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What Else Is There?

"I couldn't believe what I had done. A step closer and I would have killed them both. So now I will run and I won't look back. I will race until I can't breathe, until I forget that look I left in Emily's terrified eyes, until I die." After a series of tragedies and mistakes, Sam finds himself fighting to keep the one thing he loves the most. Will his hatred and anger destroy him and those that he loves or will he be able to overcome the past to save his future? This is Sam's POV and set in the beginning of Eclipse after Edward returns but before Victoria's army makes an entrance into Forks. This story is AU and set at a mature level for violence and sexual content. Drama/Romance. EmilyxSam.


3. Shake The Feeling

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Chapter Three: Shake The Feeling

The forest was on fire but there was no flame. The entire landscape was a blur of orange and red and the ground that once hosted green grass was now covered in fallen brown leaves. Patrol had been a failure. Paul and Jared had been arguing about something or other, sports scores or women or who knows what and had started a brawl. The leaf piles in the forest were so huge even a giant wolf could be lost underneath. Jared fell after a snap from Paul’s giant jaw and successfully disappeared underneath a swell of golden and brown. Leaves were thrown into the air as the remainder of the pack jumped into the piles like a band of children. Even heartbroken Jacob and grumpy Leah could be heard laughing as they rolled and twisted through the leaves. I stood motionless beside the chaos. I knew any attempt to get their attention and reorganize the patrol would have been useless. And I didn’t feel like joining in; my mind was elsewhere. The Cullens had been agitated lately and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. I could sense them running through the woods more frequently than usual and when we happened to encounter them on the border, they seemed distracted and unconcerned with the pack’s usual banter. I knew something was happening; I just didn’t know what.

An hour passed and the pack was wandering their separate way through the woods as I dismissed the group. A cold October wind blew through the trees, the leaves falling as the breath of winter flew through the canopy of the forest. There was no trail to my home but I knew the way by scent. When I hit the edge of my driveway I could see that Emily’s car was gone. But Emily was home. She was wandering through the kitchen with numerous things in her hands as the clock on the wall ticked closer to breakfast time. It had been almost three months since Emily had held my hands in the hospital and informed me that she was pregnant. Her stomach was still small but I knew soon her belly would be swollen heavy with life. My tail swished lightly behind me as the spark of excitement I now knew so well flowed through my body.

I entered through the back door and felt my fury four legs shift and twist back into two. The kitchen smelled of eggs and bacon and the familiar scent of Emily lingered along the meal she was cooking so diligently. I could see the smile forming across her lips as my arms wrapped around her middle. We greeted one another silently. I placed a trail of soft kisses down her neck and gently bit the skin on her exposed shoulders. I got the response I wanted, which was a small shiver that started at Emily’s middle and quivered through her breast and neck. She swatted me lightly with a spatula.

“Do you want breakfast or not?” Emily asked me teasingly. She turned and kissed my lips quickly but lovingly and then motioned to the cabinets that held plates. “Put your height to use and get the plates on the top shelf, will you?”

“Where’s the car?” I asked as I began preparing the table for breakfast. There was a strange pause in between my question and Emily’s answer as though she needed a moment to think of her reply.

“Oh…um,” Emily stuttered. “Well, it’s being fixed.”

“Fixed? What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing,” She said quickly. I turned around with a look of confusion on my face.

“Well why are you having it fixed then?” I questioned.

“It’s more of just a tune up. I’m just making it…I dunno…spiffy?”

“Right…is Jake taking care of it for you, then?”

“No.” She answered plainly.

“Oh. Leah?”


“Are we playing a game or are you going to tell me?” I said, slightly agitated.

She turned around to meet my eyes and bit her lip ever so slightly. It would have been sexy if she weren’t clearly trying to hide something from me. “You’ll be angry,” Emily almost whispered.

“Why would I be angry? Did you get in an accident? Did the car get stolen?”

“No, no…” She said dismissing me, waving off my concerns casually. Emily took a moment and then spoke as she fidgeted with the spatula she was holding. “Emmett’s working on it.”

“Ah. Okay, cool…who’s Emmett?”

“You know…Emmett Cullen-”

“CULLEN?!” I shouted in disbelief, sending Emily a few feet off the ground in surprise. “What the hell are you doing giving him the car?!”

“I knew you would be mad! See! I shouldn’t have said anything!”

“Yeah, when we’re perfectly capable of fixing it ourselves! And seriously? Emmett? Jacob would have done it for you, you know this!”

“Sam,” she almost pleaded. “He’s really skilled and it happened so fast…I was seeing Carlisle for a monthly appointment and Emmett just happened to be there and to comment about the car and he said that Rosalie and himself fixed cars all the time and that they’d do it for free-”

“Oh so now we’re a charity case?” I scoffed.

“No, Sam, come on. It’s not like that. He barely even gave me a choice. I…it…it’s not like we’re hanging out or anything. It’s just one thing, okay? I’ll go pick up the car and it’ll be done.”

“Oh, no, no,” I corrected her, almost throwing the second plate down as I set the table. “Cullen’s fixing the car. Fine. It’s not like I can just waltz across the boundary line and do anything about it. But you are not going over there to go pick it up…like visiting them is some favorite Quileute pastime or something.”

Emily looked rather tragically to me as our eyes met and I felt a sting of sadness tremble through my veins. Anger wasn’t an emotion I liked to feel when in Emily’s presence and it was such a foreign feeling I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it.

“I’m sorry, Sam,” Emily whispered. “I didn’t do it to upset you. I just thought…it would be nice, you know?”

I felt ashamed of my anger as I traced my fingers along the edge of my plate, avoiding Emily’s eyes. “It is…nice,” I forced myself to say. “I just…worry about you around them with our baby and all. I don’t want them doing us any favors. And I didn’t mean to yell.”

She made her way over to me and caressed my cheeks with her slender fingers. I held her gently at the waist and kissed her forehead. My body gave in to her touch and I was hers within moments. Suddenly I was kissing her lips and she was dragging my body into hers. Her hands were caught up in my t-shirt and my fingers were entangled in her earthy, brown hair. Electricity burned through my body as my hands ached to touch her hips and her breasts. Had breakfast not been on the stove, had I not lifted my head to hear the sound of a howl, I could have taken her on the kitchen table. Plates and silverware would have clattered to the ground as I pushed my body into her against the side of the table. But it was Jacob’s howl. The wild sound rang through the house like a bell and I knew Emily had heard its silvery ring. She shook her head as she continued kissing me.

“Ignore it,” Emily said between kisses.

“Can’t,” I whispered breathlessly. “It’s Jacob.”

“It’s always Jacob.”

This was true. Whatever the issue or situation, it always did seem to be Jacob. “I know,” I agreed, taking my hands to her face and pulling her lips from mine. “But this howl is different. It’s…well…I’m needed.”

“But you were literally just with the pack an hour ago. They spend more time with you than I do and I’m having your child, Samuel Uley.”

“I know, I know,” I moaned. “But this sounds urgent. I swear…I’ll be back as fast as I can. I’m sure it’s just the Cullens.”

When wasn’t it the Cullens? Emily’s eyes begged for me but the howl that Jacob released, now his second that ripped through the morning, made my skin crawl. I ran my hands through Emily’s silky brown hair one last time before leaving her alone with a pan of sizzling bacon and a look of sadness spread across her face.

I ran with speed that I forgot I had. It wasn’t exciting exactly but it was something. The Cullens were a pain in the ass but they weren’t howl worthy. The only problem we seemed to have with the Cullens was running out of insulting names to give them. But Jacob’s tone seemed genuinely distressed and we had only met an hour ago. What could have possibly happened in the span of those 60 minutes? I was about to find out as I came to a halt in front of Jacob and Leah. The others were on their way; I could hear them in my head. I knew Jacob didn’t need me to ask what the matter was as we met in the center of the forest.

“Just got a call from Bella,” Jacob said. “There’s been a leech in her bedroom.”

“Besides Edward,” Leah added. Jacob shot her an unappreciated look before he continued.

“A real one, Sam. It took things that belonged to Bella…for her scent. Or something. She was talking real fast but Carlisle wants to talk to you. He said to meet at the border.”

Seth and Jared came barreling through the woods as Quil and Embry trailed behind them. Paul was last.

“Bout time for some action,” Jared said.

“Yeah, meeting with Carlisle. Way fun,” Paul responded sarcastically.

“We’re not all going,” I said. The group turned their attention to me as I attempted to formulate a plan. “Jacob and myself will go to speak. I want Leah and Embry shifted and close by. The rest of you, wait for the information elsewhere.”

The remaining wolves who had been left out of the “action” moaned and groaned as the group split for the second time that day. The last thing I wanted to do was meet with the Cullens. It was a beautiful fall morning and I was spending my time conversing with vampires. Jacob and I returned to human form and made ourselves decent by throwing on a pair of shorts. Any other person would be wrapped in a coat with a scarf and mittens but our bodies were like walking heaters. I almost never felt the cold, just admired it.

I was slightly worried that Edward would be present and that Jacob would be conjuring death plans as we stood across the imaginary line from the Cullens. When we arrived at our destination it was Carlisle who greeted us with Emmett standing slightly behind him. It was a smart choice. Emmett I knew was the strongest and if the situation were to ever get out of hand, he was the most capable of silencing violence. I also knew that he was the one who so “generously” offered to fix up Emily’s car. Jacob and I seemed to flip roles as I stared down Emmett with disdain. Emmett didn’t need the ability to read minds in order to know what I was thinking. I forced silence upon myself as Carlisle interrupted my train of thought with his words.

“Good to see you again, Sam,” Carlisle greeted. Good to see me? Gross.

“Yeah…you too…sort of,” I muttered. “What’s with this rouge vampire business?” I asked, quickly changing the subject.

“There have been disturbing reports coming from Seattle,” Carlisle informed. “And I just know that the murders being committed in the city are tied with vampiric activity. Alice has also done a great deal of work in investigating the situation. I think that whatever went through Bella’s room is also apart of this growing…army.”

“Army?” I questioned. “You mean like…an army of vampires?”

“Newborns,” Carlisle answered. “The worst kind of vampire. They are the most dangerous and unpredictable and when directed by the wrong people…deadly. We’re not sure yet what their purpose is but if scouts are coming here to Forks…I can only imagine.”

“What’s the plan of action?” Jacob asked.

“Well, none as of right this moment. I just wanted to update you on the situation. We’ll most likely need to work together if this becomes what I hope it doesn’t. Bella’s involvement will most certainly be revealed when we know more information.”

“Fun,” Jacob groaned.

“Keep me posted,” I said. “These borders are sealed tight by patrol. We can extend our boundaries north and south if needed. As for Bella, well…it seems she is well protected.” Jacob shot me a look but I didn’t meet his eyes. I wasn’t worried about Bella. She had a coven of vampires and their magical powers to stand for her and I most certainly wasn’t going to fight a war for her. What was this? Helen of Troy?

Carlisle nodded in agreement and we said our goodbyes. Emmett caught me with words before I could turn.

“Tell Emily the car’s finished and she can pick it up anytime she likes,” Emmett said to me. I swore he said something on purpose just to rub me the wrong way.

“Emily won’t be paying you a visit,” I said coldly. “You can drop the car off on neutral grounds and Jacob or myself will come pick it up.”

“Oh can I?” Emmett snapped. “I’m doing you a favor, Uley.“

“Yeah, one I definitely didn’t ask for. I can do without your favors, thanks.”

“What’s Cullen doing with your car?” Jacob interrupted, confused with the details that were being exchanged. I ignored Jacob momentarily.

“Meet at the hospital tomorrow at 4pm with the car,” I said. I’m sure Emmett could have goaded me on further but I walked away quickly to avoid conversation. For some reason the confrontation with Emmett seemed deeper than words. Something had started between the two of us and whatever it was it wasn’t good. I walked away feeling strange and uncomfortable and as hard as I tried I couldn’t shake the mysterious feeling.

Jacob trailed behind me like a puppy and began to hammer me with questions the moment we were out of earshot. Jacob was an immediate bad influence. He found my sudden hatred for Emmett amusing, calling him my “Edward” and babbling on about ways of defeating both Edward and Emmett as though we were noble knights saving our damsels in distress. We came to the road that led to both of our houses and I finally told Jacob to shut up and go home. Although his babbling was nonsensical Jacob seemed slightly lighthearted and I smiled, even after the Cullen confrontation, as I walked home. That night I made love to Emily and we left the windows open to cool down the heat that we had created. I gave myself over to sleep and as a frost swept through La Push I dreamt of darkness and wandering and losing myself to the wild.