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Living is just too hard

Edward leaves bella for a second time.


2. Chapter 2

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Three hundred years later

“Turn the volume up!” Jamie yelled over my shoulder, we were in the car, on our way to Montana, Jamie was in the back with Jake. He had brown hair and amber eyes. He was Jamie’s boyfriend.

Yeah, two of my vampire brothers were gay!

I thought it was pretty cool, I loved my brothers and that’s all they were, Nath was my best friend and so were the other two, but Nath and I were always closer but never more then friends.

I smiled and reached for the volume notch, I turned it up really loud, I was happy for once so it didn’t matter that we were getting looks from people on the pavement whenever we stopped. I sang along to Avril Lavigne, innocence.

Waking up, I see that everything is okay

The first time in my life, now it’s so great,

Slowing down, I look around and I am so amazed

I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn’t change a thing about it, this is the best feeling


This innocence is brilliant, I hope that it will stay

This moment, is perfect, please don’t do away

I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it, don’t you, let it pass you by

I found a place so safe

Not a single tear

The first time in my life and it’s so clear

Feel calm I belong im so happy here

It’s so strong and now I let myself be so sincere

I wouldn’t change a thing about it

This is the best thing


It’s the state in which you think you’re dreaming

It’s the happiness inside that you’re feeling

It’s so beautiful it makes you want to cry

I stopped there because everyone was staring at me, inside and out of the car. Then I realised no one had ever heard me sing, so I blushed a little, just the tops of my ears, I knew that if I was still human I would be beetroot red.

Nath whistled.

“God Bells, you ARE amazing” he laughed, his face joy filled that I was happy enough to sing

“Definitely” Jamie added

“Yup” said Jake, smiling at me in the review mirror, I laughed and turned the volume up another notch, I saw Nath exchange looks with the two guys in the back.

I didn’t know why for one day I was happy and not in my normal bad mood. I’d found that I could change my appearance aswell as creating fire and blowing stuff up when I get really angry. So I changed my hair until it was caramel and my eyes had changed on their own accord to violet. I still wore Goth clothes, right now I was wearing black leather trousers and a black top cut at a ragged angle so it exposed half of my pale stomach, I smiled into the mirror, wondering what the Cullen’s would think if they saw me like this. Then my face fell, The Cullen’s hadn’t even bothered to get in touch, maybe they didn’t even know that I was a vampire, maybe they thought I was dead. Oh well, not like they care.

I saw Nath frown at my crestfallen face and I plastered a fake smile on it, but my eyes were glowing violet light and they all knew that meant I was deeply sad.

Sighing I turned into our new mansions yard.

And WOW was it a BIG yard, and a big house.

“I reckon we’ll get a couple of rooms each” Jake laughed, everyone agreed but no one said anything, I parked the car and everyone grabbed their bags and rushed of to find a room.

I sighed and grabbed my own three suitcases, two were filled with clothes and the other one had some personal stuff in it.

I went off in search of a room and found a huge bedroom, crimson walls and cream carpet, huge mahogany furniture, a massive four poster bed.

The best thing was a book shelf.

Filled with books.

On the Wicca and mythology.

I squealed in delight and ran over to look at it.

I turned and looked at the door way, Nath was standing there smiling, I grinned, my eyes lost their weird glow and were just violet.

“You did this” I smiled, he nodded and I hugged him. He then went to unpack his own things, I smiled to myself and unpacked my clothes into the walk in closet and my personal stuff into the draws and shelves, I put the books I’d brought with me onto the shelf with the others.

After I had finished I went to join the others down stairs, they were talking about another coven of vampires who lived near by. I stopped and listened for a little while, they didn’t know I was there yet.

“Mmm, yeah, the Cullen’s, I don’t know how we’re gonna tell her” Jake said quietly

I froze, the CULLENS, no, I couldn’t handle this.

“Yeah, I invited them round, they should be here in a couple of minutes” Nath said sadly.

What!” I screamed, running down the last few stairs and into the room, the boys looked startled that I’d been listening to them.

“Bella…” Nath sighed and opened his mouth to continue but I cut him off

“Don’t you Bella me, what are you talking about? Coming here? To us?” I shouted, well aware that any vampire outside our door could have heard us “Guys, how could you do this to me?” my eyes were basically glowing so bright, Nath, who was closest, had to shield his eyes.

“What are they even doing here?” I shouted, scanning their faces

“Well…” Jamie hesitated, the light bulb above my head exploded, the guys all cried out and jumped back, but I let the glass fall all over me and cut me slightly, although the wounds healed automatically.

“Spit it out” I snapped angrily

“They don’t know you’re here but they want to merge covens because it’s safer to live all together” Jamie hurriedly said “And our house is a lot bigger”

Just then, before I could throttle the guys, the door bell rang.

“No, I am NOT answering that, I’ll be outside” I said angrily when they all looked at me, I turned without another word and ran outside, when I got out into the garden I squealed in delight, there were five horses, one brown, one white, two black and one rowan coloured one, I fell In love with the roan instantly, I ran over to her and stroked her nose, she nuzzled me and I laughed.

The mare bowed her head and I climbed onto her back, forgetting the people who were inside the house. She cantered around a little bit and I decided to call her Roan, like her colour, the colour of rowan wood.

After a while I glanced back at the house, only to find my own family and the Cullen’s watching me.