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Edward's Confidence

Edward is a vampire who has been without a mate for centuries, his adoptive family all has mates. How ever, when a new girl Isabella Swan moves to Forks and she joins the Cullens at Forks High school, things change from there. She soon learns their secret and she and Edward soon start dating. How ever, Edward soon learns not only do the guys at school want to date bella, so does her family friend Jacob Black who is a wolf. Soon Edward becomes very controlling and possessive of Bella. Will he be able to keep certain suitors away?

This story does contain strong language, Controlling and possessive behavior, sexual situations, and eventualy lemons!

1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:Edward Meets Bella

Summary: Edward is a vampire and has been waiting centuries for his mate? He gains more confidence once he finds his mate, will the new girl Isabella Swan be the ONE he has been waiting for? He will be sometimes jealous and slightly possessive of his new found love Bella Swan, but that's how we all like him, isn't it? WARNING There will be strong language! I also wanted to warn my readers as well that in this story Edward will start to control Bella, this IS not Dark ward by all means, it's just that he is a vampire and its his nature. So if that offends anyone , please DO NOT READ. He will get more controlling and possessive as the story moves along. Thanks again for reading!!!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, Mrs. Meyer does, I Just OWN this story!!! No copyright infringement intended!

Edwards' POV:

I drove to Forks high school, wondering about all the buzz surrounding the new girl from Arizona. What was so special about her, I kept thinking to myself. I get that she's Chief Swan's daughter, but seriously, what's the big draw? Apparently, she had been living in Phoenix with her mother and hasn't visited Forks since she was a young girl.

I pulled into the parking lot, thinking about how boring my life was. I stayed alone most of the time. I had my family of course, but they were all coupled off, so when they wanted to be alone, I would either read, play my piano or write songs. I didn't really have any friends, but that was quite alright with me.

Well, at least the day is going by fast, I thought walking out of the classroom. It normally dragged on at a snail's pace for me, considering I've repeated high school more times, than I care to admit.

Slowly, I walked from my last class to the school cafeteria, it was already buzzing with humans either talking or eating their lunches. I opened the door, and was instantly assaulted with the fresh scent of human blood all around me. It didn't generally bug me, but today was considerably hard. I wondered why that was.

I heard Jessica's thoughts as I walked by her table; she was talking to the new girl presumably. She was saying things like, 'Don't waste your time, nobody in this school is good enough for him'. I just smiled to myself, and continued on to the table my siblings were sitting at. I sat down at the table, and started pushing around the food that was on my tray. There was no way I was eating it, but we had to keep up appearances.

"Don't look now," Alice said, getting my attention. "But the new girl, Bella, was looking right at you!"

UGH! I thought, turning to look at the girl. Here we go again, another human female fantasizing about me. Sure enough, I saw a pair of chocolate eyes staring right at me. She blushed, and immediately looked away.

Alice said, " I told you, Edward."

"Alice, why are you always nudging me to talk to humans?" I whispered, so no one else could hear me. "If you want to be friends with them, that's fine, but leave me out of it!"

"Edward, do you want to go hunting with me and Jasper after school this evening?" Emmett asked.

"I guess, like I have anything better to do!" I said, turning my attention to my brother Emmett.

"Dude!" Emmett exclaimed, with a bit more excitement to my annoyance. "She just looked at you again!"

I looked back over to the new girl, Isabella, though I heard she preferred Bella. He was right, she was looking right at me, again. I tried to concentrate really hard to hear her thoughts, and I couldn't hear a thing! Maybe there was too much noise, and that's why I couldn't hear her thoughts. That had never happened to me before, but whatever, first time for everything, huh?

The bell rang and we all went to our classes. I sat down at my table in Biology, while the others came in after me. Bella came through the door, with Mike Newton hot on her heels. I couldn't stand Mike; he thought all the girls wanted him! He would definitely have competition if I even attempted to date these girls.

The fan blew a big gust of air my way, bringing with it the most amazingly intoxicating scent, ever! I wanted to drink that blood...it smelled so incredibly sweet! I covered my mouth and nose, so it wouldn't be so over whelming, and then cringed when the teacher directed the owner of said smell to the empty seat next to me.

She sat down, giving me a weird look before sniffing herself. I was a bit confused by the action, I guess she thought she smelled bad...quite the opposite actually! I could feel her fidgeting. I pushed the slide over to her and then let go of my nose and mouth. All I could think about was how I could so easily drain her of all her blood. The bell rang and I jumped right out of my seat, I needed to get to the school office to see if I could change my schedule around. I'd only been in there a second when SHE came in.

The lady told me there weren't any other openings, so I spit back at her, "I guess I'll just have to endure it!" I turned around, walking right past Bella and into the hallway to get to my car as fast I could!