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What Else Is There?

"I couldn't believe what I had done. A step closer and I would have killed them both. So now I will run and I won't look back. I will race until I can't breathe, until I forget that look I left in Emily's terrified eyes, until I die." After a series of tragedies and mistakes, Sam finds himself fighting to keep the one thing he loves the most. Will his hatred and anger destroy him and those that he loves or will he be able to overcome the past to save his future? This is Sam's POV and set in the beginning of Eclipse after Edward returns but before Victoria's army makes an entrance into Forks. This story is AU and set at a mature level for violence and sexual content. Drama/Romance. EmilyxSam.


1. Distant Encounters

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Chapter one: Distant Encounters

A swollen sun was sinking slowly into the mountains. The light that burst out across the horizon splintered the sky into a million shades of red and orange. The day was dying but I could still feel the heat on my skin. It prickled softly and I welcomed the gentle warmth. The ocean was roaring with waves that were so strong it pulled the sand and water right out from under your feet. But not for long. The thundering tide would soon be eerily silenced. The thick green summer forest would soon become a hillside of crimson as summer surrendered to fall. Even in the summer heat I could feel the seasons slowly shifting.

The sun was setting earlier and rising later and the days seemed too short. I liked the long days of summer and the way the heat made the whole town lazy. The boys would frequently visit for Emily’s ice-cold lemonade and they’d stay and sit under the sun till it finally departed from the sky long after 9:00pm. The grass tickled my ankles lightly as the wind blew and my mind previously deep in thought focused back on a now sunless sky. I glanced behind me to peer through the window of my house. Lamps lit up the living room and Emily was sitting in her favorite chair with a magazine and a coffee mug. I frown slightly and turned my head back to the mountains.

Lately, Emily had been distant like the stars that began to speckle the sky millions of miles above me. Her laughter and spirit seemed absent and when I questioned her mood she only gave me a look and shrugged as though she were acting normally. I lay back on the grass with my hands behind my head and stared into the abyss of the sky. A rush of wind took away the heat of the day and replaced it with the breath of night. I lay in the grass until the earth had molded around my body and I could feel my hands dig deep into the dirt. The light from the living room had faded and the house sat in a silent darkness. I stood up and made my way to the front porch, the screen door hissing as I opened it wide to reveal a quiet dwelling. Emily was asleep as I made my way to our bedroom. I watched her chest rise and fall in the light of the moon. Her breath was steady and slow, her brown hair flowing like a river onto the pillow under her head. I sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her cheek gently with the back of my hand. She seemed at peace and as I curled up next to her I felt my eyes close, strange dreams of dark woods and barren forests rolling through my mind as sleep took me.

x x x

I woke up sitting and out of breath. I felt Emily’s small, cool hands on my shoulder immediately as a frightened expression panned out across her face.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned, fear seeping into her words. “Are you okay?”

My eyes groped the darkness as I attempted to remember why I was sitting up. After a moment of my silence Emily grew impatient. “Sam,” she urged. “Tell me. What’s the matter?”

The sky was still dark but a hint of light blue was illuminating the distant mountains. Morning was near. “Nightmare.” I blurted out. “It was just a nightmare.” I looked to her face, which was shrouded in darkness, and covered her hand with mine. Her postured relaxed as she let herself fall gently back onto the covers. She attempted to pull my body back down to hers but I resisted and swung my feet over the edge of the bed. I was wide-awake and I needed to move.

“Where are you going?” Emily asked curiously, though a clear wave of sleepiness coated her voice.

“Patrol,” I murmured as I ripped off my pajamas bottoms and stood naked in the middle of the bedroom.

Emily rolled onto her side and gazed suspiciously at me. “At this hour?” She asked. I didn’t respond. “The boys are going to kill you.”

I walked over to kneel at the edge of the bed so that my eyes were level with hers. “Don’t go anywhere, okay?” I almost begged. It was then that Emily realized my panic was not for a nightmare. It was something else. But she dared not ask, she only nodded her head and reached out for my hand. I took her hand and gave it a small squeeze. I forced a small smile and bent to kiss the top of her forehead.

“No worries. I’m just being careful. I’ll be back before the sun rises.”

I left Emily’s side quickly even though every fiber of my body wanted to stay beside her with my arms embracing her small body. The air was cool and humid as I leapt off the porch and hit the grassy earth. My bones broke and my muscles twisted and fur burst through my skin as that of a giant, black wolf replaced my human body. I bolted through the woods, fast as fire catching dry brush. I felt adrenaline surge through my temples as though my heart were inside of my head instead of my chest. When I was a decent distance from my house I let a long, loud howl rip through the night. I sung to the moon, whose light would quickly surrender to the coming day. I gauged it was around 5:30am.

My call was that of the alpha and it would wake even the deepest of sleepers. It was only moments before the first of the pack began shifting. The first was Paul followed by Seth and then shortly after, Leah. The rest followed suit. My mind was suddenly flooded with a half a dozen voices as the pack buzzed like a heard of mosquitoes.

“What the hell are you doing calling us at this hour?” Jared roared.

“Yeah…yah jerk!” Seth added, though a more playful tone caressed his voice. The rest added their two cents as a crew of giant wolves came crashing one-by-one through the woods. Embry was the last, skidding to a stop behind Leah. My eyes made their way down the semicircle of wolves as I was met with yawns and grumbles. Leah looked especially irritated but that wasn’t anything unusual when it came to greeting me. My count ended with Paul, though it shouldn’t have. We were one short.

“Where is Jacob?” I questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Embry chimed in. “He’s in Seattle.”

“What’s he doing in Seattle?” I asked curiously, momentarily distracted by Jacob’s absence.

“Mourning the loss of his love life,” Jared said as he rolled his eyes.

“He’s been all bummed out about Bella,” Quil explained. “Rachel was in town and took him to Seattle for a day.”

“Well, he’s got bad timing,” I said. “There’s a leech on the loose.”

“Seven, actually,” Paul added with a smirk.

“Thanks, smartass,” I shot back. “I don’t mean the Cullens. This smell was different. Dangerous.” The pack fell silent as I spoke. The scent of a rouge vampire had found its way through my window and into my bedroom. I knew the smell of the Cullens like the back of my hand; this wasn’t that smell. Forks and La Push were small places and it wasn’t like they were particularly thrilling either. If there was a vampire running loose through these woods it had a purpose. I began to bark commands as the pack scattered to obey.

“Quil, Jared, and Embry...the west and up the coastline. Leah and Paul, you guys take the southern border. Seth and I will take the northeast. East is Cullen territory, so they’ll handle whatever goes that way…hopefully. Meet back in an hour on the eastern border.” Everyone departed quickly from the clearing as the wolves took off in different directions. Seth tailed me closely and stayed on my right as Jacob would if he had been present. For a moment there was nothing but silence and my head filled with troubling thoughts of Emily’s strange habits. A frown took my face and I could feel Seth suddenly brush my right side as he broke the silence.

“Trouble with your lady?” Seth asked. “You should sit her down and tell her…right to her face that you think she’s acting weird. Don’t accuse her though. Girls hate that.”

I struggled to contain my laughter as I continued to pick up speed. “Gee,” I said. “Thank you love guru, Seth. Wise words from a fourteen year old expert.”

“I’m sixteen!” Seth snapped back but I could see from the corner of my eye that Seth had a big grin on his shaggy face.

“Still a kid,” I reminded. “And, I got this, alright? You just wait till you’ve imprinted and your girl’s giving you attitude. We’ll see if you can take your own love advice.” I knocked him playfully and he shoved me back as we ran diagonally across the border, avoiding Cullen territory. After a good forty-five minutes, Seth and I came up empty handed. The smell seemed gone from the air but I could still imagine the sweet, metallic sting in my nostrils. The remaining groups were just as unfortunate and everyone made it a point to vocalize that they were “dying of hunger”. The sun was now dancing and rising in a bright morning sky. The birds and insects were busy around us, chirping and buzzing and flying about. The heat was already creeping up my skin and warming my fur. I could smell the nauseating scent of the Cullens as the wind picked up and blew through the great oaks and western hemlocks. But the smells were all familiar, nothing foreign or dangerous.

“Seriously, Sam,” Jared moaned as he and his group joined ours. “You gonna feed us or what?”

“Yeah!” Quil agreed. “I was banking on an Emily-style breakfast!”

“Alright, alright,” I silenced them. “Geez. You guys are a bunch of whiners-“ But my thoughts were immediately cut off as every shaggy head in the pack turned to the right to observe a pair of shadows dancing through the trees. They were zooming in and out like fish zigzagging through a coral reef. My back arched and my ears sunk low to my head as shivers ran through my entire being. My body crept towards the shadows as they raced towards me. I couldn’t move much closer. The boundary line seemed to sparkle in the rising sun even though the borders that divided my land from theirs was imaginary. Luckily, the shadows came to a halt only about 100 feet from the pack. Upon seeing the blonde silken hair of one and the dark auburn hair of the other I let out a huge, irritated sigh. Cullens.

“Damn,” Paul said. “And I thought we were about to have some fun after all.”

“Hi Edward!” Seth chirped as he took a step forward. Annoyed with Seth’s cheerful demeanor, I growled lightly and watched as Seth whimpered and took a step back.

“What do you want?” I rather demanded. Normally there would have been no communication between the two species but I knew Edward could read my thoughts perfectly. It was useful, I guess but irritating when I didn’t want a pair of fangs rummaging through my thoughts. Thank god Jacob was gone. He would have blown a casket had he been standing within a few feet of Edward Cullen. The blonde vampire, who I couldn’t deny was extraordinarily beautiful, didn’t need Edward’s translation to read my words.

“We have every right to be here, dog,” Rosalie spat. “This side is ours. And for your information, we were tracking a rouge scent.” I was going to growl at her but the second half of her sentence distracted me. So, they smelled it too.

Edward caught my train of thought and nodded silently. “Earlier this morning. Carlisle and the others were out tracking as well. We so far have been unsuccessful. Your findings?”

I shook my head and a look of disappointment ran across Edward’s face. Rosalie eyed Edward and the two exchanged some sort of silent conversation. Suspicion made its way into my thoughts and I narrowed my eyes. The two looked as though they had some hidden piece of information they were deciding not to share. I yelped to grab their attention and Edward averted his attention to me.

“What’s going on?” I asked. “What aren’t you telling us?”

“Nothing,” Edward responded coolly but I didn’t believe him.

“You realize you’re only hurting yourselves by keeping information from us. You can’t come on this side of the line,” I reminded. “You rely on us to keep this half of the border safe.”

“I’m well aware,” Edward said flatly. Rosalie looked between the two of us with a confused expression, unable to understand the conversation that was bouncing back and forth between Edward and I. The wolves were locked in through my mind.

“We thought maybe you needed a refresher,” Paul snapped as he cut into the conversation.

“Since last time we checked you have decided to up and off yourself. Too bad you changed your mind. Should have taken that good for nothing leech family with you,” Jared snarled.

I wheeled around and yelped at Jared and Paul. “Knock it off, you guys!” But it was too late. I heard an inhuman growl rumble through Edward’s chest and although Rosalie was unaware of what had transpired, she leapt in front of Edward and successful blocked his lunge.

“Why don’t you take your sled team to the hospital, Balto?” Rosalie almost sang, liquid anger boiling in her bell-like voice. “I heard your fiancé requested an emergency appointment with my father just this morning.”

My breath was taken from me as a pain tingled through my chest and my knees visibly buckled.

Rosalie had a disgusting smirk on her face as she removed her arms from Edward’s chest. “I can see this information is news to you. Well, run along then. Mush!”

I disregarded Rosalie’s cruel comments entirely as I turned my body the opposite direction and bolted away from the two vampires. The pack was left momentarily in the dust but I felt Embry take my right side and Paul my left. The worried voices of my brothers were suddenly buzzing like a swarm of bees in my head.

“She’s lying!” Embry assured.

“A bunch of shit, Sam!” Paul agreed.

“Damn, I hate that blonde one!”

“Why would she know about Emily?”

“She’s lying. She’s gotta be lying!”

“We’ll check the house. She’ll be there, Sam!”

She’ll be there. I repeated the words over in and over in my mind until the house that I shared with Emily was visible through the trees. The pack was hot on my heels as I slammed my body weight into the ground and skidded to a stop. Seth almost collided with me but managed to dart to the left. Quil wasn’t so fortunate as he smacked Embry’s side sending Embry into Leah. Leah gasped in surprised and turned around to roar at a disoriented Embry. It would have been comical but I had no time to laugh. I was on two legs in an instant and ripped open the front door entering my home completely out of breath. The pack waited anxiously behind me as I called out for Emily rather desperately.

“Emily!!” I shouted to the stairs as I clumsily found my way up them. “Em?” I tore through the rooms in a frantic search and ended at an empty bedroom that was filled with complete silence. The bed was carefully made and Emily’s nightgown was strewn across the end of the bed. The window was cracked slightly. A cool breeze blew from the west, rustling the pages of a book I had left on the nightstand. But Emily hadn’t been in this room for over an hour. My heart thundered through my head as it had when I first caught the scent of the rouge vampire only hours previously. She wasn’t here. She was gone. Where was she?

I found myself in the kitchen dialing a phone. I pressed the numbers harder than I needed and listened, as the receiving end seemed to ring and ring endlessly. When a voice finally did pick up it was sweet and bouncy as though working at a hospital was the best job in the world.

“Hi, I’m wondering if an Emily Young was submitted within the last 3 hours?” I asked nervously not sure whether I wanted the answer to be yes or no. A brief pause preceded the attendant’s answer.

“Not to the ER, sir, no. There was however an Emily Young who was in with Dr. Cullen-“

“Yeah,” I interrupted. “Sure, that sounds right. What’s she in for? Is she okay? Is she still there?”

“I can’t disclose any information to you. Doctor-patient confidentiality, sir.“

I wished that she’d stop calling me sir. “I’m her fiancé.”

“I’m sorry but it doesn’t matter. Unless she signed your name off on the form, I can’t tell you anything about her being here other than she is.”

That was all I needed. I hung up the phone without a response, muttering and cursing at the attendant as I searched for a pair of pants. I couldn’t run to the hospital for various reasons, which included the whole “naked” issue. My clothes were littered about the house as though they were part of the décor. It drove Emily insane but I threw my clothes on and off so frequently for patrol that she quickly gave up on scolding me. I was dressed with keys in hand within five minutes of hanging up the phone. The shirt I was wearing was questionable in its cleanliness but I didn’t have the time to find something “nice” to wear. And it didn’t matter either. The pack was waiting eagerly outside like dogs would for dinner. Their ears popped up as I walked outside and had I not been completely distraught about Emily, I would have scolded all of them for being shifted and so out in the open. Embry walked towards me, his big shaggy head towering over mine.

“Emily’s at the hospital…not in the ER but at the hospital. Seems vampire Barbie wasn’t lying. I’m going to head up to Forks to see what the hell is going on.”

I stepped away from Embry but he followed, nipping at my shirt and whimpering. I smacked him light on the side, reassuring him as I spoke. “No, you stay here, Embry. And Quil. Stay here in case this is part of something…some…I don’t know, just guard the house. The rest of you… be on alert. And for fuck’s sake, someone get Jacob Black the hell back here.”

I hoped the pack couldn’t hear the fear that was seeping through my words but I was sure my panic was obvious. I hopped in the blue SVU Emily and I had saved up for and brought the engine to life with the jab of my keys into the ignition. The car roared as I made a circle in our driveway and pulled out into the road, leaving my nervous and confused pack standing in the dust for the second time that day.

To be continued…