few seconds not sure if i should jinx the blissfully happy feeling but i couldn't contain myself.

Dad, last night i was with Jacob, and i told him something....

i could see the suspense on his face.

I told him that i loved him and that i made a huge mistake leaving with edward.

my face was beaming with joy as i said it.

Aw Bells thats great news, i'm so happy for you....

he did generally seem happy for me.

So are you 2 like Boyfriend and Girlfriend now then?

He asked sounding a little hopefull

Erm, sort of but not really....

i replied, feeling like a total idiot for suggesting we be just friends.

he titled his head in confusion?


he asked in amazement

Well after i told him i loved him, we shared a.....moment...

and i said it in such a way he would know what i mean't.

ewww! not a vision i want to see! but yes i know what you mean, i mean don't get me wrong bells i think Jakes great and he truly loves you and all but i really don't wanna know the....gory details!

he made me laugh when he said that

Ok dad i'm sorry but anyways getting back to it. After we shared our...moment i told him that for now i just needed to be friends until i get my life back on track.

he looked at me in total shock.

erhhhh.....well i spose you had your reasons, but honestly bells i think your nuts.

he shook his head and walk out....

dad! wait!, i need to ask your advise on something....

Even though my dad was right i was totally nuts to have even thought about just being friends with Jake i was still sticking to my guns.

Bells, i've already said i dont wanna hear the gruesome details of your.....love lif-.

eeeewww ok this was wrong so i stopped him half way through.

erm....ew! as if i'd tell you anyways, no dad i want your advise on a job or proffession for me.

i could sense he had relaxed now

Ok Bells whats up?

he asked sounding ready to help.

Well as you know before i moved back here i was a nightclub promotor, well i'd like to carry on in that proffession

Even if you can call that a proffession! i thought as i mentioned it.

I was browsing round town the other day and i saw an empty 2 story restaurant......

OK....so what do you need my advise for?

He asked sounding confused....again.


i paused for a second

i'd like to buy it.

I cringed hoping he would'nt go nuts

Buy what?

The building!?

he sounded amazed.

Well....er yes

i'd wanna turn it into a classy up market nightclub.

He looked at me like "wheres my sensible bella gone?"

Well..i..i..do you even have that much money!?

I have quite a bit saved up dad, i hardly went out when i lived here a year ago, and when i did Edward paid for it all....so i just saved up all my money, plus Grandad left me quite abit of money in his will which i couldn't touch until i was 18, and i'm now 21 just.

He looked stunned.

Well Erm...ok if its what you want bells go for it!.

I smiled then gave him a massive hug.

thanks dad!

i said in an excited voice.

Just be careful bells....

Arh how sweet he was telling me to be carefull. it was nice he was showing such affection for me.

Later that day.....

I was in my car journeying into town so i could browse round the building and meet with the surveyors, i was so bored they were going on about how much work had to be done and that the whole building needed repointing..."gor this is taking ages" i thought as i sat at the table.

After about 2 hours had past it was 6pm, i texted jacob

"hey Jake, just been in the most boring meeting of my life! need cheering up pronto, fancy helping ;) Bells x"

I gave the wink because i knew he would laugh and not take it seriously, even though part of me hoped he did. I sat on a bench awaiting his text, hoping he was free.

My phone started Vibrating

"Hey you ;), whats with the wink lol, you were in a meeting? i'm sure i can think of something to amuse you, wanna come over or shall i meet you? Jake x"

My heart started thumping so hard and loud when i read his text.

"hehe just trying to see what your reaction would be..and you didn't dissapoint! :), yeah i'll tell you about the meeting when i see you, i'll come to the reservation and then you can amuse me ;) x"

I got off the bench, walked over to my car, unlocked it and got in the car, awaited for the text....

"I never dissapoint ;), ok bells i'll see you in a min....Can't wait! :) x"

He makes me smile when he's cheeky, i put my phone down on the passenger seat and drove to see my Jacob...

15 minutes later....

I pulled up into the driveway of his house


I heard jacob running towards me, he picked me up and swung me around.

Hey Jake.

I was in his arms at last, i've missed this so much,

So Miss how can i amuse you

he said leaning down almost touching my lips giving me his sexy grin.

His body was so warm and soft, yet hard at the same time.

Well Mr Black, perhaps you could surprise me?

i teased back.

We both laughed together, he held my hand and pulled me closer to him.

Hmmmm, Certainly Miss Swan.

We both walked down to the beach it was raining but i didn't care it felt refreshing.

You sure you don't wanna go inside Bells, you'll get your hair wet.

He said sarcasticaly

Cheeky git, i'll teach him, i threw my folder on the log, splashed him with some water then ran off.

Do i look bothered if my hair gets wet,

i said with a suductive tone.

All i could hear was,

She splashed me!

then laughing

Bella Swan you'd better start running cause i'm gonna get you!

then i heard him running he wasn't to far behind me.

Holy Crap he's fast!, i tried to get my legs to run faster but i couldn't so i took my jacket off and ran in to the water.

Bell's your suit! your get it all wet!.

he Laughed but sounded surprised by my sudden change in behaviour.

I don't care about this stupid suit i just wanna relax and be with my best friend!

i shouted while laughing.

He ran into the water took off his shirt, i caught sight of him and suddenly stopped, i was quite far out in the water, but the sight of his semi naked body made me go weak.

Come get m-

I couldn't finished my sentance as i had sea water in my mouth a wave had knocked me off my feet, when the water washed over me i was just sitting there on the sand laughing.

Bella? Where are you?

He was looking everywhere

Bella!.....Seriously where are you!?

He sounded scared and worried

Then i think he saw me struggling under the water as he began running and shouting

Bella!!! Baby! hold on i'm coming!

He ran through the water, trying to reach me.

Bellaaa! where are you!?

he sounded close to crying

I'm right here ya twit.

i sat there laughing but feeling bad that he was hurting

Bella!, there you are!

sounding really relieved to see me

Jesus, bella you almost gave me a heart attack, you scared the shit out of me.

He scooped me up in his arms and held me so tight


i said softly

Babe i'm ok, you don't have to hold me quite so tight i do need to breath.

He let me go and he chuckled.

Sorry Bells i just was really really worried.

he sounded like he was going to cry.

Aw Jake i'm so sorry i didn't mean to upset you.

shit! my love was almost in tears and i was sitting there laughing.

I sat up and pulled him into my embrace

Jacob, hun, i swear i'm ok, calm down or you'll hyperventilate

I held his beautiful face in my hands and gently kissed his forehead

I sat there with him in my arms holding him so tight i never wanted to let go...

We both stood up and walked to the garage where we shared our intimate kiss yesterday.

It's ok, bella i'm not crying i just can't lose you.

Jacob, you won't lose me, i'm here with you aren't i?

I felt so bad i was just trying to have fun but i think i took it to far.

we sat in his car, drying off he put on some music, he knew i loved Rihanna's music so he put that on. What's my name came on, i think it reminded Jake of me as one the second verse came on he kept looking over at me.

I started humming and singing along

"Oh Na na, Hey boy i really wanna be wid ya, ohh, ohh"

He grinned and said You've got a beautiful voice Bella

I blushed as i've never been confident in singing in front of people Thanks Jake

Bell's you must be frozen?

I wasn't i was ok but i was hoping he ask me to cuddle upto him.


i replied quietly

Come here.....

he opened out his arms waiting for me to crawl into them

Thanks Jake

he was so warm within a few seconds i was too hot, his heart was thumping through his chest...

I sat there then looked up at him....

Jake....You know you are truly Beautiful.

He smiled and leaned down, we sat there eyes connected hearts thumping, hands sweating.

God this was harder than i imagined it would be, he's so irresitable.

We were both just about to kiss, when i pulled away...

I have some news for you

He looked sad that i pulled away, but if i didn't things would have gotten too heated and i've got to stick to this whole "friends for now" crap that i thought up.

What's that then Bell's

He replied sounding so down

Well Now i'm back in Forks i want to put down some roots

He smiled at me and i grinned back at him.

I carried on with what i was going to say

Well especially now i have something to stay for

and i winked at him and his eyes lit up.

Well.....I'm opening a nightclub, where that restaurant used to be....

He looked at me happy that i was staying but wondering why i was opening a nightclub

Bell's, Can you afford it?

He asked worried that i was getting myself in to deep

I took his hand and said

"I'm perfectly fine financially jake, i have abit of money saved up"

He nodded

Whatever you want Bell's just be careful i don't want you getting in debt

Aw he was so sweet, but it's kind of offending that the two most important people in my life think i'm going to end up in trouble!

I promise you Jake if i didn't think i could do it, i wouldn't and you know that.

I looked in his gorgeous eyes and suddenly felt sad, i need him so bad yet i can't have him coz i was a stupid idiot and told him i just wanted to be friends for now.

Jake, my future is here now so i want to start it properly

And i want to start it with you, but i couldn't tell him that, not yet even though he knew.

Ok Bella, well if you need any help with anything give me and my boy's a shout and we'll gladly help you out.

I smiled as i was hoping he'd say this

I was hoping you was going to say that, as i need abit of advice on something....

Sure Bell's, whats that.

Well as you know i was at a meeting today, i met with some surveyors and they we stating that the whole building needs repointing or whatever its called.

So how can We help then

Wellll are you any good at things like that as i don't wanna be conned?

i was praying he was gonna say yes!

Well i can do the handy work i.e plumbing and electrics but you would probably need to take to Sam he's pretty up there with all that stuff.

Brilliant Sam could help! Jacob is a life saver.....in more ways than 1

A Few weeks had past

Jacob's POV

Well it had been about 3 weeks since Bella told me she was opening a nightclub, i was shocked and she always seemed so placid a shy, but obviously moving to Jacksonville really seemed to have helped her!, She was still the Bella i know and love but she was more in control of her mind, she knew exactly what she wanted and i like it!.

I had spoken to Sam about Repointing Bella's place as she had now bought it, he went straight ahead and sorted it out for her he had it done within no time, joy's of being a werewolf we have the speed that humans lack.

Now she was hiring co-workers and having the inside all decorated, she was told that it would all be finished within 1-3 weeks. I was so proud of her she was so in control it was inspiring.

Bella's POV

I Was 1 week away from Opening night, and i was so excited i couldn't wait!, i'd seen jake everyday and everyday i felt even more in love with him, i was just hoping he liked the new me.

Jacob Said he was going to treat me to a sort of "Date night" i couldn't wait, i really needed to spend some quality time with him....i really couldn't wait....